Friday, March 2, 2018

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part III

Hello, Dear Friends, as we begin the month of March, 
I want to share with you the rest of my 
trip to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. 

I am always amazed at how these seemingly realistic gardens 
are assembled with tons of stone, wood, soil and water, 
not to mention the planters, plants and trees! 

So come along and we will marvel together as we 
dream about springtime in our own little gardens
and hopefully gain a bit of inspiration from 
the hard work of those who delight us with their displays. 

This is a lovely space with a large, fabric-draped arbor on 
a patio made with concrete paving blocks.
 We find hints of a spa, with 
a robe, towels and dipper. 
Spidery air plants cling to the back-cloth. 
You can see that this display has won several awards :)

I love the beautiful color scheme, with pristine white 
planters, which highlight the drapery on the arbor.
The plantings are lovely in shades of green,
 gray, white, maroon and mauve. 

Notice the large, striped, polished rock on the left. 

This hanging planter is so pretty with various 
shades of green, gray and white. 

A waterfall contributes to the calm and soothing effect.

This cobblestone path leads through the plantings.

Something I can actually achieve!
Everywhere I dig, I come up with stones :) 

This display uses bright color and industrial materials 
to integrate the various spaces of this multi-functional area. 

In the foreground we have a seating area
with a re-purposed fire-pit. 

The corrugated sheet metal 
lining the edges of the upper spa level, 
 is also used on the front of the wine shed. 

I like the large, industrial metal planter box. 

A side view showing the shipping container/shed
and the large, orange barbecue. 

Espaliered fruit trees line the perimeter. 

I like the simple plantings, leaving the furnishings 
and the bright shed as focal points. 

These shipping containers make wonderful sheds, 
if you have access to them. 

Orange was the focal point of this garden 
display, also. 

This very modern arbor, also appears to 
make use of industrial salvage - perhaps scaffolding
of some type. 

This little guy sits at the end of the path. 

He looks a bit like my Kai......:)

This garden features a fantastically colored greenhouse 
on the other side of a little bridge. 

A bright patchwork of color. 

The garden was just as bright. 

This unusual garden pays homage to the game of chess. 

Neat plantings and stone-work keep the focus on the game. 

I like the stone steps leading to the outdoor kitchen. 

A refrigerator and grill nestle into the amazing 
stonework with stone-slab counters. 

A large waterfall tumbles down over a rocky outcrop. 

My thoughts are that this costs many $$$$$$! 

But if you have it - this would be a very nice place 
to invite your fellow chess-loving friends 
over on a warm, summer evening. 

And for added ooomph! - burl-wood slab 
sculptures frame the scene.  
This one reminds me of a horse's head. 

Here's another outdoor kitchen showcasing 
several different styles of fancy stone-work. 

I love the stone flooring and wall that imitates wood. 

You need deep pockets for these......

I fell in love with these mill-stone fountains. 
You can't see the water in the photo, but it bubbles 
out gently from the center.

This display features black, shiny, marbled stone that 
perfectly mimics water. 

Stone-work was a big feature in all of the displays this year. 

After touring the garden displays we ventured into the retail booths. 

There were many handcrafted and interesting things for sale, 
but we were limited to how much we could carry :)

Photos would be awkward to take, but I was able to 
capture this pretty booth on the edge of the lobby. 

This hand-crafted play-house was for sale, along with the
adorable teddy-bear bed. 

Some interesting 'found objects' and hand-crafted things.......
The tiny house on the post would
 make a wonderful 'Sharing library'. 

Wouldn't that be a fun thing to have at the end 
of a driveway? 

You take a book and leave one behind for someone else.

The round birdhouses were fashioned from old cans
and sheet metal.  


I hope you enjoyed coming along, dear friends.
Next time I will show you the little gifts I bought
for the garden.


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  1. Karen,
    Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this post!! Absolutely beautiful photo and again, thank you for sharing!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. You make spring seem like it's just a few days away. I enjoyed the posts of all the flowers and rock walkways as they were filled with so many good ideas.

  3. Such a great show. Looking forward to seeing what you brought home.

  4. Hi Karen wow this show is amazing so many beautiful displays,thankyou for sharing your beautiful pics my friend xx

  5. I do love that last photo with the bird houses and I can't believe how big the garden show was!!!! I especially loved the little snippet of your side or back garden with Kai in it ......

  6. I think I like the idea of the mill stones the best, it all sounds very relaxing. Just what we could all do with! x

  7. Another feast for the eyes, thanks for taking us along with you. There were so many features that I loved but not very practical due to the strong winds here. Looking forward to seeing hat you bought.

  8. More wonderful and inspirational ideas for the home and garden. Love that building with the colourful windows. How cool is the shipping container. I saw a couple of months that people are using them for their homes...amazing. Thank you for sharing the last couple of posts pertaining to all things garden, Karen. I have loved all that you have shown us.

  9. Liebe Karen,
    ich finde es klasse, dass du uns zu diesem Ausflug mitgenommen hast.
    Es ist immer schön auch etwas ganz anderes zu sehen und wahrzunehmen,
    etwas noch nicht Gekanntes zu entdecken!
    Das ist dir in deiner Präsentation gut gelungen!
    Vielen Dank dafür!
    Hab mich über deinen Besuch bei mir und über deine Worte sehr gefreut!
    Liebe Grüße schickt dir

  10. Beautiful pictures!Love the little fox and your pretty Kay's picture in your garden.How cute!Have a lovely weekend!xoxo

  11. Oh, some of these take your breath away. I was particularly smitten with the stained glass greenhouse! I'm not sure how the light would be for the plants but can't you imagine sitting there with a good book, a cuppa tea and all that magical light?

  12. What a beautiful garden show, I bet you're itching for spring even more after seeing all the beautiful displays. I can't wait to see the treasures you purchased at the show. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Love the colored glass greenhouse, like a rainbow in the garden! Would like a checker board in the yard!!

  14. I am so glad you broke these up into different posts, I can enjoy it better that way and I so loved the use of stone in these, I would love a fountain in my backyard but I just don't think that will ever happen. Look forward to seeing the goodies you bought :)

  15. Very beautiful show... I wish I would have able to make my garden like this... :)

  16. some really beautiful ideas for outdoor spaces. i never quite finish what i start...i save ideas for the garden and patio and it always gets to hot and i never seem to finish up. these are all really pretty, you took some great pictures!!

    i would not mind having that outdoor kitchen!!!

  17. Maravilhosos, espaços.
    Amei os vasos e o caminho de pedras.
    Boa entrada de semana.

  18. I saw all you saw at the show. I thought the burled wood looked like a horse head too when I saw it by chess set. Creativity. I wish I had a bit of it but it was fun to be there. My sis and I had heavy bags. I had 2 free daffodil plants and rest was different including food items. We had a good time. Have a good week!

  19. Karen, I think my favorite is the colored glass greenhouse. Such gorgeous colors and I can imagine the prisms they would create. Love the Lending Library birdhouse. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

  20. Wow so bright and colourful! Sometimes wish my garden looked like that instead of a bit of a mess. I admit I'm not much of a gardener.

  21. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for taking us along with you, to see the wonderful garden show. So much inspiration here and good to be able to get ideas and enjoyed the earlier posts. I really love the thought of the little library birdhouse.
    Happy new week

  22. Just the sort of place I like, Karen, thanks for taking us along. I especially liked the whimsy of the giant chess board.

  23. Oh it looks amazing! I really love this set - flowers and stones!
    I dream about garden like this in the future :)
    For now I have a lot of succulents and I'm amazed how do they look like!

  24. OMG ..Another grand show that inspires me for SPRING... We still have 6 feet of snow but I’m in the starting blocks willing to think of new and exciting ideas. It’s so wonderful to share garden show ... and gulll new ideas.. I love it !!!! I truly like the garden steps filled with herbs. You can always smell it .... Thank You for sharing all these ideas..... hugs

  25. What an abundance of tips & ideas! I loved the chess board in the garden, my son would love it! The white planters were indeed fresh looking, and gorgeous outdoor kitchens too.

    Thank you for this very interesting post Karen - wishing you a lovely week!

  26. this place looks like magical one Karen!!!

    each corner of it is surprisingly delightful.
    although i loved the everything you shared but hand crafted playhouse is something so adorable to look at :)

    coloured greenhouse is absolutely enchanting!
    thank you sooo much for making us part of your splendid trip my friend!

  27. I so enjoyed my visit to the show as seen through your photographs.
    Thanks for all of them you've shown us both here and in earlier posts.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  28. Oh my goodness- I don't even know where to begin. Thanks for the tour- it was all lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

  29. OMG Fairy Godmother... Spring is really coming !!!! Your journey throughout the show has given me "HOPE" and “Inspiration” for my gardens... We’ve just finished a two -day snow storm .. so I welcomed your post most heartedly... and was in awe of many of beautiful designs especially the stained glass greenhouse and herb filled steps...I can smell it from here... Thank You for sharing...Hugs

  30. Spring is near, my friend. I adore your new photo, btw! Sorry for my absence :)

  31. Karen, I'm back for seconds! I wanted to invite you to my new crafty blog on blogger. It seems I mostly write about crafts so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I hope that you visit when you have time. It is linked to my name/profile. xo

  32. Such great inspirations now if we could just get accomplished one of those beautiful settings in my yard.

  33. Just beautiful Flower and Garden Show!
    Nice ideas for garden and summer kitchen.

    Have a lovely First Day of May!

  34. Now those gardens look expensive but I have not come across a show indoors like that

  35. Hi Karen, I hope all is well with you. I bet you are getting ready for fall. Miss you and just wanted to say hello.

  36. Yes the garden designers have incredible talent to create these displays. I love their use of colour and oh to have a garden space where we need a fire pit (we are just going into our steamy hottest part of the year in Thailand!) Is that an orchid I spy too? This is a beautiful post it is always lovely to see what's 'in' in gardens around the world. Cute bird houses too :)
    Wren x

  37. I've going for the spa inspired theme rather than the outdoor chess one! I can see lots of similarities with your home the dog waiting at the edge, the stone path and all the hard work. Yes a sharing library outside everyone's home would be a lovely community feature, oh and a bird house in the garden for the little birds!
    Happy Sunday.
    Wren x

  38. Beautiful! Especially love the white planters.

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