Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chinese Take-Out

Hello, Dear Friends, can you believe
it is already November?

We officially had the wettest October on 
record, here in western Washington state. 

After hearing that, I don't feel so guilty
about not getting my spring bulbs planted yet! 

My birthday was in October, so Ramblin' Man 
came home with my favorite treat;
Chinese take-out.

I've been collecting dishes and linens to enjoy
my favorite treat for quite a few years. 

I love unpacking these little treasures!

Let me give you a closer look......

It all started with this wonderful, cross-stitch tablecloth. 

Colorful and intricate temples on stiff scrim fabric. 
I always wonder who, so lovingly, 
created such a lovely work of art. 

Was it a treasured family heirloom from the old country,
a souvenir from travels, 
or perhaps something created 
to enhance an Asian decor?

We'll never know...... 

The beautiful embroidered tea-towel 
was a gift from my dear sister-in-law. 

I was so happy when I recently found these two dinner plates. 

They are just enough for the two of us,
although, I would love to find more :)

Tiny rice and sauce bowls collected 
over time. 

I have no idea what they are actually 
used for, so I probably break all the rules
of Chinese protocol!

Pretty little hand-painted bowls. 

A rice spoon with dragon.
This is very old.
It was antique when I found it 25 years ago.

A hand-painted ceramic box holds Chinese tea. 

Time to eat! 

Another year older and hopefully wiser.....

Sooooo good! 

But the best thing is
sharing a special meal with my very favorite person
in my favorite place on Earth.

Home :)

My birthday gift :) 

The complete Downton Abbey collection! 
With tea and chocolates <3 

Blending two favorite cultures in 
one lovely night!

Some good fortunes.

I feel very blessed.  


What is your favorite take-out treat, Dear Friends? 


Some Chinese Proverbs:

*When the winds of change blow,
some people build walls
and others build windmills*

*Those who cause divisions
in order to injure people;
are in fact preparing pitfalls
for their own ruin*

*A closed mind is like a closed book,
just a block of wood*

*A wise man makes his own decisions,
an ignorant man follows public opinion*

*If you wish to know the mind of a man,
listen to his words*



  1. Looks like a wonderful evening, loved all your Chinese collection. I am a fan of Italian food and also Indian food if we have a takeaway which is actually a rarity.

  2. Looks like you both had a lovely evening. Your table is set so pretty and your vintage linens add the perfect touch. I love Downton Abbey too. Happy Birthday!
    xx Beca

  3. What a great set up for your take out dinner. I love it- your table looks just lovely. The linens are wonderful, too. I love Chinese take-out but haven't had it in quite a while. My mouth is watering now.
    Happy Downton Abbey Birthday- xo Diana

  4. A belated "Happy Birthday, Karen" I'm a big fan of chinese food and now I have a craving. :) Enjoyed your photos. Deb

  5. Happy birthday! I love Chinese takeout, although I don't think I've ever done it quite like that! The little details are awesome!

  6. Chinese take out, how Yummy! You know, it's one of my favorite foods. The hand painted bowls are pretty, and I like that ceramic tea box. And you dressed the part, you look lovely in your outfit. Would you believe I've never seen Downton Abbey before? That was so nice of your husband to get you the whole collection with the tea and chocolates. Happy Birthday to a very special lady, and wishing you sweet November days, Karen.


    1. Oh, I also wanted to tell you that those were Jess' Halloween decorations at her home. I didn't get a chance to show mine this year. :)

  7. What a very nice way to celebrate your birthday ...
    Loved seeing all the linen and your beautiful plates...
    And you dressed for the part too, you look lovely.

    My good wishes for this new month

    All the best Jan

  8. How lovely to see you have been spoiled on your special day. There's something wonderful about the small bowls, I can't resist them either. x

  9. We are so remote that there is rarely a chance for take out. But! I do love Indian and Chinese food! Happy Birthday to you! Looks like a perfect night to me!

  10. Yum! And what a pretty table! I think my favorite take-out is Chinese too. We are fortunate to have a great Chinese restaurant within walking distance. I don't have any pretty dishes or a kimono to wear but I always enjoy my mixed vegetables with garlic sauce! Happy Birthday! Love your gift. I would sit and watch that show all over again.

  11. Karen, what beautiful pictures - especially the one with you in it. Your dragon spoon is fierce! I am learning to appreciate Chinese food. My second daughter's husband is from Hong Kong and we often have Chinese dishes when I visit. Last visit we had Dim Sum and there was so much food! Happy Happy Birthday!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Karen. Your tablecloth is exquisite! And your collection of Chinese dishes is very pretty.

  13. Happy belated birthday Karen! Wow, you go all out for Chinese takeout. I love it! So much better than eating out of styrofoam boxes, haha! You even have the clothes to match! The tablecloth certainly is a work of art. We had some Chinese bowls and spoons growing up. They were fun to use.
    I picture you sitting and watching those Downton Abby DVDs come long winter evenings! Enjoy. xo Deborah

  14. Happy belated bday dear Friend! My fellow October Gal. I send you pretty opal wishes like our birthstone. ;)

    I LOVE your beautiful linens & dishes. So beautiful. And the top you were wearing is gorgeous!! I crave good Chinese takeout for a treat too. And I like practicing chopstick skills at home & not in public. Lol!!

    Your gifts were perfection in my book as well. ;) May the year ahead bring you many blessings dead Karen. Xoxo

    1. Darn autocorrect - obviously I meant "dear" Karen!! Oh my. Lol

  15. Sweet Karen, Happy belated Birthday! You are so beautiful, my friend, inside and out! I hope this year is full of rich and joyful blessings.

    Your Chinese take-out looks delicious and your dishes are darling! What a memorable evening.

    Love and hugs to you!

  16. Happy Birthday Karen 🎂🎈🎉 everything looks fabulous!! For takeout, it's almost always Chinese, or pizza!! Making things feel festive and extra special is a must for events like these!!

    I always save our "fortunes"....I put the date on them and have them in a large wine glass!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Karen! We need to celebrate the way we love best and if this suits you...hurray! I love Chinese, too, and even if you feel a little stuffed after, you know you ate healthy.

    Those dishes!!! You have a great collection. How great. I read a little joke/comment recently about how 'no one eats Chinese out of the box' as we see on TV or in movies. lol! We always use dishes but I don't have anything near your treasures.

    Love seeing your pic, and again...Happy Birthday!


  18. Dear Karen,
    it has been your Birthday...so belated best wishes for you, my dear friend!
    What a lovely way to celebrate! Love yout Dishes Collection :O)
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,
    sending much Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  19. Happy birthday! What a great idea! Making take out special! Your dishes and linens are so pretty! Our favorite takeout is papa johns pizza. Does baking it at home still count as pizza? Lol I think next time I will serve it on some brightly colored plates and wine glasses filled with grape juice! Yum! We live so far away from town, by the time we get pre cooked food home it is cold. But we love our uncrowned country life!

  20. How lovely Karen. A beautiful way to spend your birthday with so many beautiful things around you. I'm a Chinese take out person too especially since my sons partner is Chinese. Best wishes to you and enjoy hunkering down with Downton in the deep midwinter. Perfect :) B xx

  21. Hello, Karen! what a lovely way to spend your birthday. Chinese food is one of my favorite take outs too. Your dishes and your dress are so pretty. Happy Belated Birthday. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  22. Happy Birthday and yes, it does look like a lovely evening! I love how you set everything up for your meal. I love Downton Abbey! I'm trying to think of what my favorite take-out meal would be...I think food, for me, is like clothes....it's a mood thing! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Cindy Bee

  23. You had a special time in a Eastern style. I love designs of blue carp. I heard, in a Chinese folklore, carp is the king of all fish and it can be a dragon in the future. Both of them bring happiness.

  24. Your table looks very charming in the Chinese culture.
    Also you in your Chinese dress
    Happy Belated Birthday
    I just came home from Oregon and yes it was very wet out there 2 weeks ago the storm on the coast etc

  25. What a WONDERFUL post- I am grinning from ear-to-ear!

    I love to learn you enjoy Asian tea items. Always good to know!

    You really have a wonderful and perfect collection!

    And YOU - you are so pretty, what a lovely picture of you in your Asian satin. Happy belated birthday. I am so sorry I am crazed and didn't remember. I need to, as you remembered mine. Please know I am sending up a prayer for you for a happy and healthy year.

    Big hugs, dear friend! ♥♥♥

  26. Dear Karen ~ What a lovely birthday girl you are! Your dinner table and settings are lovely and I know you and the Ramblin' Man had a wonderful dinner together.

    May the rest of this week be wonderful for you ~ FlowerLady

  27. Happy Birthday! It looks like you made it as authentically Chinese as possible with your lovely Chinese pieces and cloth. How fun! I used to love Chinese but can no longer eat it. My favorite were the cream cheese puffs and cashew chicken.

  28. Happy Birthday Karen!! What a beautiful collection of Chinese dishes you have collected. How I wish I could have sent you my parents' old Chinese teapot and matching cups (something I didn't keep, but which they used regularly). My husband bought me the complete Downtown series last year and it was so fun to watch the entire series without commercial breaks or waiting a week between episodes (I kind of inhaled the whole thing at once). Enjoy!

  29. Happy Birthday Karen. Oh, I am a total dish nut and I am so impressed with your fun collection for your Chinese dinners. WOW! How fun to see it all and enjoy it. I really love it. What a great birthday gift too! Perfect.

  30. Your Chinese dishes are so pretty! Thanks for sharing what you have via photos.Phil and I like Chinese food as well and was able to eat at our favorite one in Hood River last month. We rarely have take out. It would be pizza if it was anything. I usually make it though. I'm glad you had a nice dinner with your husband on your birthday! He knows you well! Hugs and happy belated birthday, Karen!!xx

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a lovely evening! Downton Abbey and some chocolate...the best :)
    Have a lovely day!
    Love Titti

  32. Happy Birthday!!! A lovely way to celebrate!

  33. Happy belated birthday sweet (and pretty!) Karen! Your table was absolutely lovely! So many gorgeous details and your beautiful outfit really was the icing on the cake. Your hubby sounds like one very thoughtful guy. I loved downtown abbey!


  34. What a fun little party, Karen...Happy Birthday! Your table setting made everything very special!

  35. Happy Birthday, dear friend! I love all your wonderful Chinese porcelain pieces, and that embroidered cloth is divine! What fun! You even dressed for the occasion! What a sweet birthday!

  36. Such an elegant Chinese evening, Karen, with every detail cared so thoughtfully! Lovely photos!
    The proverbs are very interesting as well. Especially the first one makes one think. I believe that when the winds of change blow, in some cases it's better to build walls and in other cases windmills. The problem is how to know which is the case. :)
    Belated Happy Birthday!

  37. Wow, Congratulations!!! Wonderful gifts and I love Downton, you are very lucky. Hugs from spain


  38. What a happy birthday you had, dear Karen! The Chinese take out was special and your gifts are treasures. You look beautiful in your lovely outfit, sweet friend.

  39. Happy Birthday Karen !! Your Chinese dishes are so pretty!
    I love the plates of fish !!
    Happy weekend !


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