Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vintage Christmas Fun

Hello, Dear Friends, it's time for my annual
 Vintage Christmas Ads! 

I just love vintage magazines, and the ads are truly special. 
Some are wonderful examples of excellent illustrative art, too. 

So without further ado, I present you with my personal faves! 

Pepsi always has beautiful ads, and this one
from the 50's is no exception. 

This reminds me so much of my dear Mother when she was young, 
although she had jet black hair :) 
Same haircut, and she always wore cropped pants like this. 

Another sweet Pepsi ad. 

Remember the powder and cologne sets from Coty? 

Of course you need the red ball gown and velvet gloves 
when you display all of your gifts under 
your enormous tree! 

Another Coty ad, this time with creepy elf. Lol! 

Remember the Avon lady? 
The pretty bottles are now collectibles. 

And who can forget this handsome fellow? 

Before he was our 40th President, he apparently 
made some money selling ads - for cigarettes, of all things! 
Nothing says, 'Merry Christmas' like a carton of smokes! haha!

Love the perspective of this ad for American Airlines.  
Cute little ones greeting Grandma and Grandpa. 
Do you notice the airplane?
Lots of wonderful details if you look closely :)

This similar ad for Plymouth is by our beloved artist, Norman Rockwell. 

I had the express pleasure of seeing many of his works in person
at the Tacoma Art Museum a few years ago. 

Some of the paintings were very large and even when standing 
right next to them, they looked incredibly life-like. 

Just look at the stair rail and you will see what I mean. 

Love the snow on the boots, too :)

Another Plymouth ad. Not sure one of those 
big gas guzzlers would fit in that tiny garage, though! 
Check out that wonderful arched gate-way and the beautiful,
paned windows. It all looks so real. 

If you were a very lucky little girl, you were driven 
to the 'Holiday Gala' in your Daddy's new Cadillac! 

Let's pretend the stoles are all fake fur :(

And if you were a very lucky 'big girl' you received a set of keys
to your very own Cadillac! 

These two look suspiciously like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe. 
Because, you know, that's what all Americans looked like in the 50's! 

Or how about one of these? 

Love her green dress and shoes :)

Children are always peeking around corners 
at Christmas time......

See what I mean? 

Dad's need a new Zippo to go with their carton of smokes! 

Or maybe a pipe! My Dad smoked a pipe and 
had one very similar to this one. 

More peeking children. 
No wonder they can't sleep - they are 
on a sugar high from their Seven-Up! 

The little jammies are sweet, though. 

This party must be in the tropics, judging
by the white suits and pastel dresses :)

Another cute Seven-Up ad. 

Love this one.....Coca-Cola. 


It wouldn't be Christmas without Santa......

I prefer Pepsi, myself. 

Everything about this ad is relevant today! 
Everything old is new again :)

Don't you just love this little red suit? 

Watches were once a classic gift. 

And why not have a beer while wrapping the gifts? 
After all, this is a friendly, freedom loving land! Haha!
Just don't have too many or you might forget which tag
goes where. 

What woman wouldn't want a scale for Christmas? *o*

Especially after all the Christmas goodies......
made with Nestle's Quik, of course! 

You can find lots of recipes on Pinterest
for goodies using 'Nesquik'. 

These aluminum trees are highly collectible now, 
as are all these wonderful appliances. 

My Dad was President of the local 
branch of the affiliated Steel-worker's Union (AFL-CIO)
when he worked at Reynold's Aluminum. 
He was a tool and die maker all his working life. 

Every kid loves a brand-new bike! 

But this is my dream......
a new sewing machine! 


I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite 
vintage ads, Dear Friends! 

Which one is your favorite? 



  1. They are wonderful!!!Great collection!Thanks for sharing,hugs!

  2. They're wonderful and bring back all sorts of memories. I'm a Coke girl myself.

  3. Oh WOW a gorgeous post Karen! Brilliant ad's from a bygone era they do bring back so many memories! So much detail in the artwork.
    Have a fantastic day :)

  4. Hi Karen oh boy these are amazing ,thankyou for sharing with us xx

  5. These ads do bring back memories, though we never wore such fancy clothes even to dress up let alone to wrap packages. I do remember buying my dad small boxes of cigars for Christmas when I was 8 or 9, by myself! No one thought anything of selling a child cigars back then. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Hello, what a great collection of vintage ads. I love all the cute ads with the children. The vintage ads seem to have much more detail than our ads now. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  7. Good morning, lovely Karen! My oh my, what a delightful post you have shared with us. I so enjoyed seeing the vintage ads and I have to agree with Eileeninmd, they seem more detailed than our ads now.

    Thinking of you, dear one! Hugs!

  8. Dear KAren,
    just WONDERFUL, I LOVE those vintage ads ...it looks so warm and casy, so calm and peaceful ... thank you for sharing, my dear friend!
    Wishing you a lovely, peaceful and joyful time!
    Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xoxo

  9. It was so fun to look at these vintage ads / cards! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Those are some really great vintage pics and ads.

  11. So many wonderful ads! I think my favorite is hard to pick. I love the Norman Rockwell, the reserved for Plymouth, welcome a fighting man home and the American Airlines ad. A good Santa is hard to find after Coca Cola had this one in ads, he's fabulous. Hope your dream comes true.

  12. Oh OI love seeing and reading the vintage ads.
    They really brought back old memories for me
    Love the pepsi ads.

  13. What a lovely selection you've provided, such fun to look at.
    I do remember sets from Coty ... my mum had quite a few!

    Enjoy these last days of November.
    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  14. Thank you for sharing these amazing vintage ads. I especially like the one with the family just arrived in their new Plymouth, haha.

  15. Oh, these vintage ads were delightful, Karen, and surprisingly I remember some of them. The Schwinn bike one caught my eye right away, as I remember one Christmas getting a shiny blue Schwinn bike and being overjoyed! Love the Coca Cola ones too. The 'Plymouth' one make me laugh - Norman Rockwell paintings are the best. How wonderful that you got to see his art at the museum. Oh Yes, I remember the cologne sets from Coty! And I still drink hot chocolate today with Nestle's Quik. ; )

    Thank you for this delightful post, Karen.


  16. They are wonderful.. I didn't know that Avon cosmetics is that much old company..

  17. Very interesting vintage ads. The families all look so happy and perfect though I suppose that's the whole idea of adverts.

  18. I love every single one of them! What a fun post. I think it was more "Christmas" in the 50's then now and I would love to have lived then to go through the holidays....if only to wear those fabulous outfits!!

  19. It is so hard to choose a favorite, Karen! They remind me of the era that I grew up in. Lots of wonderful things about that era. Women's fashions were so chic! And I love those short haircuts! Thank you for reminiscing with us!

  20. This was such a fun post to read that took me back to my childhood. I remember those Coty fragrances and the Avon ones, too. The ads were so interesting to see the fashion of the times. I recently found a vintage 1949 magazine of The London Illustrated Times. It was so much fun to see the ads listed in the magazine. I'm hoping that your holiday is off to a wonderful start. Pat xx

  21. Those were the days! Aren't the people all so thin! I recently watched Cary Grant in Father Goose which was a joy from start to finish. Bring back those old films! x

  22. Fabulous. They don't make them like that any more :-)

  23. Dearest Karen,
    That was a lovely insight in the commercials from years ago.
    Of course they are all new to me as I did not live, nor grow up here.
    Only through Campbell Soup did we get to know the great artist Norman Rockwell.
    Looks like there was a lot more artwork involved and what a difference in dress code...
    Sending you hugs,

  24. Oh I love this post so much!! These ads are amazing, it's hard to just pick one favorite! Love the details in them all and Norman Rockwell has always been one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing these.


  25. What fun to see all these old Christmas ads! Some really cozy pictures.

  26. How much fun! Love these vintage ads. What I love best is how nicely dressed up everyone is. Grandma and Grandpa arriving in dress and stockings and coat and tie rather than jeans and yoga pants, haha! so classy and elegant. Thanks for sharing. xo Deborah

  27. What a FUN post dear Karen!!!

    So much enjoyed these fascinating ads which took me in to the past when i was with my parents.

    mom and dad had often interesting arguments about marilyn Monroe and my dad laughed over the possessiveness of my mom !

    I agree here too most famous cold drinks are 7up and pepsi and they always compete in their ads which make the people see and enjoy some very interesting ads more often.i go with 7up since my teens though hubby and kids like both .

    I enjoyed looking at these cute ads but snow ,panned windows and dream about machine hold my eyes more .

    Thank you that you shared such amazing fun stuff my friend

  28. How fun, I do like the American Airlines ad, but the Schwinn, could be an old photo of my brothers when they were young, same hats and coats, so that brings more close to home for me :)

  29. Wow Karen,that sure was a trip down memory lane! I think I really love the Norman Rockwell.the best, but they were all fun to see and brought back fond memories. Thank you!

  30. Oh my goodness, these are AWESOME!!!!!

    What neat nostalgia! Thanks for the smiles!

  31. Oh what an incredibly delightful post Karen! Where did you ever find all these ads? You must have been collecting them for a long time! I enjoyed your comments below each one, so much fun to look back 60+ years ago and see how life was like then. How refreshing to see such family oriented ads, instead of all the promiscuous ads that bombard us today. I couldn't pick a favorite, they were all so much fun! Enjoyed this post very much, and hope you are having a lovely Sunday :)

  32. It was great scrolling down through each one. I too love looking at details in everything, movies included (have missed the plotline a few times by admiring the sets ;D)).
    My favourite is welcoming the serviceman home - it's a loving scene, his kitbag is full of presents but the real joy is being back with each other.
    Cheers and have a lovely week Karen :D)

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    I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for,
    I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!

  34. Ohh my goodness!! Those are so much fun to see! I love the dresses from those days and the curly or wavy hair the ladies had!! Sooo pretty!

  35. Awesome collection of vintage goodies, some of them I even remember seeing as a kid.

    Hugs Diane


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