Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday - Spring is Here!

Hello, Dear Friends! 

Is there any season that is more anticipated
than spring? 

I know that is particularly true for 
many of you this year! 

Today I am participating in a new 
meme, called Five on Friday
from Amy's blog, 'Love Made My Home'. 

I am so glad that spring is here, 
and I have been busy. 

Here are five things I have been working on. 

To begin, I have added some spring touches to my mantel. 
I still have to unpack my Easter decorations, 
so that is on my agenda this week. 

Another thing on my agenda is planting 
a kitchen garden! 

Mine will be tiny in galvanized tubs, 
but it is a start! 

I have radish, lettuce, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, 
and sweet peas. 

Every kitchen garden needs sweet peas, 
don't you think? 

I have been crocheting, too. 
This will be a tiny sweater for my 
first baby grandson, due in May. 

The yarn is Paton's Beehive Baby Sport, 
and is unbelievably soft. 

I crocheted the basket out of vintage calico strips

I am hosting Easter dinner this year, 
so I am browsing my cookbooks 
for recipes.
(Vineyard Seasons, by Susan Branch
The Beatrix Potter Country Cookery Book
by Margaret Lane) 

I am also looking through my vintage linens
to use in my spring decorating. 

Last, but not least, 
I am planning a little getaway 
for my Ramblin' Man and me. 

Maybe just a day-trip, but someplace 
pretty and interesting to break up 
the routine. 

Maybe a picnic if the weather is nice! 

So that is my Five on Friday
what do you have going on? 

Won't you join in? 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Country Roads with Good Fences

Whenever my spirits are low, 
and I have a case of cabin fever, 
a trip to the library
(and a country drive) 
is the perfect cure. 

Come along with me 
and we will lift our spirits together! 

First stop - the library, 
with lovely flowering trees
along the walkway. 

I always come away with an armload
of books. 
Gardening, cooking, crafts, 
auto-biographies and local history
are my favorites. 

Sometimes I find a best-seller, 
but those are usually already taken :)

Let's take a little drive through town. 

Pink petals carpet the roads. 

Vintage cottages have blooming trees. 
These are ancient Camellias. 

My favorite.....

The local history museum with sweet 
log cabin. 

A pretty garden behind a chain link fence. 

We leave the little town behind to do some
 shopping at the market,
in the larger town nearby. 

Flowering trees form a petticoat
under tall fir. 

Miniature donkeys in a pretty paddock. 

A tall privacy fence with escaping beauty. 

A neat, working farmyard. 


A Fairy dell. 

Wide open spaces behind us. 

An enchanting fence-line. 

Flowering mustard in a fallow field. 

Sunshine brought to earth. 

Mt. Rainier in the late afternoon sun, 
as we head for home. 

You can see my little mountain 
above the white barn. 

A plume of smoke rises above
from a spring burn.
Logging companies burn the 'slash' (leftover debris), 
although this is being greatly discouraged
now, due to air pollution.  

One of the last working dairy farms 
on the plateau. 

The creek runs high this time of year. 

Skunk cabbage along the side of my country lane. 

Just in time for waking hibernating bears. 

A favorite food. 

Home again. 

It was a lovely day. 

I hope this country drive 
lifted your spirits, too, 
Dear Friends! 


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Spring

Hello, Dear Friends, welcome to my
cottage kitchen for some Irish Spring
Decorating and an Irish Supper!

I am part Irish, as is my Ramblin' Man.
Both or our Grandfather's came from
County Cork, Ireland.

I have replaced the touches of red for
my winter decorating,
with hints of green for spring.

I have had open shelving long before
it became fashionable :)

My sweet Ramblin' Man built our home
from scratch and I wanted a country kitchen,
with natural wood to reflect our wilderness

Can you see Whitey in his favorite spot
when I am cooking?

You know, just in case I drop something....:)

The framed morning glory cross stitch says,
'Glory in each morning'
and greets us as we brew coffee
to start the day.

I painted the frame green.

The 'Kitchen Queen' anchors the kitchen
and stores all of my baking supplies

This beautiful cupboard once belonged
to my Mum.

I change my display often,
and for early spring I have
filled it with clear glass
and a hint of green.

I crocheted the shamrock garland last year.

The green jars are new
'limited edition' Ball canning jars.

I found the beautiful embroidered
napkins at a vintage shop last year.

This pressed glass egg plate was my Mum's -
 a gift on her wedding day.

I have several of her pressed glass
 pieces displayed here.

Ramblin' Man manages distribution
 for 'Erin's Popcorn'
(among many other snack products)

My 1961 Hotpoint stove is in perfect working order.

I've created a little shadow box
to dress it up.

The tiny wood handled kitchen utensils
were a gift from my Sis in New Hampshire.

As soon as I saw them, I knew they would
be perfect in a shadow box.

I just found the tiny tea kettle timer
last weekend.

I used scrapbook paper that looks like
weathered boards to line a small wooden crate.

When I found the tiny tea kettle,
I knew it would be perfect!

I might add to it as I find more tiny items.

A vintage potholder adds another
touch of green.

But it wouldn't be an Irish Spring
without the fairies, now, would it?

My little Pansy Fairy just got some new furniture!

It's still a bit too cold to put her out in the garden,
so I will try and keep her happy inside for a while.

This little fellow is staying happy guarding
his pot of gold. He doesn't realize
that the 'gold' is actually chocolate coins.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day,
 I have a hearty 'Irish Stew'
bubbling on the stove.

And some 'Irish Brown Bread' in the oven.

I've set the table with my hand painted
 green and cream pottery.

For a little treat, a splash of Baileys Irish Cream
for our coffee.

An Irish celebration for two.

We take turns reading.....Ramblin' Man
in a hilariously accurate brogue.

Here are some examples:

It's better to own a little than to want a lot.

Long loneliness is better than bad company.

The smaller the cabin the wider the door.

It is better to be born lucky than rich.

Be kind to those that you meet as you rise,
you may pass them again as you fall.

All happy endings are beginnings as well.

For our happy ending we have green
 Pistachio pudding!

Wishing you Happy Endings today,
my Dear Friends,



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