Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Trailers - Five on Friday

Hi Everyone - hope you all are looking forward 
to the weekend!

Maybe some of you are going camping.

On a recent weekend, my daughter, Jennie
and I went to a flea market with
 the sweetest little vintage trailers
parked outside.

Today for Five on Friday
I would like to show you five! 

People could vote for the best one!

A couple of them were for sale, but 
most of them were just for fun. 

There was even a little vintage sports car - 
something that brought back fond memories for me. 

Ramblin' Man and I had a little car like this
when we were newlyweds. 

A 1974 French Blue, British Leyland,
Triumph Spitfire Convertible (with hardtop),
the same color as this. 

(This is a British Leyland, MGB Midget,
about the same year.) 

Oh, the fun we had......
Someday I will tell you about all of our adventures :)

But today, I would like to share Five of these charming 
vintage trailers with you........

Let's start with this little charmer. 
I just love all the sweet accessories! 

Let's go inside, shall we?

Cute crocheted apron, but not a wise place
to hang it! 
]Loving the 'teapot' hanger and
the red dish rack! 

How adorable is this? 
A western theme....

A large 'bumper' affords space for
kitchen essentials.

And then we have blue....
(Sorry about the random people,
everyone was having fun! :)

Can you just picture yourself enjoying 
a bonfire on the beach sitting here? 

Check out the miniature trailer on the crate :)

Inside is just as charming. 
Love the 1950's print curtains. 

All things beachy! 

Even the tiny refrigerator!

This was Jennie's favorite :)

Another blue and white beauty. 
All the comforts of home, 
including a cuddly and colorful bathrobe. 

Love the little radio
and vintage thermos's!
Thermoses? Anyway, love 'em!

Can you just picture yourself falling into 
this heavenly confection after a fun 
day of hiking?

A gal's gotta have her aprons, too! 

Cooking chores never end....
Campfire stew anyone?
Another miniature trailer - this time a wind chime
and a vintage pink flamingo.
This one was my favorite :)

Ironing chores can wait for home, 
but why not bring the ironing board? 

It makes a great buffet table
with a vintage iron to anchor the cloths! 

How cute is this little bug? 
Just the thing for a single gal.....
Love the colorful awning!

Everything you need....
a fridge, stove and tiny sink. 

Completely retro-fitted with bead-board
and galvanized ceiling. 

A tiny lavatory is behind the vintage door. 


An old-fashioned laundry hamper for all those 
dirty camping clothes. 

Matching, of course! 

Some trailers are plain on the outside,
but have colorful accessories.
You could pack for a week with these plentiful plaids!

Inside, more plaids in patchwork
and a cozy eating area.

Vintage ironing boards were very popular accessories!

This little charmer was pretty inside and out.
A cozy spot for tea .....

Inside, a nice eating area.
A clever use of a shutter affords light, but privacy.

Of course you need a jar for
flowers gathered....

A view while you fall asleep out another shuttered window.
And who says you can't have a chandelier
and lace curtains when you camp?

Can you say, 'Glamping'?

My sweet daughter, Jennie checking out a newer model.


I hope you enjoyed coming along to the flea market
with us, Dear Friends!

Next time I will show you my treasures!


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Country Roads with Wildflowers and Good Fences

Hello Friends, it's time for a summer drive 
on Country Roads, here in my neck of 
the woods of Washington State. 

We have had our share of cool and cloudy weather
and normally you would see 
majestic Mt. Rainier right in the middle
of this picture, but not today. 

'The Mountain' is hiding behind the clouds. 

We can see that the fields are turning gold....

A sprawling gray farm under thick gray skies
highlights the beautiful golden field 
behind rustic wire fencing. 

And what would a country scene be without
the requisite blue tarp? :)

With all the rain we get here near Seattle, 
tarps are like raincoats for anything 
left outside! 

Another gray farm, in a lovely setting. 

I always wonder how fences get broken.....

There is no mystery here.....

This sturdy wire fence is swallowed up by 
some beautiful pink climbing roses. 

I try and try to get roses growing like this......
and here they are practically growing wild!

Something about this corner makes me feel wistful.....

Maybe it is the old gate next to the new white fencing. 

Both are beautiful, but the old gate has such character. 
Or maybe it is the old telephone pole against the moody sky. 

The golden tree is interesting, too, and caught my eye first. 

I have shared this yellow barn many times here, 
in all different seasons. 

I particularly like this view with the tawny grasses and dark skies. 

And what would summer be without daisies?

You can see some happy cows grazing along the treeline.

Yellow Hawkweed blooms along a board fence
 with new evergreen plantings.

Summer breezes blowing through the open window,
scents of wildflowers, evergreens, grasses.....
birds chirping....

Oh, how I love this time of year!

Yellow Tansy Ragwort, Hawkweed, and Daisies.

Tansy Ragwort is lethal to grazing animals
and farmers are warned to eradicate it,
but I still see it growing here and there.

You can see that county officials have tagged it.

I grow Tansy, but a completely different kind,
for herbal sachets.

Daisies and Goldenrod in a sylvan setting.

Wide open spaces...

The beautiful Cascade Range.

Black Cottonwood rise taller than
all the other trees.

Black Cottonwood is the tallest and fastest
growing Poplar in the world and can
reach heights of 250 ft.

It gets its name from dark branches
and seed capsules covered in white 'cotton'
that float through the air in springtime.

Through my truck window.....

 Purple Rose-bay Willow Herb (Fireweed)
blooms on the side of the road.

Fireweed gets its name from its propensity for
sprouting in bare ground after wildfire.

We frequently see wild Fireweed honey
for sale in local Farmer's Markets.

Beautiful, wild Sweet Peas.

Once an old gas station....
Now restored, minus the pumps.

Two large Douglas Fir dominate the skyline.

Old, abandoned farm.

A curious line of fencing.

Looks like a gate was enhanced with boards.

The wildflowers are pretty, though.

Lovely, tall grasses.

Field of wildflowers.

The road to home.

My neighbor's horse barn.
Can you see the horse?

 Purple Douglas Spirea blooms beside my entry gate.

The welcoming committee .....Kai

Kai and Whitey Bear.

Sweet William blooming among Tansy (the good kind)
as we drive by Ramblin' Man's tool shed.

Hurry up, Mom! We're waiting for our treat!

Home, Sweet Home.

Thank you for coming along
on this summer, country drive,
Dear Friends!


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