Monday, September 25, 2017

Changing Seasons

Slowly but surely, the seasons are changing,
here in my forest home. 
Once Mother Nature makes up her
mind, there is no turning back. 

This year, in particular, dark clouds seem to be 
swirling from every direction in our troubled world. 

It is difficult to stay moored securely 
when the winds of change are howling. 

I say this metaphorically, 
but am only too aware that this is a physical 
reality for far too many. 

There are earthquakes, not only physically, 
but politically, reflecting great divisions.

I want it all to stop.
But, alas, I do not rule the world,
so I just keep praying. 
It is sometimes a helpless feeling. 
It doesn't help that I am a constant worrier. 
I worry about the 'price of beans',
as my Bostonian elders used to say. 

I try not to worry, but I am a Wife, a Mother, a Grandmother. 
It comes with the territory. 

But the best antidote is spending time with family. 

You can't worry when you are celebrating birthdays! 
Three of them are even better! 

My youngest son, Dustin (from left), Son-in-law, Eric, 
and eldest son, Gabe are another year older.

Ramblin' Man enjoys his role of 'Patriarch'. 

'The Girls'. 

From left, Daughters Heather and Jennie, and Daughters in law, Jen and Erica. 

Erica hosted and made her Mother's authentic Mexican Chile.
. It was delicious. Everyone brought the accompaniments. 
Home-made cornbread, salad, and tortilla chips with a layered 
bean dip. Yum. 

It was 'Seahawk's Sunday', as you can see by everyone's jersey. 
The Seahawk's lost :( 
But it was a good game. 

We were worried, though, about a dear loved one 
having surgery. The good news is that the patient 
is recovering nicely, and all is well. 

One less worry.......

Gabe gets help blowing out the candle on his cupcake :)

This little guy was very patient waiting for his 'blue cupcake'. 

He kept telling everyone, 'I want a blue one!'

I chose green. 

Seahawk's colors, of course! 

Grandpa has his hands full :)

It was a wonderful day. 

All too soon it was time to make the long journey home. 

Mt. Rainier peeks over the farmland 
as we get close. 

The sun has set, turning the mountains deep blue. 

The last rays of sunlight. 

The long night begins. 


While contemplating the state of the world, 
I have been busy redecorating for fall. 

I've been gathering, sewing, and feathering the nest
for the change of seasons - making things cozy
for the short days ahead. 

I hope you'll stop by for a visit next time. 
I'll be sure to heat up the teakettle
and bake a little treat! 



  1. Oh my!Such happiness!Great photos.Family is a blessing...Your grands are so cute!Hugs.

  2. Wonderful photo of grandpa with his hands full! Sweet times celebrating all those birthdays. Love the menu for your celebrations in Seahawks gear! So much change and sorrow in our world but we remember that Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever! Beautiful photos!

  3. Happy birthday to those handsome men in your family! I too am a worrier and I have been very anxious lately. So much so that my husband planned a short getaway for us. It did help! Enjoy your fall decorating and show us the results!

  4. Aww!!! how cute the little ones.. ..

  5. Dear Karen,
    wonderful fmailypictures from such a happy day!
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures from your home, your family and your nature arround! It allways is such a pleasure., my dear friend!
    Have a happy fall,
    sending much Love and hugs and blessings to you, Claudia xo

  6. Hi Karen lovely pics my friend,its always great spending time with family and i wish you were ruling the world you are such a gentle soul xx

  7. How wonderful to get all the family together again. x

  8. You’re so right about family time. Your photos are lovely as are your beautiful blue mountain shots. B x

  9. We do live in the most worrying of times, don't we. How better to keep those worries at bay than celebrating and spending precious time with our families. You have a beautiful family, lovely Karen. Your photos and words have made my heart smile. Xx

  10. Thanks for this post, it's so cute!!!
    Spending time with family and friends is the best medicine!!

  11. hi dear Karen!!! usted tiene una bella familia !!! me encanta toda esa fotografia...espero que tengas un lindo dia

  12. You have such a beautiful family. I too worry so much, but we have to try and put it aside and just concentrate on those nearest and dearest to us xx

  13. Worrying times indeed. You are blessed with a wonderful and certainly beautiful family. Many happy returns to them all celebrating birthdays.

  14. You are blessed with such a loving, close family. Good times had by all of you.

    Happy Autumn from one worrier to another, (I'd rather be a warrior than a worrier.)

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  15. I know what you mean, but worrying does not help. What does help as you said being with family and celebrating what matters and keeping the home sweet and cozy! I enjoyed your thoughts here today!
    Blessings, Roxy

  16. Hello, happy birthday to all the men in the family! Gabe is a cutie! Love the cloud images. Beautiful views! You are blessed with a beautiful family. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  17. A lovely family! We are definitely going through storms in our country and it makes me sad. First time in my 65 years that I have become politically active!

  18. Always nice to have the whole family together and three birthdays.....Congratulations! Love the views on your drive home with Mt. Rainier on the background.

  19. You are so blessed, Karen, to have your loving family close by and to spend time together. The little ones are sure growing! I'd love to stop by for a cup of tea and a treat.

  20. I know you feel so blessed to have that wonderful family surround you! Our world is in turmoil, I agree with that!

  21. Beautiful photos, Karen! And Happy Birthdays to those in your family...great family shots!

  22. Karen, what a nice get together you had. Yes, football season, and we too, are watching! My son played for many years, so it's in his blood hahaha. Those green and blue cupcakes look Yummy, and I'll take a green one please. Happy Birthday to your special guys. These are such beautiful pictures of the sunset over the mountain. I've never seen a blue sunset before, it's spectacular! I look forward to seeing all your Fall goodies around your house. You have such creative ideas and your home is so charming.

    Wishing you a nice Autumn week, Karen.


  23. Dear Karen ... There is so much going on all around us. I tend to spend a lot of time in prayer as I go about my day. I cherish the peace and quiet of our humble little cottage and most of all being with loved ones. I hope that you have a warm and cosy evening. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  24. I worry like you do too but I find if I focus on my own little world (family) it helps to make life (and all it's problems) more bearable. Happy Birthday to your loves. Looking forward to your Fall post. Gorgeous pictures as always!

  25. I agree about the unsettling world, so many natural disasters and the political and racial stuff going on it just makes you wonder which way this country is going, but to hold unto our faith and love of our family is what will see us through, glad you were able to have time with everyone and enjoy each others company, those grand babies are too cute, I hope to start decorating for Autumn tomorrow :)

  26. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely post, so full of warmth for Family!
    You are so right, it all starts out with our Family and there is where we teach about love, compassion and respect. Let's pray that the entire world will soften one way or another.
    Can't believe how fast those two little ones are growing up!
    A handful for their Granddaddy but one can tell he is beaming with pride.
    Happy belated Birthday to all involved.
    Sending you hugs from a still very summery warm Georgia.

  27. Oh, liebe Karen, wie gut verstehe ich Dich! Ich sehe auch die "vielen Erdbeben"! Die politischen könnten weltweit die allergrößten Probleme bereiten...Meine Reise nach Irland war eine ganz große Freude und eine Erfüllung eines lange gehegten Wunsches, aber auch so eine kleine Flucht aus diesen Sorgen. Und jetzt sind sie wieder da, die Sorgen...Wenn ich mir Deine süßen Enkel anschaue, und alle Kinder dieser Welt und dann wieder sehe, wie da Säbel gerasselt werden, kann ich mit Dir auch nur noch hoffen und beten!!! Möge Gott den Mächtigen Einsicht schenken!!!

    Es war schön, Deine Familie kennen zu lernen. Das sind alles soooo sympathische Menschenkinder. Du hast eine wunderbare Familie, und ich schaue gern bei Dir!
    Du selbst hast Dein Outfit verändert!? Dein Haar war länger und nicht blond? Oder liege ich da falsch? Auf jeden Fall sehe ich, wenn ich Dein Bild betrachte eine ganz liebe Frau! Fühle Dich umarmt als Frau, als Mutter, als Oma und bleibe so voller guter Gefühle!
    Ich wünsche Dir, und Euch, und uns, und allen Menschen dieser Erde
    alles Liebe

  28. You have a lovely home and such a beautiful family! It's fun to watch football together and have family time. Is that a new profile pic in your sidebar? I just noticed it. LOVE your hair and pretty smile! Hugs!

  29. Do I spy correctly that you're now a blonde? You look stunning! How nice to celebrate with your dear family and loved ones. I agree with you that our world is in a sad state. My heart goes out to those ones suffering. Take care dear Karen. Pat xx

  30. Karen, like you, my heart just aches at all the happenings in the world around us. I do my best not to worry and just rest in the Lord. {{HUGS}}

  31. You are lucky to have such a lovely and close family! I love this time a year and when the seasons are changing. Especially now cause we are having a little indian summer here in Finland. So beautiful and warm days! xoxo

  32. Your worrying stops when the heart is filled with happiness. What a cozy place your family's home is, and it's great to have a reason to celebrate together. Happy Birthday to the men in your family! You have such a beautiful drive home ;)

  33. All we can do is keep praying that May God give the strings of this world in "GOOD HANDS" and let the peace rule this beautiful world which is turning into hell though it was heavenly gift for man!

    Thank you for such delightful pics dear Karen!

    your Daughters are so Lovely and so the daughters in law!!!

    I loved their pretty smiling faces which captivated my eyes for while.

    Blue and green both are my very favorite colors and you both grandma and grandson chose well.

    Little angle is so adorable!

    Grandpa with handsful is a treasure photo.

    Soothing and stunning views!

    Swirling clouds are so pretty.

    Loved the sunset on blue mountains sooo much

  34. Wow those swirling clouds are amazing. I love seeing your photos of the mountains and such. Your family looks like they really enjoy spending time together.

  35. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and beautiful family!

  36. Oh my, those little boys are just so cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Family and celebrating together is so important in uncertain times. Those clouds around Mt. Ranier look so dramatic. Have fun with your nesting. I'm loving the cooler days we're having here. xo Deborah

  37. Looks like everyone had a wonderful birthday! I love the change in the seasons, but I'm a worrier like you (& prayer). Family is the BEST medicine!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead Karen. xoxo

  38. A most beautiful post.
    Lovely to see all of your family pictures, I always cherish time spent with loved ones.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  39. Wonderful sky captures and beautiful family photos. Enjoy your week Karen :)


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