Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Tribute to Friendship

I want to thank you, Dear Friends, for your lovely wishes on my Daughter's birthday and also for sharing your own sweet traditions. 

I do think that traditions are the glue that holds families together. 

It's a small part of what creates our own personal story. 

The foundation. 

The ties that keep us together. 

I have been distracted these last few days, as I am planning a little adventure. 

Nothing too adventurous, but a wonderful experience of connecting with family. 

So I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like with you, my Dear Friends. 

But you are always in my thoughts.

So I will leave you with some wonderful quotes on Friendship.


'Friendship cheers like a sunbeam; charms like a good story; inspires like a brave leader; binds like a golden chain; guides like a heavenly vision.'

Newell D. Hillis

'One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.'


'Life is nothing without friendship.'


'How can life be true life without friends?'


'There is no better looking-glass than an old friend.'

Thomas Fuller

'Be true to your word, your work, and your friends'


I will be back soon, Dear Friends.

Thank you for your sweet friendship.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Birthday Celebration

We had a cozy birthday party for my daughter yesterday. 

Just some of the immediate family.

I served spaghetti and meatballs. 
And chocolate cupcakes. 

Her favorite childhood meal

 I busied myself with cooking and decorating for my special girl.

Soft pastel colors to celebrate a Spring Birthday. 

A Handmade Garland made from cupcake liners and doilies,

Small black and white photos of her as a child,

And a collection of vintage doilies, make up the theme. 

See the little jar of butter-mints? 

It was full. 

But I didn't notice that it was slowly dwindling until I reached for them to serve after dinner


The jar was empty! 

Mmmmmm, there was a very guilty 'Mr.' leaving the room.......

I wonder how many cupcakes he ate? 

Fortunately I baked plenty! 

I set the table with some sentimental linens from her childhood. 

The embroidered runner once graced the top of her dresser. 

And a special vintage tablecloth used for childhood parties. 

A favorite photo. 

And a new embroidery to commemorate her day. 

My gift to her. She owns two miniature Dachshunds, Peanut and Weenie Baby. 

A keepsake of this time in her life.

I thought this design was perfect, from a lovely new book, 'Embroidery pour la Maison', by Sylvie Blondeau. 

(I will do a tutorial and review in a future post)

We had a wonderful day celebrating our girl. 

The past, the present and the future. 

A special toast to birthdays, families, and time spent together! 

For these are the true treasures of life. 

Do you have a favorite tradition for celebrating birthdays? 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Lovely Drive

Recently we took a rainy day drive. 

Sometimes when life gets the best of you, it is nice to just start the ignition and escape. 

Even if it is only to tour the countryside. 

So come along with me and we will take a little ramble.

The fields are very lush and green now. 

And very wet. 

This is a large cattle farm. 

The cattle must be staying dry inside one of those very large barns. 

This time of year, the fields get fertilized with a putrid mix of fish fertilizer. 

It is not unusual to see flocks of sea-gulls lured by the scent. 

The rest of us keep the windows rolled up! 

As we come into a hilly area, we find this charming little farm. 

Here we see cattle and sheep grazing.

And one black sheep! My kind of fellow!  

You can see that some of the trees are starting to leaf out. 

This little forest consists of tall Cottonwood, Western Red Cedar, and the smaller Alder trees, still bare. 

We take a turn and come across this small former mill pond, complete with pump. 

The faucet looks new, so I suspect it must be used for something. 

To fill Fire Tanker Trucks, maybe? 

Many rural properties are not on water lines and rely on wells. 

When a fire hits, Tanker Trucks are the only reliable source of water. 

Further along we come to a Christmas Tree Farm. 

This area was once filled with such farms. 

But the popularity of artificial trees has caused them to dwindle, although there are still a few left. 

We cross the road and come upon this beautiful barn. 

Once a large dairy farm, now an event destination. 

You can see tables being set up in back. 

Due to the traffic (yes, traffic!) I could not get a better shot, and raindrops have blurred my lens. 

I love the green roof and shutters. 

The whole farm was fenced in with this gorgeous fence along large trees. This is a Silver Fir, one of the largest growing trees in the Pacific North West.

This beautiful river runs alongside the farm. 

Many large farms that once housed Dairy Cows, now are used in other ways, such as pumpkin farms, herb farms, flower farms, event destinations and even breweries. 

There is a burgeoning business in Artisan Beer on this side of the Cascade Mountains and Wineries on the Eastern Side of the State where it is hot and dry. 

It is wonderful to see these noble old farms preserved for future generations and used in creative ways. 

We leave the hills behind and come back into the open fields. 

This farm boasts a fancy boat next to it's barnyard! 

Here is another charming little barn. 

We have a very large Scandinavian population here and the style of these barns reflects that heritage. 

Happy little hens scratching in a lush barnyard. 

A pair of matching Llamas patiently waiting out the rains showers. 

A Magnificent Big Leaf Maple, just starting to leaf out, overlooks lush farmland. 

Another former Dairy Farm converted to a Pumpkin Farm. 

Every fall these fields are filled with pumpkins and corn mazes and many families having a wonderful time. 

In the summer the farm hosts a Medieval Fair. 

 We pass the beautiful farm and get a lovely surprise - a double rainbow! 

Our reward for braving the rain. 

Further along as we head for home, we pass these Miniature Donkeys - Mascots of a local Equine Veterinarian Clinic. 

Is there anything cuter than a Miniature Donkey? 

We drive through our little town and pass the Historical Society Museum. 

In the summer, these flower boxes are filled with lovely cascading flowers. 

Across the street we have a beautiful building to host weddings and other special events. 

Once an antique shop where I bought many pieces of furniture that I still have. 

The 'city' bought it a few years ago and restored it into the lovely building it is now. 

But we must leave the little town behind and head back home. 

The rain is coming down hard and we have chores to do. 

We climb our mountain road and we see Roosevelt Elk crossing ahead of us. 

A mother and her calf. 

The rest of the herd hides in the forest until we pass. 

We get almost home until I spy some Skunk Cabbage in this little wetlands. 

Stop the truck! 

I must get a picture! 

I carefully make my way trying not to step on the wild flowers....

And my foot gets caught on a vine and down I go! 

Luckily the ground was soft, and also very wet. I am soaked, but my camera is dry, held up high as I land on my knees. 

My foot scratched and bleeding from the thorny vine, 

but I am triumphant! 

I have a blurry shot of Skunk Cabbage! 

I turn and look and The Mr. is laughing so hard it makes me mad. 

No laughing! You Skunk! 


Linking to:
I want to take this moment to thank you Dear Friends for your sweet and kind Condolences for Champ's benefactress, Joy. 

And for your wonderful stories of how you escape from the cares of the world. 

Your comments are better than anything I could write and they are what makes this blog what it is. 

A place to share friendship and thoughts. 

Thank you for being there! 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Tribute to a Fellow Dog Lover

I have just received very sad news. 

The wonderful woman, Joy, who rescued Champ and rehabilitated him for adoption, has passed away tragically while hiking with her beloved dog, Blue over the weekend. 

She was caught in an avalanche. 

Her devoted dog led rescuers to where she was buried, but it was too late. 

Two people died in the avalanche. 

Champ was deemed unadoptable and Joy had just about given up finding a home for him when I saw his photo (above) on the Border Collie Rescue website. 

Something told me that this was the dog I was looking for. 

Joy and I had kept in touch since the end of last June when I adopted Champ. 

Recently, she had sent me this link from her blog when she was fostering Champ.

She loved her dogs and loved to take them on wonderful hikes in the backcountry. 

Sometimes I do believe there are Angels walking this Earth, and she would be one of them. 

It took her 9 months to rehabilitate Champ after terrible abuse. 

And now I have a devoted companion and protector. 

She was a kind, loving, caring human being. 

Thank you, Joy for all the lives you have touched. 

Especially the Four Footed ones. 

Bless you, Joy and Bless your Dear Family and Friends in this time of sorrow. 

I know you will be Dearly Missed. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Own Little World

Sometimes when the world gets too crazy, I retreat to my sewing room. 

This is my quiet refuge from the cares of the world. 

A world of my own, where I can create to my heart's desire. 

This small room used to be the bedroom of my two Dear Daughters. 

Where the morning and evening sun shines in, hidden away in it's own upstairs corner. 

A quiet room overlooking the gardens and the forest beyond. 

Where I keep treasured photographs and small collections gathered over many years. 

I discovered my love of sewing as a young girl in Home Economics class. 

My Mother bought a sewing machine and I haven't stopped sewing since. 

Always on the kitchen table, later in my own bedroom and finally, after my children grew up, my own sewing room, where the echos of my children's laughter lingers and memories are stored in these now quiet walls. 

My own quiet refuge. Not that my life is not quiet all the time, but with a husband and a house full of pets, I still need to have my own little space, off limits to dirty paws and coffee spilling spouses. 

Surrounded by Victorian Art of children with ponies (my former life), and with the large kitchen table where I  served all of our family meals converted to a craft table, I am happy as a singing bird. 

Here I have fabric all laid out, ready for pattern placement and cutting. 

Can you see Ling Ling taking a nap on the back of the futon? 

She keeps me company so I allow her to stay. 

This is what I am sewing, a new bathrobe and drawstring pajamas
made from discount sheets used for yard goods. 

I have selected this vintage pattern to use as my pajama top. 

I love to collect vintage patterns. 

They can be adapted and repurposed in interesting ways. 

I take time to finish the seams with pinking shears to keep the fabric from fraying. 

And finally after days of cutting and sewing, here is my finished robe. 

Made with lovely patterned sheets. 

And coordinating pajamas, also made with sheets. 

Drawstring waist and floaty top. That spells comfort to me. 

Perfectly coordinated and displayed on my Painted Vintage Hanger.

I am pleased with the results, so am inspired to make another set of pajamas from these discount Rose patterned, Rachel Ashwell - Shabby Chic sheets. 

Do you have a special activity and place to escape from the cares of the world? 

I want to take this moment to thank you, Dear Friends for stopping by my little corner of the world and for your Dear Friendship. 

I wish you sweet blessings. 

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