Monday, April 22, 2019

A Spring Country Drive

The other night, the Full Pink Moon rose over the 
Cascade mountains. These are unedited photos. 
 I've never seen the moon with a pink aura
before, but here it is. 

I can't explain it......

You can read more about Traditional Full Moon names, Here.

It may have been all the pollen in the air! 
Spring is moving forward full speed
here in the foothills of Mt. Rainier.

April has been too wet for staying outside,
so we satisfied our 'spring fever' by taking a country drive.

Won't you come along? 

The cherries are blooming......
Mother Nature's lace. 

Adding delicate beauty to an evergreen world. 

The ground is green velvet, embroidered with blooms. 

Cows are released to pasture. 

A lonely bull with a beautiful view. 

Lush, green countryside under moody, gray skies. 

Wild cherry bloom 
on the edges of pastures, roads and woodlands. 
Many species of birds are attracted here for the harvest.

A local farm advertises for Easter.

Old farms amidst the rolling pastures.

Open land is increasingly becoming vulnerable to developers.
My heart breaks a little bit every time I see
another beautiful old farm sold off......

Although, there is hope.
Young farmers are buying them and turning
them into co-op's, organic and specialty farms.

There is also a farming preservation organization
in our county.

On a clear day, Mt. Rainier
looms over the landscape.

This cherry-lined driveway leads to that view.

Some nice patina.

Country roads take me home.

Pink Cherry trees on a soft, cloudy day.

A classic Northwest home tucked beneath stately Douglas fir. 

Well-trimmed hedges against a wild, mountain backdrop.

Silvery patina and a magnificent old cherry.

Two old cottages in town that were recently
 remodeled by young 'fixer-uppers'.

A pretty, curb-side garden.

Historical buildings. 
Love the tiny log cabin and faded, country blue. 

Late afternoon.

Our country road.

Home sweet home.

The end of a gentle spring day.

Thanks for coming along, Dear Friends.


Thursday, April 18, 2019

A Tisket, a Tasket, Some Hearts and Little Baskets

Hello, Dear Friends, with Easter upon us
I found a few little baskets to brighten 
up the day.

It's a wonderful time of resurrection, 
not only of faith, but of nature, too. 

I found this hanging moss basket and 
filled it with a sweet bouquet of paper flowers 
that my dear Sis sent to me. 

This larger moss basket 
 is surrounded by paper carrots,
wired together. 
It was one of those quirky little things 
I couldn't resist at the craft store :)

Kai is posing as the Cadbury bunny. 

I made some heart sachets out of a little scrap 
of flannel fabric I found in the discount bin
at the craft store. 

 I sewed on a crocheted, string flower and 
 filled a gauze drawstring bag with lavender, and put it inside 
before I stuffed it with fiberfill.  

I sewed a blanket stitch around the edge, 
single-crocheted in the stitches, 
then added a simple shell stitch.
I used off-white 'kitchen cotton' yarn. 

I wiled away a rainy day up in my sewing room......

I stuffed smaller bags of lavender into the hanging hearts
and put them here and there. 

A little squeeze releases sweet aroma. 

A vintage springtime needlework hangs next to the glass door. 

We are going to my son's home for Easter brunch
and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones.

I put together some sweet baskets for 'the girls'. 
Mom's need a little treat once in a while, too :)

The felt bunnies are actually stickers that I hot-glued onto the baskets. 
I found these in the card dept. 

I found these pretty Easter-egg colored alyssum 
and stuffed them into coffee-filter lined, painted peat pots.

That way, they can be planted in the garden, pot and all. 
The peat pots were left over from a previous project,
which is the reason they are painted. 

I lined the baskets with green tissue paper 
and added some foil-wrapped chocolates
tucked into 'grass'. 

I even found cute 'basket' cards that I'll tuck in at the last minute. 

These felt baskets are for my four little grandson's. 
Instead of candy, I found some fun bath items. 

 Colored bath fizzies, finger paint soap.

Bathtub markers and crayons, scrubbies, and some little toys and books. 

I did tuck in a tiny bag of foil wrapped, chocolate 'carrots' 
for the two older boys, though. 

The twins get little owls. 

I can't wait to see them hunt for Easter eggs :)
The twins are walking now.
I'll try to get some good photos to share. 

Our rainy skies sometimes bring a sweet surprise.
The forecast is for sunshine at egg-hunt time.

I hope you have a lovely Easter and Passover, 
dear friends! 

Thank you for your always kind visits. 


"I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me,
though he may die,
he shall live.
And whoever lives and
believes in me
shall never die"

John 11:25-26

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