Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Little Hideaway

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope those who celebrated 
Father's Day had a wonderful day
honoring all the unsung heroes of our lives.....
The hardworking and stoic 'manly' men, 
who can change a tire, but also change a diaper
when necessary :) 

We had a wonderful celebration with the whole family
enjoying a delicious bbq, good music, and lots of laughs. 

My four wonderful children and their significant others, 
gifted Ramblin' Man with this great gas fire-pit. 

They are trying to make up for their rowdy teenage years. 
I could tell you tales, but I will leave that for 
another time! 

Seriously, though, we are truly blessed 
to have such caring and thoughtful 

We call this area 'Our Little Hideaway'. 
It's a place to enjoy hot summer days 
in the shade. 
A place to sit outside, even in the rain. 
And a lovely spot to enjoy long summer 
evenings under lantern light.

I found the 'fair-trade' blankets last year, 
and added the pillows this year. 

I made them out of inexpensive rag rugs last week. 

I wanted something sturdy, but soft
and comfortable. 

I used thin string and a small crochet hook 
to join the seams. 
I tried sewing with a needle and thread, 
but the thickness of the rug made it difficult.
It was easy to crochet the seams using
a simple slip-stitch. 

Folding it over with one end of the fringe 
exposed added an 'ethnic' look to the pillow. 

I joined the side seams and left the middle open
for stuffing. 

It took a whole bag of fiberfill. 

I was pleased with the result - the pillows coordinate 
nicely with the blankets and the fabric of the furniture. 

I found this plant stand at the flea-market 
and gave it a new coat of paint to use as 
a side table. 

Over the years we've added to the ambiance, 
one thing at a time. 
One year it was this faux stone fountain -
bought with a gift card from my son
for my birthday. 

Another year, it was this candle chandelier.

The lantern (one of a pair) was a Mother's Day gift,
complete with battery powered 'candles'.


I love wind-chimes.

And butterflies......

And hummingbirds :)
This little beauty is a male Anna's hummingbird. 

Ramblin' Man works long hours and travels frequently,
so home is our refuge.

Kai and Whitey Bear enjoy it, too!

My daughter gifted her Dad with a tub of
S'mores fixings.....shall we have one?

Mmmmmm - burnt marshmallows!

Sorry, Kai....you can't have chocolate :(

Would you like some graham crackers?
(Silly question.....)

Poor Whitey Bear (in the rear)
 hurt his leg running from the skunk,
but he is feeling better and only limping
a little bit now.

My sweet boy is getting old.

They are still a little 'skunky', (see previous post)
 especially when it rains.
I think it taught them a valuable lesson.

There was a squirrel on the deck today,
and instead of the usual rush to chase it,
Kai just sat in the doorway watching.......

I can imagine his thoughts ......
you never know what surprises a cute
little critter has in store for you!

We've been having continued cool and cloudy
weather, here in the foothills of the Cascade mountains,
but last evening we were treated with this amazing
view of swirling clouds over Mt. Rainier.

The setting sun was reflected in the clouds,
making them look like they were lit from within.

The days are long, here in the Pacific Northwest,
leading up to the summer solstice.
This photo was taken after 9:00 p.m.

We enjoy every blessed moment, here in our little hideaway.

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.
Little Hideaway
We got a little hideaway that we go to
When we're alone together
A little place where we can go
And get to know each other
A place to see the sun
When the day is done
Hold on to that feeling
We've been missing
Oh we got a little hideaway
A place we go on special days
Try to get to know each other

I hope that you have a little hideaway somewhere, too,
Dear Friends!


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Monday, June 12, 2017

A Country Drive

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you had 
a wonderful weekend! 

I had a stressful end to my week - my 
two dogs, Whitey Bear and Kai 
got sprayed by a skunk! 
Oh, yes they did! 

I'll spare you the details, but to make a long 
story short, it was a very stinky affair,
involving skunk remover shampoo, 
baths on the deck under a patio umbrella
in the rain and the dark, 
and a lingering odor that is gradually dissipating, 
but none too soon.  

There was no harm done to the skunk :)

Sigh........Life in the country! 

I was only too happy to get away
 this weekend for a long country drive
to my little grandson's house, to cheer me up. 

So come along with me and we will enjoy the 
better side of country life - beautiful scenery! 

As you can see by the dramatic skies, we've had a 
bit of rain and cool weather, but on Saturday, the skies 
were starting to clear. 

The fields and roadsides were full of beautiful 
wildflowers. Buttercups, daisies, foxglove, wild phlox
and roses. 

Usually, 14,411 ft. Mt. Rainier looms over the landscape, but 
today it was hidden by clouds. 

There were happy cows in lush green fields,
 and farmers on their tractors.

Old farmhouses nestled among the rolling hills and fences. 

I love the very large flowering tree (mulberry?) in the fenced yard
and the purple flowering ground-cover on the sloped bank. 

Perhaps a favorite place for grandchildren to play :) 

Who wouldn't want to explore these lovely fields with a basket for wildflowers? 

An old gas-station on a once bustling corner, 
remains to tell its tale. 

You can barely see the old gas-pump peeking through
the weeds. 

And what is this mysterious object anchored 
in the middle of an overgrown field? 

Perhaps the remains of a basket-ball court at a long ago

Only the daisies are left to whisper of the secrets held here. 

As we leave the farmland, we enter the mountain forests, 
bisected by high electrical lines carpeted with yellow Scotch broom. 

As a child, along with adventurous friends, we would 
explore the wild places through these dangerous access points, 
where guardian angels hovered over us unawares. 

I think of some of these 'adventures' we had,
 oblivious to the risks taken through innocence and curiosity. 

Small mountain towns filled with charming cottages 
make us yearn for simpler times. 

The side entrance.....

A modern 'cottage' with an equally charming garden. 

On the way home we pass through a modern mountain village. 

This one with a pedestrian bridge
leading to shops, a hospital, movie theater, etc. 

The long road home......it is 90 minutes each way. 

We follow the setting sun as it illuminates the old 
wood mill. 

This is a lonely, isolated road that I would never take alone. 

There are miles and miles of forest and this mill
 in the middle of nowhere is particularly creepy. 

The lowered sun illuminates grasses along a small pond. 

As we enter the farmland, we see a faint rainbow 
in the distance. 

A very lucky horse. 

Shall we search for the pot of gold? 

Oh, no, it's in a cow field! 

You go first.......:)

It was a wonderful ride! 

Thanks for coming along, Dear Friends! 


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Flea Market Finds and Makeovers

Hello, Dear Friends! 
My goodness, it is already June!
I know that I have not been around 
lately, and I apologize for my absence. 
I have been thinking of you, though. 

I wish I could say that I have been sun-bathing
on a tropical island, but no,
 that is wishful thinking! 
I have actually been hard at work. 
We finally had some hot and dry weather, 
here in western Washington State, 
which means that I have been catching up
on my outdoor painting chores. 

I've stained the deck, given all my deck chairs
a new coat, too, and have been having 
a bit of fun here and there on the side.  

I recently went to another flea-market with my daughter, 
Heather, and we had so much fun finding treasures! 
I have shown you a photo of my kitchen, 
because that is what I was searching for.....
all things 'kitchen' and all things 'green'. 
So without further ado, let me show you what I found! 

This was the first thing I spied as we walked
in the doors of the old field house at the local
fairgrounds where the sale was held. 

 Although.....it didn't look like this.....

It was bright blue! Although it was cute, 
it wouldn't fit in with my decor, 
and I wanted to try my hand at something 
I've wanted to do for a long time - stencil 
a doily pattern. 

I started out by spray-painting all three table surfaces 
a creamy white. 

When the paint was dry, I used some two-way tape to 
tack down some paper doilies with the middle one
'over the edge'. 

I then spray-painted the whole cart green. 

What do you think? 

I was happy with the outcome, 
although if I were to do it again, 
I would use a temporary spray adhesive
on the doilies, as some of the green paint 
sifted under, but not enough to spoil 
the effect. 

It is the perfect little piece for my kitchen, 
and can be wheeled out onto the deck, too. 

It would make the cutest dessert cart, wouldn't it?
Or a sweet drink cart.  

I also found some beautiful hand-crocheted pillow edgings. 

So much work went into them! 

Of course I had to make some pillows for them! 

I found four green-checked dish towels and made two 
pillow cases out of them. 

Before I hand-sewed the crochet lace to the edges, 
I wove a thin green ribbon along the flat edge
so I could gather them slightly to fit. 

A standard bed pillow fits inside each one perfectly. 

The dishtowels are thick and sturdy - 
resisting wrinkles. 

I think of all the work that went into 
the crochet lace and what they once were used for. 
Perhaps for a bride or a beloved family member. 
Maybe the pillow cases wore out and the lace 
was painstakingly removed and stored away, 
only to end up at a flea market for me to find :) 
Now they are loved once more. 

I found some green-handled vintage kitchen tools, too. 
An apple corer/peeler comes in handy sometimes. 

And who wouldn't like some fancy-cut 
 baked sweet potato 'fries'? 

I found some new pretties for my 
'kitchen queen' cupboard, too. 

A very cute green and cream sifter......

Two vintage vases......

Some green depression glass dessert cups.....

And a pair of lime juice glasses and a flower-edged pot-holder. 

I'm always looking to add to my pot-holder
collection and I found several little beauties. 

In green, of course! I love them for placing under 
serving dishes or to protect surfaces from scratches - 
never to use as actual pot-holders! 

They are too pretty for that. 

The tin holds cooking herbs. 

I found this heavy metal flower holder, too. 
It makes a perfect holder for my planning desk. 

My son and daughter-in-law gifted me 
with the window on Mother's Day. 

The panes open up in the back to insert 
photos or artwork.
Kai is always photo-bombing :)

This sweet little needlework made it into 
my sitting area on one side of the glass door. 

The frame matches the 1950's pen and ink
watercolors on the other side. 

I hope that you enjoyed my flea-market finds 
and that I have inspired you to visit a 
flea-market near you!  
You never know what treasures you'll find. 

All that decorating made me hungry.....
Won't you join me for a bite? 


Thank-you for stopping by, Dear Friends. 

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