Sunday, June 14, 2020


Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are living each 
day with faith, clarity and courage as we 
face these challenging times together. 

 The buttercups are blooming. 
A gentle reminder that despite all of the turmoil 
in this world, nature keeps her promise 
of beauty and grace.

I hope that you've had a few moments to appreciate 
nature's beauty as we all work together to 
lift our hearts and minds towards a more 
compassionate, just and equitable world. 

Wild viburnum under moody skies

We are now in the month of June, or 'Junuary' 
as we like to call it around here. 

It's very cool and wet, as you can see by the 
 happy plant-life! 

Red Huckleberry growing out of 'nurse' stump
The woodland along my driveway 

Thimble-Berry blossoms. They seem to be pollinated 
by these strange, winged insects.

The view from my gate into the neighbor's field. 

Driveway, looking back from gate. 

We rarely see the sun anymore, as we are locked in 
perpetual twilight with successive weather systems 
coming down from Alaska. 

The temperature hovers between the 50's and 60's, 
with 40's at night. The vegetation is thick and 
we are cautious when we are outside. 

There are predators among us, along with abundant new life. 

Grosbeak visiting the maple by the back deck. 

We are content to stay inside, only venturing out 
to mow the lawn or pot up some flowers
 during a rare few hours of sunshine. 

I've done some re-fashioning of some sturdy blouses 
to wear around the house or in the gardens
while waiting for sun.  

They needed a scooch more room :)
to wear comfortably while doing chores. 

It was so easy to draw a paper pattern 
by making a triangle, cutting out the fabric and
 inserting it into a slit in the back. 

I used some iron-on interfacing on this 
old tablecloth lace to reinforce it, 
and finished the seam edges with a zig-zag stitch. 


This sturdy denim tunic only needed a patch. 

I added calico to this heavy cotton, gingham blouse. 

I just traced around the collar and cuffs to make the patterns 
and slipped them over the old ones. 

I added inserts to the sides of this homespun blouse. 

Now I have some wiggle room :)

I had some fun and now have a sweet collection of 
comfy and protective work smocks. 

I've been slowly replacing my worn out pansies
on the deck. 

This is the last of them and now I will let them go to seed. 

My 3 yr old grandson decided that this doll chair 
needed to stay here on the stair landing. 

It was once my daughter's when she was a child. 

My poor roses have been deer browsed. 
Only the top has survived.

What is left of some flowers.  

The lush landscape with roses. 
These are rugosa roses with wicked thorns 
even the deer won't bother. 

These are by the house, so haven't been disturbed. 

The Mr. brought home flowers to cheer up the gloom. 
My grandson loves to help bake cookies. 
He especially loves to use sprinkles :)

I think I'll make a pot of tea and help myself to a couple. 

Thank you for your sweet visits, my dear friends. 
Your kind comments remind me that we are 
all kindred spirits as we do our part to 
take care of each other. 

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