Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring Fever

Just thought I would say hello! I thought you might like some roses. Aren't they so pretty?

Speaking of beautiful.... These little charmers are not waiting for Spring. I have such Spring Fever that I have taken all of the snowy pictures away and exchanged them for Springtime scenes. I'm tired of Winter. Just a few more weeks.......

Soon this little sweetie will be building her nest. The air will be full of song. I'm looking forward to that.

  The potted Hyacinth is filling the kitchen with it's beautiful scent. My applique' hearts table runner is ready for Valentine's Day.

The sun has been shining bright this week through the stained glass window.

Reminding me that Spring is just a rainbow away.

Do you have Spring Fever, too?


  1. Karen, I have terrible Spring Fever! I can't wait to be able to get out in the yard and enjoy the beauty of Spring. Like I had said in my other post I think I am going to have some disappointments because of the girls and their rearranging of things! But oh well it will just give me more room to put new things. Last year my Spring was filled with helping my daughter care for her newborn. They are living with us for now and so it was a busy household having a new baby! He will be a year old on March 14th so I am hoping we will have a nice Spring and he will enjoy the outdoors!

  2. Hi Cherie, I like your optimistism about adding new things where 'the girls' have been rearranging! I think a new baby trumps yard work anyday! It will be so fun to see the world through his eyes as he explores. I hope we have an early Spring this year! We deserve it. xx

  3. I haven't quite reached the Spring Fever stage - it's too cold and icy in Aberdeen, and I'm still enjoying hot water bottles and lots of shawls! But the kitchen is full of daffodils and tulips for our wedding anniversary - a bit like your kitchen - and I love the fact that there's light in the sky at 8, and even a little bit at 5 pm! The birds are definitely getting Spring Fever, though.

  4. Hi Christine, Happy Anniversary! It sounds like Spring in your kitchen despite the chill. Stay cozy in your shawls. xx


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