Thursday, April 18, 2019

A Tisket, a Tasket, Some Hearts and Little Baskets

Hello, Dear Friends, with Easter upon us
I found a few little baskets to brighten 
up the day.

It's a wonderful time of resurrection, 
not only of faith, but of nature, too. 

I found this hanging moss basket and 
filled it with a sweet bouquet of paper flowers 
that my dear Sis sent to me. 

This larger moss basket 
 is surrounded by paper carrots,
wired together. 
It was one of those quirky little things 
I couldn't resist at the craft store :)

Kai is posing as the Cadbury bunny. 

I made some heart sachets out of a little scrap 
of flannel fabric I found in the discount bin
at the craft store. 

 I sewed on a crocheted, string flower and 
 filled a gauze drawstring bag with lavender, and put it inside 
before I stuffed it with fiberfill.  

I sewed a blanket stitch around the edge, 
single-crocheted in the stitches, 
then added a simple shell stitch.
I used off-white 'kitchen cotton' yarn. 

I wiled away a rainy day up in my sewing room......

I stuffed smaller bags of lavender into the hanging hearts
and put them here and there. 

A little squeeze releases sweet aroma. 

A vintage springtime needlework hangs next to the glass door. 

We are going to my son's home for Easter brunch
and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones.

I put together some sweet baskets for 'the girls'. 
Mom's need a little treat once in a while, too :)

The felt bunnies are actually stickers that I hot-glued onto the baskets. 
I found these in the card dept. 

I found these pretty Easter-egg colored alyssum 
and stuffed them into coffee-filter lined, painted peat pots.

That way, they can be planted in the garden, pot and all. 
The peat pots were left over from a previous project,
which is the reason they are painted. 

I lined the baskets with green tissue paper 
and added some foil-wrapped chocolates
tucked into 'grass'. 

I even found cute 'basket' cards that I'll tuck in at the last minute. 

These felt baskets are for my four little grandson's. 
Instead of candy, I found some fun bath items. 

 Colored bath fizzies, finger paint soap.

Bathtub markers and crayons, scrubbies, and some little toys and books. 

I did tuck in a tiny bag of foil wrapped, chocolate 'carrots' 
for the two older boys, though. 

The twins get little owls. 

I can't wait to see them hunt for Easter eggs :)
The twins are walking now.
I'll try to get some good photos to share. 

Our rainy skies sometimes bring a sweet surprise.
The forecast is for sunshine at egg-hunt time.

I hope you have a lovely Easter and Passover, 
dear friends! 

Thank you for your always kind visits. 


"I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me,
though he may die,
he shall live.
And whoever lives and
believes in me
shall never die"

John 11:25-26


  1. What a wonderful post!!!Full of faith,love and beauty...Your baskets are just adorable!Moms and kids will love them,how especial and unique!Happy Easter!

  2. your easter decorations and your easter baskets are just perfect. i always get so excited to see how you have decorated your white hutch for each holiday/season. i LOVE the green glass!!

    the sachets are super nice, and it's always great when we can use up scraps and make them into something beautiful!!

    i like the purple plants too!! happy easter to you, happy spring!!

  3. I love baskets! Every photo here makes me smile big but maybe my fave is that line-up of little baskets on the couch. Now that we know the grands are here for Easter, I need to get my basket thing going too!

  4. Karen, thank you for your kind visit and sweet comments. I love all the little baskets that you put together for big and little kids! I do miss not have the little ones anymore when it is this time of year. We were invited to the kids for Easter, but May is such a busy month that we decided to wait until a little later so we can celebrate our daughter's birthday and Mother's Day. Have a wonderful Easter with your family..xxoJudy

  5. What a lovely post! Your baskets are so cute, and I can tell you really take a lot of time with them. I just stuff candy in a sack for my grands...I feel lazy :) !! Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  6. Greetings Karen, I want to wish you an early Happy Easter. Your decorations and baskets are just wonderful. Enjoy the sunny weekend.

    Hugs Diane

  7. Your home looks like Springtime fresh, Karen! The little Easter gift baskets are so precious. Enjoy your time with your family and Happy Easter blessings to you!

  8. Hi Karen!
    So fun to catch up with you. ;) Your home looks as cozy as ever. And I love the adorable baskets you put together for the Mom Crew and for your sweet grandsons. They're going to just love it all!!

    I hope you all have a very blessed and Happy Easter. xoxo

  9. Such a lovely post, and I love your baskets.

    Have a wonderful family Easter-time.

    All the best Jan

  10. Look at all these baskets! So much time and love went into making these, and I'm sure everyone loved them. I like the idea of giving bath items to the babies. I found an aqua rubber ducky last year for Francesca, and this year a rubber ducky unicorn for Mia hahaha. The felt bunnies that you glued on add a special touch. That was thoughtful to make the girls baskets also. The pots with the Purple flowers are cute, and Purple at Easter time is just lovely. I also like the green heart sachet that you made out of flannel. So many wonderful ideas on here today, Karen.


  11. Oh it looks like you had wonderful Easter goodies for all, the baskets for the ladies are gorgeous, such a great idea!

  12. Oh what fun, it's a pity I'm so far away as it would have been lovely to join in! I bet you all had a great time. X

  13. Such a sweet post, Karen! I love your always inspire me to create!

  14. Karen, you always bring such beauty in all that you do. The sachet pillows, the baskets, the flowers. Thank you for sharing your gift of beauty with all of us! xo


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