Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall Decorating - Vintage Cottage Style

Hello, Dear Friends, I've baked some 
Oatmeal-Raisin cookies 
and have put the kettle on, 
so come inside and I will show you around :)

I've been gathering, sewing, and rummaging around 
for just the right things to decorate for fall........

I am a firm believer in the idea that if you love something, 
it will all come together naturally. 

I have a few collections I have added to over the years,
that I thought would be perfect for the new season. 
Pottery, tarnished silver, weathered wood, crochet and needlework,
linens and galvanized tin. 

I can't resist a beautiful, hand crocheted 
piece, especially if it is vintage. I like how 
it looks over burlap. The texture is so wonderful :)

I actually bought the lanterns for Christmas last year, 
but I think they are lovely for fall. 

I recently read a book on Hygge, and I am trying to bring
in as many of those elements as I can. 

You can read more about Hygge Here.

The beautiful, etched cheese board was a gift from 
my daughters for my birthday last year, as was 
the gorgeous chandelier. 
The silver bud vase was a gift from my FIL
when I was a young bride.
It is perfectly tarnished now :) 

My daughter gave me the authentic vintage 
trellis. She was offered 3 of them by a co-worker 
who was moving, and she immediately thought 
of me, bless her heart. 

She kept one, which was used for This party, 
and she gave me two. 

I let them stay out in the dry summer sun all season, 
then dry-brushed them thoroughly
before giving them a good vacuum. 

I brought them both inside, but one of them 
had a strong, mossy scent, so it will stay outside. 

This one was perfect for my daybed wall. 

Ramblin' Man had to do some minor repairs 
before I could hang my favorite gardening hat. 

I just love the authentic patina. 

I made some pillows and curtains, too. 

This pretty one started out as a vintage, 
framed needlework that I found for very little money
in my local antique shop. 

I actually found two.....
I made pillows out of both of them - one for the living room :)

I sewed pillow covers and curtains
out of a large tablecloth and matching tea-towels.

I found these several years ago, deeply discounted, 
at a Williams-Sonoma store in Seattle on 
a Christmas shopping trip with my daughter. 

I've always had it in mind to use them for the fabric. 

I just love the pattern of grapes and birds. 

Tea-towels seem to be the perfect size to 
make pillow covers that fit a standard bed-pillow. 

I've used another vintage crocheted tablecloth as a 'throw'. 

A canvas painter's tarp covers the day-bed. 

I cut the large tablecloth lengthwise
and hemmed the edges to make the panels. 
I converted two crocheted tablecloths into 'lace' curtains. 
I used string, woven through the crochet to make the rod pocket. 
That way, I can snip it when I want to convert them back into tablecloths. 

The lantern was borrowed from the deck. 
All of the lanterns have battery-powered candles inside. 

I added a crochet edging to the tea-towel pillow covers. 

I used 'kitchen' cotton crochet thread
in a variegated gray/black. 
It has a nice, heavy weight to match the thick linen
of the fabric. 

I have several books on crocheted edgings
that have come in handy for projects like this. 

The vintage baby crib corrals my gatherings
and keeps them safe from the dogs. 
The dog's toy and bone bins are underneath. 
Their pet-door is near-by  :)
This little crib was used by my youngest daughter
for her baby-dolls.

My local 'Ben Franklin' craft store always has these 
galvanized containers in all sizes and 
I've collected a few. 

This beautiful box - a gift from my DIL, resides inside. 
It can be hung on the wall or used as is.
I plan on filling it with kitchen sachets. 

Vintage pen and ink watercolors from the 50's
have lovely autumn scenes.  

Two more from 'Ben Franklin'. 

Some faux pumpkins.
I want to grow white pumpkins next year.  
And sunflowers and pretty, colored corn and gourds.
And giant orange pumpkins.

For the grandchildren:)

The heart of my kitchen.

The sign is such a sweet reminder.....

Ramblin' Man hung this wire rack for my cooking herbs.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.....


My 'Kitchen Queen' Hoosier cabinet
gets a new fall make-over, too.

Pottery, tarnished silver, and purple
Ball canning jars.

I've been collecting pottery here and there,
not really seriously, but now I want to add
Perhaps some mugs, bowls and plates.

I have just enough to fill my cupboard.
I love the organic beauty of hand-thrown pottery.

It pairs so well with tarnished silver.
The baby cup was mine.

I love this brie baker with its patterned lid
and swirled insides.

This berry colander was a lucky find.

The purple canning jars were a limited edition issue
a couple of years ago.

I bought both sizes.

I've had this framed print for years.

These pieces are perfect for stew and biscuits.

A favorite wire basket.

I am partial to wire :)

It softens up my rustic walls.

Thank you for stopping by to see my
 Fall Decorating - Vintage Cottage Style,
Dear Friends.

Now let's sit down and enjoy some tea and cookies!


Next time I will show you the rest of the house.


Thank you for your lovely visits.
Your kind and thoughtful comments
are always so appreciated.

"One's friends are that part of the human race
with which one can be human"
-George Santayana-


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Changing Seasons

Slowly but surely, the seasons are changing,
here in my forest home. 
Once Mother Nature makes up her
mind, there is no turning back. 

This year, in particular, dark clouds seem to be 
swirling from every direction in our troubled world. 

It is difficult to stay moored securely 
when the winds of change are howling. 

I say this metaphorically, 
but am only too aware that this is a physical 
reality for far too many. 

There are earthquakes, not only physically, 
but politically, reflecting great divisions.

I want it all to stop.
But, alas, I do not rule the world,
so I just keep praying. 
It is sometimes a helpless feeling. 
It doesn't help that I am a constant worrier. 
I worry about the 'price of beans',
as my Bostonian elders used to say. 

I try not to worry, but I am a Wife, a Mother, a Grandmother. 
It comes with the territory. 

But the best antidote is spending time with family. 

You can't worry when you are celebrating birthdays! 
Three of them are even better! 

My youngest son, Dustin (from left), Son-in-law, Eric, 
and eldest son, Gabe are another year older.

Ramblin' Man enjoys his role of 'Patriarch'. 

'The Girls'. 

From left, Daughters Heather and Jennie, and Daughters in law, Jen and Erica. 

Erica hosted and made her Mother's authentic Mexican Chile.
. It was delicious. Everyone brought the accompaniments. 
Home-made cornbread, salad, and tortilla chips with a layered 
bean dip. Yum. 

It was 'Seahawk's Sunday', as you can see by everyone's jersey. 
The Seahawk's lost :( 
But it was a good game. 

We were worried, though, about a dear loved one 
having surgery. The good news is that the patient 
is recovering nicely, and all is well. 

One less worry.......

Gabe gets help blowing out the candle on his cupcake :)

This little guy was very patient waiting for his 'blue cupcake'. 

He kept telling everyone, 'I want a blue one!'

I chose green. 

Seahawk's colors, of course! 

Grandpa has his hands full :)

It was a wonderful day. 

All too soon it was time to make the long journey home. 

Mt. Rainier peeks over the farmland 
as we get close. 

The sun has set, turning the mountains deep blue. 

The last rays of sunlight. 

The long night begins. 


While contemplating the state of the world, 
I have been busy redecorating for fall. 

I've been gathering, sewing, and feathering the nest
for the change of seasons - making things cozy
for the short days ahead. 

I hope you'll stop by for a visit next time. 
I'll be sure to heat up the teakettle
and bake a little treat! 


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