Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Magical Season

This lovely season always catches my breath. 

Tawny grasses, russets and golds...

Glowing embers....

and bright bursts of flames. 

Gilded, still mornings, 
softened by mist.

Scarlet, magenta, 

 deep green and chartreuse, 

Coral and saffron,

cerise and sienna...

Amber and topaz,

persimmon and quince. 

How do you describe such heavenly hues? 

Nature's splendor is beyond mortal words. 

And so I am spellbound......

and rendered mute. 

Lost in a magical world. 


Thank you, Dear Friends for coming along.

And thank you for your lovely thoughts.

You color my world beautiful.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Decorating

Now that October is here, 
I have been busy 
adding some autumn decorating
to my little cottage in the foothills.

It's so nice of you to stop by, 
Dear Friends, 
won't you come inside?

I crafted this wreath using silk leaves,
faux berries, and strawflowers
hot-glued to a grapevine wreath.

It only took about an hour!

Let me take your coat...

My Dear Father made the 'village' coat rack. 
I keep his favorite wool jackets there. 

This time of year, we wear bright colors
whenever we take walks, as it is hunting season :(
Wearing my Father's coat is so comforting. 

I crafted the forest weaving years ago. 
I used to sell them at craft fairs. 

My Father also made the flying ducks on the beam.

He was a life-long tool and die maker
and was president of his local steel-worker's union. 

These are made from cast aluminum.

Aren't they perfect for fall? 

My Dad passed away in 2012 after
a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. 

I love having these sweet tokens of his love. 

I've changed the artwork over my mantel,
replacing a summer scene in greens and blues
with this painting of fall flowers. 

Ramblin' Man put a fresh coat of black paint
on the wood-stove recently.

Soon we will be warming ourselves by the fire. 

Simple pottery, gourds, vintage books, 
and brass candlesticks decorate the mantel. 

This vintage hand-painted wooden tray
was a gift from my sweet sis-in-law. 

Some beautiful autumn gatherings. 

We've had lovely sunshine lately, 
with temperatures in the 70's. 

I have been enjoying these 
last warm, golden days. 

Autumn is so bittersweet. 
Ramblin' Man built our home....
The wonderful basket was my Dear Mom's.

These rest on top of my tall pine cabinet.
The television and stereo hide inside. 

I won the burlap flower pillow
 in a blog give-away a couple of years ago
 from the talented blogger, Brandi,
from the blog, Don't Disturb This Groove.

I love rustic pottery. 
This was a thrifty find :)

My clay urn from Pier I Imports
holds eucalyptus and cattails from
the market.

The scent of the eucalyptus fills the whole room.

You can see them in the mirror xx

I had to find a place for some white pumpkins, too!

My entry table was the perfect place.

The hydrangeas are from my garden.
My four children in the photo above <3

I love playing Scrabble!

Come into my kitchen and I will put on the tea-kettle.

More hydrangeas from the garden fill the
vintage wooden crate.

Can you see Ling-Ling by the glass door?

My table runner is actually a curtain valance
and matches the one at the window.

It's the perfect length for my long table.

I like changing the artwork, curtains and pillows
for the different seasons.

I am always on the look-out for seasonal
art wherever I go.

All are inexpensive flea market, garage sale,
or thrifty finds.

Another pottery vase with my collection of stone birds
 gather on the crate table.

I keep table linens inside.

Living in a small cottage forces
me to find creative storage :)

My hutch was hand-made by someone
named 'Bruce' in the 1960's.
(It's signed and dated)

It was in a little cottage we rented
as newlyweds. When we moved,
the landlord sold it to us for $100.

I made the curtains and painted
and decoupaged
the cupboard doors.

Kai looks on.

These hand colored pen and ink
drawings are two of my favorites.

They are from the 1950's.

A small collection of vintage bottles
glow in the sunshine.

I made the fall leaves out of oven-baked clay
and real autumn leaves.

You can see how I made them Here.

Strawflower wreaths hang from
the back of chairs.

My enamel top vintage table
has a sweet outdoor faucet drawer handle.

I grew and dried the strawflowers.

The tea kettle is whistling, won't you sit down
for a cup?

Whitey Bear relaxes nearby.

Do you take cream and sugar?

Would you like a cupcake?

Thank you for stopping by,
Dear Friends!

I always enjoy your company!


"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

- William Cullen Bryant -

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Country Drive with Good Fences

Hello, Dear Friends, we are having 
beautiful sunshine in these first 
days of fall, 
so come along with me and we 
will take a country drive through
the farmlands of western Washington State
near Mt. Rainier. 

The pumpkins have been harvested
under blue skies as we enjoy this 
lovely season. 

You can see the first hint of color
in the trees. 

This flimsy barbed wire fence seems
very inadequate for this herd of cows.....

but when this is your home, 
why would you want to leave? 

Can you see the para-glider?
It's a beautiful day for sight-seeing! 

Lovely patina on this old barn.
I wish my walls were this color :)

An uncut field with a modern barn
and fencing in the distance. 

A faded barn with silo 
on a once thriving dairy.
Now a few lucky cattle call
this home. 

A beautiful green, but empty paddock, 
surrounded by modern homes.

I can see a soccer ball and goal nets
by the gorgeous purple trees. 

A happy dog, enjoying the drive.
(Golden Retriever with ears blowing in the wind :)

Mt. Rainier in the distance. 

This would make a pretty painting....

The corn is high! 

A nice variety of fencing with a 
beautiful hedge. 

A llama guards a field
as we travel the last 
3 miles to home.

There were several more lying
in the grass with their long necks
raised like periscopes. 

A mountain meadow 
near my home as we wiz by.

Ramblin' Man saw elk here recently
on his way home. 

The welcoming committee....
Whitey Bear and Kai.

Home Sweet Home! 


Thank you for coming along!

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Thank you, Dear Friends for your 
sweet anniversary wishes
in my last post :) 

"The everyday kindness of the back roads
more than makes up for the acts of 
greed in the headlines."

- Charles Kuralt, journalist -
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