Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part II

Hello, Dear Friends, thank you for joining me 
at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show 
at Seattle's Convention Center 
on a cold and gray February day.

We will now go inside the gates of the main show
to be transported to a mythical world of garden dreams.......

This display includes a 'bee friendly' garden
in 'bee' colors!

The yellow and black garden shed is particularly charming.

The main gate to this display was fashioned 
from iron in a honeycomb design. 
Can you see the little 'bee' at the bottom? 

I love the classical urns on either side. 

We peek over the planters,  
filled with mini-daffodils, white azalea and rosemary,
 to the seating area on the 'patio'. 
Let's take a closer look.....

Farm tables and a dining set are 
re-purposed for this outdoor display. 

We can imagine a delightful party....perhaps a birthday
celebration complete with cake and refreshments. 

Large stones line the edges of the patio. 

Another view showing the large camellias surrounding 
the seating area. 

Animal troughs are used as perimeter planters 
with espaliered fruit trees, still in dormancy. 
The gray artemisia mimic the silver tones. 

A wider view including the garden shed. 

White candy-tuft, yellow pansies and tulips, along with blooming rosemary,
 which makes wonderful honey!

A view from the far side of the shed include bee houses.
The tulips are lovely. 

A glass door cupboard on the side 
of the garden shed holds supplies. 
Notice the jars of honey.......

I like the vintage wash-tub planter. 
Tiny spring bulbs spill over the pavers.

This Asian themed garden display is quite lovely.

Kobe, Japan is Seattle's first and oldest Sister City
Seattle has 21 Sister Cities of mutual understanding
and friendship. You can learn more about this by
clicking on the link.

Seattle, of course, sits along the Pacific Rim
and has a large Asian population which influences
 this beautiful style.

A simple timber structure rests on stones in a shallow
reflection pond.
Beautiful bonsai are features of this peaceful garden display.

A rustic, artful, low table allows for a meditative place
for tea.

More lovely and ancient bonsai
are featured on wood and stone slab pedestals.
The gardens consist of low-growing green plants and grasses.

I like the wood burl planter :)

A school of ceramic blue carp swim among
boulders near tiny blue iris.

More miniature blue iris grow beneath
 an impressive Japanese Maple,
still in dormancy.

This pretty display was my favorite.

I love its rustic simplicity.

The table is set for a small celebration - perhaps an anniversary
or a birthday.

The woodland setting is typical of the Northwest.

We can see the details of the pretty table-setting here.

A small patio allows a level surface in the woodland clearing.

I like the rustic bar.

Tree poles support romantic string lights.

A rustic arbor in the background is draped with twinkle lights.

I love the large lanterns.

A waterfall on the right provides lovely sound.

So pretty, framed by simple flower beds and boulders.


I hope you found some inspiration here, dear friends!
Next time I will show you the rest of the show.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Hello, Dear Friends, as I sit here preparing to show you
the Flower and Garden Show, snow is coming down, 
swirling in the wind. 

It's been freezing cold for a week now, 
and although it is very pretty, 
I am so looking forward to spring. 

While I dream of sunshine and flowers, 
I'll have to be content with the memories for now. 

Every February we attend the 
Northwest Flower and Garden Show
at the Convention Center in Seattle,
which keeps us happy for a few more weeks
while we patiently wait for spring.

So come along with me and I will show you around......

As we enter the lobby, we are nearly overwhelmed 
with the sweet scent of flowers. 

This enchanting scene was the first that we see. 

Another lovely display with a sweet sylvan theme. 

This was an interesting garden feature in a large, 
shallow pot. A tree stump, with woodland flowers, 
mosses, nests and artificial birds and animals. 

At the base.....Can you see the little birds on the nest?
(in the upper right)

Peeking out....

I thought this would be a delightful way to integrate an old
tree stump into the garden. 

Before I take you into the show itself, 
I want to bring you to the sky-bridge I featured 
in my last post, to view more of the 
'apartment balconies'. 

I thought this was a wonderful feature of the show
for those that don't have garden space. 

These are also inspiring spaces for
 a covered deck or patio. 

This is a cozy, warm, 'Boho' space that would be easily achievable 
with a few earthy pillows, throws and rugs. 
I like the stacked vintage suitcases and the spiral plant stand. 

Planters are 'found' objects - baskets, old cooking pots, etc. 
I like the mini greenhouse on the
 window-sill and the wicker chair. 

I love the soft, gray and green color theme of this balcony.  
A large, sectioned box has been hung on the wall
to be used for serving, and old crates 
are stacked on the opposite side. 
The yellow and orange flowers look wonderful 
with the mossy colored pots. 

This mid-century modern balcony uses
 lots of greenery with white flowers in stone colored pots
to achieve serenity. 
Driftwood 'sculptures' remind you that this is near the water.
I especially love the table.  

Aren't the chairs wonderful, too?

This 'front porch' is very simple
 and would even be nice for an open deck. 
I like the thick, concrete pavers, 
and the sophisticated color theme.  

Pink and white flowers - so pretty. 

The wreath on the door is interesting.
Notice the Fed-ex package on the mat for an authentic feel :)

White twinkle lights on the planter tripod
 are a nice way to add extra lighting. 

This garden balcony was 'senior friendly' with its 
table-height planter..... 

although, the 'picnic' on the floor would not 
be easy for someone with creaky knees! :)

I like the small, white, 'grow' planters on the railing and shelf, 
and the strings of patio lights. 

A kitchen-style hook bar holds colorful hanging 'planters'.
A collection of rusty planting trowels hangs above. 

A little corner to sit and rest. 

Picnic anyone? 

I featured this in my last post, but I thought it was 
worth seeing again. It's my favorite....

just because I have the same blue pots and a similar wine rack!

You can see my wine rack (mine is black)
 against the glass door
where I keep it in the summer.

(Photo taken a few summer's ago)

My pots are a little frozen at the moment!


I hope that you enjoyed coming along with me 
to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! 

Next time I will take you inside to see the amazing displays! 

In the meantime......

Think spring! 


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