Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Scenes - Five Spooky Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, 
I'd like to invite you over, Dear Friends, 
for some spooky treats and 
 some fun ideas to decorate for the holiday.  

The first idea was found in a flyer
sent to me by my local market.....

'Boo-Nana Bites'
'Vampire Teeth'

These are a healthier alternative to 
sweet treats and would be perfect for 
a children's party. 

To make the BooNana Bites
you will need....

Vanilla Yogurt
Chocolate Chips 
(both mini and regular sizes)
Waxed or parchment paper
Straws or popsicle sticks

Peel each banana and slice in half. 
Push a popsicle stick or straw
  into the cut end, 
and coat the banana in vanilla yogurt. 
Press two mini-chips into the narrow 
end for eyes, and one regular sized chip
for a mouth. 
Freeze on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet. 

To make the Vampire Teeth
you will need......

Creamy peanut butter
(or nut butter of choice)
Mini marshmallows
Slivered almonds

Slice apples into wedges. 
Working in pairs, spread peanut butter
on one side of each wedge. 
Arrange a row of marshmallows
along bottom wedge like teeth. 
Add two almond sliver 'fangs'. 
Top with the other apple wedge, 
peanut butter side down. 

For an extra spooky touch, 
coat the tip of the 'fangs' with 
red jelly :)

Aren't they fun? 

Delicious, too! 

My spooky tree with hanging bats. 
I've had this since my children were young. 
The gourds are actually candles. 

My second spooky idea is simple! 

A Vintage 'painting' of an autumn scene
decorated with 3-D stickers! 

I found these at my local craft store. 
The 'painting' was a thrift store find. 

My stuffed and painted canvas crow
perches on top. 

I found this handsome fellow last year at 
an after-holiday sale. 

I've had the black-cat wind-chime 
for years. She is made of stained glass
with mirrored facets and a glass fish weight
on the end. 
She even wears a bell on her collar :)

My vintage step-ladder serves 
as easel. 

This 'prim' scarecrow was a recent gift 
from my sweet sis-in-law <3 

The third idea for Halloween decorating 
is to frame vintage postcards. 

I am always on the lookout for these
as they make the most charming displays. 


Something to make me smile 
when I walk through the door. 

My vintage seed sack pillow :)
It's so soft.....

The fourth spooky idea is a 'Boo Box'. 

I simply painted a small wooden tray
black with white letters. 

A craft-fair cat. 

A cute shelf-sitter. 

A captured pumpkin. 

My Mom's owl from the 60's :)

The fifth and last spooky idea I have for you 
is hand-stitchery. 

How cute is this? 

I found this years ago in a favorite shop. 

It would be a cute idea for a chalk-board, too! 

I hope you enjoyed my spooky ideas 
for Halloween, my friends!

Just remember.....

Be wary......

It's scary, 

In the dark! 


I want to thank you, my friends, for your warm 
and wonderful visits. 


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  1. What a spooky weekend and I really like the Vampire Teeht, hi hi!
    Best wishes for a happy Halloween...
    Warm hug,

  2. What a superb post! Here in the UK we do not really go all out for Halloween but my goodness this is such fun and those vampire teeth are just genuius, thanks for sharing x

  3. Some wonderfully spooky ideas. Halloween is not really celebrated here in the same way as it is in America or Britain, but the kids still like to come around trick or treating.


  4. You've shared some fabulous ideas for Halloween today. Those apples are just fantastic! Someone's got a great imagination. I hope you enjoy the day. x

  5. Love the cat chimes. Wonderful.looks like you are going to have a very scary Halloween. Enjoy :) B xx

  6. Always a joy to visit your beautiful home. It certainly looks amazing with all the Autumn and Halloween décor. I have to admit that we don't really bother much with Halloween these days but it was a joy to visit and see yours.

  7. Lots of festive halloween decor at your house. The vampire teeth look pretty real! And the hand stitchery does look like a blackboard!

  8. The boo-nanas made me smile!!! You have so many adorable decorations! I've done zero decorating for Halloween - I guess the kids won't have much fun at my house :-/

  9. These are such cute ideas, Karen. I especially love the sweet treats for the kids...I think I like making things like this more than they do eating them!! The framed postcards are a terrific idea, too. I used to really decorate for Halloween when my kids were younger. Now I do a bit of fall and that's it. Maybe I'll start again when the grandkids start pouring through the door!

    Thanks so much for you visit. I hear ya on Pier 1. Since I discovered HomeGoods I rarely stop in. I think they are starting to compete with the likes of Pottery Barn and Birch Lane. I do think their furniture is great...the ottoman arrived and I'm in LOVE!

    Happy Weekend

  10. This post was incredible! Would love to make those boo-na-nas for Miss V!
    Your home looks very scary! Hahaha!
    Not much decorating here...was otherwise occupied! 😬
    Weather improving here...
    Have a great day...we are off to the cottage!
    Linda :o)

  11. What great ideas for halloween! I like the idea of adding stickers to a painting. it does look spooky!

  12. WHAT FUN ideas!!!! I love the painting idea and now am kicking myself for taking an old landscape painting to GW. I suppose I could go buy it

    Your ideas are all sweet and add so much oomph to your home. Thanks for sharing everything. I am going to copy that chalkboard in the future. Love it- xo Diana

  13. Lovely Halloween post. Such fun to look at! I love the vampire teeth, what a unique idea.

    Happy Five on Friday

  14. You've done an amazingly creative job of decorating your home for Halloween Karen! I'm loving the teeth and framed postcards! I don't decorate for Halloween as we don't have any trick or treaters here in the boonies, but it's so much fun to look at them anyway :).


  15. Hi Karen, what a cute post and perfect for Halloween. I love the food ideas and your nice Halloween decorations. :) Take care, Julie xo

  16. Every child must be pleased. I love vampire teeth. Happy Halloween.

  17. What great ideas! I really like the boonanas and the idea of having healthy treats instead of just sugary things. Thank you for being part of Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

  18. Dear Karen, it must be a big fun to celebrate Halloween in your house, you have so many wonderful and spooky ideas! Wishing you a Happy Halloween and a lovely weekend, my dear friend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessing,
    Claudia xo

  19. Hey, I think I will drop by your place on Halloween. Those treats look 'good enough to eat'. And, I won't get any where I live.

  20. Pumpkins are always a part of my Fall decorations, and I have been interested to see white pumpkins more available as the years go by. You have a lovely collection of them! I'm praying your newest grandchild arrives safely and your daughter and family have a joyous celebration. Thanks for your prayers for my safe travels. xx

  21. Karen, what a treat (not a trick) to visit your Halloween home. I love the way you used the little ladder to showcase your art and delights! And I seriously need to eat one of those boo-nanas!

  22. I so enjoyed seeing all of your ideas, thank you so much for sharing them.
    Isn't your black-cat wind-chime great!

    Enjoy the weekend and Halloween

    All the best Jan

  23. Your Halloween decor is fun, Karen...I especially love how you dressed up the forest painting! I made the vampire teeth for grandkids one Halloween...thanks for the reminder!

  24. Your decorations are always just to die for Karen, and those vampire teeth... I am going to have to try those. Have a fun Halloween. Do you have very many kids who come to your home...

  25. Such wonderful and very spooky ideas, Karen! Especially the Vampire Teeth do look terrific. :)
    Have a lovely weekend and remember to be wary! xx

  26. The Vampire Teeth are scary! I love your enthusiasm in home decoration! Could you send me some?

  27. I can see kiddos loving your treats! Very creative ideas. Looks like you are prepared for those goblins! Have a bootiful weekend!

  28. What a wonderful post!!! I really like your decorations and think your fruit treats are a great idea. What a great idea, your thrift shop picture with stickers.

  29. Of course, loving halloween as I do, I so enjoyed tricks, just all around TREATS!!

    The sweet snacks sound great. the tree with the hanging bats....awesome. Loved the stuffed crow and the wonderful room decor.

    Happy Haunting.

  30. So beautiful decorations.. I love the vampire's teeth.. that is so yummy..
    And the way you converted the old autumn painting into a "BOO" painting that is incredible..

    Please visit:

  31. Haha, it's rather creepy in your house. I love those vampire teeth.

  32. Karen, I enjoyed seeing all your Halloween goodies. The teeth are a creative idea, although I would feel like I was biting into teeth instead of apples haha. Love your Spooky tree, that's cool. The vintage painting of an Autumn scene is just right for Halloween. My sister first introduced me to vintage cards years ago, and ever since them, I was hooked. I have a vintage Halloween card that I forgot to put out. The hand stitchery looks like a chalkboard sign??

    You are always working on clever projects, Karen, and all your decorations look whimsical, spooky, and fun for this Halloween.


  33. Looks like you were already to host a wonderful and fun Halloween party! Such creative ideas for those goodies and you did a terrific job on them! I love how you made that painting into a spooky scene, great idea and such wonderful displays with all your great finds and gifts!

  34. Dear Karen,

    I enjoyed coming to see Halloween at your place, thanks for sharing.
    Loved the fruit treats and so much better than sugary sweets.
    the decorating is great and yes, be weary and it is scary in the dark.
    Happy Halloween

  35. It looks like you're already for some Halloween party fun, Karen! It was fun seeing all your treats and Halloween decor. I'll bet your little grandson will be stopping over. xo

  36. I love all of these so much - especially those Halloween paintings!! :)

    I hope you have a great Halloween :)

  37. What fun! You are all ready for Halloween with your spooky ideas. I may to try the treats for myself and think the apple with peanut butter is really calling to me ... ! Love your Prim scarecrow. Great idea to dress the painting ... marvelous! Happy Haunting!

  38. The treats are just too cute! You have such cute decorations too! Have a fun day tomorrow!

  39. These are such great ideas Karen! Love those vampire teeth and your spooky tree. The 3D stickers looks great, and I actually thought the stitched picture WAS a blackboard. Looks like you're all ready for a party.

  40. Great ideas for healthy Halloween Treats - pinned and shared!

  41. Looks as though you had a spectacular fun filled spooky Halloween. Loved the treats!!!
    Have a wonderful November :)x

  42. These are some really spooky and fun ideas ♥

  43. I love every one of these ideas Karen! Especially the 3-D stickers added to the painting. So clever. And it all looked so lovely grouped together on your ladder. I want to trick-or-treat at your house! ;)


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