Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sweet Spring Blooms

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are seeing some 
little signs of spring after a long, long winter! 

Here in western Washington State, we are having 
milder temperatures, but it has been very wet. 

This is typical for this side of the Cascade Mountains. 
We actually live in a temperate rain forest! 

Every so often our beautiful Mt. Rainier peeks out 
from its shroud of clouds, but for the most part, 
it has been hiding away. 

I have been entertained by the mist rising and falling, 
as I wait inside for the rain to stop so I can play outside. 

I finally got my chance and quickly busied myself 
potting up a flat of primroses to add some 
color to my plant racks on the deck. 

These little beauties are so inexpensive 
and bring such joy. 

When they are done blooming, I will swap them out 
with something else and plant them in the garden. 

I just found these colorful little heathers and 
plopped them inside this tool caddy that my 
daughter made in woodworking class many years ago :)
It stays dry under the eaves. 

I will transplant these into larger pots in a month or so,
until they are large enough to plant in the garden.

Another one sits in a vintage cup. 

I keep my succulents under the eaves all winter to 
keep them dry. I've had the original plants for 
about 15 years and divide them when the pots get full. 
I have 4 big pots of them now. 

Sometimes they bloom in the summer. 

They are like old reliable friends :)

This little display just makes me so happy
when I go out on the deck to enjoy some fresh air. 

The eagle was made by my father many years ago 
out of sand-cast aluminum. 
He was a tool and die maker all of his life. 

My winter pansies that I potted up last fall
are starting to bloom so nicely in the milder temperatures. 

I catch their sweet scent whenever I pass. 
I painted their terra-cotta pots inside and out 
with latex floor and porch paint and it has 
held up very well. 

Little drawers of happiness! 

Tiny daffodils add some sunshine. 

Double primroses in sherbet colors. 

Inky violas smell like violets. 

Weenie Baby enjoys the deck, too <3 

She loves to keep me company outside on 
mild days. She is slowly coming around 
since losing her life-long companion, Peanut, 
two weeks ago. I've been giving her lots of attention
and love and my two American Eskimos, 
Whitey Bear and Kai have been enjoying her company, too. 

More primroses and pansies .....

Vinca waits to be planted in the box. 

The Japanese maple is starting to bud. 

My quiet corner outside the bedroom. 
I love having coffee here on warm, sunny mornings. 

You can see it has been raining......and raining.......

My potting bench waits for another day. 

I found the wire plant obelisk at the 
Northwest Flower and Garden Show. 

I will be planting sweet peas under it soon :)

A pot of tiny bulbs and a volunteer forget-me-not that 
I brought up from the garden
orange mint coming back to life. 

It's starting to rain again, time to go back inside! 

Thank you for visiting - my flowers were 
 very happy to meet you! 


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Spring Decorating and an Anniversary

Hello my Dear Friends, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

I know I have not been around to visit you lately, 
but put out your calling cards because I am 
ready to make my rounds <3 

First, though, I and my daughter, Jennie, 
want to thank you so very much
for your heartfelt condolences on the loss of 
our little dog Peanut.
Your kind and caring comments really are
balm to weary hearts. 

As you can see, I have brought out the 'spring greens' 
to redecorate my little cottage kitchen. 

This is partly to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and 
partly to bring out a fresh look for spring, 
which is just around the corner, 
here in the northern hemisphere. 

I also have an anniversary announcement! 
Tomorrow is the 6th year anniversary of my humble
little blog! 

I started this blog to celebrate and share
 my love of home and family, 
cottage style decorating, gardening, 
home-cooking, and crafting, but most importantly, 
to connect with like-minded people 
who share these simple joys. 

I've been blessed to have connected with
 so many wonderful and creative blog friends 
over these last 6 years, who have taught 
me the value of friendship, 
and daily renew my faith in the kindness 
and goodness of people the world over. 


I've been gathering all things 'green' to celebrate spring. 
Some things I have had stored away, 
and some are recent 'finds'. 
I collect vintage potholders and these two little beauties 
were recent finds. 
I've borrowed the green, vintage coffee cans 
from Ramblin' Man's toolshed :) 
He likes vintage finds, too! 
Coffee cans hold all sorts of manly things
like screws, nails and other 'necessities'. 

Now they hold large jars of garden herbs. 

Two more vintage potholders double as hot-pads 
for tea and baked treats. 

I also found this wonderful vintage apron
to add to my collection. 

This apron inspired my hand-sewn curtains 
by the glass door. 

 The sweet, stitched dog picture is also 
a recent find. When I went vintage shopping with 
my dear friend, Julia, a few weeks ago,
I searched for little things 
to add to my 'green' decorating. 

 My green enamel top farm table holds some 
of my green collections - bottles, postcards, 
and St. Patrick's Day badges. 

I found the tiny hand-painted landscape a couple of 
years ago, along with these authentic reproductions 
from the Ball canning jar company. 

I hope they keep re-issuing these - I have blue
and purple, too. 

I like to coordinate the colors of my art. 

Thrift store paintings add sweet charm. 
I sewed the banner a few years ago 
from a collection of linen tea towels and rick-rack. 

It comes in handy for spring and summer

I have green print fabrics to sew pillows
to add to my collection 
and I will share those with you when I am done. 
I am a firm believer that you can't have too many pillows :)

Another recent find was this little wire shelf. 

My Irish elf and lucky horseshoe 
take top honors. 

My doily pillow sports one of my badges. 

A small collection of green depression glass
inspired my green decorating. 
I try to add a piece or two every year. 

This year I found the little glass basket, 
the small plate behind it, and the candle holder above. 

The jar holds biscuit and cookie cutters with green handles. 

I also found the square glass cake plate standing against
the wall. 

I made the framed Irish Blessing out of scrapbook paper. 

My lucky clover tablecloth :)

Looking out the windows, you can see 
it is a cool and rainy day. 
We are sun-starved here,
50 miles south of Seattle, this time of year. 
Kai likes to watch me taking photos. 
His pet door is behind the curtain:)

Ramlin' Man's sweet note :)

I will leave you with five Irish Blessings and sayings,
Dear Friends. 

A turn of the century postcard addressed to 'wife'. 

Thank you for your sweet visit, Dear Friends! 


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