Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Little Town

I live near a small, close knit, logging town tucked into a plateau at the base of the Cascade Mountains with a view of Mt.Rainier. 

Built around the turn of the century, it is full of charm. 

This little cottage is especially dear and is the childhood home of my daughter's friend. 

With cherry and plum trees blossoming, even the newer buildings look charming. 

This is our local library. 

Against the stormy, gray skies, this beautiful building really shows off it's turn of the century arches. 

Everywhere you go, pink petals carpet the sidewalks. 

This is a back alley. 

This lovely church is located on the appropriately named, 'Cottage Street'. 

Tucked into a sweet row of cottages. 

Each one with it's own charm. 

As we leave the little town behind, we see the new leaves are emerging on the line of Alder Trees. 

I love the lime green against the gray sky. 

The countryside also has it's charms. 

Pink blossoms peeking out from dark evergreens. 

And rows of flowering trees marching along to lead the way. 

A world of beautiful blossoms and emerald green. 

Every farm and cottage flaunting it's Spring Beauty. 

Lovingly planted by painterly hands. 

Tucked into quiet groves. 

With hidden gardens. 

Foothills Museum buildings - log skidder, tower, cabin, mess hall for logging operations

Or Showing off for the world to see. 

Spring in all it's glory. 

That says happiness to me! 

Are you seeing signs of Spring? 



  1. the blooming trees are just gorgeous! love the stone building, too. and alder trees! we don't get them here (that i know of).

  2. Your town is really beautiful with wonderful cottages, is very different from my big city "Barcelona"!!

  3. I love the tree lined streets of old towns and the wonderful cottages that were surrounded by plants from long ago......I grew up near one and will always hold fond memories of the old buildings and the various events that took place on special occasions..

    I am glad you shared your special town with us today and in doing so memories have flooded my mind from my own childhood....

  4. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful town. All the flowering trees and shrubs are wonderful, too. We're just starting to get magnolia blooms - it will be a while for the rest

  5. You have done such a lovely job of show casing your little town. I simply adore the rows of trees and your daughter's friend's house is sublime.

  6. A charming little town - and wonderful photos. The pink and white flowering trees are fabulous this time of year too.

  7. Oh how I love this time of year on your West Coast it is still dark and muddy here:) Beautiful flowers beautiful words. B

  8. Thank you giving us a little tour of your town. I enjoyed seeing all the plants and tress with their spring colors.

  9. You live in such a beautiful place! I especially love the first photo. What a lovely place for your daughters friend to go grow up. We are getting some blossoms! I love them.

  10. Beautiful with the blooming trees and houses. Also love the backdrop of the gray skies.

  11. Such a beautiful place to live. Thanks so much for sharing this spring beauty!

  12. Oh what a sweet & lovely looking village. You must just love it there. Thank you for taking us on this tour!!

  13. What nice shots. I love spring colors.

  14. You do live in a very pretty town, what lovely cherry blossoms only they don't last long enough but they make a lovely carpet.

  15. Wow, I really love your town! All the flowering trees are beautiful. And of course the mountain views can't be beat :) Thanks for taking us for a tour! I really enjoyed it!

  16. Each with its own charm. linda that phrase!I love cherries!
    I find it very charming spring, like the cloudy days ...
    Your city is warm, beautiful .. loved the church!
    I am very happy to share their city with me.
    Thanks, I loved this ride.
    I'll show you to my city too.
    A big kiss

  17. Oh my gosh - such sweet sweet charm everywhere!
    That little green cottage with it's fencing is to die for!!!
    What a lovely place to live.
    I even liked the threatening sky. :)

  18. Nice pictures you show from your small town. Great to see the beautiful trees that are in bloom. Wish you a good Thursday :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  19. What a sweet, charming town, Karen! The blooming trees are just lovely and I fell in love with the first picture of the cottage - absolutely lovely!


  20. What a lovely, picturesque place! I am NOT seeing signs of spring. Well, we did have tulips coming up, but today they are covered with snow. :(

  21. Wow wee -- lovely photos of your town -- gotta come visit that's for sure -- that little cottage I love the design and color and all those frees in blossoms - wow wee beautiful..

  22. What a lovely town you live in. The blossoms on the trees look beautiful Karen. I hope we will have them soon too. There is the promise of a warm weekend ahead :-)!

    Madelief x

  23. I love that local library and I love that road that leads out of the town. I am really wanting to visit your town someday. It just looks so beautiful.

  24. Thanks Karen for the tour of your town. It looks so pretty with the different blossoms decorating the roads. I especially love the white blossom, so neat and tidy! We are being promised a warm Sunday here in the UK with a soaring temperature, we shall see though. Take care. Chel x

  25. Wonderfully beautiful! I wish I could live in that little town. It seems so peaceful. I love the church part and the streets.
    Adorable! And you shot it perfectly.


  26. I can almost imagine myself stepping back in time a hundred years. I still think I was born in the wrong era. <3

  27. Dearest Karen,
    You do live in a very charming looking close knit and well kept community! Love the blossoms and your dramatic photos!
    Hugs to you,

  28. Ok Karen...This is gorgeous! Your town is just so amazing with all of it's charm! I wanted to let you know that your post here just inspired my next painting! When I saw your photo of your Alder trees I knew that I wanted to pull out my paints and get to work! Thank you for the inspiration! What a blessing to live in such a place...sometimes I wish my town was still small....Have a lovely weekend friend!

  29. I'll just echo everyone else and say that your little town is utterly charming. Thanks for taking me along this little outing with you. The blossom is so beautiful. Our spring is very delayed - we usually have plum trees in blossom by the beginning of April, but not yet this year.

  30. what a beautiful location! and the colors of spring are magnificent!!! we are just starting to get blooms now..

  31. Just wonderful, the trees in bloom really cheer me up. We are finally getting some blooms also.

  32. The town has enormous charm! It's such a truly lovely place where you live, especially with all the spring blooms! So nice!

  33. Hi Karen, what a charming small town! I love cottage style homes, and these are so pretty. Trees are in bloom here, too, and coincidentally I was taking pictures of trees, too, today! Lovely spring colors brighten up a gray day. Great pictures! :)


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