Thursday, December 7, 2017

'Tis the Season

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are finding 
a few precious moments to enjoy this beautiful season! 

I'm sure all of you have been busy with holiday 
preparations! I am running a bit behind, but I am finally 
done 'decking the halls', so won't you come inside 
and share a cup of cocoa while I show you around? 

I'll heat up the cocoa while I take your coat. 

It's been cold outside, but beautifully sunny. 

The sun has been streaming in on slanted rays, 
illuminating all the dusty corners, so as 
I have been decorating, I've also been washing 
windows and dusting away cobwebs. 

This year I've kept things light and simple. 
A little 'Shabby Chic' - a little 'French Nordic'. 
I like to change my style for every season. 

I've brought in a large mirror and Florentine 
table that I found last summer at a Flea Market. 
I've kept the vintage baby crib from my fall decorating, 
but I've added white lace curtains to allow
as much light inside as possible. 

I made the pine-cone orb a few years ago
 and already had the wonderful pot. 
This year I just 'shopped my home' 
and storage for things to 
decorate with. 

Lots of texture.....crochet, lace and fur. 

I love this vintage crib. 
It was originally my daughter's doll crib :) 
I usually keep it in my sewing room filled with fabric. 

I can see my birdcage angel from here. 


A basket of wrapping and craft supplies. 

The table. 

I've replaced the display of fall pottery 
in my Hoover 'Kitchen Queen' cabinet 
with my collection of pressed and etched glass. 

Pale bottle brush trees and vintage tin molds used 
as tea-light holders keep things light. 

I made the vintage-style Father Christmas 
years ago out of cotton batting with a sticker face. 

The beautiful footed compote was a wedding gift in 1953 for my 
parents, as was the platter and salt and pepper shakers. 

My dear Mother-in-law's Johnson Bros. 

These small treasures remind us of loved 
ones now gone and keep them with us in spirit. 

The small star was Ramblin' Man's as a child. 

We have so few things passed down to us, 
so these small tokens are very dear. 

Beautiful sunshine streaming into the living room. 

In normally gray Washington State, this is a wonderful change. 

I've kept things simple and light here, too. 

Another Florentine table. 
I am in love with this beautiful style. 

Our tree. 



And an ice-cube snowman :)

The beautiful vintage window was found 
many years ago in a local antique shop. 
It came from an historic home in the area. 
The blue paint is original. 

My 1920's buffet came from England. 

Log cabins represent childhood memories of vacations 
at 'Butler's cabin' in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

The true reason for the season. 

Advent candles. 

The days are short as we approach the winter solstice. 

Time moves quickly as we prepare to celebrate 
another Christmas, looking back on the year past
and looking forward to the new one.  

I hope you find some simple joys in these 
busy days ahead, Dear Friends. 
Thank you for joining me, 
and thank you for your friendship. 


"At Christmas, all roads lead home"
-Marjorie Holmes-


  1. Liebe Karen,
    es war sooooo schön mit Dir durch Euere gemütlichen Räume zu gehen. Es gibt hier so viel Schönes zu bestaunen und es gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut bei Euch!!! Hier kann man sich richtig wohlfühlen!!! Ich wünsche Euch ein ganz wundervolles Weihnachtsfest mit all Euren Lieben!!!
    Fühle Dich einmal ganz herzlichh von mir gedrückt!
    Alles Liebe

  2. Your home is just stunning!How gorgeous!Happy Christmas!

  3. Hi Karen oh if only i was popping in and you were taking my coat i can smell the hot chocolate,lol.
    Oh my your house is decorated so beautifully and boy the view from your decking must be amazing thankyou for sharing your home with us my friend xx

  4. Everything is picture perfect, my friend. You have such a beautiful, warm, and welcoming home and every little Christmas detail is stunning.

    Enjoy this delightful time of year, dear one. Hugs to you!

  5. I was going to talk about how much I love that vintage window, but then that back porch with the fantastic view is all I could think about! How truly blessed you are to live where you can see that scenery each day!

  6. Your have already prepared your surroundings for the arrival of Christmas excellently.

  7. My dear Karen,
    it always is a pleasure, to walk through your home , filled with so much Love and beautiful things!
    Christmas can come, you are prepared so well!
    Have a lovely time,
    sending much Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xoxo

  8. Oh, goodness, Karen! Your home is so, so festive. I really enjoyed seeing your Christmas treasures, and yes, that crib is a precious piece to use every chance you get. I really love how you've incorporated little vignettes with your holiday decor, not overwhelming or in- your - face.

    The weather in your area always has me stumped. Does it ever get really cold? You have lights and some furniture on your deck-does it stay somewhat mild? I sometimes forget you are so far west and its warmer. We store everything away from patio furniture to bird houses!

    Thanks for your sweet comment today. I'm slowing down. My frenzy to get everything done by December 10th has made me just as anxiety filled as previous years, just earlier. I'm going to take it slower, although you had me feeling a little nervous seeing that your home is done! Oh, jeez, why do I care?!!! I'm a frantic mess all the time! lol!

    Happy Holidays, my friend!


    1. Hi Jane, Oh - Christmas can be so stressful - I understand completely. You'll get it done when you get it done - and maybe a wreath and Christmas tree and a little table-top decoration is all you can manage. My outdoor swags are pre-lit and all I have to do is tie them on and I kept most things all packed up because I didn't want to deal with it this year. I'm even amazed that I got the tree decorated! I can tell you, I was exhausted just from doing that. To answer your question - yes, we have a mild climate here in the Seattle area, due to the moderating weather from the South Pacific. That being said - we can have some absolutely horrendous winter storms if the weather shifts and we get hit from the North. It just doesn't last that long when we do. I hope you have a peaceful and restful holiday season, my dear. xo Karen

  9. Looking wonderful in the sun. Such pretty decorations x

  10. Everything wonderful!!
    You have decorated so beautifully, Karen - your home looks festive, elegant, harmonious, calming.
    Happy Advent! xx

  11. The rooms in your home now decorated for this festive season look beautiful. I love the colour scheme and every item is displayed with much thought and care. Day or evening your home is a welcoming place. The deck looks magical with those pretty lights on the railing. Wishing you a happy Advent.

  12. I enjoyed touring your home so much! I just love your style. All the white and light. You have some wonderful collections. The greens, the gold. Beautiful and enchanting.

  13. What a lovely home you have and all the wonderful decorations.

    Hugs Diane

  14. Things look so lovely and sparkly, just right for Christmas. Love your spaces and your views! Beautiful. Hope you have a merry weekend!

  15. Your home is beautifully decorated for the season, Karen. I like all the white and bright you're using. Your deck is stunning, and isn't the sunshine wonderful after November's dark days? I'll take a little cooler weather and some frost over the dreary rain any day!
    I'm not finished decorating, but little by little I'll get there. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Everything looks beautiful! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  17. Your home is lovely in any season, but especially at Christmas.

    I'm still decorating, hope to get it done in the next few days.

    Happy Christmas holidays to you and yours ~ FlowerLady

  18. Your house looks very festive and beautiful! Love all the vintage items you have. You have decorated with love! Hey I can almost taste that hot chocolate! Merry Christmas!!

  19. Karen your house is so bright and beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Love and Merry Christmas

  20. I don't know where to start with the comments of how lovely this all is.
    Love the florentine tables
    love the bottle brush trees
    Johnson Bros plate of your Moms is very popular now
    love the sunshine coming through your large open room to show it all off

  21. It is all so lovely and perfectly styled for your quaint, pretty home. I love the cloches and especially how you filled your kitchen cabinet with glass. I would love to be inside your home at night with the starry sky coming through your windows.

  22. Such a cute home! It all looks so lovely! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  23. Your hooter cabinet is such a fav of mine Karen. I wish I had a space for something like that in our new place. So charming!

    Your beautiful vignettes have stolen my heart as well.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  24. Oh Yes, hot cocoa sounds good right now. It's been very cold here lately. And the snowman pot is just right to serve it in. Karen, you house looks wonderful for Christmas. Your front door is charming with the red lights and wreath. The village house and reindeer are sweet. I like how you change things around in your Queen cabinet for each holiday, and you change the glassware around as well. Your 20's buffet is gorgeous, such a nice piece of furniture. The advent candles are so special, and we also celebrate Advent at our church. Your deck is lovely with all the lights. I think my favorite decoration in your home is the stars and the pearls draped in the glass bowl. This star that was your husband's as a child is a treasure.

    It looks like you are enjoying this wonder-filled Christmas season, Karen, and I will definitely have to come back and see all your goodies again.


  25. I am also a bit behind, however it all gets accomplished one way or another! Enjoy the season!

  26. Oh my goodness, absolutely perfect. So much warmth and charm. I love your sweet home. So welcoming.

  27. Oh your home is just beautiful, I too love to use old items to decorate, and those things from our family is so important... Your nativity is lovely!! Beautiful tree, too, like how you decorated the deck. I love sun no matter what time of year it is but winter time it is so special, even if it is cold out, the sun just makes everything better!

  28. Hi Karen. Your homes Christmas decor is so stunning! It's lovely how you incorporated the lace and all the elements of a white Christmas, along with all the things that mean so much to you. It's beautiful. I have a set of those gold Florentine tables that my mother gave to me over 45 years ago. I love this style. Stay warm and thank you for the tour and hot chocolate :). Pat xx

  29. Your home looks like a beautiful and magical Christmas kiss! I love the look you have decorated in this year. Thank you for that cup of hot chocolate. =)

  30. Your tree is stunning Karen and I love how you have decorated your beautiful home. Christmas will be with us in the blink of an eye!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  31. Karen, as much as I love your cozy interiors, I'd like us to bundle up if necessary and take our cups of cocoa out onto your gorgeous deck!

  32. Hello, your home is looking so pretty and festive. Lovely Christmas decorations and a beautiful tree. A cup of hot chocolate sounds perfect, it is snowing here this morning. Enjoy your holiday season. Have a happy weekend!

  33. Everything looks so perfect, Karen, with such a pretty glow. I think this is my very favorite of your decorating changes, for it all just looks so soft, warm, and wonderful! Even your deck is all "decked out" for you to enjoy. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us! xx

  34. It was a joy to read and admire this wonderful blogpost. Love your style of furnishing and decorating with all the treasured objects with sweet memories. That is just the way I like it too. And what about the view from your wide balcony, even your dog loves it.
    Wish you a wonderful new week!

  35. Dearest Karen,
    You and I have the same taste; using only clear lights and Christmas decorations in the tree! You have been very diligent in cleaning your windows before decorating; need to do ours too. When Campbell's Soup moved us up north to Pennsylvania, we gave away all our Christmas tree things, including the fake tree. I've never attempted again to have one as we were seldom home for the Christmas season and later with cats, we said, no. For outside we also used the guirlandes and for years we kept up decorating nicely in the front porch with little lights. Till one season we were at it and got such cold hands and looking at each other I said: 'You know what? We get some large garbage bags and bag it all up and give it away to some poor people!' Pieter loved the idea and that was it. Never again.
    We have the Holy Family, carved in wood where St. Joseph is protecting Holy Mary and Child with his opened mantle. Love that symbol very much! Sure I have wood carved singing angels but they reside year round on my veranda's windowsill. Like you, I love angels.
    Once thing puzzles me, whomever started the Pinterest hype about French Nordic. This is so far off as Nordic is about the Scandinavian countries and not France. Those two are quite a different style and tradition. But with so much of Fake things nowadays, people blindly follow, without knowing what they actually are doing.
    We have a quiet time together, grateful for the 21st century's medications that made Pieter stable again and even with a better Ejection Fracture than on November 2nd. So happy for having had that 2nd opinion, after seeing this bully of a cardiologist who doesn't care much about elderly.
    So our budget goes for a big part towards meds, over $ 700 p/m but with LOVE! Knowing what the alternative is.
    We did bike this afternoon with crisp but sunny weather. Our new puffer jackets proved to be a wise choice and at a great bargain from Last Call and Macy's (Pieter's). With gloves we both still had cold hands but a hot tea is such a joy, with unsalted mixed nuts, rice cake and sea weed sheets. Don't laugh but 2 of our cats (brothers) LOVE those little Costco sea weed sheets. One of the brothers demands also a whole cashew nut.
    Hope you stay warm and cozy and enjoy this very special family time together.
    We had frost last night and will have some more later this week. So glad we now have a gardener that will do our 3 acre garden and he also did transport all the heavy potting plants inside the greenhouse on Wednesday, with his crew. Slowly Pieter's tasks are being given away to others... But it is okay; as long as we can be together!

  36. Thank you sooo much for giving glimpse of your beautiful ,cozy and inviting home my dear Karen!

    i thoroughly enjoyed my whole visit while absorbing the elegance of all your vintage decorations ,fantastic tables ,splending glass decorations and specially the BEAUTIFUL christmas tree ,the final photo of tree is GORGEOUS !

    your post displays the true spirit of season my friend and so amazingly!!!

    either i love the sun rays passing through the windows and connecting my soul more to the nature and God!

    You are wonderful human with beautiful soul that is what i see here :)

  37. Happy Holidays, Dear!
    I`m following your blog with a great pleasure in Google+ and GFC
    Follow back? Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  38. Meine liebe Karen,

    es ist traumschön bei dir. Alles so liebevoll dekoriert, so gemütlich und heimelig. Jeder muss sich bei dir wohlfühlen. Du schaffst es eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre zu kreieren. Leider konnte ich im letzten Jahr nicht so oft bei dir vorbeischauen, da meine Mutter krank ist und ich sie seit Februar pflege. Im nächsten Jahr werde ich das aber ändern - es ist einfach zu schön bei dir.

    Wünsche dir und deiner Familie, natürlich auch den Hunden, ein ganz besonderes Weihnachtsfest und vor allem Frieden auf Erden.

    Alles Liebe, Barbara

  39. Karen, your home looks so pretty and festive. I do like all of your decorations and your tree is perfect.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas time.

    All the best Jan

  40. oh it does look beautiful, I love the simple Nordic theme, thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful photos and thank you for visiting me , I have joined as a follower of your blog!

  41. As beautiful. Your home is lovely and so comfortable and inviting. So when shall I be there for coffee? haha....Everything looks great. I love the small tree in the little crib. Nice.

  42. I love your blog. It´s great!!
    I follow you in GFC and G+
    can you follow back me?

  43. Dear Karen, just stopping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas filled with peace, love and joy and a large sprinkling of good health. I look forward to visiting your blog in 2018. Hugs from across the miles xx

  44. Karen, what a lovely welcome! A cup of hot cocoa and sit by the wood stove would be perfect for a wintry chat. I so enjoy looking at all your decor. Simply lovely! xo

  45. I so loved reading your post Karen. Your decor is wonderful and I appreciate your commentary for there is so much to see in each photo, I would have missed a lot of your special details and often a significant memory or story that they have.
    Everything is beautiful and you've most certainly 'decked the halls'.
    Thank you for sharing all your lovelies and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas in all that it embodies. Warmest regards, Sue xx


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