Monday, July 20, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

It was extremely hot here
over the weekend, after a 
long week of hot and dry weather. 

This is the temperature gauge
yesterday around 11 a.m. 

I thought it might be wrong, 
so I checked the electronic one
There was no mistake.....
it was 104 degrees in the shade! 

Maggie found a cool place in the shade. 

She is my 'senior' pet - 17 years old! 

She is a good mouser, but lately
she has been bringing in frogs! 

Living in the country, we are always
rescuing something.....

This frog found a new home in my planter
on the deck. They like the porch lights
and we find them fat and happy in the morning
after eating all the offerings. 

Our new little dog, Kai, is settling in to life 
in the country quite well. 

He is so full of fun, love, and energy, 
but is also very mischievous! 

Here he is in a rare, quiet moment. 
He missed his former master terribly
for a long time, and every evening
he waited for him to return
by the gate. 

It broke my heart, but time and love
have healed his sorrow
and now he is having the time of his life! 

He has bonded with Whitey Bear and 
the two of them do everything together. 

Here, Whitey Bear leads the way....

You can see how happy they are together! 

Poor Whitey Bear went into depression
after losing his pal, Champ, in January. 

He lost interest in life and gained some weight
from lying around so much. 

It is so gratifying to see him excited about 
life once more, with his new friend
by his side. 

They keep us entertained! 

American Eskimo dogs are also excellent watch dogs! 

Which is important to me because
Ramblin' Man frequently travels
on business. 

During these hot, dry days I have been spending
all my free time watering to keep things alive. 

Kai loves to play in the spray! 
Whitey - not so much- but every day I hose 
them down to keep them cool. 

Whitey's fur is especially thick. 

Did I tell you that Kai was mischievous? :)

Luckily, we have plenty of space
for hole digging! 

(We have a mole in the yard...)

A little dirt never hurt anyone! 

All cleaned up and playing with his toys. 

Can you see that mischievous look on his face? 

Sometimes I think he is actually an arctic fox
that somehow got passed off as a dog. Ha ha! 

He has the funniest little growl and 
a hysterical, high pitched bark. 

Just like a wild fox. 

But he has stolen our hearts,
wild or not. 

He gets along fine with everyone,
including the 'cousins', 
Peanut and Weenie Baby.

They are frequent house-guests when 
my daughter needs a pet-sitter. 

Although, Ling-Ling is not quite so sure.....

Here she is hiding in an empty water bottle case
in the closet. 

Birdy Boy stays high above the fray.

My little cockatiel is another senior pet - 16 years -
almost as old as Maggie!

Adopting a new pet always has challenges, 
but the hope was that Whitey Bear would 
accept Kai as a friend. 

We are so happy to say this is true! 


Thank you, Dear Friends for your sweet
and caring visits. 

I especially want to thank you for 
your wonderful, sharing comments
on my recent post, ' On Family, Faith and Friends'. 

Caring and sharing is what makes
blogging so wonderful! 

'I wouldn't give much for the boy
'at grows up
With no friendship subsistin'
'tween him an' a pup!' 

- Eugene Field -


  1. Hello, I love all your pets. The dogs are so cute and I love the pretty bird. I do admit I am more of a dog lover than a cat lover. But your kitties are cute too. I am so happy for Kai, he has a happy loving home. Have a happy new week ahead!

  2. I loved reading about all your wonderful pets and so glad you have found another friend for Whitey. They certainly seem to have become fast friends in a short time...That first shot of the mountain is just gorgeous....such a gift to see that everyday....

  3. I loved reading about all your wonderful pets and so glad you have found another friend for Whitey. They certainly seem to have become fast friends in a short time...That first shot of the mountain is just gorgeous....such a gift to see that everyday....

  4. Hi Karen,
    I can't tell you how it warmed my heart to see the bond that has formed between the pups. Thank you for adopting Kai. His 'dirt do" is most charming!
    xo, m & jb

  5. Hi dear Karen ! Esos perros son todo un encanto,, parece que lo pasan muy bien.,,

  6. A charming post, most enjoyable. :-)

  7. Same here in Milan last weekend...I need holidays!!!!

  8. I loved reading this post and seeing all your sweet furry family members.

  9. I can't believe how hot it is out there for you. We are having a cooler and much wetter summer than usual. Oh, don't you just love this climate change?:)
    So glad the dogs are getting along and the new one is settling in well. They are so pretty!

  10. Wow! that is very hot there. We've never had that temperature here that I know of. It rarely breaks 90 here or 95. It's been chilly and wet here all week and will continue. Our summer weather left us last week and I really hope it returns soon! I love the pictures of your dogs and am happy that Kai is settling in with you and all your pets. The photo of him digging is funny. Our old Husky/cross loved to do that. Must be a Husky 'thing'. :) Have a great day and keep cool!

  11. So so sad when animals grieve! Just breaks your heart! I am so glad Whitey Bear and Kai have each other now and are moving on in their doggie lives. Your cockatiel is so pretty. Did I tell you our great-nephew took his outside and her wings hadn't been clipped in a long time, and she flew away! He was devastated! I am reading Secretariat, and in the book there is a horse whose sire dies of a heart attack in front of him, and he grieves terribly. That made me so sad. Your pups look happy! The cat not so much! :-)

  12. We also have high temperatures but luckily for us, we have the beach at the doorstep and this is our consolation for the moment. How beautifully coexist all those pets around you Karen but I'm sure you are the bandmaster of this harmony! I'm also here to thank you for all your sweet comments I have the pleasure to read. I'm taking a little break, I'll see you at the end of summer. Until then, I wish you and your beautiful family wonderful holidays and fun!

  13. We've been through that as well. It is truly heart breaking to see a pet mourn a loss and knowing that there is no way to fully explain to them why their friend is gone. You deal with both kinds of grief: your own and theirs.

    Kai is a winner! What a cutie. I can see how he has found a place in your family's heart and in Whitey's! Bless you for rescuing Kai and giving him the second chance he so richly deserves.

    Marilyn (in Dallas and the mother of 4 shelter rescues)

  14. I am sure it makes your heart glad that Kai is doing better now and back to enjoying life, and they are all getting along so well.
    I feel so bad for my Peanut, I think she is still missing her cat sisters, although at the end of both their lives I would have to tell her not to jump on them like she use to do to get them to play with her, such a wonderful part of our lives they are!

  15. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely post and yes, Kai seems to have overcome his grieving stage. That shows us once more how attached dogs or cats can become to their human and for sure birds too!
    A happy ending after some sad times and it is wonderful that they live all in harmony with each other. Mischievous is okay, I like that and what is a bit of dirt? You got a hose and some towels and voilà.
    Hugs to you,

  16. Holy moly that's some HOT weather!! Yuck! Still sending cool rainy thoughts your way. ;)

    I loved the photo!!. Your "babies" are so adorable and those pics just made my heart smile. They seem awfully happy and enjoying summer life quite well. Hope you are too. Stay cool and true prayers for some rain soon and that everyone stays safe out there.

    Happy week ahead dear Friend. xo

  17. Wow Karen, you have it hotter than our temperatures in Texas!!
    How sweet that Whitey Bear and Kai have become good buddies and play with their cousins, too.
    Stay cool, my friend!

  18. It's more fun to romp with a playmate! What fun for everyone! Hugs, Diane

  19. A happy furry family!! It was too hot here in Oregon and am happy my A/c is now up and running after a week without it. Made me discover that I never would have survived as a pioneer!!

  20. Loving all of these shots Karen! Kai is adorable! It warms my heart to know that he gets along with everyone and is feeling at home! I do hope it cools off friend and that some rain heads your way. Happy Wednesday! And such a cute frog by the way! Nicole xo

  21. I am so glad your dogs are both happy. Mine has a toothache we have to remedy. I only know from his same behavior from past experience. Time to see the vet!

  22. Happy to see all your pets. Not only for humans even for animals they feel lonely when they miss the lovely ones.During hot seasons animals move to the place where there is little bit of chill. They used to dig the mud of the plants and be inside them to keep them cool...

  23. I really enjoyed your photos of your new dog Kai,he looks adorable &has found a loving home and animal friends to live out his life with. We all need someone to share our days with.

  24. 104!! wow, I wouldn't do good with that heat if I had to be outside. Love the post about your precious dogs... so glad everything is going well with a new family addition. It can be tricky, as we have 5. :-) I bet they get a lot of baths to keep their fur so white! What do you use? Our white poodle loves digging in dirt and mulch, feels like a losing battle keeping her clean, lol. Have a great day!


  25. Karen, your pets are adorable, your family is adorable, you're adorable! xo

  26. Oh, what a happy post Karen! Love it that your Whitey Bear has taken to your new dog, and been lifted out of his depression. Friends can do that. Your Kai looks like a bundle of fun and energy! And your poor kitty, in that 104 degree heat!! Hope things cool off a little for you.

  27. What a joy it was to see Whitey Bear, Kai, Ling-Ling and Birdy-Boy. Such sweet and fun animals. Whenever I see your American Eskimo's it brings back happy memories of my sweet Rebel. It's been a very long, dry and hot summer here and now with the fires in our mountains we are so longing for rain.

  28. My goodness that is hot! I hope that it has cooled down a bit now. It is so great that Kai and Whitey are happy together isn't it. xx

  29. Karen, your American Eskimo dogs are wonderful! So glad that they have bonded and are now best friends. It takes awhile, but dogs always seem to adjust. Their fur is a beautiful white - what a pleasure it must be to look at them every day. Your hot weather is the normal here in California. The summers are always hot, although we were lucky this week, and it only got to the 80's and 90's. You have so many pets around your house, it's delightful to see. And they all seem to be so loved by You.


  30. A few days ago, a dog looking exactly like your Whitey came in my garden as I was visiting my very messy under renovation Cottage. The workers told me to push him in the street. But I thought someone like you was probably looking for him. So I walked with him to the vet and we found his owners!


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