Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vintage Christmas Fun

Hello, Dear Friends, it's time for my annual
 Vintage Christmas Ads! 

I just love vintage magazines, and the ads are truly special. 
Some are wonderful examples of excellent illustrative art, too. 

So without further ado, I present you with my personal faves! 

Pepsi always has beautiful ads, and this one
from the 50's is no exception. 

This reminds me so much of my dear Mother when she was young, 
although she had jet black hair :) 
Same haircut, and she always wore cropped pants like this. 

Another sweet Pepsi ad. 

Remember the powder and cologne sets from Coty? 

Of course you need the red ball gown and velvet gloves 
when you display all of your gifts under 
your enormous tree! 

Another Coty ad, this time with creepy elf. Lol! 

Remember the Avon lady? 
The pretty bottles are now collectibles. 

And who can forget this handsome fellow? 

Before he was our 40th President, he apparently 
made some money selling ads - for cigarettes, of all things! 
Nothing says, 'Merry Christmas' like a carton of smokes! haha!

Love the perspective of this ad for American Airlines.  
Cute little ones greeting Grandma and Grandpa. 
Do you notice the airplane?
Lots of wonderful details if you look closely :)

This similar ad for Plymouth is by our beloved artist, Norman Rockwell. 

I had the express pleasure of seeing many of his works in person
at the Tacoma Art Museum a few years ago. 

Some of the paintings were very large and even when standing 
right next to them, they looked incredibly life-like. 

Just look at the stair rail and you will see what I mean. 

Love the snow on the boots, too :)

Another Plymouth ad. Not sure one of those 
big gas guzzlers would fit in that tiny garage, though! 
Check out that wonderful arched gate-way and the beautiful,
paned windows. It all looks so real. 

If you were a very lucky little girl, you were driven 
to the 'Holiday Gala' in your Daddy's new Cadillac! 

Let's pretend the stoles are all fake fur :(

And if you were a very lucky 'big girl' you received a set of keys
to your very own Cadillac! 

These two look suspiciously like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe. 
Because, you know, that's what all Americans looked like in the 50's! 

Or how about one of these? 

Love her green dress and shoes :)

Children are always peeking around corners 
at Christmas time......

See what I mean? 

Dad's need a new Zippo to go with their carton of smokes! 

Or maybe a pipe! My Dad smoked a pipe and 
had one very similar to this one. 

More peeking children. 
No wonder they can't sleep - they are 
on a sugar high from their Seven-Up! 

The little jammies are sweet, though. 

This party must be in the tropics, judging
by the white suits and pastel dresses :)

Another cute Seven-Up ad. 

Love this one.....Coca-Cola. 


It wouldn't be Christmas without Santa......

I prefer Pepsi, myself. 

Everything about this ad is relevant today! 
Everything old is new again :)

Don't you just love this little red suit? 

Watches were once a classic gift. 

And why not have a beer while wrapping the gifts? 
After all, this is a friendly, freedom loving land! Haha!
Just don't have too many or you might forget which tag
goes where. 

What woman wouldn't want a scale for Christmas? *o*

Especially after all the Christmas goodies......
made with Nestle's Quik, of course! 

You can find lots of recipes on Pinterest
for goodies using 'Nesquik'. 

These aluminum trees are highly collectible now, 
as are all these wonderful appliances. 

My Dad was President of the local 
branch of the affiliated Steel-worker's Union (AFL-CIO)
when he worked at Reynold's Aluminum. 
He was a tool and die maker all his working life. 

Every kid loves a brand-new bike! 

But this is my dream......
a new sewing machine! 


I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite 
vintage ads, Dear Friends! 

Which one is your favorite? 


Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Day of Gratitude

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that those of you who 
celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day! 

I was tasked with baking the pies, and the day before
the holiday, my kitchen was a busy place. 

A deep-dish apple pie ready for baking. 

It was an unusually warm November day (65 degrees), 
and even with the door to the deck opened wide, 
it was a warm, 76 degrees inside. 

But it smelled absolutely wonderful! 

I baked and baked all day long, and by the time I was done, 
the sun was setting, turning the clouds a lovely coral 
over the Cascade mountains. 

Besides the deep-dish apple pie, I baked some individual
apple pies for Ramblin' Man :) and a blackberry pie
from berries I picked myself. 

Can you see Kai coming in from his pet door?

A few raindrops illuminated by the outside spotlight, 
over my vintage gelatin molds, 
in the kitchen window as I clean up. 

By morning the clouds were lifting......

And as we approached the Narrows Bridge on our 
way to daughter, Jennie and Steve's, for Thanksgiving dinner, 
the skies were blue. 

The Narrows Bridge is actually two bridges - 
the older span on the right, and the newer 
span on the left, just completed a couple of years ago. 

Each side is one way. 

Its name comes from the waterway beneath, 
called, 'The Narrows' - a slender stretch of Puget Sound
which connects the Kitsap Peninsula to the mainland. 

Tall fir trees rise above the landscape on the other side. 

We are almost there. 

The beautiful table. 

There were 14 of us, including two little ones.

The sideboard holds the pies. 
A pumpkin pie was added later. 
Everyone contributed to the meal. 

Lots of yummy appetizers. 
I couldn't stay away from this spinach dip and bread!

The house is perfect 
for entertaining :) 

Flannel shirts are true Northwest style. 

The host carves the turkey - charbroiled on the grill. 
There were two turkeys and a ham. 

We fill our plates. 

Turkey, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, green bean
casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and roll. 

Many toasts to all that we are thankful for. 


We even celebrated a special young lady's birthday! 

The end of a wonderful meal. 

All too soon the day was over, 
and as we took the long drive home, 
we thought of all the ones we love.

The near and the far away, 
and those we've lost and miss so dearly. 


So grateful for them all. 


Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends! 
I am so grateful for all of you who 
fill my life with such joy and friendship! 


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