Monday, May 15, 2017

Shabby Chic Rose Pots

Hello, Sweet Friends, I hope that you have been 
enjoying this beautiful month of May, 
and that those of you who celebrated Mother's Day
had a wonderful day. 

We had a large gathering of blended families 
at my son, Gabe and wife Erica's home, with several 
Mom's and Grandmother's, including 
my daughter, Heather, who celebrated her 
very first Mother's Day. 

Of course I had to create something
sweet and special for all the beautiful Moms
and thought I would share the easy tutorial 
with you in case you would like to make 
one or two, or even half a dozen for 
someone special, or just to call your own! 

I started with 6 inch Jiffy peat pots. 
I gave them a rough coat of Ivory craft paint, 
inside and out, leaving bare spots here and there 
for that 'vintage, shabby' look. 

You can find Jiffy Peat Pots in several sizes Here.

Once they were dry, I lined them with two 
old book pages, letting the corners peek out, 
then some ivory netting. You could also use 
lace or even cheesecloth, but I had a big roll 
of netting from a long ago bridal shower.......

To add the roses, I covered a jelly canning jar, 
filled with water, with cling-wrap and a rubber band 
to hold it all nice and tight, 
then poked holes for the rose stems with 
the tip of a sharp knife. 

This will keep the water from leaking into the peat pot. 
Water is not kind to peat pots!
I would even recommend that you 
line the inside of the peat pot with plastic wrap
before adding the jar. I didn't and one leaked...... 

Insert the rose stems into the holes and add a few 
leaf stems if you like. I used 5 roses, but it depends
on the size of the roses, so do a 'dry run' before 
poking your holes so you know how many to make. 

The roses will flop all over, until you lower them 
into the lined peat pot. 

I cut the roses so just the blooms peeked out. 

To finish off your creation, add a little bit of 
decoration around the pot. 

This is easiest done before adding the roses.....

I used ecru crochet lace, a bit of netting cut into a strip, 
and a vintage button. 

I made a rosette of the strip of netting by sewing 
stitches around one edge and pulling tight, then 
sewed it all in place on the ribbon with the button
in the center. 

Slip it over the pot from the bottom and tack in place 
with a dot of glue or two-way tape. 

You could also just wrap a bit of wider lace 
around the pot and tie it in place with twine! 

I had so much fun making my Shabby Chic Rose Pots
and I think you will, too! 

My new needlepoint rose pillow follows the theme. 

I found it at a flea market over the weekend, 
with my daughter, Heather. 

We had such a good time,
 going out to lunch and searching for treasures
together. I found quite a few that I will 
share with you as I find places for them! 

Thank you for your sweet visits, dear friends! 
I have been extremely busy, but I will try and 
catch up with all of you this week.


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Friday, May 5, 2017

In My Backyard

The other day I was sitting at my desk by 
the sliding glass door and a fluttering of wings
caught my eye. 

A little flock of birds was flitting about 
in the branches of the Big-Leaf Maple tree. 

Bright splashes of yellow on their throats, on their rumps, 
under their wings, and on the crowns of their heads
had me curious......

They seemed intent on their search for tasty 
insect morsels on the green flower panicles, 
moving quickly while chirping and twittering
to each other. 

I was completely intrigued, as I had never 
seen these little birds in all the years I have lived here. 

I couldn't find them in my Western Washington field guide, 
so I turned to Google. 

I found out that they are Yellow-rumped Warblers
and that they are fairly common here! 

They are insect and berry eaters and prefer nesting
high up in conifer groves. I think they might have 
been migrating through, because I haven't seen them since. 

They were so lively and noisy that they attracted 
the curiosity of the resident birds who flew 
in to investigate. 

The Steller's Jays wondered what the fuss was 
about and even tried to figure out what was so 
tasty, but apparently, it was not to their liking, 
so they sat and watched for a while. 

Soon, they were sounding the alarm
as a large raptor came into view. 

As it came closer, it flew lower and lower, 
casing the area for prey. 
I had recently noticed this large bird
flying over about once a day,  
with a nearly 6 ft. wingspan.....

I believe it is a Golden Eagle. 

I could be wrong......

  it might be an immature Bald Eagle, 
but if it is, it is on the large size.....

The Steller's Jays were giving the warning cry....

Creeeeeee, Creeeeee, in perfect imitation of 
a raptor's call. 

Watchdogs of the bird world, they warn of danger. 
The forest went silent as all went into hiding. 

This wild Hare froze in place and stayed that way 
for nearly 5 minutes. 

I'm glad I don't have a vegetable garden.....

and this is one reason why! 

After a beautiful, sunny day, sudden storm clouds 
moved in with thunder and lightning! 

Hail, too! 

A lightning bolt hit very close by with an 
extremely loud crack. 

It scared me right off my chair! 

Whitey Bear started howling.....

Kai grabbed his favorite toy, looking 
absolutely terrified and jumped right into
my arms, 

and even Weenie Baby, who doesn't flinch 
at anything, jumped up from her bed 
and followed me onto the sofa.
The four of us huddled together as the storm 
raged around us, and I thought of the 
poor little wild things and where did they hide? 

Just as quickly as the storm came, so it did leave, 
giving us a glimpse of Mt. Rainier in the evening skies. 

Thanks for visiting my back yard, dear friends! 

I hope you'll stop by again soon! 


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Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Paint Monthly

Hello, Dear Friends, and Happy May Day! 

I've wandered out to the gardens to pick 
some sweet May Day baskets 
just for you! 

Painting by J. O. Banks

The white viburnum fills the whole 
room with its wonderful scent. 

The first bloom of the white camellia fills 
one whole basket! 

With forget-me-not......

And the lovely scented candy-tuft. 

A tiny basket holds periwinkle. 

When I was a little girl, I would walk two miles 
with my younger sister to a little gift shop
 to buy presents for our Mother. 

The gift shop was run by a sweet, elderly lady, 
in the front, sun-room of her little cottage.
It was filled with figurines, tiny vases, and flowery teacups - 
just the sort of shop a young girl would love. 

The long driveway was bordered by large mulberry
trees. Under the trees was a carpet of periwinkle. 

Painting by Charles Gregory

In springtime this was magical, with rose-colored 
mulberry blooms over a sea of blue periwinkle.

Painting by Henry J. Johnstone

To this day, I can remember how enchanted
I was, and vowed to always have periwinkle 
in my garden. 

I was grown, with children of my own, 
with my dear Mother on 
a shopping trip to a favorite antique shop,
when I found the tiny ceramic basket 
filled with periwinkle, now. 

Over the weekend, I was with my own dear Daughter, 
Heather, searching for new vintage treasures, 
and making new memories to carry on. 

I found this lovely tablecloth, which 
will always remind me of our special time together. 

Sweet, sentimental things :) 

I also filled my tiny green basket with yellow violas. 

In the language of flowers, they stand for 'thoughts'. 

Thoughts of dear memories, thoughts of loved ones, 
now gone, and thoughts of sweet friends. 

Periwinkle stands for 'early friendships'. 


"Another May new buds and flowers shall bring:
Ah! Why has happiness no second spring?"

- Charlotte Smith -

Painting by Arthur John Elsley

Wishing you sweet thoughts, lovely memories, and beautiful dreams 
in the magical month of May, Dear Friends! 


Unknown artist

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