Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kitchen Kitsch

Hello, Dear Friends! 

I have been busy trying to brighten up 
my kitchen for summer. The weather has 
been very gloomy the last couple of weeks, 
 although today was a beautiful, sunny day, which gave 
me enough light to take some photos. 

I call the changes, 'Kitchen Kitsch'
'Siesta Fiesta'! 

A little bit southwestern, with a vintage vibe. 

It's a chance to bring out all my bright accessories.

I especially love vintage kitchen kitsch.

The 30's, 40's and 50's were my favorite era's.
I can remember the kitchens of my Grandmother's
and Aunt's when I was a little girl.
Back then women would regularly
get together for coffee klatches, which would
give them an opportunity to bring out
all of their kitchen kitsch;
embroidered and printed table-cloths, napkins
and aprons, crocheted and hand-sewn potholders,
and cute dishes and accessories.

My parents were married the same year that
Queen Elizabeth was crowned.

Speaking of the Royals - did you watch the royal wedding
this past weekend? 

It was so romantic.
 A handsome Prince marries his Cinderella.
What's not to love? 

Years ago, I asked my Mother if she watched 
the Queen's coronation as a young bride. 
She laughed and told me that she and my Father 
were too poor as newlyweds to buy a television! 

I have gathered up all things bright for my 
happy, kitschy look. 

Some things were from Christmas,
 some were from Valentine's Day, 
and some were just fun things I had kicking around. 

My daughter, Heather gifted me with 
the wonderful polka-dot mixing bowl. 

The cookbooks were my Mom's from when 
she was a new bride. 
I learned to cook with these cookbooks! 
I still make the beef stew and pasta sauce :)

I found the wonderful 'Mom's Diner' sign 
last summer on a trip to Seattle's Pike Street Market
 with Ramblin' Man, my son, Dustin and his wife, Jenn. 

They also took us to see the Seattle Mariner's play 
the Boston Red Sox that day!
Ramblin' Man and I grew up near Boston and 
were high-school sweethearts. 
The lanterns, thermos and Scotty dog were flea-market finds.

Another vintage-style sign and 
my collection of kitschy pot-holders. 

The miniature crates of veggies on the metal
sign are refrigerator magnets. 

I sewed the gingham curtain, with rick-rack of course,
and hung it over the crochet lace panel. 

The hanging wire baskets hold kitchen towels. 

The seating area is the 'Siesta Fiesta' side 
of the room. 

The vintage quilt inspired the color-theme.
I've had this quilt for years and it was
always used as a 'snuggle quilt' when
my children were small. 

Sweet salt and pepper shakers.
The tomatoes were gifted to my Mom from me.
Now they are mine.

I'd give anything to be able to give them back to her.

As newlyweds we moved from Massachusetts 
to Tucson, Arizona. 

We simply decided we needed a change of scenery
and a fresh start......
We bought a little travel trailer and 
went on an exciting adventure! 

We found jobs in the hotel industry and lived 
in a large apartment complex full of other young people. 
It was just like the television show, 'Friends'. 

We had so much fun.
We loved to cook for one another and have weekly dinners
at each other's apartments.  

We later moved into a small adobe house in the desert. 

I put together this panoramic series of photos 
 of the view from our little Casita, back then.

We fell in love with the desert, 
but when we were expecting our first-born, 
we wanted to be closer to family, 
so we moved to Oregon with my parents.
We lived in Oregon 4 years, before we all moved 
to Washington state, where we stayed. 

I bought this little painting to remember our time in Tuscon.  
It was such a magical time. 
We were young and free and also, very brave, 
when I think back on it. 

We left all that we had known, to begin our lives 
together in a new and completely different landscape
without knowing a single soul. 

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. 
No matter where it might lead.....

I made some pillows from napkins and tea-towels. 
I crocheted the blue pillow a couple of years ago. 

I painted and decoupaged the wall-hung tray
 with a printed paper napkin 
that I found on vacation in Arizona a few years ago. 

This pillow sewn from a vintage tea-towel
 perfectly captures the theme. 

I used up my stash of rick-rack :)

I sewed the gingham curtains and found 
the cute dishes and tea-towels in Arizona.
Can you see Whitey Bear lying on the deck?

I do love a Margarita
every now and again :)

Chili lights, a pinata, and sombrero make things festive. 

I found the rolling cart at a flea-market last 
year and painted it, using paper doilies as stencils.

I found this little basket of vintage tomato pincushions
at the flea market we recently attended.
The sweet vendor had about a dozen of them.
She said that she finds the pincushions at every estate sale.
Oh - so sadly sweet.
I was happy to adopt one!

I sewed these kitschy strawberry sachets
myself. They are filled with lavender. 

I had a lot of fun gathering, sewing and decorating
 for my bright new look.
Ramblin' Man likes it, too! 
He's mentioned it several times :) 

I hope that you enjoyed my quirky, kitschy 
re-style, Dear Friends. 

I hope this inspires you to add a little Kitchen Kitsch of your own! 


Some of my favorite sites for Kitchen Kitsch :

The Pink Rose Cottage

Virginia Retro

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Thank-you, Dear Friends.
I don't want to lose touch!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May Musings

There's something very special about the month of May. 

May is when we plant gardens, celebrate Mom's, 
and open our windows wide to let in 
the sweetly scented breeze and birdsong.  

Mother's day can be so bittersweet.

Sometimes there is an empty chair.......

But if we remember to appreciate and celebrate the 
 memories we cherish in our hearts (and learn from the rest),
we can lift our spirits on this special day. 

My daughter, Jennie and fiance' Steve, hosted a lovely 
dinner for me (and The Mr.) 

We ate outdoors on this beautiful table built by Steve.  

We had such a lovely time. 

We had grilled steak, pasta salad, kale slaw, 
and lemon tart for dessert. 

It was all so delicious. 

The striped candy is white chocolate. 


We had a combination Birthday Party/ Mother's Day,
the day before, with the rest of the family,
and friends of the Birthday Boy, my little grandson. 

We had beautiful weather for both. 
Sometimes the stars align.......

It was so much fun to see all the little ones
enjoying the day. 

There were quite a few little ones.....
not to mention all of the adults. 

The circle keeps growing :)

I caught this moment of my two little grandson's. 


We stopped at the 'Farm and Frills' junk market 
on the way over. 

It's held at the county fairgrounds twice a year. 

They always have a nice display of vintage 'glampers' 
to admire, too. 

This was my favorite. 

I love peeking inside. 

So many sweet details. 

The entrance

There were 3 large buildings full of the most 
amazing vendors. 

We couldn't take our time because we had the party 
to attend, but I spent nearly all of my self-imposed 
allotment right away on one fabulous item. 

I'll show you soon. 

I found some cute things for my kitchen, too. 

I've been sewing pillows and redecorating my kitchen. 
I am having fun and will show you the results soon. 

On the way we saw
 this amazing view of Mt. Rainier. 

No matter how many times I see it, it always 
takes my breath away. 

"The mountains are calling and I must go"
- John Muir-


I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day. 


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