Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Busy Weekend, a Daughter's Cottage, and The Garden

Hello, Friends, we finally had some sunshine
over the weekend and Monday, 

but this is the view this morning.  

They call it a 'marine layer'- low, misty clouds
that have come in from the Pacific ocean. 

They say it will burn off......

I had a busy weekend.
 Friday evening, Ramblin' Man and I attended 
a charming wedding of a friend's daughter. 

No photos, because, well, brides generally don't
take kindly to someone posting photos 
before they do! 

Farmland near wedding 
The setting was pure country bliss - a beautiful 
and rustic hall (think 'Fixer Upper' - prairie style)
in the middle of farmland. 

The bride and groom were such a sweet couple. 
They did something I have not seen before - 
each had a jar of different colored sand and they 
poured a little at a time, taking turns, into
a glass sided frame, forming a lovely pattern 
of their spoken hopes and dreams, 
through the sands of time. 

Love that. 

The ceremony was outside and skies were threatening

but there was no rain and it all turned out lovely. 

On Saturday I traveled to my daughter Jennie's little cottage
to plan a very special party. It is a surprise - so I can't tell 
you more, but I will be explaining soon......

On the way, I traveled this back road alongside 
the railroad tracks, where thousands of poppies 
were blooming the whole length of the road. 

The skies had cleared and we had a lovely day for party planning. 

Arriving at her sweet little cottage, 
you can see her hydrangeas are blooming. 

It has been a year since she bought her 
little 'doll house'- all on her own. 

Some front porch scenes :) 

Two pretty chairs on either side of the front door. 

Let's go inside, shall we? 

Her living room. 

She has a soft, beachy theme. 

She loves white, soft blues and greens, with silver accents. 

Some cute vignettes.

Setting the table for lunch....
There were four of us, 
daughter Jennie, daughter's in law, 
Erica and Jen, and me. 

Fettuccine, salad and mimosas. 

After our delicious lunch, we retreated to the patio
for some serious party planning. 

Erica looks on. 

A sweet sitting area.

The Burlap and Ticking Pillow
I made for her birthday is on the right. 

Erica has discovered the most wonderful bakery
and has treated us to some delicious desserts
lately. This was the cake she brought for Father's Day.

She brought miniature ones for our brunch. 

Weenie Baby patrols the back yard. 

Peanut stays by the food - in case of crumbs.....:)

If you have followed my blog for a while, 
you know that Peanut and Weenie Baby 
are frequent house-guests for sleep-overs 
when Jennie travels. 

Here they are all being 'good' while waiting for a treat. 

With party-planning over for now, I head for home
under blue skies. 

The daisies are blooming and Mt. Rainier 
emerges from the clouds as I leave the valley
and travel back to my foothills home. 

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day, so Ramblin' Man
and I spent the day tidying up the gardens. 

He took a photo of me tending to the tool-shed garden. 

Sweet William is blooming, with Tansy starting to set buds. 

A few stray buttercup are involved, and some yellow
birds-foot trefoil. 

And the hydrangeas are blooming, too.....

The recent rains have caused them to flop, 
so Ramblin' Man cut arched fence sections to 
prop them up. You can see them if you look 
closely. I still need to set them in place. 

They really like where they are planted. There is a 
picket fence in behind that has been smothered by them. 

The blossoms emerge greenish blue, then turn pure blue
as time goes on.
These are mop-head hydrangeas - Nikko Blue

I will cut some for bouquets on the next sunny day.

The St. John's Wort is blooming, too. 
This is 'out back' along the edge of the woodlands.
You can see the end of the deck with the canopy peeking above. 

I like large drifts of singular species.

Individual flowers get lost in a large landscape. 

The bumblebees love these. 

On Sunday evening we watched these two crows 
snuggling as the sun set on the mountain. 

They eventually flew away to roost for the night
in the quiet hills. 

After all that, Monday was house-cleaning day. 
I washed linens, rugs, the floors, caught up with laundry, 
and scrubbed bathrooms. 

I also did some fairy gardening, which I will show you
later in the week, but today is reserved for visiting
all of you, Dear Friends. 

What did you do over the weekend? 


Friday, June 24, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are having a
wonderful Friday. Here, it is raining once more.

For Five on Friday, I would like to show you
what I like to do on a rainy day.
One thing I love to do when it rains is
go to the market. The drive to and from is
not really that pleasant, but once you get inside
the brightly lit store and hit the produce aisle,
you can pretend it is sunny outside!

It's always nice to bring home some delicious,
summer offerings.

A fresh salad always lifts the spirits on a dreary day!

And so do fresh flowers!

The second thing I like to do on a rainy day
is catch up on the laundry.

I still can't figure out how two people
can generate sooooo much laundry!

I remember the good old days of doing
laundry with 4 little ones, though,
so I am not complaining!

My little sign says it all........

I found the brown bleach bottle at an old
home site nearby. There was once a little
coal-mining town here at the turn of the century,
complete with hotel and saloon!

All gone now...

My bank for spare change found in pockets:)

I really, really, really want a little travel trailer.

So far I have $5 ! Lol!

My vintage print above the dryer.

My middle daughter, Jennie, loved
dolls and would spend countless hours
washing their clothes and playing 'house'.

This print brings back memories of those sweet childhood days.

Another sweet reminder......

A third favorite activity on a rainy day is baking.

I found these charming little measuring cups
at the most unlikely little shop at Christmas.

It was one of those novelty gift stores
that had no other baking or cooking supplies.

It was meant to be.....

Today I am whipping up a batch of Ramblin' Man's
favorite cookies......

Oatmeal Raisin.

The kitchen always smells so good after
a baking frenzy....

I've nick-named these 'Cow-pies' because,
well, it's pretty obvious :)

Now for the clean-up.

Hand washing in hot sudsy water is a satisfying
way to end a baking session.

All clean!

The fourth way I like to spend a rainy day is
working on my needlework.

Here I am making some 'Granny squares'
in my favorite color.

I'm almost done with my project.
I will show you soon...

I always have company when I sit down to relax....

Here, Maggie and Ling-Ling rest nearby.

My sweet Maggie is getting very old and frail.
She is almost 18 now. She does a lot of sleeping these days.

Every day is precious.

Of course, the pups are my constant companions, too.
Kai and Whitey Bear, my American Eskimos.

You can see Ramblin' Man at his usual place.

We have had Kai exactly one year now.
His young owner had to give him up
and wanted a country home for him
to be free to run. He loves to run!
He is two years old.

He has added such joy and energy to our lives.

Whitey Bear is slowing down......
 I don't know his exact age, as he was a stray.

I think he is about 10 years now. He is getting arthritic.
He has had a few losses in his short life -
my two previous dogs, Little Bear and Champ.

If anyone thinks dogs don't grieve, I can tell you that they do :(

He was never the same after we lost Champ,
but he and Kai have become best friends.

On a rainy day, we stay cozy inside.

But sometimes it is nice to get outside in the rain!

Getting outside to listen to the rain on the canopy roof
is refreshing when you've been cooped up inside!

 Taking a hot cup of tea and a cookie or two
is a sweet little reprieve.

Maggie and Ling-Ling enjoy hanging out here, too.
You can see Ling-Ling under the chair.

Sometimes I get lucky and see a rainbow.

I'm hoping this is the last of the rain for a while!
The forecast is for sunshine, starting tomorrow.

They said that last week.....

In the meantime, I just try to keep busy.

What do you like to do on a rainy day, Dear Friends?


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