Monday, August 14, 2017

Sew Sweet Pin-Keeps

Hello, Dear Friends! 

Summer is winding down now, 
and we finally had a bit of rain
over the weekend, which has cleared 
the air and perked up the poor trees 
and native plants who hadn't had a drop
of rain in almost 2 months! 

Thank you for all of your prayers and 
a few of you even did a rain dance for us, 
which we appreciate so much, 
here in Washington state :)

Since I didn't have to water anything 
over the weekend, I decided to spend
some time in my long-neglected sewing room.  

I've been in need of some new pin-cushions, 
and when I saw these sweet little mushrooms
 in a book that I checked out of the library, 
I  had to make some for my very own. 

This is the book, and it is wonderful. 
I need to order my own copy, 
so I can make everything in the book! 
(I am not endorsing the book, I just simply love it :)

I found the perfect fabric in this 'charm pack' 
at my local quilt shop. 

It was a fun project, and I even had some help
from the little kitty that I am pet-sitting. 
She has been timid and won't leave my sewing room, 
so I am trying to spend as much time as I can 
with her. 

I modified the instructions somewhat - 
filling the 'mushroom' base with kitty litter
to add weight to keep it from toppling over. 
I added a 'yo-yo' cap to the base, to ensure
the kitty litter doesn't escape. 

Then I added the mushroom top. 

These would be cute decorations for a woodland 
style Christmas, too! 

Another cute idea in the book were these strawberry

These were so easy and fun to make! 

I stuffed them with a mixture of kitty litter and
lavender. You could also use sand - which is 
the traditional filling. Sand or kitty litter works 
to keep needles and pins sharp. 

Green rick-rack works to form the calyx at the top. 

I sewed the rick-rack on in the evenings 
while watching television, as this took some time. 
My sweet Kai looks on. 

I couldn't stop until I had a basket full! 

I had so much fun creating these 'Sew Sweet' 
little pincushions. 

I hope I have inspired you to make some of your own! 


What creative project are you working on right now? 


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Flowers Would Like to Meet You!

Hello, my friends, I hope you are well and 
enjoying these last few weeks of summer! 

I have been so busy that I almost forgot to 
introduce you to my flowers this year, 
and they have been whispering in my ear
that they want to meet you, too :) 

So before this wonderful season of flowers ends, 
let me take you around........

These are Nikko Blue, mop-head hydrangeas
that seem to love it here, so I have quite a few. 
They are wonderful for drying in early fall, 
and I always have big baskets full to place on
cupboards, tables and in corners. 

I live in the forest, so have plenty of shade. 
Begonias are wonderful for that. 
I love the vibrant colors and they will bloom 
until first frost. 

You can see more hydrangeas to the right and 
reflected in the windows. 
I have a large hedge of them here. 

Another variety of begonia that is just as 
pretty as a rose, but without the wonderful scent. 

They are the perfect flower to live under 
my umbrellas. 

They look pretty in hanging baskets, too. 
Here they get just a tiny bit of sunshine
late in the afternoon. 

They don't mind living under the shade of the canopy.  
(You can see the basket in the back corner.)

I potted up a flat of blue lobelia for my plant rack. 

I painted the rims of their terra-cotta pots with 
green porch paint. 
The hanging baskets were Mother's Day gifts. 

Purple petunias have the prettiest scent. 
Whitey Bear and Kai are always photo-bombing :)

The fairies have been busy gardening, too! 


These tiny Johnny Jump-ups (viola) were planted 
last fall and have bloomed non-stop ever since! 

I have saved the seeds and hope to grow a new 
generation to keep the happiness going. 

One of my favorite roses - it has the sweetest scent. 

Even Kai seems to enjoy it! 

Another sweet scented beauty.
You can see how large the blooms are. 

These are 'mystery' roses, as I have forgotten the names. 

I do remember the name of this one - Joseph's Coat. 

This garden has Sweet William and tansy. 
Here the tansy hasn't bloomed yet. 

The Sweet William has reseeded itself over many years. 
The tansy is perennial and is a native wildflower here. 
It has very aromatic leaves that I use for sachets that repel moths. 

Both of these grow with very little care and water. 

I have a few butterfly bushes (Buddleia), and I am 
glad that I do, as they are now deemed invasive
and restricted for sale here in WA state. 

Not only do they attract the beautiful tiger swallow-tail
butterfly, but they fill the whole yard with their 
amazing, spicy scent with every breeze. 

And it wouldn't be summer without red geraniums, 
I think. 

Geraniums and marigolds are classics that 
never go out of style. 

We continue to have smoke drifting down 
from the large fires in British Columbia, 
eastern Washington, and even some smaller fires
locally. We have not had rain in 52 days, 
breaking all records. 

The air quality is terrible and at times it is 
extremely irritating to breathe.
The air quality has been compared to the air in Beijing, China.  

It's especially bad in the morning. This is smoke, 
not clouds concealing the mountains from view. 

But there has been one amazing surprise........

The blood-red moon. 

I took this unedited photo last night as it rose over the 
smoke-filled mountains. 

Later it glowed with this eerie ring. 

The weather is expected to remain the same 
until early next week. 
We are praying for rain. 


Thank-you for your sweet visits and lovely comments, 
dear Friends. 

I have so much to show you in the next few weeks
and I will keep posting and visiting as I find time. 


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