Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April!

Isn't it wonderful? 

April is here! 

I know that for many of you, it has been a very long winter. 

I hope that you had a very Lovely Easter! 

I hosted Easter Brunch and it was so wonderful to have my whole family together. 

My daughter Heather made these sweet little Easter gifts. 

A little nest with a tiny bird and a long feather tail. 

So sweet. 

This darling bouquet in the blue teapot was from my daughter, Jennie. 

The lovely pink tulips were a gift from my daughter in law, Erica and son Gabe. 

The lily was from my sweet Mr. 

My dear, daughter in law to be, Jen, baked these sweet cupcakes with edible 'grass'. 

The one with the yellow chick was for The Mr.'s birthday. 

We celebrated his day on Easter. 

Here is the table all set for our Brunch. 

I served glazed ham, deviled eggs, fried potatoes, fruit salad, blueberry muffins and bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

We had juices and we also opened a bottle of champagne to have Mimosa's to celebrate the Mr's birthday.

Here is his cake, decorated with carrots and peeps. A carrot cake, of course!

Here I am with my two sweet 'Jennifers'. My daughter Jennie on the left, and my future DIL, Jen on the right. 

You can see the bright sunshine pouring in from the glass door.

Here are my 4 girls posing together last Easter.

In the rush of the day I didn't get a photo of them all together!

From left to right, Heather, Erica, Jen, and Jennie.

It was 70 degrees! I had all the windows and doors open and after we ate, we sat out on the deck enjoying the warm sunshine. A very rare treat for the last day of March! 

It was so bright, we all needed 'shades'! (From left to right, Heather, Jen, Dustin, Gabe and Eric)

All eyes were on this guy, the man of the hour, opening cards and presents. 

Jennie brought her two mini-dachshunds, Peanut and Weenie Baby. As you can see, Weenie Baby was shamelessly enjoying the sun! 

These little faces cheerily looked on! 

The sunshine coaxed these tiny 'Tom Thumb' daffodils to bloom, too. 

But soon the sun dipped lower in the sky, casting shadows on the walls. 

It was time for everyone to say goodbye. 

A beautiful day, enjoyed with family to celebrate two very special events. 

And as the moon rose over the quiet hills, sweet memory lingered of the many blessings we shared. 


I want to take this moment to welcome all of my new followers. 

And to thank all of my loyal friends. 

I hope your Easter was as special as you are! 


  1. It does look like you spent a beautiful day celebrating. Such a beautiful family. Blessings during this Easter Season your way.

  2. a great family day. i like the cupcakes! too cute!

  3. Karen, I felt like a picture on the wall watching a beautiful family enjoying each other and making wonderful memories. Being with the family is so special and double duty in your case of celebrating the Mr's. birthday....Such beautiful arrangements all over your house.....

  4. A Wonderful family day Karen Your photos are fabulous... Lovely food & yummy cakes shared with loved ones to share Mr's Birthday!! I must say wee weenie baby knows how to soak up that sunshine.. tee-hee, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day!! Hugs May x x x

  5. Your family is just wonderful!!! Happy birthday to your husband!!! Your table and menu were awesome! And I soooo want to make those cupcakes that your daughter in law made!!! My beans would love them! I'm so glad you had such a nice Easter!!! And 70 degrees!!!??!? I will take that any day....oh and your daughters puppy...priceless! Ha! Happy Easter friend!

  6. Where to start - everything was fabulous - the family is wonderful - the flowers are lovely - the photos are terrific - I'm running out of words. It was nice to see everyone and see them having such a grand time - so many pretties and the table was awesome. It is nice the mountain was out for everyone to see too. Happy day after easter.

  7. Hi Karen, I love your brunch table. It's so beautifully set up. Wonderful family photos too. Your girls are very pretty!

  8. You've had a wonderful family day Karen, your tablescape was so pretty, such unique touches. Lovely !

  9. It's one of those great days we feel so close to happiness ! A perfect day to share with our beloved persons. I think that you deserve to be so lucky dear Karen because with your sweetness and your affection you join all these people around you. Your home also looks so bright ,cosy and welcoming.
    I'm so glad you celebrated all together these festive days !
    Hugs from me!

  10. Hello Karen. Lovely photos of your Easter. We have had a really laaaaang winter, the coldest month of March in 26 years. Yet there is snow. During the day we have at present. + 7 degrees C and at night minus 6.0 degrees C. ..... Waiting for spring. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful new week :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  11. Karen, what a lovely Easter you had. I like how you set the table and the Easter goodies look so yummy.
    Here, we've been hit by a snow storm, so our Easter looked more like Christmas, but it was good to spend time with family and rest.

  12. Happy April Karen! You have such a beautiful family. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  13. Dearest Karen,
    What a special Easter you had together as a Family and for two special occasions. Love the photo of you husband; looking so happy and content for having all of his family around. And Weenie Baby is so cute! Your table set in the soft eggshell blue is so precious!

  14. You had some amazing weather for Easter! Wow! I am still waiting for our weather to warm up. Hopefully by this weekend we'll be in the 60s. I loved seeing all the pretty flowers! Winter has definitely been extra long this year so I am so thrilled that April is here :)

    PS - Your family is beautiful! :)

  15. beautiful weather indeed - good looking family too and you are young and beautiful in your photo there with your daughter and daughter inlaw to be..
    Funny to see the sweet pup getting it's (E's)sunning --and for the flowers aww beautiful and I bet it smelled wonderful in your home plus with all the good food too..So enchanting to see the mountain scene in the backdrop of your day -- and end with the moon -- thanks for sharing!!

  16. Looks like a perfect day, enjoyed by all - including Weenie Baby! <3

  17. What a nice day with your family!

  18. A very lovely day indeed and a beautiful family :) As always, your photos were delightful to look at - thank you for sharing with us.



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