Friday, May 4, 2018

My Happy Place

Hello, Dear Friends (and Sweet Family), 
I hope all is well! 

Life is full of ups and downs, 
good and bad, happy and sad. 

Day to day life can zap our energy, 
and the 'big things' we all must face 
from time to time, can really take a toll. 

Things can, and do, go wrong and we worry about 
so many things beyond our control. 

That's why we all need a 'Happy Place'. 

Someplace we can go to get centered, once more. 
A place to think and sort things through. 
A place to be ourselves, with no-one to please, 
 take care of, or answer to.

Even for just a little while.  

For me, my sewing room is my Happy Place. 

It is the very same room that my two daughter's 
grew up in. The echoes of children's laughter  
can still be heard, if I listen ever so closely.

In her last years, it was also the quiet refuge for my little 
cat, Maggie, who would curl up on whatever 
pile of fabric I had lying about, rather than her 
own little bed. xx

There is a certain bittersweet quality to this small, cozy, rosy room. 

But the over-riding quality is one of peace. 

A room where creativity can thrive. 

Where life is a 'chair of bowlies', rather than a 
bowl of cherries. 

And where Fairies certainly exist. 

Especially the sewing fairy :)

Where I can look down on the garden. 

Way up in the trees......

Where I can jump off the Merry-go-round! 

But take the horse with me.

(These little globes belonged to my daughters, 
and like their childhood, were left behind.) 

I can happily spend endless hours here, pondering 
life's mysteries as I cut and pin, snip and sew. 

I can't solve the world's problems, but I can rest my soul
as I work on solving my own. 

As I have grown older and hopefully, wiser,
I have learned what I need not 'own'. 

This Irish Blessing says it all and is my absolute favorite:

Image result for Irish blessings - God grant me the wisdom 

Then, like magic, I end up creating something tangible
out of thoughts and schemes, plans and dreams,
bits and pieces, 
  a little bit of skill, and lots of good intentions; 
much like we do in life. 

Then I am ready to go back out and share my gifts 
once again, having spent some quiet time in my own 
little world. 

Making someone else's life a little bit better 
in the process. 

Do you have a special 'happy' place?

I so enjoy your lovely visits, dear friends. 

I love sharing this little space of blog-land 
with so many kindred souls. 


Life is like a beautiful tapestry. 
It takes many different and colorful threads to weave the whole story. 


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  1. Dear Karen,

    Loved reading your post and visiting you today.
    I always think that a tapestry has the different coloured threads dark and light and all needed to make the complete picture. Your sewing room looks like a very happy place and I know how happy you must be working in it.
    Happy weekend

  2. This is what Virginia Woolf wished for every woman - a room of her own :-)

  3. I love seeing your happy place, dear Karen which indeed has so many memories, and a place for dreaming and creativity. Thank you for sharing your favorite Irish Blessing. I love it, too, and should frame it for my home.
    Happy weekend, sweet friend. xo

  4. What a tidy room! It is so good you have a sanctuary to do things you enjoy. I am working on that. My happy place is outdoors!!!

  5. Another space of gracious beauty! Thanks for this lovely post dear Karen. You are an inspiration ~ FlowerLady

  6. So nice you share your Happy Place with us in this superb post. I suppose that wonderful Irish Blessing is on the wall in your room, good to see it when you are dreaming in there. I also have my own favorite place in the house, I love spending time in my little library, watching at the bookshelves and dream away with the books......
    Regards, Janneke

  7. My happy place is in front of the computer looking at blogs right now. I wish it were in the craft/sewing room so I could create something, but my heart and head don't seem to be in that creative space right now. I'm hoping it will come again. Thank you for sharing your happy and creative space.

  8. You've created a perfect, tranquil place to create your lovely things. It's probably super special since it was your daughters room. Such heartwarming memories. I hope you're enjoy a lovely springtime. Pat 💐

  9. Hi Karen what a lovely thoughtful post. I do agree a happy place is essential in this world of ours. Mine is definitely my garden. Just wandering around whatever the weather cheers me up. Love the photos of your grandson. B x

  10. Karen,
    What a lovely and uplifting post!!! My "Happy Place" is my home..... Yes, all of it!! When I come home from a particularly long night at work, I open the front door and feel my home wrap it's arms around me....
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! And thanks for your kind and encouraging comments on my post about getting my MOJO back!!

  11. Oh Karen, you are so right about a happy place, a spot to feel free to create and think and be at ease and at peace and in joy. We should all have one!

  12. Oh yes I have my happy place I go to and I love how I can get all caught up in creating that it takes my mind off my troubles. How sweet that you still have items left over from when the girls were growing up. I love the pad you made for your grandson's teepee, such a fun play room

  13. What a great space you have which would encourage creativity. My happy place is sitting by my garden pond and my gardens. I need to find one for winter too! I love the sound of the water. Such a lucky girl you are to have such a large space for you!

  14. Your sewing room looks a happy place and a creative place too.
    I just love the teepee you made. Your grandson is going to spend so many happy moments.

    Sending special thoughts to you.
    Happy May Wishes too

    All the best Jan

  15. Your point is so well taken it's gotten me thinking. For a long time I had a long commute and my happy place was my car. I had my music to drive with, but now I don't really have a place to be me in. I'm going to remedy that!

  16. Adorable post as ever...Love your happy place,that white horse made me smile...So cute Grandson!My happy place( like Debbie!)is my home.Hugs and blessings,dear Karen!

  17. Yes, well said. Everyone needs the happy place...

  18. Your sewing room looks exactly like I wish my craft room looked. Right now my craft supplies are all stuck in the closet until I get the bedroom cleaned out yet again.

  19. I believe this is my first visit to your blog and I loved everything about it and this thoughtful post. It was been a sad year for us with the loss of a dear friend and two extended family members, among other sadnesses, so a happy place is needed for sure. I love my public library and any place in nature as they bring me happiness as well as spending time with grandchildren who keep me young!

  20. Love your happy place -is mine tast!

  21. Been so very sick. Wishing you a beautiful Mom's Day.
    I have so much on my plate Voulenteering at soup Kit , ART, yard, cooking Ironing, house cleaning. At 81 I am slipping behind, Feel like a snail. LOVE ENJOY the day yvonne

  22. Karen, what a beautiful post. It gave me a hug!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  23. Oh how I love the sewing and crafting room you have. It's just decorated so pretty. I know you are always creating something beautiful. Sorry it took me a while to visit but I am so busy lately.
    I do hope you have a nice week and a Happy Mother's Day
    Julie xo

  24. I could be happy in your happy place!! Very pretty and cozy. I love all the keepsakes you have around. I don't have one place right back room needs to be cleaned out but it has potential!

  25. Karen, this was so lovingly told and such a calming story as well as a calming place to spend time. It is certainly right that we all have a serene place that helps us imagine all that we can and to just while away quiet times. Your's is such a pretty place. I can definitely hear and see how much it means to you. I have a pretty place too, although just a very tiny one, but it needs a good cleaning and arranging to make it my happy place again. For now the dining room table will have to do but it is not nearly as acceptable..Thanks for your visit as usual..Happy Thursday..Judy

  26. oh karen, your happy place is really beautiful. lot's of space, happy mementos, and what a view. i think my home, in it's entirety, is my happy place, i knit wherever i land!! you have a nice eye for detail and decor, placing everything in a special way!!

    did you make the t-pee and the cozy mat? my niece just got a t-pee for my newly born great niece, they are popular now!!!

  27. Dear karen ... A ' Happy Place " is essential to the well-being of the the heart ... and you definately created a beautiful ambience of memories. It's such a pretty room . I can feel the happiness and hear laughter of your children ... You have chosen well... Mine is the music room where the sun shines in brilliance most days through a large picturesque window into the garden like yours... The blue of the sky and green of the gardens always heal the soul ...Thank You for reminding me to take the time to go there, sweet lady... Have a beautiful day !!!! xoxoxox

  28. How peaceful and restful your happy place, your sewing room looks, Karen. There are so many pretties there to calm one's spirit and to dream and imagine. Looking out of the window it is as if you are in a beautiful tree house. So, so many beautiful treasured keepsakes and memories to hide within your heart. Your grandson's little tepee is darling. Such precious photos of him. I have a few happy places in my home and garden....but like you, it would have to be my cheery sewing room that brings smiles to my soul through the day.

  29. ...a happy place with a happy little fellow!

  30. Your words are precious. A happy place does not exist far away from our daily lives. Have a nice weekend!

  31. It's always comforting to have a place where you like to be.

  32. ah such lovely and soothing words dear karen!

    i finished my laundry while ago and came to my happy place where i can enter to the fairy land of blogging world where fairies do exist :)

    and your post proved therapeutic !

    just like soothing down pour on thirsty land!!!

    what a magnificent happy place you have and how uplifting your way of sharing is ,thank you so much for making me feel so fresh again

  33. I should turn one of the bedrooms upstairs into a sewing room. I just don't like being tucked away from the hub of the home so I sew at the dining room table. Thanks for sharing your sweet room. So cute.

  34. Love your happy are so creative.
    I guess mine is at the the water...but I also like being alone.
    Cheers!my friend...
    Linda :o)

  35. HI Karen! Finally catching up. ;0) You're such a kindred spirit. This gives me much more motivation to clean out my creative space. I have let life take it over and be the dump all room. I have so many half projects and things that need my attention. And when it remains cleaned up I could spend hours working too. Feeds the soul in its own special way. I'm hoping once school is done for kiddos and activities slow down for the summer I'll be back on a regular blogging mojo too. Sending creative blessings to you. xoxo


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