Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Languid Days of Late Summer

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you had a lovely
weekend and are enjoying these last few weeks of summer. 

We have had an extremely hot and dry summer 
here in Washington State. 
We've had only one rainfall since June and it was
very scant. 
Forest fires are raging in the mountains, with a 
 level 2 evacuation notice near the town of Roslyn, 
where the television series, 'Northern Exposure'
was filmed, about 2 hours from here. 
Level 2 means that you need to be 'ready to leave' 
if given notice to do so. 

There is also a forest fire near the left flank of Mt. Rainier, 
near the ski resort of Crystal mountain. 
You can see the smoke swirling around the mountain
and we have had very hazy skies from these fires, 
and the fires in Oregon. 

I just took this shot of the moon.....
Blood red from the smoke in the air,
It has been so hot, and the whole house
smells of smoke due to the open windows. 

Luckily, we are expecting rain by mid-week! 
I am praying that it comes in time to save 
the little town of Roslyn, and the beautiful 
resort, Suncadia, where my son and his wife 
were married 3 years ago, last month.

You can see the wedding weekend at Suncadia,
Here, Here, and Here.

Ramblin' Man has the week off work, but he is
not one to sit around, so he has been stacking
the 6 cord of firewood that is being delivered
by a hard-working young man, all nicely cut and split.

He does this in his 'spare time', because he is
also working on the 'finish-work' in the loft
that we are turning into our bedroom.

It's hard to take decent photos at this point,
but you can see the beams and the angles
and the windows he has had to work around
to finish the ceiling and work on the trim.

What you can't see are the open ledges that
need railings, and every time I go up there,
I get a bad case of vertigo.
But the light is lovely up there, and someday I plan to
put an easel in front of that window,
and teach myself to paint.

Below is our current bedroom, which we
are turning into a library/media room.
All my many books are in storage right now,
waiting for that glorious day when I can
put them on floor to ceiling bookcases.
I even have a library ladder that I found years ago in
a dumpster behind the mall and hoisted into my
 then, mini-van with the help of my sister.

So many plans and dreams....finally coming true.

Maybe by spring......

While he has been hard at work, I've been busy
with chores and watering, shopping and babysitting.
I love my drives to and fro, and snapped a few
photos of the golden countryside on my way.

I love the scent of new-mown  hay :)

Country roads - take me home.......

Queen Anne's Lace.

I get to babysit this yummy little bundle of baby sweetness -
soon to be the big brother of twins.


He is crawling and standing now,
and I get to see the world through baby eyes once more.

Sometimes the joy is just too much.


Too precious.

He can clap his hands, give kisses,
and babble 'Mama, Dada, and Gaga',
which I hope means 'Gramma'.

He can also cluck his tongue and make 'truck' noises!
Yes, he is a baby genius. :)


In between, I've also been doing a bit of sewing, too,
which I will show you soon.

Thank you for your sweet visits and lovely,
encouraging comments, dear Friends.

I hope these last days of summer find you well
and looking forward to the cooler days of autumn.


Saying continuing prayers for the people of Texas
and to all those in the path of hurricane Irma.

Please say some prayers for those in the path of
the wildfires and for the brave firefighters
who risk their lives to fight them.



  1. Hi Karen! You already know how much I like your posts, those landscapes, your house, your family, lovely. We have had the same weather here in Spain, a very hot summer with a lot of fires around the whole country, in the north, in the south where I live, the worst has been very close a protected natural park where the Iberian lynx is recovered, a protected species, some have died from stress. but now, everything is ok, Your Grandson is lovely, I hope you spend a lot of time with him, hugs

    Marina Pérez

  2. It is always a pleasure visiting your blog...Your baby is so so cute!Love the red moon,great pic.Love your post,full of tenderness...as ever!Best wishes,Maristella.

  3. Hello, it is a joy to babysit your sweet grandson. He is adorable. I hope that whole area has some much needed rain, the wildfires seem to be everywhere out west. Your moon shot is beautiful. Love the grandson and doggie photos. My prayers go out to the storm victims and the firefighters, I hope everyone stays safe. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Ciao, nuova follower; bel blog e complimenti per le recensioni! Qui la mia ultima recensione pubblicata da qualche minuto; se ti va dacci un'occhiata; ti aspetto come lettrice fissa e su instagram (anche se credo, su quest'ultimo già segui il blog)


  5. Wow, that is going to be one beautiful bedroom.

    Enjoy your last bits of summer. I am getting ready for one if not two hurricanes. UGH!


  6. Wow...that will be a gorgeous bedroom soon. I know the feeling of having to wait but it looks like it is moving along. Your grandson is so sweet. :)

  7. Karen, I'm so sorry to hear of the forest fires that are going on up in the mountains. That's scary, indeed. That's such an interesting picture of the red moon. Your bedroom loft will be nice once it's finished. The library ladder sounds cool for this wonderful library you want to create. These are sweet pictures of the little one looking out the window at the dogs. They are pictures to be framed or put on your fridge cause they're special. : )

    Blessings to you these September days. I am patiently waiting for Autumn to come. It's beautiful here in northern California.


  8. So lovely to read and look at your post. Just love your moon shot photo and the ones of your grandson and the dogs ... so cute and very precious.

    Yes, continued thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by water, rain, strong winds (all around the globe) and all the emergency services who do their very best to help.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your bedroom looks like it is going to be so beautiful. Wow, all that light! I know you will enjoy it.

  10. Karen, I will add your area to my prayers. The fires, the floods, the hurricanes... It almost seems apocalyptic, doesn't it? I'm glad that you are due for rain. We've thunderstorms & rain tonight. How exciting - the new bedroom! Your husband is doing a great job. xo

  11. Praying for rain so there is no new fire. Adorable baby. And yes, we get to see the world through baby eyes when they see it!

  12. How exciting to have a beautiful new room, and it is beautiful! I love the ceiling. I love the idea of a media room too with shelves and shelves of books. What fun it will be to have a library ladder. Some wonderful things to look forward to. Enjoy your sweet grandbaby.....you know they grow too fast.

  13. Here in Oregon City, OR we have terrible smoke and ash from all the fires. So much beauty has been destroyed. Your home is coming along nicely!

  14. OMG, I'm so sorry to hear about the forest fires which is scary. I hope they are contained. The red moon is breath taking. Your room and ceiling are beautiful and what an open feel the ceiling must provide. I hope you get the rain you so need. Your grandson is such a cutey and the first photo of him is priceless.

  15. Dear Karen, my friend, thank you for wonderful pictures again! The Loft-Bedroom will be great! Well done!
    The Fire in the Forest is bad and scary, hope, it comes to a good end! Brave firemen, good, to have them!
    HAve a good and safe week,
    sending lots of Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xoxo

  16. Let's hope the rain comes soon, it must be quite frightening to have the prospect of forest fires nearby. Your new room is coming along well, I expect you are looking forward to decorating it and finding a few pretty things to go inside. Amazing to think twins are on the way for your little grandson to play with. x

  17. Your Grandson is adorable and of course he is child genius, he is doing so well. I am thrilled all your dreams are starting to come to fruition, I love the idea of a library step/ladder something on my wish list, but then I would need a library. Praying for rain for your part of the World. Take care.

  18. Ooh! Your grandson is so cute!
    And I can't wait to see you library, when you finally finish it! It'll be amazing!

  19. Oh Karen, your room is looking so beautiful! How exciting for you, my friend :)

    I am so sorry about the forest fires in your area. There are several fires in nearby states and the smoke that has traveled into our area is quite amazing! We can't even see the mountains around us due to the smoke. How I hope and pray people are staying safe.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week, lovely lady. Hugs to you!

  20. I love the changes you are making to the house. Awesome-looking loft! This will be so satisfying when you are done. The baby is so CUTE!!!! :-) We haven't been able to open our windows. My husband has COPD and heart issues. He has to get outside some but he mostly stays indoors. Tonight is a new sleep study that I hope will give him some better equipment and support (he hasn't been evaluated, or his equipment changed out since many many months before we even left Tucson...the VA can be horribly slow about some things!) The smoke is so thick around here, I can't take any decent photos, either. I'll be so glad when this is over. We have family is Brookings, which is in danger, too. Praying for everyone dealing with these fires and also the hurricanes.

  21. Magnificent post Karen!!!!!!!

    my heart feels for people who have fire near them and wish and pray that may God help them in their tough times and take them out of it as soon as possible.
    along all with it;s hardship life has beauty and gratitude which i see through your BEAUTIFUL and really bEAUTIFUL photos!!!
    I loved your grand child and hope his dear om stay safe and healthy while bringing his twin sibling to the world ,amen.

    Like your's mine too has no spare time ,he converts his spare times into work which await for his attention though they can be done by other (paid help) but he loves to do it by himself as just like my mother he says

    "sitting makes one lazy and sick "

    I hope ,pray and wish that your beautiful town get some rain dear Karen and your surroundings have fresh smiles .
    i am sure winters are almost there to cheer you up

  22. Your Grandson is gorgeous Karen as will your new bedroom be!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by fire, water, rain, strong winds and to all the emergency services who do their utmost.

  23. LOVE the 'baby genius'! So so sweet are his portraits here today.
    And yes, the forest fires...my sister is telling me that in her area, because of the many fires in many states out west, are choking her with smoke. Can't be helped, that's nature. Do hope they are put out tho, and all can have healthy regrowth soon.

    Oh my, would I ever LOVE to have an easel by that window!! Wow.

  24. Hi dear Karen,, me encanta los alrededores de su casa , y que bebe más precioso, me encanto,, espero que tengas un buen dia

  25. I sure hope that rain has made it's way to Oregon, Karen. You so need it!
    Your 'baby genius" is just darling. Those little ones are such a blessing to us, aren't they?
    You bedroom loft is going to be sooooo wonderful. Ramblin' Man is doing exquisite work, and I know you're excited for it to be finished. Thank you for sharing with us. xx

  26. I hope you get that much needed rain soon. Your loft room is looking amazing, exciting times... especially with grandbaby twins due xx

  27. I hadn't heard about the fires near Roslyn and Suncadia but we have been in Colville and our kids don't have cable so we don't see any local news while there. We drove past those areas yesterday on our way home. So much smoke all along our route and even when we got home to this side of the Cascades. Praying for some light rain to clear the air and to help with the fire fighting efforts. Lovely views around your place. Your room is looking very nice. Love those ceilings. Your grand is so cute. We are right there with you enjoying our genius of a grand, too. Blessings.

  28. Hi Karen,oh i pray you will all be safe,so much happening in America at the moment i am heading to America with some friends on a tour next month and we are going to Houston,i have never been to America before ,your country looks so pretty.
    Oh your GS is adorable and how lucky is he that he will have 2 playmates soon.
    You have a good lot of wood there my hubby has been trying to find someone where we live to get some wood,last lot we got was gree,hope you have a lovely day and that you stay safe xx

  29. What an armful you have on your hands! I think I have lost my baby abs and back strength, but it looks like you are getting a good regular workout! Adorable! I was looking for a report from you. We are getting haze from the fires even way down here in NM. It must be so alarming for you. Your place is coming along nicely. You have lovely plans. I have always wanted a second story bedroom. Yours views I'm sure are amazing. Always nice to see scenes of your beautiful countryside.

  30. Hello Dearest! Just doing some blogging catch up and love your baby "news"!! Such a blessed Grandma!

    Crazy how you folks have been drought like and then hurricanes hitting the other corner. Should be a balance in there somewhere shouldn't there? Crazy Mother Nature. Prayers to all!

    I love seeing what you're doing to your home and the library/ new bedroom ideas. Can't wait to see everything!

    Have a blessed weekend Karen. xoxo

  31. What beautiful blue eyes! He is a doll baby! Wow....sorry about all the fires around. It would make me nervous just knowing they were around. Stay safe.

  32. Dear Karen,
    Such a sweet little boy, you're taking care of ... and a big brother to be - Congratulations!
    Your husband is truly talented - the loft looks very beautiful!
    I hope and pray that you'll get some rain, and that the fires will be put out.
    Wishing you joyful moments and strength to your days, with baby sitting, sewing, the garden and household ...
    Lots of love, Nina

  33. Even though there is not much news about it I have been praying for you all in the Northwest as you deal with the fires and all that smoke, it's amazing because of the internet I know people from all over the country in these affected areas and my prayers each day go out to you all!
    Your new bedroom is looking terrific and how fun to have a library soon too, can't wait to see all the finish projects!!
    Enjoy the time with your grandbaby, it won't be long and you will be watching three :)

  34. It would make me nervous just knowing they were around. Stay safe.


  35. This is undoubtedly the most special event venue in the city. We had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. At NYC wedding venues I could not stop eating.


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