Friday, September 29, 2023

A Villa in Tuscany


Hello, Dear Friends - I can't believe it's officially fall! 
Children are back in school and summer has passed us by.
Here in the foothills of Mt. Rainier, we start enjoying the cooler weather, 
fall leaves, fresh apples, blackberries, and pumpkin spice 'everything'.
And... we start the unpacking of all our cuddly sweaters!

Indian Summer is still lingering, and it brings back memories of 
our time under the Tuscan sun exactly five years ago, 
in Montici, Italy. 

In my last post, I shared our arrival to our villa, and took 
you on a quick 'look-around' outside in the beautiful courtyard. 
Come along with me and I will show you the inside! 

Here we are in the living room looking out. 

Another view from the window which shows the hidden alcove,
from the side, which houses the well and garden tools. 

I love the beautiful urn in the corner. 

Inside, where we had so many happy evenings

in the cozy living area. 

This large room also contained a dining area with enough space for a large gathering.
There were 12 of us altogether, including my son's friend and dear in-laws. 
Just behind the table, next to the hutch, was a piano. 

My son-in-law, Steve, had fun trying out a few tunes.

The hutch had a large collection of glassware, linens and hand-painted pottery
in the lower cabinets. 

Don't you love the ceilings? 

A lucky houseplant with a beautiful view and matching artwork. 

This intriguing painting caught my eye.
A painting of a painter! 

Just beyond was the kitchen. 
The breakfast room that I showed you in my last 
post is to the right. 

Everything was very rustic. I think this is a pizza oven. 

I'll show you more of the kitchen in a future post. 
My son hired a chef to come in and teach us how to create 
an authentic Italian meal one night! 

One of the bedrooms. 

This was the view. 

All of the rooms had beautiful, old-world bathrooms like this. 
You can see me in the mirror. :)

Another bedroom view. 
This room had a stone balcony. 

This is the pretty doorway to our accommodations. 

As you step down the stairs, you enter a fairy-tale. 

Hand-painted frescoes all around. 

All of the 'woodwork' and lace was an illusion. 

Beautiful furniture and terra-cotta floors. 

I think I could live here forever. 

The faux drapery cords even have shadows. 

It was amazing to wake up to. 

Shadows on the lace curtains, too. 

Almost real. 

Steps leading up to the bath. 

Lovely in the evening, too. 

To the right of the dresser and bath are the doors to the balcony. 

A vine-covered secret hide-away. 

A cool corner to sip our morning coffee. 

With a fantastic view. 

Morning light. 

Stairs down to the courtyard. 

Views from outside. 

Another view of the stairs. 

Love the pot on the windowsill. 

Isn't the villa charming? 
A dream...


Next time, Dear Friends, I will take you on a walk 
through the village. 


La Dolce Vita

It's a Sweet Life. 


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