Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Sad Farewell

Hello, Dear Friends, I'm sorry that I have not been around
much, recently. 
You see, we have lost a sweet part of our family, 
my little 'Grand-pup', Weenie Baby.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, 
know that Weenie Baby and her 'sister', Peanut, 
were frequent guests here when my daughter, 
Jennie had to travel.

They were such a big part of my life.
They were my daughter's family.
She is beyond sad. 

We lost little Peanut a year ago, nearly to the day. 

At that time, during the sad days that followed, 
I kept Weenie Baby for a few weeks. 

They had been together for 11 years, since they were 
6 weeks old, and were never apart.

Jennie even had to take them to the Veterinarian's
office together, when either of them needed care.
They couldn't be separated.  

Fate was kind, and shortly thereafter,
 my daughter met the love of her life.

Soon, Weenie Baby had a new companion, Buddy.

For the last year of her life, she was pampered 
and loved by Jennie, Steve, and his two 
darling daughters. 

Even though Weenie Baby was 12 years old, 
and had lived a good life, it is always 
so hard to say goodbye. 

She was a good-nature'd little soul, and got along 
with most everyone. 

Here she is with Whitey Bear, waiting for a treat.

And playing outside.

With Champ, our Border Collie that is now
with her and Peanut on the other side of
the Rainbow Bridge.

We so enjoyed our little walks together.......

Every day was a new adventure :)

When we welcomed Kai into our lives,
Weenie Baby (and Peanut) loved him, too.

Her favorite past-time was digging for critters :)

She would dig big holes in 'Gramma's' yard, 
but just seeing the joy and enthusiasm on her 
little face made me happy, too.  

They loved coming to 'Gramma's' house and 
they would put up such a fuss until they were on their way :)

They followed me everywhere I went.
Here they are helping me water my flowers on the deck.

Being small, Weenie Baby liked to be up high to get a better view!

She always slept under the covers and I would tuck her into
her favorite place on the sofa whenever she had a sleepover.

Here she is just after Peanut left us.

It took a while for her to regain her joy in life once more.

She started going gray........

But she still loved taking walks with 'the boys',
 Whitey Bear and Kai.

She was so tiny, and blended in so well with the landscape,
that I had to keep a close watch on her, but she never went far.

She never lost her love of digging..
This photo was taken just this past November.

Although she was tiny, she has left a big hole
in our hearts.

We're going to miss you, sweet little one.

Please wait for us on the other side.


"Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one,
is a life diminished"

- Dean Koontz, Author -

"You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you,
they will be there long before any of us"

- Robert Louis Stevenson -


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