Thursday, October 6, 2016

Early October Country Drive

Hello, Dear Friends, October is here
and the leaves are just starting to turn in WA state. 

Cooler nights and days bring out the lovely 
colors of autumn. 

Come along with me and we will 
see the lovely changes as we drive 
the back roads near my home.

Beautiful Mt. Rainier rises over the Cascade range. 

I love the soft, golden light of these sweet 
autumn days. 

The lower angle of the sun's rays
brings out light and shadow. 

Black cottonwood rises over a pretty barnyard
against the backdrop of the Cascade mountains.

Black cottonwood shows why it gets its name
in fall when we see the dark outline of branches
against the golden leaves. 

Lovely light against the face of a beautiful green barn. 

A forest lake with dark silhouettes of
trees in shadow. 

Golden farmland. 

Fall trees at the post office :)

A Japanese maple in a lovely wooded garden. 

Large orange squash dry in the sun. 

A pretty fall garden. 

Bright yellow birch trees. 

The sweet cottage that owns them :) 
Can you see the little dog?

(He's in front of the red barn)

Ramblin' Man stops to buy me flowers :)

You pay on the 'honor system'.

Rows and rows of beautiful dahlias. 

Pumpkin fields always make me smile.

Can you see Mt. Rainier?

A solid board fence corrals lovely trees.

A logging truck rolls through town. 

You can find out more about our state's
sustainable forest industry Here and Here.

Washington state is the second largest
producer of timber in the nation.

The US is the largest producer of timber in the world.

Pretty trees as we drive through town.

We take a right here.

Late afternoon sunshine on my neighbor's fence.

We open the gate.
You can see the hood of our gray Ford Ranger.

The Russian ash trees I planted as saplings
add beautiful color as we arrive home.

Can you see the apples on the trees?

A lovely place to sit this time of year.

Home Sweet Home.

The flowers on the table :)

Whitey Bear and Kai relax nearby.


Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends!


Today I am joining:

Good Fences

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  1. So many beautiful things to see on your drive! I love that green barn - and the entrance to your home is welcoming!

  2. A beautiful series of shots! Quite a few of your photos have a nice vintage feel to them, almost like they were shot on film.

  3. Beautiful views and that green barn is very interesting and gorgeous!

  4. your area of the country is so beautiful, but maybe in its finest form in autumn! so lovely!

  5. What a beautiful drive you took us on! The Japanese maple is gorgeous! And the pumpkins are delightful.

  6. Your area is glorious at Autumn time, Karen. Love all the oranges and golds and reds. The Japanese Maple is soooo pretty. What lovely flowers from your husband. Pumpkin fields always make me smile too. :) This post was so charming, Karen, and I enjoyed seeing all the colors of Fall. It surely is a lovely season, isn't it?


  7. Thank you for taking us along for the ride, Karen! So lovely...I love the lighting of fall, too!

  8. Autumn is well and truly with you now. Such gorgeous colours. It is very rare that we see such strong Autumn colours. We don't seem to have the right trees in Jersey plus the temperature differential isn't as large as yours I think. Have a lovely weekend. B X

  9. What a difference a week makes at this time of year! So colourful. Thanks for the wonderful trip. x

  10. I always enjoy my visit but today was spectacular. You certainly took us on a wonderful drive, the colours are stunning.

  11. Beautifully captured scenes...thanks for taking us along. And stopping to buy you, so sweet.

  12. The scenes are so gorgeous♥ Happy Friday ♥

  13. Hello, love the beautiful Autumn colors and trees. I enjoyed the ride and the pretty countryside scenes. Happy Friday, have a happy weekend!

  14. Hola dear Karen ,,,que linda granja ,, se nota que ya llega el otoño por all a,, , espero que tengas un bendecido fin de semana junto a los tuyos

  15. Dear Karen, wonderful autumn scenes you have for us ... I LOVE those warm colours fo autumn!
    Thank you for sharing, and wishing you a lovely, wonderful and joyful weekend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings to you, my dear friend!
    Claudia xo

  16. You always take the best drives Karen. Your area is colouring up nicely! Love those black cottonwoods (a tree I've never seen here). Our birch trees change to bright yellow like that in fall. You must love opening that gate and being welcomed home to such a beautiful, cozy spot every time you come home. I know we used to love turning into our long drive and my mom would always give a sigh of relief to be "home again, home again". Have a wonderful weekend!
    Wendy x

  17. Thank you for the drive, Karen! It's so nice to see landscapes so different that I'm used to. And the late afternoon sunshine - so beautiful! xoxo Muusa

  18. What a wonderful drive, Karen! The views are stunning, as always. Two things were particularly beautiful today. First of all, the pumpkin fields. Before I started blogging and reading blogs from the US and Canada and Britain etc., I hadn't seen these lovely photos of pumpkin fields. They definitely make one smile!
    Secondly, the place where they grow and sell dahlias looks absolutely enchanting. I so wish I could visit a place like that. :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend! xx

  19. Karen, thanks for the tour! I'm dazzled! I could move into that charming white cottage with the red barn and feel quite at home, I'm sure.

  20. What a colorful drive. Thank you,

  21. Your countryside is amazing more and more, especially in this so charming season, dearie, and your home, always so cozy, is such a wonderful nest, thank you for welcoming me today !

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend ahead,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    Xx Dany

  22. I just loving seeing your neighborhood :-) thanks for taking me along!
    Hugs Bella

  23. Absolutely gorgeous and I just love those roadside flowers!! beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!


  24. Dear Karen ~ Thank you for such a wonderful, lovely autumn drive. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So beautiful!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers in my having to deal with my first hurricane without my dear husband.

    Have a lovely fall weekend ~ FlowerLady

  25. Karen, thanks so much for taking us along on your drive and into your sweet home. We have places around us that sell flowers on the honor system, too, and I enjoyed seeing the little dog in front of his red barn and your dogs enjoying your lovely home. We are eager to see what Mt. Hood looks like after the rain/snow clouds lift. Part of my family drove up to see the snow yesterday and my nearly 3 yr. old grand, Rosie is now singing Jingle Bells! I love seeing your beautiful Mt. Rainier! Happy Weekend! xx

  26. such a homey feeling your home gives.... beautiful


  27. What a delightful drive you were able to take! We visited Yakima and Mount Rainer Park this past May, and it was absolutely magnificent to see that stately mountain. Your drive was chock-ful of delight from the colors of fall, to the stately Mt. Rainier, and the flowers bought by your husband, and all the lovely farms and valleys full of color... but truly the best is coming home,isn't it! Hugs to you today :)

  28. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely post about your gorgeous autumn in the mountains.
    Love the sweet gesture of your husband buying flowers and I KNEW we would see them at the end of this post!
    Sending you hugs and love from another timber producing state (pine),

  29. I so enjoyed my drive with you.
    The scenes and colours a joy to the eye.

    Your last photo of your flowers on the table - they are such gorgeous colours.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    All the best Jan

  30. So lovely. Each photo prettier than the next. Some of them as beautiful as a painting. Love joining you my Friend!! Have a blessed weekend. Xoxo

  31. What beautiful, beautiful pictures, Karen. WA is really a gorgeous state. Majestic mountains and sweet valleys. xo Diana

  32. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and adventures. The colors are so gorgeous in your neck of the woods this time of the year.

  33. you live in such a beautiful area, do you have all that autumn color already?? the trees are glorious. so many awesome barns and country to see but i think the entrance to home is the best!!!

    i really like those small roadside stands....especially where you are able to enjoy the honor system. i always look for and support them!!!

  34. Dear Karen,

    I so enjoyed seeing where you went on your drive and thanks for taking us along. Such a wonderful season to see all the pretty Autumn leaves on the trees. Lovely that your husband bought you some flowers, and yes, roadside stalls are always great.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  35. The pumpkin field is a lovely sight! And the colors of autumn are so bright and pure in sunlight against the blue sky ... Your leaf bouquet brings the feeling of autumn inside :)
    Have a lovely week to come, Karen!

  36. Some beautiful autumn shots here, I love them.


  37. Once again, the beauty of your area leaves me in awe!

  38. Karen, your pictures are breathtaking! I love the autumn colors especially the reds. We've only greens still here in NC. Someday soon!

  39. It seems that you are living in your own little slice of heaven here on earth. Beautiful!

  40. I love driving in Fall. The colors are so pretty. I think your drive looks beautiful.

  41. Oh, Karen- your pics are awesome. Now THAT is what Autumn is all about - you captured it all perfectly!

    Sorry that I have been away from the computer - just spending as much time as possible with my first grandchild - they're tiny for just a millisecond, and I plan to be there for it! : - )

    Hope your fall has been and shall continue to be wonderful. Hugs. ♥♥

  42. Each photo is breathtaking Karen! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Taking drives during this time of year, particularly in areas like yours, are wonderful and so restorative to the soul.


  43. Thanks for the lovely drive Karen. Most enjoyable! I really like the flower cart selling those beautiful flowers....and on the honour system too. Your bouquet is beautiful. I hope your week is going well. Hugs. Pam

  44. so enjoyed the lovely drive, the colors are just beautiful, we have seen some pumpkin patches on our trip and it sure does bring a smile. That is so neat to be able to stop and by flowers at the stand and they look wonderful on your table. Love the welcoming feel of your brick path and the arbor and gate!!

  45. This was just wonderful. So many beautiful farms, trees, fences etc...loved it all.

  46. Now -- how gorgeous is all this!
    And taking the trouble to make it all available to us. I love this sort of mini holiday, when I don't have to pack a suitcase :-)


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