Thursday, July 31, 2014

City Scenes with Good Fences

Every once in a while, this country gal takes a trip to the city! 

Come along with me and we will explore some pretty scenes.....

This beautiful building is Union Station in Tacoma, Washington. 

Once a bustling train station, this copper domed building
had fallen into disrepair. 

Now the city has brought it back to its former glory. 

Chihuly glass lights up the domed windows overlooking 
Commencement Bay.

The top of the dome.

Another view.

Some gorgeous architecture.

The building is now used for Federal offices,

We were not allowed to roam....

Beautiful iron fencing line the sidewalks.

Sidewalk detail.

Street scene.
The whole of Downtown Tacoma
has been restored and revitalized.
What was once a very run down area,
has been turned into beautiful shops,
businesses, cafe's and even a branch
of the University of Washington.

We have watched this happen since we
moved to Washington over 30 years ago.

You can see more beautiful buildings and views of
Downtown Tacoma here.

The Tacoma Dome is in the background.
This building hosts concerts, sports and cultural events.
The dome is made of wood and must be painted regularly.

It is scheduled for a face-lift soon, with a new paint design.

Wide stairways help walkers navigate the hilly landscape.

Vine covered walls and pretty railings lead down to the parking garage.

A last glimpse.... raindrop on my lens.

I survey the bay.
It is a cool and rainy day.
My Mr. keeps me laughing.

No, I haven't locked him in a cage,
although sometimes it's tempting....

Some wonderful old advertising.

The red banners are for the Tacoma Art Museum
This museum has just acquired a very large Western Art bequest.
They are building a new wing.....
It is set to open soon.
Paintings from one of my favorite artists,
Albert Bierstadt will be featured.

I can't wait to see this new acquisition.

Now let's travel north to Seattle...

We live about midpoint between the two cities.

The tall black building is the Columbia Center

which is the tallest building in Seattle and the state of Washington.

We attended a retirement party on the top floor once.

The views are incredible.

These photos were taken as we drive into the city.

Here are photos and the names of Seattle's Downtown Buildings.

Some interesting fences along the freeway.
Looking down on a curious scene.

Railings and the Space Needle along Lake Union.

A float plane circles for a landing....

Down she goes......

Seattle is a very pedestrian friendly city.
Stairs in West Seattle.

We leave the city behind....

Almost home...

I hope you enjoyed visiting my two beautiful cities
with some Good Fences along the way.

Although I love to visit,
there's no place like home!


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  1. This is such a wonderful tour with many enjoyable photos. I also love the pictures of you and your Mr. and your humor makes me smile. Great post!

  2. Wow it felt like I was there myself! Union Stations everywhere are always great to view! Sensational trip and so happy you didn't lock him in a bird cage!

  3. Wonderful tour of Tacoma and Seattle. Both are great cities and Washington state is one of our favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing, great fence shots too.

  4. love your hilly country - even in the city. :) that union station building is fantastic! so glad they restored it! thanks for these city views!

  5. Lovely shots of Tacoma. Union Station there really so reminds me of the union Station in Chicago. Really cute shots of both you and your husband. How great to have a man in your life who keeps you smiling/ laughing.

  6. Isn't it a great feeling to see a rundown area restored?
    Not many words tonight. Getting a migraine. Arrrgggghhh!

  7. You captured the beautiful Union Station quite nicely.

  8. I really enjoyed the architecture in this post and that window with the colorful glass blew me away!!! But one of my favorite parts was seeing you and the mr having a fun on the town!! Great photos Karen and such a pretty city! Nicole xoxo

  9. How wonderful to join you in going to these 2 beautiful cities. Thanks for taking us along to see all the wonderful architecture in the different buildings. Wonderful f ences throughout but I really love the last shot. There is no place like home.

  10. Yes, I agree it was wonderful seeing the two cities! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, they are amazing. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Beautiful restoration...and, now....I must away to Google Chihuly glass.... hmmmm

  12. You are so beautiful, dear Karen! And you make me smile and giggle :) Thank you for taking us along. I feel like I just had a mini vacation thanks to your wonderful photographs.

    Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  13. Great photos... enjoyed the architecture of some of those lovely buildings.

    And yes, I enjoyed the fences. I think the last one would be a favourite because it reminds me of fences from back home on the farm when I was a girl.

    Thanks for the tour....

  14. What a fun trip to the city. Thanks for sharing! I've been to Tacoma a few times. I like the bridge by the Old Spaghetti Factory that has Chihuly glass on the's by his workshop. It would be fun to go through it some time. I like the old signs of the buildings as well. Keepers, I hope! take care!

  15. It was so lovely to see your different take on good fences! xx


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