Friday, February 17, 2017

Applique' and Crochet - Five on Friday

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are 
having a good Friday and looking forward
to the weekend ahead. 

I have lunch and an antiquing day 
planned on Saturday with a dear friend. 
I will be keeping my eyes open for 
all things 'Green' for St. Patrick's Day,
coming up. You know how I like to 
re-decorate my kitchen for the holidays :) 
Any holiday will do! 

An Irish holiday is a favorite, 
as both my Grandfather, and Ramblin' Man's 
came from Ireland. 

The same county, too - County Cork
We might be distant cousins......haha! 

Click on the link and you can read more about
this beautiful place. 

As you can see from my photo above, I have replaced
my glass 'coffee table' with a padded 
storage chest because of the Grand-babies. 

Ethan - 22 mos. 

Gavin - 3 mos.

That would be these two.....

Walking toddlers and glass tables do not co-exist
easily. I have filled the chest with toys :) 

You can also see the ever-present dog bed on the floor.....

And that would be for these two - the top photo 
is Kai  and the other is Whitey Bear. 
Are they on the dog bed? 
Or any dog bed? We have 3! 
No - they would rather fill my carpets with dog hair. 

They like to attack the vacuum cleaner, 
so are always giving me reasons to get it out :)

That's about the only exercise they get these days.
They are getting quite portly. 
We all need to go on a diet..... 

So let's get on with my Five on Friday

The first thing I want to show you is this 
applique' wall-hanging I made a few years ago. 

It's been folded and stored away because 
I can't seem to find a place that I like to hang it.

You can see the crease I didn't get out when I ironed it. Ooops. 

So disregarding the crease.....I have hung it 
here for now. I am thinking it might make a good pillow. 
What do you think? 
Maybe with a new border in soft green. 
Then I can put it on my green sofa. 
Or use it for my 'Irish' decorating. 
Hey, these might be Irish birds :)

A couple of 'love birds', one holds a key
to the other one's heart. 

The second applique' to show you is this 
basket of berries I made years ago.
 I had fun making this one - finding 
all the fabrics and stitching it together. 
I haunted fabric stores and thrift shops 
for snippets of fabrics in the 'discount' bin
or old clothes that I could cut up. 

I made two of these - one for my Dear Mum, 
and one for me. 

This was my inspiration......
The title page for this book....

When I was a young Mother,
trying to make ends meet, 
I would create dozens of these little applique'
stitchery's to sell at a country shop 
in the next town. 

Chickens were a favorite, but I made cows, sheep, 
pigs, ducks - you name it. This is a farming community
and they were very popular. 

This one never sold, so I kept it. 
It is actually one of my favorites. 

A kite flying over a late fall hillside. 

It hangs in my laundry-room. 

This was the inspiration in the book. 

This is another one that never sold. 

It is a little odd :) haha! 

It's supposed to be plants in a window
with the moon rising. 

This was the inspiration. 
Somehow it didn't 'translate'....

It is a conversation starter, though! 

Crafting styles come and go........ 
I have always been drawn to the 'Primitive' style
of the American pioneers. 

I love reading books about these adventurous 
founders of our country, especially the women, who threw caution 
to the wind to settle in unknown territory, 
traveling hundreds, if not thousands of miles
over wilderness with the bare essentials, 
in their quest for independence and their own land. 

I can relate.......

Fabric was a sacred commodity and every little snippet 
was saved to make quilts and other essentials. 
The creativity and desire to embellish even 
the smallest things is endlessly inspiring to me. 

The fifth and last item I would like to show you
is this little sweater that I made for Gavin at Christmas. 

This is a very easy pattern that I have used 
for the third time now. (The other two were for Ethan). 

I used this yarn. 
It's acrylic and so very soft. 
Most importantly, it is washable! 

It is made entirely in half-double crochet. 

It was one of those free patterns that you find
in the yarn section of the craft store :)

Here is the pattern in case you would like to make one. 
I may have smeared a little chocolate on it :) 

It's still a little large for Gavin, but when he fits into it, 
I will share the photo with you :) 

Well, that is my Five on Friday!

I want to thank-you for your dear visits and comments
to my humble blog. I love getting to know you a little
more each time you visit and sharing in your thoughts
and lives. We truly are 'Kindred Spirits'!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend, Dear Friends! 


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flowers on a Rainy Day

Hello, dear friends, I hope that you had 
a lovely Valentine's Day and 
if you don't have a sweetheart, 
I hope you treated yourself to 
something nice. 

I know that Valentine's Day can 
be lonely for some of us, 
reminding us of those we 
no longer have near. 

 Ramblin' Man and I have lost all of our parents 
within the last 5 years. 

Remembering to say, 'I love you' is even 
more important to us now, after 
experiencing so much loss. 

We were both close to our dear Mothers and 
never forgot to send them sweet Valentines. 

For Ramblin' Man, the loss is still new, 
having lost his dear Mother in December. 

We have been married a long time.....

True, we married young, and we 
have had many years of ups and downs. 

There were even years when we didn't 
even have time to stop and say, 'Hello', 
never mind celebrate a special day. 

Years of raising four children, building a home, 
demands of work, extended family, caring for ageing parents.....

left us little time just for ourselves. 

It was always, 'Someday'.......

Now we know that 'someday' is here, 
that time never stops, 
and we must make the most of 
every single day. 

He works long hours and frequently travels. 
I am alone more than I would like. 

My Ramblin' Man knows this, 
and so he makes it up to me on 
special days. <3

Bless his heart. 


My 'Blessings Jar' is filling up <3 

I started this on New Year's Day. 
Next New Year's I will open it up and 
read my year of blessings. 

He is back at work today, 
and I am looking out at a very rainy day, 
although it is getting warmer here and 
there are some signs of spring. 

I actually spent the day outside on Monday, 
working in the gardens and doing winter clean-up. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the 50's. 

Yesterday the clouds moved in with this dramatic scene
over Mt. Rainier. 

Two jet-trails creating parenthesis.....

Lots of rain today....

The flowers are enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Primroses blooming cheerfully despite the rain. 

These were all buried in 2 ft. of snow last week! 

Pansies always make me smile :)

They have a sweet scent, too. 

My poor fairy garden on the bottom-right 
did not survive the winter, although 
we have to wait to see.......

You can see my dog grooming brush 
hanging here :) 

I was drawn to the unusual colors of these primroses,
and bought them all....there were only a few this color. 

My new garden sign :)

My whisker-faced pansy looks like a wet cat ! 

There are a few sporadic blooms right now, but 
soon there will be litters of little faces 
making me smile. 

And check out these buds on my camellia bush! 

Spring is just around the corner.....
only 5 more weeks. 

Four more weeks until daylight savings time! 

So much to be thankful for <3 


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

Hello, my Friends, I hope that you had a 
very nice weekend, with time to do 
a few things that you love. 
I was fortunate to spend time with both of 
my little grandsons - my sweet little Valentine's <3


The sun was shining so beautifully
in my kitchen this morning, 
inspiring me to do some baking. 

There's something about a sunny kitchen
that makes my heart sing! 

I wanted to bake something sweet for 
Ramblin' Man's Valentine's Day, 
and of course it had to be cupcakes! 

My dear daughter, Heather gifted me with 
the sweet mixing bowl and spoon on Christmas. 

The mixing spoon says, ' Live, laugh...and lick the spoon!' 

The bowl and spoon are from 'The Pioneer Woman's' 
cooking line. 

All ready for the oven......

While they cook, I whip up some pink frosting 
and set out the sweet decorations in my re-decorated
heart box. 

All done - the kitchen smells so good......

While they cool, let's look at some 

I made the Valentine with the gold heart. 

I love the Tennyson quote.

I also made the red heart doily Valentine. 

A favorite <3

I crocheted these little hearts 
many years ago when my first child,
Heather, was a baby. 

Let's decorate the cupcakes! 

For Ramblin' Man. 
The 'hearts' are cherry flavored gummy hearts. 

Tiny cupcakes for me :)
I'm trying to watch my waistline....
The key word is 'trying'  :)

Let's put on the tea-kettle and have one! 

While the kettle heats, we'll look at a few more Valentines. 

I remember, as a child in school, we
brought a tissue box from home and decorated it 
with crepe paper and pink and red hearts,
so we could receive sweet Valentines
like these, from our classmates.

In those days we weren't required to give one
to everyone in the class.

I was very shy and only received a few,
but those precious few were that much
more appreciated.

When I was 14, I met my future husband
(little did I know......:)
in my first year of high-school,
and the first Valentine he gave me was
a gold bracelet with my name engraved
on it and a tiny dangling heart.

He saved for it by doing 'odd-jobs'.

Here it is, a little worn and
scratched, but still very much treasured.

I knew then, that he was a 'keeper'.

Oh, I hear the tea-kettle whistling! 

Let's sit down for tea and a cupcake! 

I just found this darling tea-cozy at Rose Petal Blessings
one of my favorite Etsy shops. 

Stephanie, from the blog, 'The Enchanting Rose', 
sews and crafts the sweetest things. 

Do you take cream? 

My dear friend Pat, from the blog, 'Lilly My Cat',
crocheted me these precious little tea coasters. 

Thank you, my friend.

Pat does exquisite needlework and takes
us on wonderful travels via her beautiful blog. 

Let's take a few moments to browse through my latest
issue of 'Romantic Homes' magazine.

This lovely article about botanical illustrations caught my eye. 

It's getting late in the day and I had better 
clean up and start dinner. 

Ramblin' Man will be home soon. 
I've planned his favorite meal;
 Sweet and Sour chicken with rice. 

And cupcakes for dessert :) 

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, 
sweet friends. 


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