Friday, May 5, 2017

In My Backyard

The other day I was sitting at my desk by 
the sliding glass door and a fluttering of wings
caught my eye. 

A little flock of birds was flitting about 
in the branches of the Big-Leaf Maple tree. 

Bright splashes of yellow on their throats, on their rumps, 
under their wings, and on the crowns of their heads
had me curious......

They seemed intent on their search for tasty 
insect morsels on the green flower panicles, 
moving quickly while chirping and twittering
to each other. 

I was completely intrigued, as I had never 
seen these little birds in all the years I have lived here. 

I couldn't find them in my Western Washington field guide, 
so I turned to Google. 

I found out that they are Yellow-rumped Warblers
and that they are fairly common here! 

They are insect and berry eaters and prefer nesting
high up in conifer groves. I think they might have 
been migrating through, because I haven't seen them since. 

They were so lively and noisy that they attracted 
the curiosity of the resident birds who flew 
in to investigate. 

The Steller's Jays wondered what the fuss was 
about and even tried to figure out what was so 
tasty, but apparently, it was not to their liking, 
so they sat and watched for a while. 

Soon, they were sounding the alarm
as a large raptor came into view. 

As it came closer, it flew lower and lower, 
casing the area for prey. 
I had recently noticed this large bird
flying over about once a day,  
with a nearly 6 ft. wingspan.....

I believe it is a Golden Eagle. 

I could be wrong......

  it might be an immature Bald Eagle, 
but if it is, it is on the large size.....

The Steller's Jays were giving the warning cry....

Creeeeeee, Creeeeee, in perfect imitation of 
a raptor's call. 

Watchdogs of the bird world, they warn of danger. 
The forest went silent as all went into hiding. 

This wild Hare froze in place and stayed that way 
for nearly 5 minutes. 

I'm glad I don't have a vegetable garden.....

and this is one reason why! 

After a beautiful, sunny day, sudden storm clouds 
moved in with thunder and lightning! 

Hail, too! 

A lightning bolt hit very close by with an 
extremely loud crack. 

It scared me right off my chair! 

Whitey Bear started howling.....

Kai grabbed his favorite toy, looking 
absolutely terrified and jumped right into
my arms, 

and even Weenie Baby, who doesn't flinch 
at anything, jumped up from her bed 
and followed me onto the sofa.
The four of us huddled together as the storm 
raged around us, and I thought of the 
poor little wild things and where did they hide? 

Just as quickly as the storm came, so it did leave, 
giving us a glimpse of Mt. Rainier in the evening skies. 

Thanks for visiting my back yard, dear friends! 

I hope you'll stop by again soon! 


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  1. Good Morning, Karen. Thank you for visiting via Saturday's Critters. It's nice to meet you! The warblers are very pretty; what a treat for you to be able to photograph these colorful little birds. Your dogs are precious. Our last pet was a wire hair mini doxie that we loved very much. The view of the mountains there after the rain is breathtaking. We live in north Georgia and have had rain and cooler temps this week. We don't see rabbits, but deer and black bear are common. Wishing you a nice weekend. I'm following along now.

  2. Isn't it so special when you're in the company of delightful little birds. It was funny how the locals had to come and investigate the 'stranger' :D)
    Over here our Cockatoos send out the warning sound to our chickens and others. You've taken great photos of everything Janet.
    What a sudden and heavy storm... oh your dear little doggies knew who to snuggle up to with all those frightening sounds.
    Magnificent views of Mt Rainier.
    A delightful post, thank you very much. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Well, I hope you share this with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week....the new post for linking opens at NOON [Texas Time] and the link is found on my sidebar. Yes, the yellow rumped got FANTASTIC photos of it....being a warbler, that's always a challenge to get good photos 'cause they flit around so much.

    GREAT pictures. All of them.

    I'm here from Eileen's Saturday Critters today, visiting you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ps...I forgot to tell you, that we birders usually call them either a Myrtle [what they were once called long ago] or a lot still call them "Butter Butts"

  4. What a gorgeous bird. You`ll be watching for them now. I expect. Our Kane used to be terrified of storms. He and I would huddle together on the floor `til it passed. When he lost his hearing it was the one good side to it.

  5. What a lovely story, and accompanied by beautiful photos, really enjoyable post.
    Take care, Gordon.

  6. The Warblers are always so sweet. We have those here in Florida too. And if we looked up in the sky and saw the big bird, we would think it was a turkey vulture. How amazing! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Thank you for this lovely blog post. You made me smile:)

  8. Great post!!Beautiful photos!!!It's a pleasure stopping by!

  9. A delight to be able to take a peep into your garden and see some of the wildlife. We are constantly looking at our bird book since moving, there are so many different varieties visit sadly never when the camera is handy. Have a great weekend.

  10. Your pictures are just amazing, so lovely and I love the "rain pictures"...
    Have a beautiful weekend, take care!
    Love from Titti

  11. Great photos! Thanks for sharing a bit of your world, inside and out.

    Yesterday a thunderstorm passed overhead, and my feline companion and I were sitting comfortably in two different chairs when out of the storm a HUGE clap of thunder happened close by. Both of us shot out of our chairs. It was funny afterwards, but not when it happened. :-) Your pets pictures are so cute. Bless their hearts.

    Enjoy your weekend ~ FlowerLady

  12. Oh how I would love to see some of those yellow rumped warblers in my yard too! Great grouping of birds. Love the golden eagle! And the photos of the mountain are gorgeous! Cute puppy shots as well. Hail...oh my! We have been traveling and are almost at the end. It was up to 100 degrees in Tucson while we were there!!!! Will be great to be home again!

  13. We had a wild thunder/lightning storm Friday evening for about 3 hours! It was so bright with so many flashes of lightning and the thunder was very loud for about 1 hour!

  14. I'm always so amazed at your stunning shots, darling Karen, especially your sky, I've never seen such a gorgeous sky in any other part of the world, believe me !

    Wishing you a most wonderful weekend
    sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  15. Beautiful photography of our feathered friends, sky, the hare and the dogs are my favorite ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  16. I found this such an interesting post, especially about the Jays warning the others. Poor bunny frozen for so long.

  17. The yellow-rumped warblers are stunning--not a bird I've encountered. During a particularly cold and blustery Wyoming springtime a lazuli bunting blundered into our yard and stayed for over a week at the feeder before leaving when the weather cleared. Its such a privilege to have an unusual visitor.
    I don't enjoy violent storms--we always round up the cats and hope for safety til the worst of the wind and rain or hail moves off.

  18. Your posts are always so beautiful. I love to watch the birds here in Georgia. I haven't noticed these yellow-rumped warblers here. A couple of years ago we spotted at least half a dozen Grosbeaks, but now only see them once in a while. On most days we see hawks. The Golden Eagle is a beauty! Thank you for sharing your world! This is the first I have commented, but rest assured I love your posts always.

  19. Your photo's of the yellow-rumped warbler are lovely, as are all of your photo's.

    That rain really did come down heavy, and yes we are fortunate to have shelter. It does sometimes leave you wondering where the animals and birds may shelter ...

    All the best Jan

  20. Nice to see a warbler visiting your area and a nice shot of the jay too. I like the rain pic on your deck. I love when a new bird visits my feeders.

  21. Aren't those yellow rumped warblers such a cute little birdie? I have a flock of Cedar Wax Wings that come through my backyard once a year and I always keep an eye out for them in the Spring. I'm glad your storm passed quickly by, and that you had your furry friends to keep you company.

  22. We enjoy the birds as we sit at our computers, too. Recently, we have discover new ones. They seem to pass on after awhile, too. My wife keeps her binoculars ready, and we both have bird books at our sides. Birds seem to be fascinating to many people.

  23. You have some great shots here. LOVE the rain photos. We have been getting plenty of it, as well.

  24. Those were very exciting thunder claps and lightning strikes. Yikes. And then all that rain. You have some nice views. Love the bird shots and the bird of prey! Sunshine today was nice. Have a lovely Sunday.

  25. Thank you for the wonderful story, Karen. I really enjoyed it, but am sorry for the scary part of the storm. The lightening was amazing down here. I don't have curtains on my windows and was startled by every flash! Our Border Collie, Lady, used to cower at my husbands feet...preferably under his desk during storms. I loved seeing the photos of the birds around you. Once in CA I was driving along the coast and an eagle [I think] swooped down low over my car. It was thrilling...the wing span seemed so vast, just as your photos show! xx

  26. How exciting to see a new bird and such a pretty one too! Do you keep a life list? I have a mental one - need to write it down!

    1. Hi Cindy, I do keep a nature journal of sketches and information when I see a new bird. I badly need to update it, though! Thanks for stopping by, dear friend. xx Karen

  27. I'm not sure how you manage to get such good photos of your birds, great to See them. It's been so dry here and cold, your storm sounds rather spectacular. Sending best wishes.

  28. So lovely pic's <3
    I just love thunder; the noise, lights and heavy rain...I know I'm weird but storm cleans the air..its so easy to breath after heavy storm.

    Have a lovely sunday <3
    xx Satu

  29. Karen...thanks so much for sharing this with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend. Such a plus for us to witness what you see in your own back yard!!

  30. What stunning pictures!!! And your fur babies are adorable!! We had tornadoes touch down around here!!

  31. sounds like the perfect day to me!! i just love a good storm and i wrote about that same thing today!! you got great shots of the warblers, aren't they just the sweetest, prettiest little birds?? i get them here and i just adore them...they are especially pretty in flight!!!

  32. What a magical post Karen. Amazing feathered creatures so different to ours. I've been trying to identify our garden birds. Mainly blackbirds, robins, wood pigeons, sparrows and wrens. Discovered we had a dunnock today, that is a new one for me. Your storm sounds scary bet you were glad when it passed. B x

  33. This is such a sweet post and I always learn so much about wildlife from your posts! That eagle is awesome. I miss living in the country and seeing such wildlife.

  34. oh how exciting that you didn't miss this new group of birds coming through, I wonder if they will come back, so neat to think the ones that normal are around notice there was new birds in the neighborhood. Wow that is something that the bunny didn't move for that long, must be he was nervous about being picked up. We have had some storms like you were describing go through here too, I miss cuddling with my furbabies.
    Hope you have a great week!

  35. A superb post, dear Karen! First the adorable little birds and your wonderful photos of them, then the handsome eagle, your lovely patio in the rain and your sweet furry babies. Life looks beautiful there. :)
    Thank you for sharing. Have a happy week ahead!

  36. Wow indeed some storm, I hope it didn't scare off your new little Warblers and that the bunny was safely in his burrow. Here's to a calmer week ahead!
    Wren x

  37. Oh wow Karen this time of year must be so beautiful where you live. I never get tired of looking at your mountain. The dogs are so cute and Bosco hates thunder storms and is always on my lap or by my side when that happens.
    Have a nice week and a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.
    Hugs, Julie

  38. What a sweet post! I feel like I was there with you on it! Great pics of the birds and of course the doggies. Have a good week!

  39. Love your backyard!!
    Have a great week Karen...
    Linda :o)

  40. Wonderful photos Karen. We have Yellow-rumped Warblers here in New Brunswick, clear on the other side of the continent, but I've never seen one yet. Such cute pics of the dogs but they must have been so scared. I would be too! And as you said, what of the woodland creatures. Have a beautiful week. xo Pam

  41. These are some lovely sights in your back yard, Karen. I just saw the same bird flying over us at Shasta Lake on our road trip. Like you, I wasn't sure what it was. I love this picture of the wild hare. They seem to hide every time I see them. Your pictures of the yellow bird are so pretty. And your Stellar Jays make me smile because we also have them here, but yours has a pointed fluff of feather on top of their head, and ours are called the Blue Jay. What a beautiful picture of your deck with the rain and hail.

    Have a nice week, Karen.


  42. Karen, I love your description of the storm and those poor sweet pups. I am sure that snuggling with their Mama made it all bearable. Have a lovely Monday! xo

  43. I am always filled with wonder when I see the beauty and wildlife there, Karen...thank you so much for sharing it with us! It's always fun seeing the birds. The lightning strike sounds too close...glad you are okay!

  44. Dearest Karen,
    What a very special and happy chorus you had by your visiting Yellow-rumped Warblers!
    Yes, those big birds of prey are a threat for all critters living in the woods.
    Loved that photo of Kai with his favorite toy in his mouth as if he wanted to rescue it!
    Hope that spring is further unfolding and that you can enjoy your deck.

  45. I also enjoy so much the wildlife activity that goes on in my garden...its like they are part of our family....I don't think I've actually seen a yellow-rumpepd Warbler but so wish I could.. The sparrows have taken over and we are now destroying any new spring eggs. Kai's reaction was precious...and grabbing his favorite toy was something I would do too!

  46. I'm so afraid of storms, I would have been as terrified as the dogs!

  47. Hi Karen, I have never seen a yellow-rumped Warblers in person, they are very pretty!
    Poor Kai with the toy in his mouth, the fear is really written all over his face. Lightening and thunder can be so scary for dogs.
    Glad that the stormed passed quickly and you got blessed with these wonderful view of Mount Rainier afterwards. I never get tired of seeing this mountain on your blog, really majestic!
    Happy rest of the week!
    Warm regards,

  48. What a cute yellow bird, I love birds that have yellow feathers. Also the Jay is neat and so is the Eagle. Oh your poor dogs, ours isn't bothered by Thunder but a few of our cats don't care much for it.

  49. Hello, love the pretty warbler and all the sweet furbabies. The bunny is adorable. We just got back from two weeks in Washington. I am sorry to be so late visiting your post and commenting. I appreciate you linking up your post. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  50. Our Yellow-rumped Warblers migrating through here in Illinois have white throats. They are called Myrtle Warblers and yours with yellow throatsa re called Audubon's. The big bid is not a raptor, but rather a Turkey Vulture, told by its small bald (red) head and light grayish flight feathers. The Golden Eagle often holds its wings in a shallow "V," similar to the vulture. Very nice photos! Thanks for visiting and leaving kind comments on my blog.

  51. Karen your photos of the yellow rumpled warbler are just great! This is a bird that I have never seen or heard of before, and think you were so fortunate to see them. Aren't birds and all of their diversity so amazing?? Your poor little pup looked so scared of the storm... one of my yorkies is also terrified when there is lightning and thunder. A lovely post

  52. Hello, the little warbler is cute, it has pretty colors. I love the Stellar Jay and the raptor images. Your dogs are all cuties. I love the Bird and dogs, they make me happy. I am glad you had some rain, it was kind of dry out there wasn't it? Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


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