Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Sewing Room

Hello, Sweet Friends - 
I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend! 

It has been very hot here, 
so I have been staying inside
where it is cool.

I have finally finished my 
sewing room makeover
so follow me up the stairs
and let's take a peek! 

This room is my private sanctuary, 
high on the second floor, 
facing northeast.
It gets lovely morning light.  

My two daughter's grew up in this room, 
and I have kept some of the furniture
and artwork to remind me of 
those precious childhood days. 

This is where I spend peaceful
moments sewing in this special
room full of memories. . 

As part of my
sewing room makeover,
I sewed curtains
and a chair slipcover
out of vintage sheets. 

I made the tiered lampshades, too, 
and I will show you how in a future post.
They are so easy!

I was so happy to slipcover
 my very ugly desk chair! 

You can see what I mean, 
but it is the most 
comfortable of chairs! 

I simply made an envelope to fit the back rest, 
sewed the 'seat' to the front of the envelope....

Then sewed a gathered skirt around all. 
(I basted it in place before sewing.)

I found the instructions on Pinterest! 
Simply type in 'slipcovered office chair'
and you will find the directions for 
any style chair! 

Don't you just love Pinterest? 

I used a vintage sheet with a soft drape
for a romantic cottage look. 

I sewed this little cushion out of a vintage silk
hankie and trim. 

It has a small muslin bag 
of home-made rose/lavender 
potpourri inside. 

Next to my sewing table my daughters'
 dresser holds fabrics and notions.

Underneath, a large lined basket holds
sewing patterns. 

An old painted soda crate holds spools of thread. 

The tiered server displays my collection
of porcelain trinket boxes - most were
treasured gifts. 

These are perfect for small notions and findings.

A small basket of threads on wooden spools.
The oval 'painting' is a reproduction flue
pipe cover.

In the summer during Victorian times,
wood burning cast iron cook stoves
were moved outside to the
 open air, covered 'summer' kitchen
(it would be too hot to cook in the house)
and the open flue pipe needed covering.

My Dad told stories of growing up
on his Grandfather's 800 acre farm
and my Great Grandmother cooking
in her 'summer kitchen' for all of the farm workers
(Including her husband and sons)
every morning.

Breakfast was the biggest meal of the day
and a typical menu consisted of baked ham,
fried potatoes, biscuits with gravy, eggs,
fruit and coffee.

Hand pies were always made up of the previous
day's leftovers to bring into the fields for lunch,
along with biscuits and fruit.

Dinner was the remaining roast leftovers
with lots of potatoes and creamed vegetables.

Pie was always baked for dessert
and leftovers served for breakfast.

My Great Grandparent's had 15 sons,
(no daughters), - all named after presidents.

My Great Grandmother was 4'11" with fiery red hair.
Not one of those boys dared to cross her
and they all loved her to pieces.


My eldest son, Gabe made this shelf
for me as a school boy.

It holds special treasures.....

I recently painted it 'chippy' white
and added rosebud wallpaper to the back. 

The wallpaper was from 
my daughter Heather's 

Above the dresser,
remnants of childhood tea sets
reside on a miniature shelf.

The only thing broken in the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake
was the spout to the miniature teapot!

I glued it back together with a note inside
explaining the break.

Ramblin' Man brought me home this miniature
flower cart music box as a gift from one of his travels.

The chicken in the basket is Limoges.
It belonged to my Dear Mother.

Under the window
rests daughter Jennie's doll crib. 
It serves as a perfect place 
to drape fabrics and 
store current projects,
 and sometimes
I find my cat Maggie
sound asleep inside.
This can be quickly moved to make room for
a grand-baby's portable crib.

Sweet planters received
when my children were babies, rest
 on the windowsill above.

A vintage store display rack
holds some of  my sewing,
crochet, and crafting books.

Wire racks hold jars of buttons
with painted lids and
 a 'button bowl' for sorting.

This one has handy hooks.

Vintage children's book illustrations
 by Jesse Wilcox Smith.

A favorite saying was
a gift from a loved one.

As part of the makeover, I sewed a skirt
for my craft and sewing table.

I used stick on Velcro around the edges
of the table and sewed the loop tape
 to the gathered table skirt.

I can store my plastic totes under
the table, out of sight.

'Project baskets' can be moved,
 if I need more room
on the table.
A vintage sheet with a thin drape kept this
skirt from being too bulky.

I can take the skirt off if I need to store
 the drop-leaf table away,
or for washing.

This was my kitchen table for many years.
The whole family and a few friends could fit around it.
Now it is perfect for cutting out dress patterns
and for working on projects.

This Victorian painting above
 the table is my very favorite.

We had two fat ponies like this when
my 4 children were young.

Ours was their 'forever' home.

Another Victorian painting of
ponies and children hangs
over the dresser.

At the other end of the room,
I have a free-standing metal 'closet'.

The curtain is another vintage
sheet, but this one is heavy and thick
with a ruffled edge.
The weight holds it in place.

I simply folded the edge of the sheet over and
sewed lengths of twill tape at intervals to tie 
in place. 

Behind the curtain, straw bags
 hold crochet and craft projects,
and clothing waits to be altered. 

Lined baskets hold my collection of vintage linens.

Baskets and old enameled refrigerator dishes
hold supplies on top.

A vintage magazine illustration.
of children on ponies
hangs above.

The ad is for sewing notions.

I 'antique'd' all the frames
 in this room pale
colors, for a 'cottage' look.

More Victorian art with painted frames.

As we come back to my sewing table,
a child's armoire anchors the corner.

The television has been in this room
since my girl's were teenagers.
It still works fine!

More books inside.....

Can you have too many?


I need a proper bookshelf
and it is on 'the list'!

The large cat doorstops belonged to my Mom.
I found the kitten to add to the collection.

The hatboxes hold seam bindings,
zippers, rick-rack, etc.

My 1930's wooden ironing board sets up here.

I hope you enjoyed spending time in my
little sewing room!

I really enjoyed your company!

Now, when I tell you I have been sewing,
you will know where I've been!


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  1. OMG this room is so cute!!
    It's perfect for a girl, I bet my daugther would die for it :-)

  2. Hi Karen. I so enjoyed the tour of your lovely sewing room. It is so nice to see that each and every item you have used has a special meaning for you. I think that makes decorating so special. I'm sure you truly enjoy the hours you spend in this beautiful, heavenly room. My best wishes to you, Pat xx

  3. Good morning, Karen,
    What a sweet room. Amazing. And so you.
    The story about your great gramdmom was fascinating. Not a single girl! Did she ever have anyone to help her with housework or cooking?
    :) m & jb who is in the bedroom trying to wake daddy with her little cheeping meow because I won't let go out with her yet

    1. Hi Maureen! Thank you for your sweet visits, always! Oh, I can't answer your question now, as both of my 'memory keepers' (Mom and Dad) are gone now, but I do remember my Dad telling me how very hard she worked. I'm sure she had some of the daughter-in-laws and possibly granddaughters (eventually) to help her out. She was gone before I was born so I never got to meet her.
      I am woken every morning by my two cats, too! Nothing like a sandpaper tongue to the cheek to get you moving! xo Karen

  4. How beautiful! You've thought of every detail and decorated it with so many pretty things. I always stress to people to have a nice big cutting table and try not to use it to pile stuff on top! lol It makes it so much easier to work on projects. Very nice to have an ironing board set up all the time too. I have that same desk chair.....hhhmmm! I wonder if I could cover mine. Hugs!

  5. I love your sewing room, Karen! It is so pretty and functional at the same time. All those pictures and other mementos are just perfect. I can understand why you would want to work there! Thanks for sharing !

  6. What a wonderful, lovely space, I love it and I can see why it is a sanctuary for you. You've inspired me.


  7. Hi, Karen, my dear friend,
    Your Sewingroom is wonderful, I love it and I need would ome out again ;)
    Have a great week,
    Sending love and hugs, Claudia

  8. Can you have too many books....never! :) Sweet Karen, what a joyous and beautiful craft room! I don't know how you get anything done during the day with a room like that....I would want to spend hours in there simply enjoying everything! Every little touch and item is truly delightful, dear friend.

    Thank you ever so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Much love!

  9. Karen, your sewing room is simply wonderful. When I saw the sewing pattern, right away I thought of my dear mom who used to sew everything for us, from our clothes to our wedding dresses. The crate you put your thread in is so cute, and I love the oval painting, which I've seen before here and there. wow, your great grandmother sure made a BIG breakfast for all the farm workers, how special is that? The shelf that your son made for you is so special, and all the treasures exude love. My favorite was the "Treasured Heirlooms" frame, as family is so important to me. You did a fantastic job in your sewing room, and I really like all the soft pink colors. I was just thinking recently that I wanted to change my purple guest room to "pink' because it's such a happy color.

    May you have many more years of special time in your sewing room, Karen. It really is a wonderful space to create and dream, and a place to call your own.


  10. Dearest Karen,
    I love the way your room has moved with the times and your needs but still retains the memories for you all. There is so much to admire your handiwork, your treasures and your transformation. May you enjoy many happy hours in your new zen sewing room!
    Wren x

  11. Karen, I am visiting from the Enchanting Rose and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your sewing room! It is simply wonderful and I would love to have such a beautiful place to create in.Thank you for sharing the tour.
    ~Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  12. Oh Karen - I just LOVE this room, and I'm not even a seamstress! I just love the "feel" so soft and airy. And it just feels like the perfect serene environment for crafting in general.

    I love all the little details too. I read the post twice to pour over it all! I love how you have a place for everything and I love the things you've sewn to hide and cover. All so pretty. You're such a Gal after my own heart....keeping meaningful treasures of the past. And the ultimate recycler by even reusing some things and "up-cycling" for other purposes. I especially love all the precious items from your kiddos' youth that you've kept.

    I just ate up the story about your great Grandma and her red hair (my FAVE) and how she had that outdoor kitchen and fed all of the crew. I think I was someone just like that in a former life. Lol And 15 boys - holy Hannah and God bless that Lady! Yowza!! My great Gram had 17 children but quite a mixture - even twins thrown in there! ;) WE're definitely cut from the same cloth (pun intended)

    I also love all the vintage romantic feel from all of the materials, curtains, linens and wallpaper. You've done a great job with it all.

    This was such a lovely tour. Thanks so much for showing me around. Such a beautiful place and I can see why you'd hang out in there and sew for hours! Just lovely sacred ground.

    Blessings to you my Dear. xoxo

  13. Guauuuu amiga querida ,, que lindo su taller de costura ,, me encanta el estilo romántico shabby ,, esta lleno de detalles encantadores

  14. So enjoyed seeing your wonderful room, what a lovely space to create in, and such great memories and goodies to fill it with!!

  15. I love your sewing room Karen and the mementoes of your children that are displayed throughout the room. Everything has a special place.

  16. Good morning, your sewing room is a lovely sanctuary! I love all the pretty treasures you kept for memories. So many great ideas and spaces, they all look so pretty. Thanks for the tour, enjoy your day!

  17. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful sewing room, Karen. I love all the vintage charm that your sanctuary exudes, around every nook and cranny. Having special treasure and mementos certainly keep your family near to your heart. What lovely inspiration you've shared! Hugs!

  18. What a beautiful space you've created with all your family treasures. It's no wonder you're able to get so much accomplished. Love your huge craft table!! Thanks for the tour Karen, and for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  19. Wow! Your sewing room is so lovely and charming. What a great place to enjoy something you love.

  20. You have a beautiful sewing room, Karen. I like all the vintage 'memories' you have in it. It's a lovely place to create.

  21. What a lovely bright room full of beautiful things. You must have spent ages making everything for it and must be thrilled with the result. Thanks for showing me around. Best wishes.

  22. Gorgeous sewing room Karen, I would never want to leave... filled with wonderful memories too...I love how each picture tells a story....Love it all... Thank you for your kind words on my blog... just catching up on the night before surgery... Hugs May x x x x

  23. What an absolutely gorgeous room! So pretty and feminine and filled with sweet memories. I didn't know about flue covers so thank you for educating me. x

  24. Isn't pinterest wonderful? I like how you displayed your threads.

  25. Dearest Karen,
    You are such an amazing, artistically woman. LOVE your perfect sewing room and so well chosen with the correct light on your hands too.
    Several love stories get interwoven into this blog post, and it is certainly a romantic room filled with love and lots of fond memories; cushions for old age!
    Enjoy this room for many years to come.

  26. Karen your sewing room is just so beautiful. It is a place that I can so see sitting to sew and remember. Love the story of your great grandmother with 15 sons. Can't even imagine that.... but what fun to recall that. Enjoy this lovely room and your views which I know are amazing! Hugs to you from Texas

  27. Hi Karen, Wow you have the most beautiful sewing room! I love it and it must be so nice to create and sew in there! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  28. Your sewing room is so special. There are sweet memories all around. I would love to go in there and just sit.

  29. Such a beautiful and peaceful room! I've started working on a room but it is a slow process. I like that chair cover you made. Lovely! Visiting from Roses of Inspiration. Have a great week! Diane

  30. Your room is pretty. I really like the idea of covering the office chair and the skirt around the table.

  31. The dream sewing room !

  32. Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful sewing room at our Cooking & Crafting with J & J party!

  33. This is such a cute looking room! Totally love it!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  34. Hi Karen, I'm just letting you know that I featured your beautiful sewing room at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J! Please stop by to have a look and have a wonderful day.

  35. Your sewing room is so sweet and your chair makeover is vey cute.


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