Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Sky Watch

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you enjoyed our celestial 
drama this week, and if you didn't get to experience it 
firsthand, I hope you were able to see it on television. 

I took these photos from one of those broadcasts and noticed 
the distinct colors of the auras from two different locations. 
The first was from Mexico, the second was from Ohio. 

It was wonderful to see the excitement of the people gathered 
together to share this rare event. 
There were even some young couples that were married 
during this moment. 
Something very special to tell their children, 
and if they are lucky, their grandchildren, too. 


"Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth."

- Confucius -


Here in Washington State, we've had sky drama of a different kind! 

It's been very cool and wet, with snow in the higher elevations, 
a bit of hail for us, and the occasional cold breeze ushering in the rain. 


"If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine."

- Morris West -

A pair of bald eagles came sailing through, illuminated by a shaft of sunlight 
able to sneak in under the clouds, late in the day. 

Off they went, after performing beautiful arial acrobats together. 
I do hope they nest nearby. 


"Unclose your mind. You are not a prisoner. 
You are a bird in flight, searching the skies for dreams."

- Haruki Murakami -

And of course, they were followed by a raven, hoping to take 
advantage of any leftovers they might leave from a successful hunt. 

Rain showers glow from the late afternoon sun. 


"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious.
And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe."

- Mark Twain -

And then, the reward of a rainbow. 

A sweet little hummingbird pauses to enjoy the view. 


"Once you have tasted the taste of the sky, you will forever look up."

- Leonardo da Vinci -

One last spectacular lightshow to end the day. 


"When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship of the creator."

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Often, Mt. Rainier will provide us with a warning of approaching

The incoming weather will get caught up in the mountain's atmosphere,
swirling around and around. 

These swirly clouds will break free and rise into the sky, 
forming what's known as lenticular clouds. 

When these clouds form, we usually get rain within 24 hours. 

They are particularly spectacular at sunset. 

You can almost believe the mothership is landing! Lol!


"Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea
are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more
than we can ever learn from books."

- John Lubbock -

The next day, the clouds will start to move in. 

You can see a column rising from the summit of a hidden Mt. Rainier. 

Soon, the sky is completely gray. 


"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray."

- Christina Perri -

Sometimes the mountain will peek out from a break in the clouds. 

And sometimes, the clouds will be high above. 


"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, 
always bring your own sunshine."

- Anthony D'Angelo -

When the sun does come out, it's a cause for celebration. 

We are used to gray, cloudy weather this time of year. 

Our beautiful Stellar Jays compete with the blue of the sky. 

It was a beautiful spring day when we went for a drive to spend the day 
with the family on Easter. 

The grass is turning green, and the first leaves are sprouting on the trees. 

Pretty countryside under blue skies. 

"And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, 
'You owe me.'
Look what happens with love like that. 
It lights up the sky."

- Rumi -

Flowering trees lining a driveway. 
(Sorry for the glare through the windows)

Even the mountains take on the blue of the sky. 


"The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase 
these things with money."

- Plautus - 

Passing through a quaint little town. 


" So long as man is faithful to himself, everything is in his favor, 
government, society, the very sun, moon and stars."

- Henry David Thoreau -

Flowering trees as we arrive at our destination. 

No sky watch is complete without our lovely and mysterious moon! 

We had a wonderful day with our precious family 
under glorious skies. 


"Well, we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun."

- John Lennon -

And the heavens reflected the true peace and blessings of the day. 

" There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; There is one
spectacle grander the sky, that is the interior of the soul."

- Victor Hugo -


I hope you are enjoying the beauty of the skies wherever you are, Dear Friends. 

No matter how far apart we might be, we all share the same sun, the same moon, 
and the same sky. 


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Spring at Last

Hello, Dear Friends, and Happy Spring! 
We've waited so long and finally, 
the birds are starting to sing, the flowers are blooming, 
and the earth is coming back to life. 

It's been a busy month for me out in the gardens, 
and catching up on my spring cleaning. 
When those beautiful sunbeams come 
streaming through the windows
you get to really see all those dusty corners
that have been neglected all winter!

But I've caught up with things, for the most part, 
and can now sit down and do a little catch-up
with you all. 

I've completely missed sharing St. Patrick's Day
and almost missed Easter, too! 

But I have an excuse. 
You see, my dear Ramblin' Man just 
celebrated a milestone birthday, 
and his wonderful siblings (younger sister, brother and wife)
came all the way from the east coast to
celebrate with him. 
It was a surprise, planned for months, 
and coordinated by our generous son, Gabe and wife, Erica,  
and executed by all of our children, 
down to the last detail. 

It was a fabulous party, filled with love and laughter, 
with lots of memories and more in the making. 

How we all kept the secret was quite a feat, 
and he notably quipped, "Now I'm wondering 
what else you all have kept from me over the years!"
We'll never tell! 
My dear man has now reached the dignified age of 70, 
and I am not far behind. 
We are both a little bit taken by surprise at how 
quickly this has come upon us. 


We were high-school sweethearts,
and now here we are, growing old together. 

Just like we planned. 

"Do not complain about growing old. 
It is a privilege denied to many."
- Mark Twain -

" Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet."
- Sarah Louise Delaney -

There was one notable absence from the happy reunion, though. 
His youngest sister had a serious health scare just two weeks 
before the planned event and was not able to make the trip.
The good news is that she is home from the hospital
and recovering, slowly but steadily, which is such a blessing and a huge relief. 
We missed her happy presence, but she was with us in spirit
and in all of our hearts. 

Speaking of hearts...
My daughter, Heather and cousin Shawnee
and I went to a local flea market a few weeks ago
and found some sweet treasures. 

I couldn't resist this one. 

And look at this little sweetie I found on a shopping trip 
with 'the girls' during their visit. 

The perfect thing for chocolate eggs. 

Spring is such a fun time to decorate. 

I've been sewing a slipcover for my settee', and have 
the seat made, so far. I'm working on the back now. 
It hasn't been the easiest thing to figure out, but 
I managed better than I expected. 
The original upholstery was stained and threadbare
and I've been using pillows and throws to cover it up. 

I didn't want to try to replace it, as it is the perfect size 
for that space. Not to mention how expensive furniture is 
now. I used a painter's canvas for the fabric. For $20 
and a little bit of effort, I am able to give it a face-lift. 

If only real face-lifts were that cheap! 

Isn't this a sweet face?

I found the tiny wood box years ago on a shopping trip with my Mom. 
It has a cute bunny scene painted on it. 

She's been gone now 13 years this month. 
I started this blog a month before she passed. 
Never knowing...
She never got to see it. 

You, my dear friends, helped me during that sad time
with your kind friendship. 
Time passes and the ache in my heart has softened 
and been replaced with precious, happy memories.

We had a complicated relationship, and I had a difficult childhood, 
but I found my way to forgiveness, and we created a loving 
relationship despite the past.

It gave me peace. 

Despite the fact that it is officially spring, old man winter 
is still hanging around here and there. 

One minute it is sunny and warm, and the next 
minute the wind starts blowing, the clouds move in
and we are pummeled with hail. 

Ten minutes later, there is a rainbow and the sun comes out once more. 


"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
- Lao Tzu -

These little faces are cheering spring on. 

" A flower blossoms for its own joy."
- Oscar Wilde -

The viburnum and sweet box are blooming with a sweet perfume 
that scents the whole yard. They are wild and rangy 
and overgrown, but stay evergreen all year, and in spring
they make up for their unkempt ways. 

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."
- Lady Bird Johnson -

I found these metal signs at the flea-market, too. 

My little grandson gave me the birdhouse for Christmas. 

Everything is wild here, especially the forsythia. 

The grass will need mowing soon. 
It's been fertilized over the winter by the deer and rabbits! 

I planted these daffodils last fall and am so pleased with the results. 

There are still many more buds. 

I am getting serious about planting things that the deer won't eat.
(They won't eat daffodils) 
 I have researched this and sent away
for seeds to grow some of them.

"My garden is my favorite teacher."
- Betsy Canas Garmon -

The three on the right are for my pots on the deck
and the coleus and cactus are houseplants. 

Ramblin' Man cleared the back corner so I could plant a wildflower and herb garden. 
He has to finish fencing it, obviously, before I can seed it.
Deer-proof flowers and herbs, of course!  
I am also insisting he put in a higher fence along the whole back as an extra 
precaution and he has cleared the fence-line so we can have a 
clear view of the forest beyond. 

"The wilderness is a place of an encounter with the creator."
- Lailah Gifty Akita -

I've been practicing my watercolor skills. I think I might frame these 
for next Easter. 

We are going to a brunch and Easter egg hunt at a club  
that my son and wife belong to, with my whole family. 
There's even a petting zoo.
The weather looks agreeable, too! 


I hope that you are enjoying the season, whether spring 
or fall, and finding time to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, dear friends. 
Life is busy and it means so much to me. 

"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day
he created spring."
- Bernard Williams -

"Beautiful as a dandelion blossom golden in the green grass,
this life can be."
- Edna St. Vincent Millay -


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