Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Country Drive

Hello, Dear Friends. 
I hope that spring's silver sunshine is 
shining down and giving you pretty blooms 
to brighten your day. 

Here in Washington state, near the foothills of 
the Cascade mountains, flowers are blooming, 
birds are singing, and the trees are leafing out.

And every few days, we actually see the sun! 
We do live near Seattle, after all, and everyone
knows that Seattle is known for its prodigious rainfall. 

We get on average, about 40 inches of rain per year. 
Most of that falls between December and June. 

The glacial creek that runs below our little mountain 
is running high, and late at night, when the sounds carry 
far, we can hear it rushing and gurgling on its way to 
Puget Sound. 

Sometimes it sounds like lonely voices lost in time....

All the rain fills up the wetlands and helps the 
skunk cabbage (lysichiton americanus) bloom. 

This plant is a delicacy of the American black bear
as they forage for food after a long hibernation. 

Ramblin' Man has just washed and filled the gas tank 
of my trusty 2005 Ford Ranger, so we can take a drive. 

The countryside is so green and lush and punctuated 
by the prettiest flowering trees this time of year. 

This little apple tree grew all on its own from 
apples we used to feed my children's ponies, 
when they stayed in the little pasture that 
belonged to our neighbor on long summer days.  

The ponies are gone, (they lived with us the rest of their lives)
 the pasture is now unused and overgrown, 
and the dear, elderly neighbor has long since departed this world, 
but this little tree stands in remembrance of those
sweet, childhood days.  

After driving down from our little mountain, 
the road levels out here, surrounded by pasture, 
before snaking down and around sharp curves 
and landing on a broad plateau that hosts 
the tiny, historic logging town we call our own. 

It is full of the most charming little cottages. 

A fairly new library.....

Vintage shops.....

Beautiful churches.....

And tree-lined lanes. 

There's a narrow roadside park that runs the length 
of the town where people love to walk and picnic. 

This time of year it is especially pretty 
with cherry trees all in bloom. 

This lovely park can be seen by all who travel 
the busy two-lane highway that runs 
all the way to Mt. Rainier. 

In summer the highway is full of campers, 
outdoors-enthusiasts and tourists, 
and in winter; skiers, snow-shoe'rs and snow boarders
on their way to the local ski resort 45 miles away.

Between 1 and 2 million visitors from all over the world
visit 14,411 ft. Mt. Rainier every year.  

I try to avoid this highway when I can :)

So, I drive the back-roads, which might take longer, 
but are so much prettier. 

Right now the dogwood trees are blooming in 
the most gorgeous shades of cream and rose. 

And colorful rhododendron and azalea bloom in every shade. 

This time of year is so lovely and so full of promise......
Beauty is everywhere. 

But all roads lead to home! 

Thank you for coming along with me, Dear Friends! 


"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took 
the one less traveled by, 
and that has made all the difference"

- Robert Frost -


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  1. Fabulously beautiful photos and touching, heart-warming memories.
    Thank you for sharing, dear Karen! xx

  2. It's such a joy to do a ride in the spring, isn't it, and see all those blooms? How wonderful. This post truly makes me smile.

  3. Very pretty as always!! In the Northeast, we are finally starting to bloom and have leaves on the trees. Spring is here!

  4. So great to escape and enjoy natural beauty! Thanks for taking us along!

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  6. Yes, Spring has arrived here in California, and we start to see the blooms as early as March, and by the time May comes, the flowery blossom trees have scattered in the winds, but they are glorious to see for a short time. It's starting to get warmer here as well. You have taken us on a lovely drive, Karen. That little creek is pretty, and I can hear its sound from here. The picture of the blossoms scattered to the ground is sweet. There's just something about seeing horses behind a white picket fence. I'm glad that Spring has arrived in your area. Enjoy this wonderful season of hope.

  7. so pretty... you're making us all want to visit

  8. Gorgeous pictures of your beautiful drive, don't you just love all the flowering trees this time of year, the beautiful colored landscapes, and all the different shades of green out there now! I don't blame you for taking the back roads, it is always so much nicer to have a beautiful calm drive! You have a sweet town!

  9. Awesome post! I saw your comment about not getting into the linky. You have to find and check the tiny box next to "I have read and accept the privacy policy regarding the link I hereby enter and the data I provide."

    I struggled with that too. It is too small.

  10. You live in such a pretty place Karen. Love your little town with it’s pretty blossom trees and houses. My son has just come back from a holiday in your part of the world. He had a fabulous time and said how friendly all the people were. I’m going to have to visit one of these days. Meanwhile I’ll continue to enjoy your lovely blog. B x

  11. beautiful photos and amazing area!

  12. I have enjoyed our little drive with you today, Rambling Man certainly keeps your wagon in sparkling mint condition, your scenery is beautiful and your town houses are charming and best of all is your fresh, fresh air. It is a joy to drive with you :)
    Wren x

  13. What a beautiful post showcasing the area where you live!! Stunning scenery and lovey buildings...
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I am surrounded by mountains as we live in a valley but yours are far more majestic!!

  14. I love reading all about your area and I so enjoyed the pictures. I may have mentioned, I was in Seattle just 24 hours but sure enjoyed it. It was May, and it was raining but we were forewarned. I was still in awe of the water and scent of evergreens everywhere. I have some friends that live outside Seattle and I've been fishing for an invite Ha!

    Thanks so much for your warm words in your comments today. Every day is different. I just roll with it. I've been a little glad spring is playing a few games with us, I'm just too weak and tired to dive into gardening like I used to.

    Take care, Karen,


  15. Your neighbourhood is very pretty Karen, with those cosy houses & their beautiful gardens. It is so wonderful when the spring awakens the dead looking scenery - a heaven for me. We have now had gorgeous weather, sun, warmth and no rain. Outside, outside tell my mind and heart - that's why I visit you so late.

    Wishing you a great coming week.

  16. Thanks for taking us with you today sharing the beautiful homes and spring time in the Northeast. Here on the Central Coast of California the mountains are green and here and there the orange California poppies are blooming. Along the roadsides yellow mustard plants are in bloom adding a beauty to what soon will be dry and brown.

  17. Beautiful pictures. Have a happy week.

  18. Always love these lovely trips together around your beautiful area! It's finally getting green around here and only a bit of blooming - some tulips and daffs. HOpefully flowering trees will be soon but love drooling over yours in the meantime. ;) xo


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