Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Grandson's First Birthday

Over the weekend, we celebrated our little grandson, 
Gavin's first birthday. 

Come inside his lovely home and join the fun, won't you? 

His Dad is a proud Marine veteran, 
and we want to thank him and all of our wonderful, 
self-sacrificing veterans for their devoted service
as we also celebrated Veteran's Day. 

Here's the birthday boy with his Uncle Dustin! 

There was a charming harvest theme for the party. 

His very own cake. 

Yummy treats! 

And delicious refreshments. 

The potato soup was so good :)
(I had seconds)

A banner with photos for each month so far. 

My favorite photo is '6 months'. 

This year went by so fast........

Newborn photo with gift bags for the littlest guests. 

The house quickly filled up with family and friends
to celebrate this special day. 

Let's get this party started! 

Oh-oh! Somebody is not too happy with all the 

We sang Happy Birthday, but he was a little unsure......

The banner reads, 'I'm one'  xx

He is a little suspicious of his cake. 

What is this thing?

He took the little marzipan pumpkins 
and defiantly threw them. 

It was too funny! 

Ooooh! That does taste good! 
But seconds later, more tears.....
Too many people watching this shy little guy. 

Gramma took him upstairs to wash up and 
get back into his clothes that were taken 
off so he could smash his cake. 

Happy again, playing the drum with sweet cousin Lily. 

Time to open presents with Mom and Lily
to assist. 

What's in here? 

New toys. 
A guitar to play when Daddy plays his! 

'Reading' the cards. 


It was a wonderful day! 

Happy First Birthday little Gavin! 

We were so happy and blessed to share this special day with you!



  1. Oh my!So cute baby!!!Great party!God bless all your family.Hugs!

  2. Hi Karen wow what a wonderful party for your little man ,oh they grow up so quick.
    Oh i love all the decorations and food for the party,it all looks fantastic,happy birthday Gavin xx

  3. Wow! Where does the time go!!!

    Happy Birthday Wishes to Gavin, what a lovely party ... I'm so pleased I came along and enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful pictures.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  4. Oh that sweet little chubby Gavin! How CUTE! I love the walk-thru explaining each detail. What beautiful eyes- oh he's a cutie pie!

    LOL- throwing the marzapan pumpkins on his smash cake is HILARIOUS and just like a one year old!!

    And that party! It is totally a perfect Pinterest-Perfect Party! So many adorable details! Wish I could've come, would've broke my 16 month old grand daughter! She knows what cake is NOW lol.

    Great party and adorable grand. Aren't those cheeks so kissable?????

  5. Happy birthday little munchkin..

  6. OMGOSH- He is just darling!!! A beautiful little boy. Happy birthday to him. How wonderful that you could all get together to celebrate. I bet he had a good nap afterwards!!! xo Diana

  7. Happy Birthday Baby! That cute little one is lucky to have such a wonderful family.

  8. Oh so sweet! What a great celebration. Fall is so great for soup at a party. That is too funny that he threw the pumpkins! Glad you could be there for this milestone. Happy week to you!

  9. Your family certainly knows how to have celebrations! Such a gorgeous home. Love all the decorations and the banner of Gavin's photos of monthly milestones is a fabulous idea. I too think the six month photo is the hat. Happy Birthday to your sweet Gavin!

  10. Dearest Karen,
    You as a family went out of your way for this 1st Birthday party.
    Guess that potato soup was great for this time of the year, so a perfect selection.
    One only hopes that the little ones from this time and age will not get overly spoiled...

  11. What a darling boy, Karen! And the food and everything so beautifully arranged. I'm sure everyone had a great day!

  12. Happy 1st Birthday to Gavin! He's adorable! Such a fun looking party! You went all out for that and I'm sure everybody had a great time! Take care and thanks for sharing this special celebration of your grandson! Happy week!

  13. Happy Bday to a cutie. Looks like he had a great time.

  14. Happy birthday dear little Gavin. You are so cute and adorable! Looks like you had a lovely party. Say hi to your dear grandma Karen. Pat xx

  15. Heartiest best wishes for little angle Gavin on his first birthday!!!

    What a delightful post dear Karen, my lips have still smile that come over when i looked at your lovely arrangements in harvest theme and awesome shots of Gavin .
    Wonderful job by sharing his monthly updated pics ,incredibly CUTE!!!

    May he see many more joys and prosperity with his beautiful family and friends! amen.

    loved the cake ,looks like homemade. Gavin's reaction to attention and cake is so natural ,reminded my younger son(naughtiest kid in house:
    he was hard to handle on such events when looked desperate to own everything and deal with it in his own way lol.

    everything must be pure delight meanwhile my friend!

  16. Happy Birthday to Gavin. What a great birthday, the food and decorations are wonderful. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  17. What a fabulous party, I loved seeing all the decorations and food. What a shame Gavin is too young to remember his amazing 1st birthday, unless of course his first memory is of throwing the pumpkin from the cake across the room LOL!
    Wren x

  18. He's adorable, Karen. And, what a party. No wonder he is all teary eyed. Just too much for the little guy.

  19. What a great birthday party. He is such a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing.


  20. Oh Happy Birthday sweet boy! And wowzers, I am amazed at the beautiful decorations and treats...someone is VERY creative!! Thanks for sharing, and many more happy birthdays to Gavin.

  21. What a sweetie, and oh my does that food look good.

  22. Oh my goodness- what a precious pumpkin Gavin is!! Happy belated to him. HIs party was adorable!! The food all sounds so wonderful and the little details were awesome. Such a sweet theme! Kudos to his Mommy! Such a great party. ;) Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  23. What a sweetie! Those birthday parties are always so fun because you never know what you'll get from the birthday boy. I always loved putting them together or attending them for my grandchildren.

  24. What a great post and such a beautiful little boy. It was quite a party and everything looked amazing. The food looked wonderful.

    Happy Birthday dear sweet boy.


  25. My niece said NO NO NO when they started singing to her on her first and then cried. Guess it is too much stimulation for them What a cutie!

  26. just beautiful Each station labeled for people to enjoy. That cake! and the pictures of each month. Adorable all of it.

  27. vin is absolutely adorable!!!! Such a sweet little guy! What is it with you and your family? You all seem to know how to put together the perfect get-together, party, bridal shower, you name it! I'm jealous! :-)

  28. Oh my goodness he is such a cutie, love that smile with his teeth showing, the party was decorated so nicely, love the little caramel apples that is so neat. I think that would have been fun to see him throw the pumpkins from his cake. They sure do grow up quickly don't they, glad you were able to spend this special day with him!

  29. Happy belated Birthday Wishes Gavin!!! What a fantastic day you all had and I loved seeing all of your delicious treats. I'm feeling really quite hungry now!!
    Have a fantastic end to your week Karen :)

  30. Hi Beatrice,
    LeeAnna suggested I give your wonderful post about Gavin's birthday party a look. She was so right - it is fabulous. I can see that Gavin is so loved, and what a cutie pie he is. Thank you for sharing all the photos, and Lily is sure a nice cousin and happy to help him. {{Hugs}} for the blessing of Gavin and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

  31. I love the idea of the garland with pictures of your grandson each month! Happy birthday to him!


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