Friday, August 26, 2016

Ode to Flowers in my August Garden

Oh, August,.......such a bittersweet month! 

Cool, misty mornings, glaring hot afternoons, 
 and long, languid evenings of soft, diffused light, 

We are enjoying the ripe abundance 
of the gifts of nature in these 
lovely, golden days of late summer. 

I try to capture each and every day; 
gathering the harvest of warm, summer memories
to nourish my spirit during the 
cold months ahead -
 embracing the gentle, warm breeze
that brings the scent of roses........
so that in my mind it will forever be. 

I want to remember the gentle meadow 
flowers who ask so little
but give so much joy. 

When snowflakes fall, 
I'll recall the fairy flight of 
floating seeds on a late summer day. 

The memory of the fuchsia ballet
 will ensure a ticket to next summer's grand opening. 

Something to look forward to.......

I'll remember familiar faces 
- old and new - 
as I sit by the fire, dreaming
of summer days. 

Black-Eyed Susan Vine - a new friend 
this year.

Along with Canary Bird vine.

Ready to take flight among the nasturtiums.

I grew all of these sweet vines from seed this year.

I'll dream of delicately scented sweet pea and nasturtium -
in vivid color, of course. 

Flowers that bring the August sunshine 
down to earth leave a bright memory behind. 

Tansy will grace my home with Moth Repellent Sachets
 to remind me of fragrant afternoons
tending the garden.

When cold north winds are
making me shiver,
and everything is covered in white,
I'll remember white flowers
on a balmy August day. 

The beauty of late summer 
is bittersweet, indeed. 

We know the time is short.....

So we must enjoy each and every moment.

Storing up the memories
for a cold winter day. 


I hope you are gathering up sweet memories of your own, 
Dear Friends, on these last, lovely, languid days of August!


"It would be worthwhile having a cultivated garden
if only to see what Autumn does to it."
-Alfred Austin-
The Garden That I Love (1894) 

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."
-Thomas Cooper-
Horticulture Magazine 

"With a garden, there is hope."
-Grace Firth-
American naturalist

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Evening Drive Home From Hood Canal

Hello, Dear Friends, when I left you in my last post
we had spent the day at the 'My Girl Drive-In' - 50's style diner,
 to celebrate Bill and Judy's 50th anniversary and Bill's retirement. 

Ramblin' Man and Bill worked closely together 
for many years and we were happy to share 
this special occasion with our dear friends. 

After the party we took a quick drive over to see their 
new home. 

Judging by the street signs,
we were sure we were lost.........

but we soon found our bearings! 

The road followed the beautiful Hood Canal. 

In between there was peaceful farm-land. 

We arrived at a small inlet and pulled in
to the marina. This lovely community is where Bill and Judy 
will be spending their golden years. 
They live next door to their daughter and husband
and two little grand-sons :) 

How perfect is that?

Here's another view of the marina and inlet. 

Some of the beach cottages along the bay.

I love the little red one :)

There was no traffic or noise except for the put-put-put
of a boat's motor starting up, the slapping of waves, and a few children playing. 

We passed bicycle riders and people walking dogs. 

We stayed for a short visit at their lovely home, 
then all too soon we had to say goodbye, 
with promises of many more visits to come. 

The sun was getting low and the geese 
were looking for a sleeping place
as we started the 3 hour drive back to our foothills home. 

The view from the cottages:)
Western sunsets are long and slow
with slanted, golden rays this time of year. 

It truly looks like a place frozen in time. 

Although, we did see signs of new life. 
This is a beautiful working farm 
with a very lovely farm-yard. 

I can't tell, but I think these might be berries. 

We do see produce at the markets 
marked 'Hood Canal' sometimes. 

This is an interesting, weathered old barn
on the side of a hill. 

All of a sudden, the road turned and started downhill. 

At the bottom, there was a little beach, 
called Norwegian Point. This was once
a bustling fishing port. 

You can see my shadow as I take the photo! 

I love these charming little buildings. 

Beyond the warehouse, you can see Admiralty Inlet
on Hood Canal.

But it was this that caught my eye.....
a cruise ship, and moving at a fast clip, too!

This gives you perspective on how large and deep Hood Canal is. 

I wish I were on it, waving from my balcony!
 Coming from Seatlle and perhaps going to 
Victoria or Vancouver, British Columbia.

Or maybe to Alaska........
Ketchikan, Juneau, Anchorage.....
Some day..........

But for now I am quite content to be right here :)

There was a charming sandy beach with 
picnic tables and just when I thought it couldn't
get any better at that moment, 
a little pod of porpoises started jumping around!

You can see their dorsal fins to the bottom-right. 

Every time I tried to get a photo of 
their antics, they would be underwater
in an instant - so this is the best I could do! 

I was zooming as far as my camera would let me. 

We sat on the picnic table and watched the ship go by
while the porpoises jumped and the sun went down.

We tried to guess the name of the mountain beyond,
but we couldn't get our bearings.

I believe it might be Mt. Baker near Bellingham.

With the long journey ahead of us,
we reluctantly said good-bye,

But we will be sure to return.

One last glimpse of Mt. Rainier from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
as we leave this watery world and head back to our foothills home.


Thank you for joining me and sharing your sweet thoughts,
fun stories, and lovely memories, dear friends.

I love getting to know you one smile at a time.


In friendship we find nothing false or insincere;
everything is straightforward,
and springs from the heart.

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