Monday, November 13, 2017

Tansy - Garden to Sachet - Part 2 - Tutorial

In a previous post (the one before last), I wrote about growing
 and harvesting the herb, Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare).  

Now I would like to share with you a tutorial on creating 
Moth Repellent Sachets using Tansy
 mixed with equal amounts of Lavender. 

A good source for both of these herbs 
can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs

I was inspired to create these by similar ones on Pinterest and in books and magazines. 
To create these shabby - chic sachets,  you will need soft cotton fabric that easily frays.

I used cotton dish towels, but you can use unbleached cotton muslin fabric, also.

You can find flour-sack dish towels Here

I tea-dyed the cloths first to give them a vintage look, but this is optional.
You can find directions for tea-dying Here.

You will also need an assortment of stamps with a 'moth' design,
script stamps, and alphabet stamps.

I also used a floral stamp that I thought depicted 'Tansy'.

I used a Walnut Stain Ink pad, to give it a 'vintage' look.

Embroidery thread in a natural color,
wooden buttons, brown thread,
and a tiny bit of cheesecloth (optional) complete the supplies.

Begin by tearing off the hemmed edges of your dishtowel.
Simply take a snip with scissors and then rip.

Alternately, tear off the selvages
of the muslin fabric the same way.

Save these torn edges,
as they will be used as 'hangers' for your sachet.

Next, tear your fabric into the size that you want your sachets.

I made mine 8 inches by 8 inches.

Fray the edges a bit.

Now the fun begins!

Use the script stamp first to create the 'background'.

Then stamp your 'Moths'.

Make a little 'label' out of frayed scrap fabric
and stamp this with the word 'Moth'.

I used  a tiny bit of cheesecloth cut to size
 to back the label, giving it added 'shabbiness'.

Sew the label to the sachet using embroidery thread
 and simple, rustic stitches.

Sew a backing to the decorated fabric, using 'messy' seams,
 about 1/2 inch from the frayed edges,
leaving a 3" opening on the side for filling your sachet.

I went over the 'messy' seams several times.

Add decorative buttons or charms at this point.

If you would like to add a hanger,
 simply cut your torn fabric edges to size
and sew in place using buttons or embroidery thread.
 (I used large X's instead of buttons on some sachets)

You can also add a bit of color to your design
using crayons! Here I added a bit of blue to the 'label'.

Fill your sachet using the 50/50 mix of dried Tansy and Lavender.

A paper funnel and the eraser end of a pencil
to push the herbs through works well.

Pin the opening and sew closed.

Now you have a sweet and 'shabby' scented sachet to repel those nasty moths!

I had lots of fun making these.
This one has a separate 'tag'.

This sachet has 'X' stitches for the hanger.

A pink label sets this one apart.

I left the hanger off a few to tuck into drawers

These will stay effective for several years.
To reactivate the scent, massage the sachet with your fingers.

They make useful gifts, too.

Perhaps with the gift of a pretty sweater
 or some lovely wool yarn for someone who knits or crochets.

These sachets can also be used in the pantry.

I hope you will consider adding Tansy to your herb garden.

A useful and beautiful herb!


Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are well and happy to start your new week.
This is a post that I originally posted a couple of years ago
and then took it down to 'save' it and add to it later. There are a few comments
from that time, so if you see yourself already in the comment
section - well, there you are! :)

We are expecting a storm today with heavy rain and high winds,
so I may lose my electricity.
I will try and visit you all before then, but if I don't,
that is why.

Thank you for all of your lovely visits.
You always brighten my day!


  1. Karen,
    I love the yellow tansy, it's so pretty. The sachet you made is sweet. I don't remember the last time I put sachet in a drawer.

    Happy Fourth of July, my friend.


  2. When I saw the sachet in your last post I had no idea that you had printed the fabric yourself as well!!! You are so talented. The sachets are all lovely and as you say would make great presents for all of your friends! Lovely!! xx

  3. I have lavender growing and often hang bunches in various places for perfume and moth control but never grown tansy it is a very pretty herb.

  4. Guauuuu Breatice que lindo y que romántico esas estampas , que airé más vintage ,, adore ese trabajo amiga querida !,

  5. the stamps really make a beautiful vintage image on the cloth!

  6. Your sachets look like something from the magazine Somerset Life. Have you heard of it? You should send them your idea! They are so pretty!

  7. Both these posts were very creative and interesting, as well as informative! I meant, bug-repelling, not medicinal in my last comment! :-) Anyway, I love your drawing! You are very talented! Also, I used to make sachets as well, and miss that. I liked using the herbs I grew, not ordering them, but I would have to order some if I wanted to do some of that here. I do have a rosemary bush, and some thyme and lavender (two favorites) but not much of either. And basil...I always grow basil next to my tomatoes. I use it for cooking.

  8. Hello Beatrice,

    Well, we certainly have a moth problem here in Budapest. They seem to be far more destructive and voracious than we have ever known in England,perhaps it is the climate.

    Whatever, we are in need of your delightful moth repelling bags and we need them now. Our only problem is the lack of Tansy and the skill to make the bags. You are both creative and for us, we cannot even thread a needle! We shall be on the lookout for such bags........!

    1. P.S. sorry.....all muddled with the name.....hello Karen!

  9. Dearest Karen,
    What a fun way to create lovely gifts!
    Thank you also for the incredible link for dried herbs.

  10. Being creative with such results, this must be a real pleasure! I think everything we create and make with our hands and heart is beautiful and precious.Like your gifts, Well done Karen!

  11. Great idea, Karen! I bought a few of the little cedar circles that go over the top of the hangar but these would be so much better! Hope all is well...


  12. Wow those are really beautiful! What a great idea. I never thought to use my stamps that way. Thanks for sharing!

  13. OH, they're quite wonderful and I think I will grow some tansy in my herb garden.

  14. Such a wonderful idea Karen - and they are so pretty too! Thanks for sharing (again - Lol) HOpe you stay cozy and you don't lose power!!
    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  15. I love it.. this moth sachet is a cry good idea.. but I don't have much space in my backyard to grow Tansy.. :(

  16. Wow...energetic, ambitious, clever, and genius. I swear this is so impressive!!!

  17. I’ve only recently started to grow tansy in the garden. Didn’t realise how useful it was. B x

  18. Hi Karen thankyou so much for the tutorial i think these sachets are a great idea,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  19. Dear Karen, this is a delightful tutorial, and I feel so inspired by it! I just love shabbiness, and I certainly have a stack of stamps *almost* a mile high, haha! I used to be a Stampin Up! demo, so know you know the rest of the story! I need to dust some of them off, and get busy making these. I have tansy that grows like a weed in my yard! I didn't realize it was such a great moth deterrent. I am also growing lavender in my garden, and hope to have enough next year for a harvest of it. This is such a great idea! I enjoyed your great tutorial :) I hope you don't lose any power! We have been getting rain all day, I wonder if it is the same storm system. Blessings and hugs to you dear friend :)

  20. These are beautiful and I love how you stamped the fabric. Gives it that old look that I adore.

  21. Such a lovely post. I went through all my clothing in my closet and dresser drawers last weekend and thought about moth repellant and how it would be nice to have some. We have a lot of tansy growing here, although lavender doesn't grow well in this zone. You've done a great job with the sachet bags. Thanks for sharing. I will try the tansy.

  22. So nice and lovely...your creations. Well done and warm greetings!

  23. Karen, oh I love your sachets! Thank you for the tutorial and links to where to purchase the materials. So pretty! xo

  24. Yes, there I am commenting three years ago! What a creative idea, Karen. Your sachets are so pretty, and I bet they smell wonderful with the scent tansy and lavender. I don't seem to get moths in my closet. I bet that comes with living in the mountains. I love all your pretty sweaters too.


    *your grandbaby's first celebration turned out very nice. What a special day for all, and your daughter had so many creative ideas. Her home is lovely, and I enjoyed seeing all the birthday festivities. : )

  25. How very chic your pretty sachets are. Love the shabby look of them and the stamps. I think one could never have too many of these pretties. I imagine these pretties smell divine. Wonderful tutorial, too....thank you.

  26. a wonderful tutorial, it's nice to see what you have done with the tansy and lavender. i am familiar with lavender but not tansy!!

    a very pretty end result, i'll bet they smell great!!!

  27. What a pretty herb to add to your garden for color if nothing else. I love it. And I love your cute little project. How cute and such nice little gifts that I can make to hand out to family. Moths are not an issue here in TN but just to have a nice smell to pack away summer clothes would be awesome...thanks for sharing.

  28. Very lovely and useful too.

    Happy Creating & Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  29. Very Nice and I Made them also a time ago maybe I must made this again is Nice to do.....

  30. What adorable sachets you've made, Karen! I love the shabbiness of them. Thank you for the tutorial. Hugs and blessings to you!

  31. Those are just wonderful, Karen. They are so sweet and I bet they smell wonderful. I hope you have a great day!!! xo Diana

  32. I love the sachets.
    What an excellent tutorial too.

    Stay safe in your expected storm

    All the best Jan

  33. I have grown tansy in other gardens and it surely did take over some space. I need to grow it again. I've made sachets with lavender, need to make fresh ones. I can't make myself do 'messy' seams, but I like the effect of the stamps.

  34. Where has Tansy been hiding all my life, I am not familiar with her? I do love your charming moth repellant sachets and appreciate all the work in making these look so lovely. I especially love the idea to give together with a jumper... well you said sweater and that took me back to my times as an American Camp Counsellor 30 years ago when I ask the kids to find their jumpers, to some very blank looks!
    Wren x

  35. I love making sachets and potpourri...but it has been years since I have done so. I used to grow many herbs, and even made things like rose geranium jam! Now that I can have a garden again, I have PLANS! :-) Of course, now I have to wait till winter is done. I do have two lavender plants out there, and a rosemary, but I plan to expand considerably as time goes on. Your tutorial was awesome! Love the moth sachet you made!

  36. Well, aren't you the creative one...and love the sachets. Have a blessed week!

  37. These are adorable - and useful! I love the way you hung them on the hanger with the sweaters.

  38. These are wonderful sachets dear Karen ,thank you for sharing the lovely making.
    i enjoyed and peeked some memories meanwhile , my mom used to do same not with such decorative way but a instant sachet for moths in her busy routine but i never paid attention for what she is doing so ,she was excellent in her skills of sewing ,knitting and crocheting and how sad that i am totally opposite of her not much interested in such though can do if i want to.

    here to make harmful insects away from expensive clothes or stuff including books use white tablets round like tiny balls .

    Tansy is really pretty plant and very useful indeed

  39. Dear Karen,
    those gardensachets are so lovely and wonderful done! Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures!
    Wishing you a wonderful week and sending much Love and hugs and Blessings to you, my sweet friend!
    Claudia xoxo

  40. Hope that storm passed without harming anything my friend and you are doing fine and safe in your cozy home!

  41. What a brilliant tutorial and so creative! I love them! Thank you soo much for sharing Karen.
    Have an amazing weekend with hugs from us xx

  42. I really love these. They are just so pretty with the combination of fabric and stamps and the stitching. I have not seen or smelled Tansy in person so I will be interested to find it at a garden store this Spring.

  43. Great idea, love the torn edges, and such neat creative stamping on them also! I don't know that I have heard of tansy before, will have to look into that!

  44. Thank you for the tutorial Karen. I have never thought about using those stamps on material. (I usually use them when making greetings cards). What a good idea! I've seen tansy in other folks' gardens and I'll consider growing it in our garden.


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