Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Birthday Party

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you had a 
pleasant weekend! 

I was busy preparing 
 a birthday party for two of my favorite girls;
my daughter, Jennie and her fiance's daughter, Samantha. 

There were 16 of us, which included 4 little ones, 
and somehow we all managed to fit!

Of course it was cool and rainy, so we 
couldn't enjoy the deck, which would have 
given us some leg-room, but it all worked out. 

We did step out in between showers to enjoy 
the scent of the flowering pear that is blooming 
for the very first time, this year! 

This tree was one of those 'Arbor Day Foundation' 
trees that you get free for joining. 

It came in the mail as a tiny twig with a few roots, 
rolled up in a plastic bag with a little wet peat moss. 

I grew it in a pot for a couple of years and then transplanted it.

I actually received 10 different trees, 
and 5 of them survived 
my benign neglect. 

The viburnum was in full bloom just beyond the deck, too. 

The scent is amazing.
It would have been so nice to celebrate outside. 

We had one of the rainiest April's on record.

But when the sun finally does comes out, it is easy to forget 
all about those dark gray clouds. 

The gnarly old, dwarf apple tree, 
propped up by a forked stick, is blooming, too. 

As is the other pear tree by the front of the house. 
Maybe they will cross-pollinate and I'll get a few pears! 

You can see that I have bird deflector's in my big window. 
They are removable decals that prevent bird strikes. 
They work! 

I took a couple of photos before everyone arrived....
It was a casual affair. 

Daughter Heather brought two kinds of home-made brownies
and some lemon bars for dessert. 
Can you say, "Yum"?

I made up two big pans of  Three Cheese Manicotti
and a green salad. 

Daughter-in-law, Erica brought along delicious meatballs 
and we all shared bread and wine. 

We absolutely stuffed ourselves!

I am on a diet now.  

*    *

Here are the birthday girls reading their cards.

Notice the pacifier and toy truck on the table. xo

The little ones had a good time. 

A little boisterous at times, but that's the hallmark 
of a good party!

*   ~

The twins enjoyed the party, too, with lots 
of smiles, cuddles and kisses. 

I so wanted to get a big family photo, but it was like 
trying to wrangle puppies.........
Next time for sure!

Now the house is quiet once more, but the love 
and laughter remain as precious memories. 

Thank-you, Dear Friends for your kind visits. 

And thank-you for the reminder, in my last post,
 to take my cell-phone outside with me! 


"You can always tell a real friend.
When you've made a fool of yourself,
he doesn't feel you've done 
a permanent job."

Lawrence J. Peter


That's why you must encourage and help
each other, just as you are already doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11


  1. Hi Karen I seem to have missed quite a few of your posts as they haven’t appeared on my blog reading list. Not sure why. Glad to catch up now with your lovely party and photos from your garden. Will check back to all the posts I’ve missed. B x

  2. Aren't the children getting big and so cute, well they always have been cute! I am also having problems with your blog showing up in my list. Despite having only your main address without a particular post selected, it keeps taking me to your North West Flower Show part III. I can't seem to fix it. Gremlins! x

  3. What a fun party for two special girls in your life, Karen, and a most Happy Birthday is sent to them. Your home both inside and out looks all decked out for Spring and party mode. Aren't the grands getting so big?? The twins made me smile with their cuteness in their matching outfits. Family time is the best. Thank you for sharing the good times with us. Blessings and hugs are sent to you.

  4. That menu is right up my alley! Lemon bars and chocolate and cheese, oh my! I definitely would have done some damage. ;)

    I signed up for the Arbor Day thing too but never got the trees. I probably would have killed them anyway. How nice that your tree has bloomed for the first time, and I just learned something reading this...I didn't know they need to cross pollinate to produce fruit!

    Your family is adorable and the party sounds like so much fun!


  5. Wonderful pictures and post Karen, your party sounds perfect. Spring is certainly here now and the trees are all in bloom. The birds start singing at 5 am and never stop.

    Hugs Diane

  6. This is so pretty! I love the fresh spring green gingham curtains and glass, your cake, the fabulous flowers and all the smiles! Happy Spring!

  7. Another lovely family celebration had by all. I just love your home and your calm decorating style.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  8. The day sounds lovely and that menu was full of comfort food making it all perfect!

  9. Oh dear Karen yOU BEAUTIFIED MY DAY TRULY!!!

    Happy birthday to both pretty young ladies :)

    your beautiful home sweet home sounds like heaven where you rule with love and care

    this shows tat if the head of the family has NICE and SWEET nature the whole family seems to sit under the shady tree

    So enjoyed the fun by little angles and the heavenly smiles of twins

    you truly created heaven around you
    you are an inspiration my friend!

    wishing you more joys and blessings each step in life ahead!

  10. You had a great time!Your post is adorable,Karen...I love visiting you!Have a lovely week.Hugs!

  11. Your blooming trees look so pretty, that would be neat if you could get some pears. I didn't know they made reflectors we have had two birds fly into our window and it was even where the screen is. The party sounds like it went very well and the kids enjoyed playing together, must be so nice to have the sounds of kids in the home again. I would have to go on a diet after that food but it all sounds yummy :)

  12. What a sweet birthday party with a lot of great ideas. I'm lovin' all the green. The flowering trees are pretty and wish I could smell them from here. The "you make me happy" sign caught my eye, as I used to sing that song to my kids when they were little. Heather's brownies and lemon bars look Yummy. That was nice of her to bring them. The twins are darling, and their matching outfits are cute. The precious children always make our parties extra special, don't they?


  13. Your latest posts are also missing from my reading list. How frustrating!
    The daybed and little writing table are very inviting--a wonderful place to sit with a book--to read--or enjoy the view.

  14. Precious family photos! Happy Birthday to the two girls! Love your pear and apple trees, and your birthday celebration decorations are lovely as always!

  15. Looks like you had a lovely birthday party! The food looks delicious! Such great times we spend with family. Beautiful children!
    I have been way from the computer a bit more now a days. I am border line glaucoma and with pretty severe dry eyes. The doctor recommends to stay way from all screens. No ipads, phones or computer screens for me. I live in the middle of nowhere so the computer provides me with entertainment, shopping and learning opportunities but it seems like I will have to have other things to do. Take care and have a wonderful Spring Beatrice!!

    1. Karen!!!! Sorry, I keep calling you Beatrice from the name of the blog!

  16. Karen, Happy Birthday to the girls, and even though you couldn't celebrate outside, just looking out your perfect windows would be pretty enough. When the sun comes out your greenery is the prettiest anywhere. Congratulations on your flowering pear tree. I have never had any luck with those purchases..Happy Weekend and thanks for your visit as always..Judy

  17. Belated birthday wishes ...
    What a lovely post.

    All the best Jan

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  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Perhaps I shall try again.......I always love visiting your lovely place, Karen just after you have held one of your family's birthday parties. I love to gaze upon all the special touches you do to make each celebration a most joyous one. Your beautiful home peeking out from your lovely garden always makes me smile. Indeed it is beautiful. You truly do have the most precious and blessed of families. This beautiful post has brought a warm smile to my day. Xx


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