Monday, April 23, 2018

A Sunny Weekend

Hello, Dear Friends, we are finally getting some 
warm spring sunshine, here in WA state, after 
weeks of dreary, cold rain. 

On my way to the market this past weekend, 
I noticed that the wild cherry trees are in full bloom. 

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do in just a few days. 

This pasture is bordered by some lovely cultivated 

The weeping cherries are in bloom, too,
along with purple mountain laurel. 

Everywhere I look, flowers are blooming and birds
are singing. I can't help feeling a child-like joy.
 I want to skip and do cart-wheels. Haha. 
We all know that my days of doing cart-wheels are 
pretty much over..........

Unless, of course, I do them unintentionally :)

Like on Saturday.......
I was busy clearing brush, and had a nice armload
to add to the pile, when my foot caught on 
a low-hanging branch and down I went, 
face-first in the pile I was carrying. 

*    *

My foot was trapped under the large, 
now broken branch,
 and I couldn't get free, 
so I started to yell, 'Help', 
but pretty soon I realized that nobody 
could hear me. 

Even the dogs were barking.......

I used my other foot as leverage to lift
the branch that was pinning me down, 
and managed to right myself, 
covered in scratches, with twigs in my hair, 
but rather glad that nobody had seen me
because they would have been laughing. 

I am none the worse for wear, and pleased 
with all of my hard work, which has left the border 
neat and tidy. 

The hellebore is still blooming and the sweet woodruff
is spreading under the bench where I planted it 
years ago, from a friend's garden.

You can see alder catkins on the bench from the tree overhead. 

My wildflower garden is coming to life with 
forget-me-not and a stray dandelion or two. 

I always know that spring is officially here when 
the forget-me-not bloom. 

Of course, the daffodils are the true harbingers of spring, 
but this has not been a good year for them. 

It's been so wet and cold that they have refused to bloom, 
although a few hardy blooms have opened despite it all.  

The camellia is blooming along the walkway, 
cheering our comings and goings. 

You can see by the moss on the rock wall
how wet it has been! 

My son built this wall when he was in high-school, 
 from rocks that he 
gathered from the glacial river that runs 
below our little mountain. 

Speaking of our son - he came to help his Dad
prepare the site for Ramblin' Man's future workshop.

We so appreciate his help! 
This has been a long-term project, starting last year
 with tree removal and leveling of the site. 

We love our trees, so only the spindly alder trees were 
taken down, leaving the older cedar and fir to border
the area. You can see that the brush has already
filled in the bare spots. 

They worked so hard, leveling the site and digging 
trenches for drainage pipe and rock. 

They found two cement post piers
 that held up the pony barn, 
when the children were small. 

This one resembles an old shoe! 

The post is long gone, but the cement attached 
to a large, flattened rock - the 'toe' of the shoe. 

Digging these out made for hard work and I know
they are feeling it today! 

Ramblin' Man's old workshop will become my 
potting shed once this project is complete. 

Slowly, slowly......everything takes time. 
We have so much going on.......

Ramblin' Man works long hours and travels 
frequently for work, and everyday life takes up 
most of the rest of his time. 

But I'm sure I don't have to explain that to all of you! 
Life is so busy......

It's time to go inside........

I found this rusty wreath at the Northwest 
Flower and Garden Show in February
and knew it would be perfect on my vintage trellis. 

Have a seat and I will brew us a cup. 

The sunshine comes through 
the kitchen window, only in spring and summer, 
late in the day, when the sun is low in the sky. 

It leaves pretty shadows on the wall. 

And creates a lovely, warm glow.

And turns the hills golden.

Let's sit down and have a little snack
while we catch up on our week.

I baked an apple-raisin cinnamon bread


Thank-you, Dear Friends for stopping by.
I hope that you are feeling the warm sunshine on your face, too.


  1. You live in a wonderful place!Your pictures are stunning:your lovely garden with beautiful camelias,your cozy home with that pretty crocheted curtains and that delicious bread!I am glad I stopped by!Hugs,dear Karen!

  2. So wonderful to see all of the spring beauty that surrounds you, and the loveliness of the inside of your home as well.

    I wear a little zippered fanny pack that belts around my waist, with my smart phone in it in case I have a problem happen when I am outside. I slipped off steps almost 20 years ago in my front garden area, spraining both ankles. I was sitting there yelling my husband's name, he was in his workshop outback and at first thought it was kids in the neighborhood then he realized it was me calling his name and he ran to me. With him no longer being on this planet, I've started wearing my phone every time I work outside. A plus is that I can take pictures also. :-)

    I'm glad you got out from under your brush pile with a few scratches.

    The workshop will be great. My husband loved his. It was a labor of love and it is packed full of memories for me when I go in there. Before he left, he told me it would be mine and to do with it whatever I wanted. I've not done anything yet, except pack it with stuff. I've not been ready to make it mine just yet.

    I look forward to seeing RM's new workshop and what you do with his old one.

    Happy Spring dear Karen ~ FlowerLady

  3. I am hoping you can push some of that Spring weather to the Northeast so our flowers can start to bloom! There is just the tiniest green starting on the trees and the crocuses are blooming. We had 70 degrees yesterday but today was cloudy and dreary again. Your pictures are so lovely as always and makes me feel so welcome in your pretty yard and home. Oh, to have my own she-shed!

  4. Oh Karen, listening to your story of carrying the sticks so reminds me of what happened to me last spring when I was doing the same thing and I fell down the slope in our yard and landed head first in the pile I was carrying, I was home alone so I had to get up on my own too, I will say I have been a little nervous to do anything on that side of our yard since. That is so nice once your hubby's shop is done you both will have a new place to have of your own. So nice your son is close enough to come and help out. Isn't it nice to see everything come to life, our Iris are starting to bud, and love seeing all the blooming trees!

  5. First of all, I love all the blossoms and signs of spring. Biggest sigh. It's coming here, too! And especially your cozy kitchen. I'm such a sucker for wood paneling and it looks beautiful with your white pitchers and such. That bread looks to die for. Shouldn't read blogs before breakfast!

    Still trying to get our following straightened out -- you aren't showing up in my bloglovin and feed even though I'm subscribed but I just added mail follow today so maybe that will help! Thanks for coming over to Marmelade Gypsy! Loved your visit and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. well, I tried earlier to leave a comment, but it didn't go thru...that work shed project looks like hard work! Too bad about your's a good thing that you came away with only scratches.

    Everything looks, a piece of that bread would be nice...yum!

  7. Karen, I just love that first picture with the white horse and the green trees and shrubs in the back ground. I'm sorry to hear you took a fall, but you were a good sport about it. Your Camellia is so pretty and such a striking color. I hope the workshop turns out just the way your husband wants it to, and you will soon have a potting shed, that's exciting. Oh my, this apple cinnamon raisin bread looks scrumptious. I just had orange cranberry scones this morning with my coffee. I always enjoy these visits around your home, Karen.


  8. Ouch...oh you poor dear! I'm glad that you were okay, Karen, and that you managed to get yourself free! Your yard is looking ever so pretty, and the new shed will be wonderful for you hubby. Yes, I'd love a cup of tea and a slice of your bread, while we discuss your potting shed that you will have in the future. xo

  9. Hi Karen, your spring flowers are just beautiful. I love forget-me-nots. A friend gave me a little patch once and they are making a nice showing finally. I can just hear the spring breezes sighing through your beautiful trees and the birds singing. You really have a wonderful place in the country..Happy Wednesday and thanks for your visit..Judy

  10. I forgot to say I sure am glad that you weren't any the worse for wear from the tumble ..

  11. reading your poetic words related to daily chores of life overwhelm my soul with deep serenity and joy!

    I am glad that you were not seriously hurt while tangling in branch ,my (late) mom used to spent most of day in her garden and your story reminded me her problems she used to face while doing all this but her passion and love with creativity always reflected in her slight smile which played on her lips forever.

    i am glad finally spring started sprinkling her delightful colors and smiles around you:)

    Loved the blooming trees!!!

    your entrance to home is so appealing and cheerful!

    you must be so happy to find such a congenial hubby who also loved to work hard!
    how sweet of your dear son to help him !Family is precious therefore they cARE!!!

    loved the wreath ,so pretty .
    sunlight brings life to house and i too enjoy it's company while having tea

    wishing you more joys in life my friend!

  12. Beautiful photos!!
    Glad that you were not hurt when you fell..
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  13. I'm so pleased I have stopped by to enjoy some of your Spring, shame about your Daffs, but I'm sure your Camelias will continue to step up and delight with their cheery blooms. I'm glad you were ok after your face plant, I'm pretty sure if you remained tangled, the dogs would have raised the alarm - good dogs! Love, love, love the rusty bird wreath.
    Know what you mean by being busy, but then the opposite is boredom, which is no fun!
    Have a lovely weekend - pass the cake please :)
    Wren x

  14. Spring is definetely looking beautiful where you live. The line of trees in bloom are so pretty. Sring time does feel snew and fresh with dreams of what's to come. You fall sounded one around I might have paniced. I am glad you were not seriously hurt...but a fall like that would have me sore for sure. You are so lucky to have such gorgeous blooms! Enjoy!

  15. Spring has most definitely found its way to your neck of the woods, and I’m happy to say it’s in full bloom here in NC...FINALLY!

    I like the idea of bringing a phone outside with you. If you hadn’t been able to free yourself it could have been quite uncomfortable for who knows how long! You were lucky and I’m glad were not seriously hurt.

  16. I always love reading your blog...such beautiful photos, and such a good story teller you are!
    Glad you weren’t hurt in your tumble...
    Have a great week...
    Did you keep the big concrete shoe?
    Linda :o)

  17. What a lovely post, I'm not sure why I have missed it previously. I wonder how the workshop is progressing, how nice to have some help, you'll be glad to have the use of the old one, I'm certain. So glad no one saw you on the floor! x

  18. Such pretty photos!!The photo with the horse makes me think of a scene from a great movie!! Your husband will be happy to have his own workshop place! I presume it is the same feeling we have with our own craft/sewing room. I hope you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. I have done the same thing and makes me blush thinking the neighbor saw it. Have a great week!!

  19. Loved all the pictures and hearing of the projects. We had a few wonderfully warm and sunny days last week but rain off and on since Friday.

  20. Loved reading this post somewhat late. Glad you weren’t hurt in your fall. Beautiful garden and home Karen. Always so welcoming. B x

  21. Wonderful pictures of all the trees in bloom. Your posts are always so fun to read.

    Hugs diane

  22. Tea with a slice of that bread--smelling of cinnamon--would be a treat. The views of your kitchen are warm and homey--a snug nest during what has been a cold and rainy springtime.

  23. Spring is so much work! But it brings such joy! Loved your beautiful spring flowers, and seeing those lovely cherry trees in bloom! Also loved that first shot with the white horse. I know you were happy to get a respite from the rain and have some sunshine!


Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are important to me and are very much appreciated. xx Karen

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