Monday, September 11, 2017

A Repurposed Pillow and Blackberry Squares

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are all well 
and safe as we continue to send our thoughts 
and prayers to all those in the path of 
so many disasters. 

I know many people must now start completely
over, and my heart just breaks for all of them. 

Here, we still have large forest fires raging, 
and we are much too close to one that is 
burning near Mt. Rainier, called the 'Norse Peak Fire'. 
This fire is now up to 50,000 acres and only 12% contained. 

So far no lives have been lost, which is a blessing. 
The National Guard is helping out, and we had 
a bit of rain overnight on Saturday, which helped, 
but as you can see by my photo, the smoke is thick
today, and the air quality is bad. 

Ramblin' Man is back to his 'real job' after a week off, 
and now it is just me and the dogs, one old and complaining
cat, Maggie, and Birdy Boy, the cockatiel. 

Here he is, my 'pretty bird', pausing from 
his task of trying to pull every pin out of my 
pincushion and throw them on the floor. 

This is what I was busy sewing, a new pillow for my 
daybed in the kitchen. 

This little pillow started out as an old T-shirt 
that I was about to donate. I loved the 
pink roses on the mossy green background, 
so I thought, why not make a little pillow 
out of it? 

I turned it inside out and traced a circle 
using one of my large platters :)

I've had this sweet, narrow pink lace forever....
I thought it would be perfect. 

A couple of large, green buttons were selected 
for the middle. 

I had a little surprise when I stuffed it......
due to the fabric being more stretchy in one 
direction, the pillow turned out oval! 

Here it is all done. I like it on my sewing chair......
it's soft and squishy and feels good on my back. 

But I made it for the daybed in the kitchen. 

The colors work so well......

It makes me happy :) 

But the seasons are changing, 
and I am ready for a change, too. 

The green fields have turned golden, 
and the leaves will soon turn, too. 

Even the light is changing.....
soft, diffused, mellow......

The nights are cooler and the days are comfortable, 
once again. 

We are even starting to get rain in our forecast....
more is expected later this week. 

I am in the mood for softer colors. 

I will be packing up all the greens.........
and replacing them with colors to reflect the coming season. 

Faded tans and grays

A little purple.....

The wonderful colors of nature. 

The cooler air puts me in the mood for baking, too. 

Anything with blackberries makes my mouth water.....

Would you like a piece? 

This recipe came from an old issue of 'Country Woman' 
magazine that I checked out of the library.

Unfortunately, I seem to have turned it back in without
writing down the recipe!

But I have another recipe that I have posted before
that is very similar (my absolute favorite)
that you can find Here . 

Here we are in our little corner of the world.....

on September 11th.....
a day that is forever etched into our minds, 
here in America. 

There is so much sorrow in life, 
but there is also hope. 
And resilience. 

There is one thing that is always true. 

Tragedies always bring out the best 
in mankind. 


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  1. Hi Karen!Love all your pillows.Your home is very charming!Great pics with Fall colors.God bless you all.Hugs.

  2. I love your pillows. Your home looks so warm and inviting. Also love seeing your bird!

  3. Love all your pillows.Your home is very charming!Great pics with Fall colors.God bless you all.Hugs.


  4. HI Karen....
    Such devastation in Florida and the Caribbean...very sad indeed.
    We are hoping the cottage we rent in Florida survived the storm!
    I did not know you had a bird...very pretty!
    Yes....Fall is starting, but we have a nice warm week ahead.
    I should do some always inspire me!
    Enjoy your week...hoping the fires come to an end...and here in Canada!
    Linda :o)

  5. Such a sweet pillow and thrifty too! I love being able to use something for a new purpose instead of getting rid of it. I am hoping that you get enough rain to put out those awful fires. My niece lives in Portland and the air is bad there too.
    Have fun decorating for fall. I just got mine finished and am enjoying moving things here and there. Have a great week!

  6. Karen, I'm so glad that there have been no deaths due to the fires. Prayers sent to every corner. I am glad that the hurricane was not as bad as they predicted.
    Love the colors of your pillow. So sweet! I am so happy that fall is just around the corner. Your baking looks so delicious. When you have a moment, would you mind sharing the recipe? xo

  7. Dear Karen, visiting your blog is always like visiting with an old friend. Funny I've never noticed your gorgeous oven before. What a beautiful piece. How can you now want to bake EVERY day? Love, Mimi xxx

  8. Dear KAren,
    thank you for wonderful photos again from your so sweet home! Your Pillows are wodnerful!
    HAve a happy week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  9. Hi Karen,love your new cushion,you have such a pretty room and how funny is your bird,though probably not funny for you having to pick the pins up,lol xx

  10. Great post as always. Sending best wishes. x

  11. Hello Karen! So happy to meet you today... what a delight! I loved your little pillow, it looks just perfect on your kitchen daybed! I love the simple vintage style of your cottage, and that stove really caught my eye! I love love love blackberries too. Your dessert looks fabulous! I continue in prayer for all of those who have lost so much, 16 years ago on 9/11, and in the midst of all the hurricanes hitting . Enjoyed this visit with you today :)

  12. What a clever idea to turn your t shirt into a cushion especially as the fabric is so pretty. Hope you get enough rain to put out all those fires. Yes autumn is upon us earlier than some years. Still wild and windy here, baking is definitely a good idea :). B x

  13. Such a great idea to turn your t shirt into a cushion, looks beautiful on the day bed with its wonderful array of cushions. The touch of lace and those stunning buttons were a delight. The fires must be a real worry for you, praying that they will be under control and out soon.

  14. Hello, the wildfires and hurricanes just seem too much lately. I hope your place stay safe and you have some much needed rain. Your Birdy boy is pretty. I love the cute pillow. The dessert looks yummy, wish I could try a piece. Prayers for all! Enjoy your day!

  15. Dear Karen ... you have created such a homey little space here. It always warms my heart. I know that I have mentioned this many times, but your kitchen is so, so charming. I ♥ it.

    Although, as we visit one another, all of the things going on in our beautiful USA continue to be on my mind. My prayers continue for our country.

    I hope that you have a cosy day in your sweet home.

    Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  16. Hello Karen, I love how you refashioned your t-shirt into a pretty pillow! The blackberry squares looks so good too. Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J. Enjoy the week.

  17. Karen, love your accidental oval! Good reminder to me to use a woven fabric backing with any knit fabric if I want a round pillow. But that oval is quite nice. We've been on disaster watch for a while now, with friends and relatives in Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, different cities in Florida and in fire areas. It felt so refreshing and relaxing to have this visit with you in your charming cottage.

  18. Your new pillow is lovely Karen. I am saddened to read that your fires are still raging.
    Prayers to all and hugs to you xx

  19. Love how your pillow turned out, so pretty! I love blueberries too and pretty much any recipe that has them in it, lol ;-) Will say prayers that the fires do not harm anyone... so much going on in our world right now. We are getting a lot of rain today, we do need it though it has been pretty dry. Good day to get caught up with things around the house. Thank you also for your sweet comments on my blog, I appreciate it :-) Enjoy the rest of your week.


  20. Oh, Karen...I am sorry you are covered in smoke and the big fire near Mt. Rainier is still raging. Our fires are still bad, but we did have some rain and now the smoke has lifted from our area and we have blue skies again. My hubby sure needed a break with his breathing! Love your sweet little pillow. I just covered a big pillow square with a muted teal fabric for my daughter's bed. It wasn't my best sewing effort so there are warnings not to look at the inside where the Velcro lies for least the outside looks ok! :-) Your little cockatiel pulling the pins out just cracked me up! They can be such a delight. I'm glad he doesn't try to swallow them. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post. Russell was an F-111 pilot& worked in anti-terrorism in the Air Force...and was a helicopter door gunner in the Army in Viet Nam. He appreciated your thank-you. Have a great week if you can, and stay indoors! Take care.

  21. Hi Karen! I feel so sorry for everyone suffering with all these disasters. I am glad to hear you're safe but I presume you're staying indoors if the quality of air isn't too good outdoors. I pray this all will calm down soon. Love the pillow. It's wonderful to recycle and I love the oval shape it has, it's perfect for your back! I do love when people share their favorite recipes. Thank you! Have a great week!!

  22. Love all the pillows.. your home is beautiful..

  23. Oh, the forest fire is so close! Saying a prayer for you, Karen. You need rain! That cockatiel fellow is so pretty. I love the pillow you made, and the fabric is sweet. It's so charming how you change colors in your kitchen for all the seasons. Yes, a bit of Purple is wonderful this time of year. That blackberry dessert looks amazing. I so wish I had a piece to go with my coffee right now. :)

    Sending comforting thoughts and hope all is well around your neck of the woods, Karen.


    ps...thank you for the prayer for Nel with the storm in Georgia. So glad my girl is ok. It's not easy for us being in different states. Can't wait til she returns to California.

  24. What a beautiful post, and such lovely colors in your pictures. Your pillow is adorable! Very clever to re-purpose a beloved pattern that way. And oh my, that blackberry dessert looks so delicious! Fall is definitely the time for baking and making things cozy.
    My mom, who lives outside Denver, told me last week that the Denver skyline was all hazy from those western fires so far away. What devastation they are wreaking! I do pray your beautiful area is spared. xo Deborah

  25. Ooh the bars look delicious! Your home is always so cozy looking! I love the cute pillow you is perfect on the daybed!

  26. What a darling pillow, and I love the happy accident that made it an oval :).

    You're a girl after my own heart with blackberries. One of my favs too, and your squares look amazing!

    Stay safe from the fires karen! It's really incredible what's been going on with Mother Nature lately. Something has really gotten her parties in a twist :/.


  27. Your pillow is so cute. Love all your pictures and your sentiments are all so true. We are watching the Hand in Hand Hurricane benefit now and the human spirit is shining through!

  28. Thank god that you finally got some rain dear Karen and expecting more in forecast .hope rain will vanish away the fires remaining effect completely.

    This is nice that when your partner is at work you are still having company of your darling pets .hope it is not dogs who are making the cat complaining lol.

    how amazing that you turned a t,shirt into a beautiful pillow ,(my late mother used to do same) either i did this when life was less busy with one son only.

    i loved your daybed ,it is so cute and cozy!
    beautiful pics that reflect the changes in weather ,loved the purple leaves.
    crockery is elegant.
    it is exciting that you change the decorations with weather ,sounds like impressive idea!

  29. What a pretty cushion and it looks lovely on your daybed. Your kitchen looks so warm and cozy and I love the thought of snuggling into all those cushion on the daybed while drinking a cup of tea and smelling your baking xx

  30. Hello Karen, I love the photos of Birdy Boy and your little sewing corner. How clever to use the old T-shirt with it's pretty pattern and make a lovely cushion for your day bed! I do hope that you get more rain as it's badly needed. We encountered wildfires when in Italy and not only are they scary to be in their path, but also so destructive. Wishing you well.

  31. Yum! That looks delicious! I saw lots of wonderful berries as we walked along in England. There used to be a huge patch across from where I lived as a child. We used to pick them and Mum would make a blackberry crumble. Yum.

    The pillow looks great - what a lovely way to recycle an old shirt!

  32. How clever of you to repurpose that t-shirt. Sweet pillow! Why is it that our local news doesn't give us news about all the fires burning? Or maybe I just haven't been watching the local news enough. Your dessert looks very yummy. Hope your week is going well.

  33. Your pillow turned out so sweet Karen. It does match perfectly! You make it look so easy you talented Lady you. ;)

    And those bars look dreamy!! I copied your other recipe from Sept a few years ago. Yum!! Thanks for sharing and continued prayers for wet weather in your area and everyone to stay safe.

  34. Sorry to see the fires are still causing problems. I do hope you get decent amount of rains soon, that will certainly help.

    What a very good idea to turn your tee shirt into a cushion, and it looks very good on your day bed.

    Your baking looks delicious!

    All the best Jan

  35. I enjoy making a new pillow or pillow cover now and then. Its a change to be creative, to experiment--without committing to a large project.
    I remember the weeks of smoke drift when we lived in Wyoming. Clothes hung outside to dry came in smelling of burned sagebrush.
    Hopefully enough rain will soon arrive to douse the worst fires and wash the air.

  36. Pretty photos! I love the cute birdie :)

  37. Hi Karen, your accidental oval pillow is just darling! Wish I could stop by for a blackberry square and we could visit and chat the day away. Yes, doesn't the world need our prayers? I loved your comment about tragedies bringing out the best in people. Love and hugs are sent to you.

  38. My mouth is watering as I write this over those blackberry squares ;) Love the little cushion for your daybed, and that daybed looks more and more cozy with each piece you add to it. You are a miracle at creating a cozy home Karen. I thought the first photos was lovely with the different layers of treelines, but when you say it's all smoke, that must be very unsettling. Take care, and stay safe. Hugs to you,

  39. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely pillow it turned out to be; surprise and all.
    Preventing its shape to alter, you could have used the iron on stiffer version of Vlieseline but never mind; your result is LOVELY!
    Yes, Monday was a dark day for us. Dark as Irma slowly passed over us and rainy from the thickest gray clouds I've ever seen. Woke up around 6:30 AM and had Internet connection. Just anxious and checking on our Florida friends... So scary those days.
    Well, after breakfast when I wanted to go on line we had no power. That stayed off for only 8 hours but it's boring if you cannot even make a tea or coffee! Restaurants had the same problems, lots of them were closed anyway due to the severe weather and others had no power or sold out completely! Pieter went out for supper - hunt. He told me there were miles of queues and a lady from Waffle House who was actually closing up, made him a grilled chicken salad. So very sweet!
    Our Internet and TV (Cable) stayed off for 2 days so we had no information at all. Without WiFi there was very limited communication via iPhone.
    So happy once we got that restored and started catching up on everything and everyone.
    There are still lots of families without power and those line men work tirelessly around the clock!
    When we biked yesterday and today, we saw so much repair going on.
    There are lots of fallen trees on homes and on cars. Both of us are lucky for having no damage at all!
    Our Florida friends in Miami had not even a power outage; so blessed. The friends in Venice, FL had power outage for days but no other damage. Friends in Lakeland, FL have not yet responded to my message... They might be still out of power. Hope they're fine without any loss.
    We ought to pray for all the victims in Texas and Florida and in Georgia...
    Sending you hugs,

  40. Well I realized you wanted a round pillow but that turned out so cute being oval and so great that you were able to recycle your pretty shirt that way :)
    I am so sorry to see that you have fires getting so close, I pray that the rain comes soon and you all get relief soon!
    I plan on decorating for Autumn next week, getting excited to see the leaves turning, there are a few random trees turning here already :)

  41. Your little pillow turned out well - only a few of us know that it was meant to be round instead of oval and we'll never tell. The fires are still bad in BC, too. It's supposed to rain on Sunday and I pray for enough to fall to dampen the wildfires. Such devastation on so many fronts.
    Autumn decorating may happen here this weekend. The nights are drawing in and it's getting to be time!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen.

  42. We are waiting for the rain too. Smoke was in the air earlier this a.m. but the sun has come out but still cool in our house. Just like yesterday morning. Actually turned the heat on for a bit and evenings are cool. I like your pillow and your house looks so cozy. Yes, I'd like to have a piece of your blackberry goodie with a cup of tea! Hope all the fires go away soon. We are an hour out from the gorge where the smoke stayed for days here! Take care!

  43. Gracas a Deus, vim ate aqui saber se voce esta bem.Suas fotos como sempre acalma a alma. Beijos querida e ate breve.Silvia

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Quite a lovely post! I am ready for the change of season, but it did come on rather quickly. And now I want a piece of that yummy dessert! Aloha!

  46. Amo estar aqui, voce não faz ideia como seu blog traz alegrias no meu coração. Beijo e boa noite querida amiga.

  47. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..

  48. You have such a beautiful cozy home Karen. I've just been browsing through some of your blog posts and love the way you share things. The little pillow turned out beautifully too

  49. Yes, I hope those fires have eased off by now. So much to bear by some.

    I love how you repurposed your tee shirt, it is pretty material, and it does look like it would be perfect to squidge into a back :D) xx


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