Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Scenes and Some Thrifty Finds

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you had a lovely weekend! 

Here in Western Washington State
we had unsettled weather with snow in the mountains. 

The temperature was in the 30's for several nights. 
My flowers seem to be none the worse for wear,
although we did a bit of shivering ourselves. 

We are most grateful that is all Mother Nature 
has thrown our way. 
Others are not so fortunate
and are in our thoughts and prayers.

We even had a beautiful rainbow for a few 
brief moments. 

This time of year, the setting sun is past
the nearby hill that cuts off the
slanting rays during the winter.

This gives us beautiful rainbows
when conditions are right.

On Saturday I took my usual trip to the market
(as Grandmother Bea, and my Dear Mother used to say :)

This raspberry farm is coming along nicely. 
I can't wait to stop for some fresh berries
straight from the farm! 

You can see the dark clouds banked up against
the foothills. 

I had a bit of fun and stopped in to my 
favorite thrifty vintage store to see what treasures
I could find. 

I found a pretty little white creamer. 
(The one on the left)

I was happy when I turned it over....
For many years I collected blue Franciscan dishes,

but now that I have changed over to white,
I have been looking for vintage pieces
to add to my new Martha Stewart collection. 

My sweet Mr. hung a new shelf over my stove
this past weekend, too. (1961 Hotpoint)
The camera angles make it look crooked -
but I made sure he used a 'level' :), so I know it is straight!

I say 'new' shelf, but it was actually made by 
my daughter, Jennie, in shop class when 
she was in Jr. High. 

It was hanging in another room and I always 
wanted to see if it would look nice over my stove. 

The Mr. was in a handy-man mood, 
so I was in luck! 

Can you tell the materials were supplied 
from scraps during our home building? 

I just love this little shelf. <3
It's a little rustic, but that is perfect for my country home.

The gray tray is vintage enamelware that I found many years ago.
I use it for nearly every family holiday. 

The beautiful clay casserole dish was another 
thrifty find. A wheel of brie fits inside perfectly. 
The top can be flipped and used as a shallow compote. 

I covered a plain recipe box with scrapbook paper. 

The Mr. put a hanger on the back of my 
shadow box so I could hang it.

I love the mini-replica of my little teapot! 
It is a timer :) 

A mini potato masher also imitates 
the one I use.

This heavy milk glass tray also came home with me
this weekend.

I believe it was once a refrigerator tray.

I also found this vintage style salt canister
in my thrifty sleuthing.

It fits perfectly with my collection
on top of the Kitchen Queen.

My Kitchen Queen was a wreck when my Mr.
found it.
He brought it back to usable condition
and I painted it 'buttermilk'.

It lived with my Mum for a few years
before it came back to me.

I also found this wonderful brass pitcher
and two vintage books this weekend.

Daughter Heather's wedding photos hang on the wall.

I love the warm glow of vintage brass against
my rustic wood walls.

This is my entry - a place for keys, gloves
and mail and a quick look in the mirror
before coming and going....

Family photos remind us of what it's all about.
I want to craft white paper roses for the brass pitcher.

My recent book find.

I have several of these 'Mrs. Southworth'

They all have lovely covers.

This is the copyright page.

The opening lines....

I'll have to read this sweet book sometime.

I also found 'Selected Works of Thackeray'.

Interesting that he dedicated this book to Queen Anne.

Obviously this is many editions later.....

Thackeray is a bit rich for the blood,
but interesting if you can get a handle on
the 'language'.

I was very excited to find this hand-painted
'Posie Picture' on unframed canvas.

I haven't found a new painting for my collection
in a long time.

I knew just where I would hang it.

In my tiny guest powder room.
This is one room that everyone visits :),
so I like to change the art often.

Speaking of powder -
I dropped my new face powder compact
and it knocked the powder out which
broke into pieces.

I put it back as best I could,
but now it is 'loose' powder!

I hate when that happens...

This sweet basket came home with me, too.
I have a soft spot for baskets.

The green pot is biodegradable bamboo.
I just discovered these - they are very sturdy
and inexpensive.

I used half of a plastic produce, 'clam-shell' to line the basket.

I save these handy containers (they can't be recycled here)
for lining baskets for planting, starting seeds,
and transporting food.

The last thing I found are these wonderful decorating books.
Although they are not vintage,
they have beautiful vintage
decorating ideas.

I had fun shopping for vintage finds
this weekend and helping my Ramblin' Man
hang my 'new' shelf.

He is back to Ramblin' once again,
so I will be spending some time
organizing my sewing room
while he is gone.

I will give you a little peek
when I am done!

I have a special project to sew....
I have to keep it a secret for now,
but will share it when I am done.


Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!

Have you found any vintage treasures lately?


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Ivy and Elephants

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Country Drive with Good Fences

Come along with me, Dear Friends,
 and we will take 
a quiet country drive on 
the back roads that I call home. 

It is a beautiful spring day
and the trees are leafing out, 
with cherry and apple trees blooming. 

Here we see a pretty pink azalea 
lighting up this front yard along
a neat white fence. 

Blue skies, pink trees and white fencing
make a lovely scene. 

We have the road all to ourselves! 

A lacy crab-apple - delicate
against a horizon with an 
ancient Douglas Fir. 

A chain link boundary fence beautifully framed
with lovely trees.

I love the burgundy and lime Japanese maples
at the end.

Trees as fence posts are dear to my country heart <3

This beautiful crab-apple stays
protected behind
a tall and sturdy fence.

Shafts of sunlight cloud
my camera lens.

Dappled sunlight on a country lane
with tall trees.

Wooden telephone poles
make me smile and remind
me of childhood days.

These are slowly going away,
replaced by steel or going underground.

Mt. Rainier shimmers on the horizon
behind a lovely green field.

A section of new boundary fence stands
underneath a tall Douglas fir.

I would estimate this fir to be at least
100 years old, maybe older.

A split rail fence dwarfed by tall trees.

As a child, I lived in a log cabin
in a forest of 150 year old pine trees,
on a dirt lane by a large lake.

We didn't have a lawn - instead,
our yard was carpeted with golden needles.

Dappled sunlight under tall trees
brings back sweet memories
of childhood days....

Cascade mountains and Douglas fir
form the backdrop to a pretty farm
with flowering trees and large greenhouse.

There's something so charming about a rusty tin roof.

My Great Grandmother lived on a farm in Vermont
in a house with a tin roof.

My Mother always spoke fondly of
sleepovers under hand-pieced quilts,
listening to the sound of rain on the tin roof.

Pink blossoms have given way to bright,
rosy leaves on these ornamental plum
 along a pretty rail fence.

A young red alder forest leafing out
with Mt. Rainier in the background.

This tract of land was logged about
10 years ago and red alder have sprung
up in the void.

Red alder is a reclamation species,
quickly populating and stabilizing disturbed land.
It is a short-lived species, giving
shelter to young evergreens
 and dying out by the
time the evergreens mature.

Nature always works in amazing ways.

Our local equine veterinary clinic
with lovely white fencing
for recovering patients.
Can you see Mt. Rainier behind the trees?

Reflections on the hood of my little Ford Ranger
as we take the final road to home.

Green tree pollen collects in the nooks and crannies.

Soon these green fields will be full of wildflowers.

This familiar road has been traveled
countless times over many long years,
with mini-vans full of children,
on shopping trips with my Dear Mother,
and special outings with my
sweet Ramblin' Man.

No matter where I roam, or
who I am with - even when
 all alone,
my heart always skips a little
beat when I am returning home.

There's no place like home!

Thank you, Dear Friends for coming along!


'I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song -

The song from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend'.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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