Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Scenes - Five Spooky Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, 
I'd like to invite you over, Dear Friends, 
for some spooky treats and 
 some fun ideas to decorate for the holiday.  

The first idea was found in a flyer
sent to me by my local market.....

'Boo-Nana Bites'
'Vampire Teeth'

These are a healthier alternative to 
sweet treats and would be perfect for 
a children's party. 

To make the BooNana Bites
you will need....

Vanilla Yogurt
Chocolate Chips 
(both mini and regular sizes)
Waxed or parchment paper
Straws or popsicle sticks

Peel each banana and slice in half. 
Push a popsicle stick or straw
  into the cut end, 
and coat the banana in vanilla yogurt. 
Press two mini-chips into the narrow 
end for eyes, and one regular sized chip
for a mouth. 
Freeze on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet. 

To make the Vampire Teeth
you will need......

Creamy peanut butter
(or nut butter of choice)
Mini marshmallows
Slivered almonds

Slice apples into wedges. 
Working in pairs, spread peanut butter
on one side of each wedge. 
Arrange a row of marshmallows
along bottom wedge like teeth. 
Add two almond sliver 'fangs'. 
Top with the other apple wedge, 
peanut butter side down. 

For an extra spooky touch, 
coat the tip of the 'fangs' with 
red jelly :)

Aren't they fun? 

Delicious, too! 

My spooky tree with hanging bats. 
I've had this since my children were young. 
The gourds are actually candles. 

My second spooky idea is simple! 

A Vintage 'painting' of an autumn scene
decorated with 3-D stickers! 

I found these at my local craft store. 
The 'painting' was a thrift store find. 

My stuffed and painted canvas crow
perches on top. 

I found this handsome fellow last year at 
an after-holiday sale. 

I've had the black-cat wind-chime 
for years. She is made of stained glass
with mirrored facets and a glass fish weight
on the end. 
She even wears a bell on her collar :)

My vintage step-ladder serves 
as easel. 

This 'prim' scarecrow was a recent gift 
from my sweet sis-in-law <3 

The third idea for Halloween decorating 
is to frame vintage postcards. 

I am always on the lookout for these
as they make the most charming displays. 


Something to make me smile 
when I walk through the door. 

My vintage seed sack pillow :)
It's so soft.....

The fourth spooky idea is a 'Boo Box'. 

I simply painted a small wooden tray
black with white letters. 

A craft-fair cat. 

A cute shelf-sitter. 

A captured pumpkin. 

My Mom's owl from the 60's :)

The fifth and last spooky idea I have for you 
is hand-stitchery. 

How cute is this? 

I found this years ago in a favorite shop. 

It would be a cute idea for a chalk-board, too! 

I hope you enjoyed my spooky ideas 
for Halloween, my friends!

Just remember.....

Be wary......

It's scary, 

In the dark! 


I want to thank you, my friends, for your warm 
and wonderful visits. 


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Last of the Flowers

Hello, friends, as October comes to an end, 
so have most of my flowers. 

All except a few hardy blooms, such as 
these winter pansies. 

A few calibrachoa are still blooming, too. 

Let's take a look around and see what else 
is blooming here at my home in the foothills
of Washington State.

We've had one of the wettest October's on record, 
but this day is full of beautiful sunshine. 

I have swept the deck of fallen leaves.......

An everyday task this time of year. 

I try not to think of the leaves I need to rake on the ground! 

My two helpers, Whitey Bear and Kai. 

Every breeze sends the wind-chimes 
singing and brings the leaves falling down. 

But for now, the sun is shining and the air is still. 

It does get cool at night now, but not 
enough for frost. 
Daytime temperatures are still mild, 
55-65 degrees. 

You can see the begonia are still blooming. 
Kai is always on alert. 

These are double begonia and I wish I bought more
of them last spring. They have been blooming 
non-stop since May. 

I will be sure to look for more next year. 

Japanese maple is losing her beautiful leaves. 

A pot of redwood sorrel sits on the rail. 

I've had this plant for many years. 
I bring it in for winter. 

Can you see the blossom?

So tiny and delicate. 

A stink bug rests on a leaf in the sunshine. 

White impatiens bloom among the chocolate mint. 

More white impatiens are blooming
on the window ledge. 

You can see the hummingbird feeder and a few 
stray leaves. The lilac has already lost her leaves. 

Just blooming away.....
You can see the skylight in my living room
through the window :)

Surprisingly the bees have been visiting the 
feeders these last few weeks, much to the dismay of 
the hummingbirds. 

I've set out extra feeders everywhere to give the birds
a better chance. 

The Anna's hummingbirds stay year-round. 
The Rufous hummingbirds have already left. 

There is one last rose blooming in the garden. 

This weekend the ceramic bird bath will be put away. 

One last Nikko blue hydrangea blooms behind. 

Nikko blue turns lovely colors this time of year. 

I gather the beautiful blooms for baskets and vases. 

Hydrangea and crab-apple by the birdbath. 

One last foxglove :)

I've finished sweeping the deck for now. 

White alyssum, and bacopa still bloom on 
the old baker's rack. 

The fairies have packed up and left their pan garden. 

The pineapple sage is ready for harvest. 
I was hoping it would bloom, but the growing season
is not long enough. 

Beautiful fall colors. 

Mt. Rainier is hidden in the mountain clouds. 

Viburnum turns a rosy hue. 

Winter Pansies wait to be potted. 

Happy little faces. 

Just waiting for me to find time. 

 The hydrangea gathered for my table :)

Kai waits by the door. 
There's a cat on the other side. 
They like to play together. 

Ling Ling ready for play......

Time to sweep the deck again! 

I hope you enjoyed visiting my flowers, 
dear friends! 


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