Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Late October Drive

Come along with me, Dear Friends, 
as we take a little drive to the market. 

We come to the stop sign at the end of my mountain road
and look to the right to see these beautiful trees aflame
along a sturdy board fence. 

It is a lovely October day!

But we take a left along the long straight 'pipeline' road
that takes us to the next town where I like to shop. 

The pipeline is a water line from the large reservoir 
a few miles away. 

Small farms and rural properties line this road. 

This property belongs to an equine veterinarian. 

These miniature horses and donkeys always reside here. 

This little shed was once a child's playhouse,
many years ago. 

It has a tattered and neglected appearance, 
that is sadly sweet. 

I love this weathered, tin-roofed cattle shed. 

The owners always grow giant sunflowers on the other side. 

Here you can see them from an earlier drive in August.

I love all the various fencing. 

Another favorite farm with weathered barns
surrounded by tall Douglas Fir and Cottonwood.
I would estimate these Douglas Fir are about 200 years old or older.  

The clouds hug the Cascade Mountains in the distance. 

Mt. Rainier is barely discernible from the clouds
in the background of this pretty scene. 

Another view with Mt. Rainier to the far right. 

Tawny grasses frame another view  of Mt. Rainier 
with a chain link fence along an access road.

As we move along towards home after our shopping trip, 
Mt. Rainier looms overhead. 

Here, a lovely raspberry farm retires for the season. 

The charming selling stand amidst golden leaves -
 its cheerful sign leaning inside. 

A pasture with barbed wire fencing on hand split cedar posts
 against tall burnished trees. 

I saw a herd of elk here last time I passed through. 

Of course I didn't have my camera that day! 

I took a side street that I had not been on in years
 and was surprised to see this charming gate!

The home at the end of the lane is for sale. 

This is the view! 

My own mountain road...freshly graveled. 

We turn in to the gate over the rise. 

My sweet welcoming committee!

I am pet-sitting my daughter's two mini-dachshunds,
Peanut and Weenie Baby. 

We carry in the groceries...

Wish you could come inside, Dear Friends, 

and enjoy a cup of tea! 

A beautiful day comes to a close
as we sip our tea enjoying the last rays
of the setting sun. 

Thank you for coming along with me! 


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vintage Decorating for Fall

I Recently found this spooky vintage 'painting'
at my favorite thrift store for just a few dollars. 

It was nicked in a few places, so I filled those in with
furniture touch up markers. 

You would have to look very closely to find the nicks. 

Then I found these great 3-D stickers
 of a haunted house and full moon
at the craft store. 

Now the 'painting' is really spooky! 

This ceramic owl was my Mom's. 

It is vintage 60's and I remember it 
as a child. 

I have no idea how it survived a cross-country 
move, 5 children and 15 grandchildren!

You can put a candle inside and it looks really 
spooky with all the lights turned off. 

He's happy roosting on my mantel for the season. 

This vintage children's book adds a seasonal bright spot 
to the coffee table. 

It has wonderful pen and ink/watercolor illustrations. 

The Author, Dorothy Sterling (1913 - 2008) was an accomplished writer who worked for Time from 1936-1949 and was then assistant bureau chief in Life's news bureau from 1944-1949!

The illustrator, Winifred Lubell (1914- 2012)
 was also an accomplished artist and political activist
with a very long career. 

You never know what treasures you will find in your local thrift store! 

I love this simple illustration. 

The text is very informative, too. 

This page is frame worthy! 
(Although I would never deface a book!)

I have a growing collection of vintage illustrated children's books
and this one is a favorite. 

I also like to decorate with vintage postcards. 

This one is very sweet for Halloween. 

I framed two of these sweet images. 

A bit of seasonal decor in a tiny corner..... 

Above my vintage enamel top writing desk. 

A few collected treasures....

Pumpkins in a vintage tart pan. 

And black crow feathers. 

I hope you enjoyed my vintage style autumn decor, 
Dear Friends! 

Thank you for your sweet visit <3


'My Sorrow, when she's here with me, 
thinks these dark days of autumn rain
are beautiful as days can be;
she loves the bare, the withered tree;
she walks the sodden pasture lane.'
- Robert Frost -

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Roses

'Angel Face' Rose has blessed us with one last bloom. 

The Garden Angel gazes lovingly at her namesake. 

Above her, tiny, ruffled, 'Pink Grootendorst' 
competes for attention. 

We have had a very mild October. 

Fuchsia also continues to bloom. 

Whitey Bear rests nearby. 

'First Prize' lives up to its name! 
You can see how large her blossoms are
by my nearly hidden hand. 

I planted all three of these roses just this spring. 

They are gifting me with one last flush of blooms. 

'Joseph's Coat' blooms alongside. 

My succulent 'Bird Bath Planter' is 
in the foreground. 

I planted this rose, named 'Peace', in commemoration 
of my Dear Mother and Father.

My Mother loved yellow roses. 

This beautiful climber grows right alongside my deck. 

It started budding a few days before my parent's anniversary. 

I watched the rosebuds every day....

Slowly the buds unfurled....

And then, right on the exact date of my parent's 
anniversary, they bloomed. 

I always gave them a dozen yellow roses 
to commemorate their special day. 

And now they are sending me yellow roses. 

A symbol of their love.

I plucked a bloom in remembrance.

And opened a page to find
captured blossoms from lovely summer days

And a favorite poem.

The Angels are smiling.....

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