Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Birthday Celebration

We had a cozy birthday party for my daughter yesterday. 

Just some of the immediate family.

I served spaghetti and meatballs. 
And chocolate cupcakes. 

Her favorite childhood meal

 I busied myself with cooking and decorating for my special girl.

Soft pastel colors to celebrate a Spring Birthday. 

A Handmade Garland made from cupcake liners and doilies,

Small black and white photos of her as a child,

And a collection of vintage doilies, make up the theme. 

See the little jar of butter-mints? 

It was full. 

But I didn't notice that it was slowly dwindling until I reached for them to serve after dinner


The jar was empty! 

Mmmmmm, there was a very guilty 'Mr.' leaving the room.......

I wonder how many cupcakes he ate? 

Fortunately I baked plenty! 

I set the table with some sentimental linens from her childhood. 

The embroidered runner once graced the top of her dresser. 

And a special vintage tablecloth used for childhood parties. 

A favorite photo. 

And a new embroidery to commemorate her day. 

My gift to her. She owns two miniature Dachshunds, Peanut and Weenie Baby. 

A keepsake of this time in her life.

I thought this design was perfect, from a lovely new book, 'Embroidery pour la Maison', by Sylvie Blondeau. 

(I will do a tutorial and review in a future post)

We had a wonderful day celebrating our girl. 

The past, the present and the future. 

A special toast to birthdays, families, and time spent together! 

For these are the true treasures of life. 

Do you have a favorite tradition for celebrating birthdays? 



  1. she's so beautiful. how awesome of you to do so many special touches for her. :) loved the embroidery! adorably personal!

  2. How beautiful Karen! I so love how you used linens from her childhood! I think that is just the sweetest thing ever! And your decor was so pretty!!! What a lovely celebration....and I really like her gift that you made too!!! Happy birthday to your are such a goooood mama!!!!

  3. What a wonderful celebration Karen , congratulations to your daughter!!

  4. Lovely photos! Your daughter is beautiful and I love the embroidery you gave to her. Very sweet.

  5. What a beautiful celebration for a beautiful young woman. You really made it feel very special with all the extra touches to celebrate her and her life....I know she will cherish the embroidery because you made it for her....what a sweet and caring Mom you are to your family.....

  6. Wonderful post Karen, Love the gift you made your beautiful daughter she will treasure this I'm sure.. Those cup-cakes look so yummy!! Hugs May x x x

  7. Dearest Karen,
    Your beautiful daughter is blessed for having you as her Mom! The embroidery is perfect for her, that will make a perfect memory.
    Cute for setting the table the way you did; a journey back in childhood with her favorite food as well.
    Hugs to you,

    Oh,I will mention a special tradition for celebrating a birthday in a future post...

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter, yumm cupcakes.

  9. A charming party. The decorations are so wonderful - just perfect for a pretty girl's birthday. I love all the ways you decorated.

    For birthdays we have the rule that the birthday person doesn't have to do any work on their special day (hard to enforce as everyone gets older - but still fun to try) and the birthday person picks the menu. The main dish of the menu's at our house are Enchiladas, Spaghetti, 7 layer Mexican dip, carrot cake (one of us likes cake a lot and wants it to be the main course), chicken enchilada casserole, steak. calzone - almost every year each one picks almost always the same thing.

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter! I'm sure she loved all the details you put into making her birthday special.
    I love your hoosier!

  11. These moments are really particular for families, so happy, so unique ! Happy birthday for your sweet daughter , I wish her luck and joy in everything she makes.
    Have a great week !

  12. This looks like such a wonderful, cozy birthday celebration. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  13. A very happy birthday to your daughter. Your celebration of her day looks like it was perfect in every way.

  14. Hello, I have been taking a little tour through some of your posts and I am in love with your delightful blog. I felt a warm glow looking through this post and seeing all the love and details you put into giving your daughter a perfectly charming birthday. Also, the photography in your blog is beautiful . . . well, I'm hooked and just became your newest follower. Please accept my invitation to visit my blog. I'm a wife, mother and grandma who enjoys each new day that the good Lord sends my way.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  15. What a lovely day this must have been. Happy birthday to your daughter!! Those cupcakes looks scrumptious!!

  16. How lovely, Karen! Your colors are so whimsical and shout out Spring :) And the cupcakes look very tasty! Happy Birthday to your daughter - it looks like she had a wonderful party.

    Love and hugs,

  17. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. You certainly put so much thought into this birthday celebration (apart from buying extra mints...lesson learned for next year?!). Take care. Chel x

  18. My oh my -- Happy B-Day to your daughter -- such sweetness all around.. all the photo show such care and love!! Love the table setting -- and your embroidery gift - you are gifted!!
    Hugs --

  19. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Looks like it was a beautiful celebration!

  20. Aww, happy birthday to your girl! You really know how to throw a party! Everything is so cute!

  21. What a wonderful family celebration! Everything looks so beautiful. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  22. Looks like a very special birthday party! Everything looks wonderful!

  23. What a beautiful home, Karen! How much love you have for your daughter. Your celebration pictures made tear up thinking of my own daughter. She celebrated her birthday just a few days ago too. I love her dearly. Motherhood is such a special gift!

  24. What a lovely celebration for your sweet daughter. In our family we have a "birthday breakfast," even on school/work mornings. The birthday person finds cards and presents at their place at the breakfast table and we all celebrate together. There's usually something special for breakfast, perhaps croissants (storebought) or pancakes or waffles. We have birthday cake after our evening meal. I think this tradition began when our adopted son arrived. He had tremendous difficulty with receiving presents so we opened presents at the start of the day and could celebrate in a more relaxed way later on.

  25. What a beautiful setting for your beautiful girl - I'm sure she had a wonderful time. I especially love the embroidered picture of her and her dogs - such a great idea! <3

  26. After a wonderful week in Dallas, I'm catching up on favorite blogs. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful birthday! Love the decorations...


  27. Oh Beatrice I cannot imagine anyone making a more memorable birthday for their daughter. You are a great Mom. B

  28. I loved this post and take ideas always come. The napkin lavenders that beautiful!!


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