Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wearin' O' the Green

Hello, Dear Friends, can you believe it is already March?
Here in Washington State, we are having
clear, but cold weather, with a mournful wind
that kicks up as the sun sets,
reminding us that Old Man Winter is in no hurry
to pack his bags and head south.

Soon, it will be spring, (I keep telling myself)
so to celebrate the coming change in seasons
and to honor my Irish roots for St. Patrick's Day,
I have given my kitchen a happy little make-over. 
A bit of Wearin' O' the Green!

I've unpacked my green depression glass
and a few other sweet treasures,
in anticipation of spring. 
And shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.
The teacup and saucer were a recent birthday gift
from a dear one. 

Vintage potholders and green canning jars
always make me smile :)
I found the needlework, years ago,
at a flea market with my dear Mom.
I miss those happy times together, but the
message reminds me to bless each new day.

I have a collection of vintage aprons in different colors
to match my many decorating moods.
This one has sweet embroidery on the pockets
and hemline and hangs on my pantry door,
waiting for the next baking session. 
Speaking of baking.....I was
mixing some streusel for an apple cake,
when all of a sudden, I heard a loud 'Pop!'
and the streusel went flying!
 The pastry blender broke!
The dogs and I played duck and cover.....
I've never found the little bolt
that popped off, but I did hear it hit the wall. 
Things like that always seem to happen to me :)

I sewed a sweet curtain for my kitchen window
 out of 3 dish towels and some rick-rack. 

I found these shamrock mugs last year.

I have four - two for each side of my shelves. 

The stove shelves are Wearin' the Green, too.
The potholders and green teapot were
gifts from dear loved ones.
I found the green enamel refrigerator dishes
years ago. The sweet painting was a flea-market find. 

The vintage potholder/doily has crocheted
flowers all around.
So much work went into this humble
little kitchen accessory!
I love the Art Nouveau style of the vase
that I found at a flea market two years ago.

My painted and stenciled kitchen cart
shows off Depression era bowls
and a flour sifter.
If only they could talk.......
My parents were born during the Great Depression
 and told me amazing stories
of how they all survived.
Their struggles, and those of my Irish/Scots
ancestors, endear them to my heart.
I appreciate the sacrifices and obstacles
they had to overcome to give
their children and descendants a
better life.
Now that I am older and have studied the
history of my Scots/Irish ancestors, I realize how many
hurdles they had to overcome.

I made some pillows for my kitchen daybed
 to match my kitchen window.
Dish toweling is so nice to work with.
It's already hemmed and the fabric has a
nice, homespun weave.
I found the 'Irish Crochet' pillows at my
favorite thrifty store. 

A sweet Irish scene.

A thrift store 'painting' and flowers in a
vintage coffee can bring in the green.
The doily is a pot-holder :)

My captured gnome waits for spring
on my green enamel-top table.
I keep a basket for my garden gloves,
twine and clippers, here by the door
to the deck.
The sweet garden theme tea-towels were
a gift from a dear friend who is also the co-grandmother
of our 3 little grandsons. 
Printed are 'Tools of the trade', 'Going out shoes'
and 'Plants are my buds' :)

Kai waits for me to come outside.
The day warms up nicely in the sunshine,
but as soon as the sun sets, it becomes
frigid once more.

Whitey prefers the comfort of his cushy bed.
(Which you can't see under all his thick fur!
He likes to sleep with his head hanging off :)
He's my sweet old boy.

I set up an impromptu potting station
and planted some 'glacier' pansies
in painted clay pots.
I used exterior porch paint on the pots,
and they have weathered through a couple of years
so far. I put them on a plant stand
that I can see from my living room. 

The sunsets have been beautiful on 
sherbet covered Mt. Rainier. 

Sunshine is a rare commodity here in 
the Pacific Northwest this time of year, 
so I am enjoying every sunny day. 

Today I am sharing with:
Let's Add Sprinkles: Keep in Touch

Keep In Touch Tuesday LInk Party

Thank you for visiting, Dear Friends. 
I always enjoy your company. 
And thank you so much for your wonderful,
interesting comments on my last post. 
I so wish we could all gather together 
with our books over a nice cup of tea. 
We are all certainly kindred spirits. 

Wearin' O' the Green

O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round?
The shamrock is by law forbid to grow on Irish ground!
No more Saint Patrick's Day we'll keep, his color can't be seen
For there's a cruel law ag'in the Wearin' o' the Green."
I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand
And he said, "How's poor old Ireland, and how does she stand?"
"She's the most distressful country that ever yet was seen
For they're hanging men and women there for the Wearin' o' the Green."
"So if the color we must wear be England's cruel red
Let it remind us of the blood that Irishmen have shed
And pull the shamrock from your hat, and throw it on the sod
But never fear, 'twill take root there, though underfoot 'tis trod.
When laws can stop the blades of grass from growin' as they grow
And when the leaves in summer-time their color dare not show
Then I will change the color too I wear in my caubeen
But till that day, please God, I'll stick to the Wearin' o' the Green.

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