Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Rainy Day

It's been very rainy and cool for the last few days. 

All the Easter decorations are put away, except for this sweet vintage embroidered cloth and some foil wrapped chocolate eggs. 

A little bowl of happiness :)

Today there is mist all around. 

 I hear the Pitter Patter of  tiny raindrops. 

Giving the table a beaded edge. 

But the coffee pot keeps me warm inside. 

I made a nice big pot of it the other night. 

It is just the thing on these wet, spring days. 

I forgot to take my chair cushions in and now they are soaking wet. 

Everything is wet. 

Wet dogs, Wet feet, Wet hair when I go out to feed the birds. 

Towards evening the sun gets low enough to spread some glow beneath the clouds. 

These rainy days are perfect for doing some stitching. 

Once the daily chores are done (are they ever really done?), I reward myself with a nice cup of coffee or tea and sit and stitch for a while. 

I am making a tablecloth for my summer table. 

While I sew each tiny stitch, I think of all the wonderful meals I will share on my handcrafted cloth. 

Meals shared with precious family and friends. 

But for now I will share some strawberry shortcake on a lace covered tray. 

Just Ol' Blue Eyes and Me. 

On a rainy evening in front of the fire. 

Warm and Cozy. 

What are you doing this weekend? 



  1. Good morning, Karen! Even in the rain, your deck looks so pretty. And so does that tablecloth you're working on.
    We are going to get some rain tonight and I just know that everything will start blooming and greening up after that. My favorite time of the year!

  2. Look at that beautiful foggy scene!! I love fog. I alsom love how the rain gave the table the beaded edge as you describe.

  3. love rainy indoor days! had a few lately, myself (thank goodness!) the tablecloth is sweet!

  4. Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorites! Your embroidery work is beautiful and the end result will be beautiful! Yum, minestrone soup is always good to have on cold, rainy days. It looks like it will be a rainy day today in Colorado. When it rains I enjoy curling up with a book and cup of coffee - I just might do that today :)
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!


  5. One good thing about the rain it does make our place green. :) I took a walk yesterday around our place between the storms. Took pictures (of course). No plans for the weekend. Staying home. :) May end up starting a fire in the wood stove...

  6. I remember those cool, rainy days in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You make it look all warm and cozy inside though. Love the embroidery. Did you make the tablecloth? Hope all is well...


  7. Dear Karen,
    You have this unique ability to customize your life depending on weather conditions.
    Because your love for your family and your home remains stable and unchanged.
    And this is the most important element of human life.

    Greetings to you and your family from me and my family.
    I wish you a great sunny week.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  8. My favourite type of day is a rainy one, when there is no watering to be done and you can relax cosy and comfortable inside. Today we actually had warm sunshine. Mr Teenager and hubby were very busy pruning everything while they could (and before the birds start nesting), while I threw open all the windows and had a good cleaning session! Even Miss Teenager sat outside...with Kindle!! Happy days! Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x

  9. It's raining as we speak. Tulips are blooming and daughter enjoys her job at tulip farm. Not been too chilly daytime. Enjoying spring and now I must put tablet away and get lunch going on this Sat. Remnants of Easter still exist here too.

  10. Your stitching looks lovely Karen! It's perfect for a rainy day indeed. I used to embroider too, but nowadays I am hooked to crochet :-)

    Your minestrone soup and shortcake look delicious!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  11. Oh the photos are lovely - the soup and strawberry shortcakes look wonderful.
    This weekend I am unpacking all the new dishes I got at yard sales - washing them and putting them away - but first - taking some pretty pictures. It looks to be a rainy weekend so days spent indoors will be nice and cozy.

  12. Hi, Karen, it's still chilly here, too. I have Spring Fever! Comfort food helps. I'd love a bowl of your minestrone soup and a slice of strawberry shortcake. I'll be over in a snap! :) xx

  13. Dear Karen , it seems that spring comes and goes nevertheless your mood is decidedly fresh and vivid.
    Warm regards from Greece

  14. Your embroidery is so lovely, Karen. As I know only too well! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, even in the rain.

  15. Have you and blue eye ever dance on your deck in the rain - now that would be a wonderful photo..I always enjoy coming to your blog - I feel like we could be doing some embroidery together and you could show me how you to stitch "forget me not" flowers.. This weekend we took a tour of the Flaming Gorge Dam and this afternoon it's been raining off and on and very cold and I think I might be getting a cold-Oh No not good to feel - oh knitting some!! wink..

  16. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely post and you show a sweet tablecloth! You enjoy your comfort food while it rains. We had those rainy and cool days, now it's sunny and warm. We just sat on the balcony in the sunshine and Pieter is with the shop vac up on the attic to clean up some dust after FINISHING the multiplex boards flooring! So we're about to do the happy dance! Next weekend our home will be tidy and dust free again.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Very nice blog post! I really would like to taste the soup ;-)

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  18. Today in my city is also raining, I am most looking forward to better weather and sunshine!

  19. Can you send some of that rain our way. We had a tiny bit this morning but it is still so dry here. We haven't gotten all the snow they have in Northern MN
    I would love curling up next to the fire with some of that strawberry shortcake. :0)

  20. if anyone told me that I would miss the rain when I moved from Portland I would have thought they were crazy. Now I long for the rain & the green of the pacific northwest.

  21. Your handmade tablecloth is just wonderful! I hope to make one for the beans big fall party! I thought that if I do it with the right fabric I will be able to use it year after year! I will be jumping over to check out your soup recipe! That is exactly what I am in the mood for! Your home always looks so inviting! Just so warm and cozy! I hope your Sunday is full of happy!

  22. Nice pictures you show from your rainy day.
    The weather here has been to photo tours (sun but cool) have taken pictures to lakes / birds / animals / nature and much more .....
    Nature is inexhaustible. Wishing you and your a good Sunday :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  23. Even in the rain your Garden & home looks beautiful... that soup looks so good..Wonderful stitching you are doing it will be a treasure once your cloth is complete.. Have a fabulous Sunday! Hugs May x x x

  24. Hi Karen,
    The view you have from your balcony is absolutely breath aching - what a priviledge to enjoy the early moments of the day, or admire the sunsets from there! Your vintage-tablecloths are so pretty - I would leave them also on my table after Easter. And the stravberry shortcake looks so delicious ... I need to Google the recipe ... would like to bake something new. Thank you for leaving such a sweet note on my post & enjoy the weekend,

  25. That is the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day. The minestrone soup looks delicious, too.

  26. After the beautiful post you wrote on spring, I guess the rain is not so bad - will provide a nice drink for all those spring flowers. Staying inside with soup and Blue Eyes sounds like a pretty good day! <3

  27. I love your rainy photos! The raindrops on the flowers are so pretty. I really like your dishes! We've been working outside this weekend because it was really nice for a change. Felt good to be outside :)

  28. Sounds like a wonderful day, eating soup, stitching and watching the outdoors from a warm home! :)

  29. This was such a joyful, interesting post! I loved the homey-ness of being in when there is rain. I loved the vintage napkin and doilie and the stitchery project and the turquoise blue dishes! Everything had a sense of warmth and home about it!


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