Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Flowers Want to Meet You!

We have had beautiful spring weather
this past weekend, 
so I went outside to play in the dirt! 

Come along with me, 
Dear Friends, 
my flowers want to meet you!


I just found these vintage looking drawers
at the craft store and knew
exactly where I would hang them. 

I filled them with sky blue Lobelia. 

I also found the vintage style metal calendar. 

You completely forget what day it is
 when you are playing outside! 

The winter Pansies and Primroses are starting 
to fade, so I have a flat of purple 
Petunias that will soon take their place. 

They are sweetly scented :) 

I have flats of Sweet Allysum on the rack
waiting to be planted with the Petunias. 
They smell like honey!

The Narcissus in pots were planted last autumn. 

These little beauties are such a joy- 
not only do they fill the air with perfume- 
 they also have pretty faces.

My 'dirty' Angels have new flowers.
Hydrangea and Lobelia. 

I planted a salad garden in these
galvanized tubs that I found at Home Depot.

Finally! I am a little bit late, 
but I kept forgetting to buy potting soil!  

I planted sweet peas, lettuce, kale, chard, 
and radishes. 

My pansies say 'Hello'. 

Peanut is investigating the tree frog
that lives in the planter. 

Begonia and Creeping Charlie,
ooops! I mean Creeping Jenny
(thanks Barbara!)
like the shade
under the umbrellas. 

The metal basket is a 'turtle'. 

I have a 'snail', too. 
They were my Mom's. 

I need to find small, pretty pots
for them. 

Pansies and candytuft
on the plant stand. 

They are very curious! 

Craning their necks to take a look! 

I enjoy pansies in pots high off the ground. 

We have so many slugs and snails
that they would be quickly devoured 
if planted. 

Can you see the first rose blooming? 

I believe this is a 'Knock-Out' rose. 

This rose is very hardy and blooms continously all summer. 

Peering past the deck towards the bramble
hedge, I have Rugosa Rose, starting to bud. 

They are also highly fragrant. 

I grow them with my Evergreen Blackberries. 

The rose hedge with the back lawn peeking through. 

The 'Snowball' hedge at the very edge of the back lawn,
 starting to bloom. 
Beyond this lies a neighbor's horse pasture. 
We cannot see the horses unless we peer through the hedge. 

Standing at the far end of the deck, 
we overlook the side garden. 

You can see the large Lilac on the far left, 
and the Forget me Not garden in the middle. 

Whitey Bear enjoys the garden. 

He's giving me a dirty look. 

He hates the camera.....

Roses on the arbor will soon be blooming. 

Violets bloom at their feet. 

This garden is a work in progress. 

We had a small gazebo here and a storage 
shed, but both were crushed 
in the 2012 ice storm when 
some large tree limbs fell on them. 

With the forest so close, 
we decided not to rebuild, 
so I have a new 
garden space. 

Forget me Not and Herb Robert - a common wildflower here. 

I am slowly trying out different plants. 

Columbine seems to like it here. 

This one has returned, but two others didn't. 

I will try again. 

This area has poor soil, and I have to replenish it. 

For many years it was a large play area for my four children,
with swings, a slide, and climbing structure
with a thick, sand floor. 

Whenever I dig here, I find marbles, tiny cars, army men, 
and other treasures:) 

I keep the marbles in a glass dish and put the toys
here and there. 

The lilac was planted when the children were small. 

It scents my sewing room 
(my two daughter's former bedroom) 
when the window is open.

Years ago, my brave and fearless dogs, 
Heidi and Petey (RIP), 
once tree'd a young cougar
 in the hemlock you see above Weenie Baby. 

I called the dogs inside
and waited until our special guest jumped
down and gracefully disappeared
into the forest.

Good dogs! 


Thank you for meeting some of my flowers, 
Dear Friends. 

I know they enjoyed meeting you! 



  1. Your garden looks wonderful, playing in the dirt always great fun.

  2. ooh, yes. the young cougar would be unnerving. :) love your deck. adore the pansies. love the violets and the naturalness of your yard.

  3. How beautiful, Karen...you inspire me to go out and work in the garden. Love the drawers full of flowers...

  4. How lovely it all looks, Karen, from the deck to the garden beds. You've been very busy, haven't you?! I love the yellows and blue/purple shades!

  5. Beautiful pictures Karen xxx

  6. Hi dear Karen ! Que bonita tu terraza tan llena de plantas y flores , muy bonita la llegada de la primavera

  7. Karen, thank you for introducing me to your flowers. One of my favorites was the pansies because of their vibrant purple color. And the roses always put a smile on my face. You live in an enchanted forest area, and it reminds me very much of my mother-in-law's mountain home. The Columbine looks like a very interesting flower also. Peanut and Whitey Bear are such cute dogs and loyal companions. How fun that you find the kid's toys when you dig deep under the dirt. They are treasures, for sure.

    Enjoy your garden, Karen. It's just wonderful.


  8. I love seeing your garden! Some of my favorite flowers are forget-me-nots and pansies. But i really love hem all:)
    You have some interesting visitors to your property, don't you? Glad you have dogs to take care of you!

  9. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Those pansies are so sweet but I LOVE the lilacs. They are just gorgeous! We finally have some daffodils blooming and that's about it! Crazy!
    Your gardens are just beautiful and so is the deck! xo Diana

  10. Your view and the hemlock tree are breathtaking. You have done such a beautiful job with your deck. xoxo Su

  11. Dear Karen, my friend,
    your garden is a wonderful paradise! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful flowers wirh us! I like the pots, you planted a salad garden :O)
    So glad to see Whitey Bear so happy in the agrden, and, as I notives, you still have your guest dogs with you :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful week, my dear friend,
    and have fun to plant all those flowers in the racks, still waiting there to get on the right places :O)
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. Oh they want to meet me and viceversa as they're so wonderful!!
    Have a great day

  13. Hello Karen, you have been busy so much ahead of me. I'm a little behind having been away for two weeks. I love the way you place the pots of flowers here & there around your your deck. I too do lots of container planting, some small shrubs but mostly annuals which can be moved around and replaced when past their best. White allysum is always on my list just love the honey scent they have & the beautiful smiley faces of the pansies. What you call Creeping Charlie we call creeping Jenny, a friend gave me some & I shoved some into my rock garden and now it's taken over,( she did warn me ) I pull it out & put some in my hanging baskets. What a fantastic view from up on your deck. I'm sure you enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine breathing in all that fresh air. Not unlike where I live. It's obvious you love your flowers. Enjoy your planting.

    1. Hi Barbara - thank you so much for stopping in for a visit and thank you for your sweet comments <3 You are right in that it is called Creeping Jenny! I need to change that! I guess I had Creeping Charlie on my mind - I saw it next to the 'Jenny' at the nursery. I had a little cat named Charlie, and he has been on my mind - he loved sunning himself on the deck. He was one of those MIA kitties.....never knew what happened to him....miss him still. Yes, a glass of wine sounds good! :) Enjoy your week, my friend. xo Karen

  14. I love each and every one! They are beautiful and welcoming. The tub for salads is an awesome idea. I have strawberries in one now. And oh I love the upside down pots you used as its feet!!!

  15. Dearest Karen, how wonderful your veranda is! It's like a fairy tale,indeed! The cottage in the woods, your pets, your colorful area, just the perfect place to take a seat and relax.But I'm sure you are working hard for this little paradise, it must give you a lot of work, it worth it though! So very beautiful, fabulous!!!

  16. Oh my, it was my pleasure meeting your flowers. What beauties they are! I love your planters, deck, your garden views and your long views. You live in your own little bit of paradise here on earth.

    Thank you for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  17. How beautiful, Karen! You have so many different varieties too. Thank you for the lovely tour of your garden.

  18. Hello, Karen!
    I was really happy to meet your flowers! Speaking of pansies... you seem to have some, and very pretty indeed! :)
    Lovely colours! Many have already used the word "paradise" when describing your garden. Every time I see photos of your garden and surroundings I become more impressed by its beauty.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty with us! xx

  19. So gorgeous and you have a lot of my favorites in there! I love the drawers hanging up as planters everything comes together really nicely! Reminds me of my mom and dad's place...they live far away so been missing them lately. :-) Your dogs are adorable and I love how peanut is checking things out. ;-) Have a wonderful day enjoying your lovely yard.


  20. Your flowers and gardens are just a delight to see. The pansies are just beautiful. I see so many I would like to have in containers on my deck! I like your cute Weenie Dog and Whitey Bear. Great post, enjoy your day!

  21. Hi Karen,
    Your garden is thriving and looks really beautiful ... The path to the house is so inviting ... All the blue, lilac and pink colors ~ a pleasure to you, your husband, and everyone visiting you ... And your sweet dogs as well!
    Enjoy this season outside!
    Love from Nina

  22. What a beautiful tour!! I could hang out amongst your flowers all day.

    I especially love those new drawers & your decked out bakers rack!! So pretty.

    Your story of the cougar reminds me of when Ruby chased a baby black bear up a tree in our yard. Thankfully there was no Mama behind. I had to keep Ruby in until the bear decided to come down. Those crazy brave doggies, huh? Lol

    Sending you flowery thoughts too. Xoxo

  23. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful sight! I love all the flowers waiting to be planted and the container plants...and that gorgeous backyard! Ours, except for the daffodils, is looking pretty bleak. Time to go buy bedding plants! Have a wonderful afternoon.

  24. Lovely lovely lovely! Wow so many beautiful flowers and your backyard is like an dream...
    Have a happy week, take care!

  25. do you line the drawers somehow so they do not rot out? love that decorative piece on the wal,

    1. Hi Rose - I lined the drawers with aluminum foil and used 4" square pots - two for each drawer. xo Thank you for visiting xo Karen

  26. I love your planted drawers, such a fun idea. Your deck looks like a nursery in full bloom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  27. Hi Karen
    This is a beautiful garden. So many beautiful flowers. See the drawers with the Loblien of magical. The whole garden is magical.
    Greetings Rita

  28. Gorgeous garden, my hubby would love it, says ours is too open and our neighbors too close. Beautiful flowers, we need more around us, but I feel like watering takes up alot of time now as it is :) I bet your sweet furbabies love running around there! Like what you did with the drawers, neat idea!

  29. I want to meet your flowers, absolutely gorgeous!

  30. I love what you did with those vintage drawers! So cute! You have such beautiful flowers!

  31. Hey you!!! I LOVE THE DRAWERS!!!!!! You have giving me some ideas about adding some zest to my blah fence!!! And your sweet blooms Karen....that columbine knocked me off my chair! Your patio with your container garden is just heaven! And could those pansies be any prettier!! Thank you for taking us along with you in the garden....cant wait to come along on another walk! Happy gardening!!! Nicole xoxo

  32. Dearest Karen,
    Finally I managed to visit some blogs... Having a dear friend over for a visit from The Netherlands is lovely but it takes all your time. As much as I enjoy her visit, I miss my blog friends too... but we can't be in two spots at once!
    So happy to come here JIT = Just In Time for enjoying your lovely spring flowers in 'Paradise'. Such a lovely place you created, even if some wild animals can cause you stress. Hope the dogs will be safe and also you yourself of course!

  33. Hello Karen,
    Very wonderful shots!! Great all the different flowers on that garden terrace.
    That's very cozy.

    Many greetings,

  34. I just loved this post! You have such a warm and welcoming garden, both down on the ground and up on the deck! Beauty is everywhere, and you obviously enjoy puttering and caring for all these happy little flowers :)

  35. Oh Karen, your flowers took my breath away! How delightful to spend time outside among the glorious blossoms :) I absolutely LOVE the drawers hanging on the wall with flowers in them - what a wonderful idea.

    Thank you, my friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you! And may you have a blessed Mother's Day!

  36. Beautiful flowers and the rose, stunning!

  37. Just gorgeous! I just found a dark purple lobelia yesterday and now I am in love. All your varieties are so pretty for containers which is what I will be planting this Spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Wow lovely post!!! nice blog!!!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know...
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  39. The drawer planters are just heavenly! I love all your beautiful flowers and that rack is the perfect place to display such a large variety! The wildflowers were darling. I bet the whole garden smells like sweet perfume!

  40. I really enjoyed meeting your gorgeous flowers! The idea to use the drawers as planters is genius!

  41. Hi lovely lady! Just wanted to let you know that this beautiful post has been featured at Roses of Inspiration. Thank you for sharing :) Hugs!

  42. That was so enjoyable. Such pretty flowers and I just loved what you did with those old antique drawers. You have a gorgeous lawn and flower area.

  43. Gorgeous! I love the old drawers planted. I have a love for gardening and always delight to meet other gardeners as well. I hopped over from the Enchanting Rose. Your purple Columbine is beautiful! I planted one a couple years ago, but it didn't come back. : ( I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing the things that make you happy. I'd love if you shared some time!

  44. Hello, I am visiting from Roses of Inspiration. Everything is so charming--the green drawers are my favorite! Blessings, Cecilia

  45. Karen, this is my first visit. I found you through Stephanie's linky party. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I am moving into a new house next week and I am itching to start planting! Thank you for sharing your precious flowers with us. I'm now following you!


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