Friday, August 22, 2014

Rehearsal at Swiftwater Cellars

We arrive at Swiftwater Cellars Winery  at 

for the wedding rehearsal, under brightening skies,
after our morning set-up for the rehearsal dinner later in the day. 

After our initial meet and greet with the wedding party, family and friends, 

 we are ushered out back to where the ceremony will take place. 

With a backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, 

the rustic pavilion stands ready for rehearsal. 

After escorting me to my seat,
the groom to be, son Dustin, awaits his future bride. 

Proud Mother of the bride.

The best man and matron of honor, 

son, Gabe and daughter, Heather. 

One by one groomsmen stand in place, 

including  Best Man, Gabe, Heather's hubby Eric in the dapper hat, 

and wonderful friends, David, Ryan (best friend since 1st grade), and A.J., in striped shirt, 
after escorting the lovely ladies.....

from left to right, the bride's sweet little sister, my daughter Jennie,

the bride's best friend (since 3rd grade), Gabe's wife Erica, and daughter Heather. 

But all eyes were on the bride to be, Jen, escorted by her Father

and carrying the ribbon bouquet made from her gifts at the bridal shower. 

Sweet smiles. 

I think we've got it! 

Let's go eat! 

We arrive back at the house....

The welcoming committee... Father of the Groom, 
best friend Ryan, and son Gabe. 

Relaxing before the meal with Jen, David, Jennie and Erica...

Looking down from the second story.

I take a moment to freshen up in a charming bedroom.

All ready to be hostess.

Head Chef, Jay.

Treasured family friends, Shawnee and Jay,
Co-hosts and most excellent cooks.

Jay is also head usher for the wedding.

The future bride and groom enjoy a relaxing moment

with very special friends.

Some of my special home-baked goodies.

Heart rocks to hold down the napkins <3

Time to fill our plates and head outside.

We had about 35-40 special guests.

Smoked pulled pork, potato salad, buttered corn bread, coleslaw and wedge of watermelon.

I didn't realize how hungry I was!

Enjoying the view.

Son-in-law, Eric and good friend, John entertain with acoustic guitars.

Enjoying the moment.

Heather and Shawnee sing along.

Sister Jennie and Brother Gabe share a selfie.

All too soon the day was over.

With warm hugs and heartfelt goodnight's

we turn in early to prepare for the big day ahead.

Thank you, Dear Friends for sharing this special time with me and my family.

I truly wish you could have been there in person,

but in my heart you were right there with me in spirit.


Next time: The Big Day.

I hope you will join me!



  1. who needs the formal wedding when you've got a rehearsal this good!? :)

  2. Dearest Karen,
    What impressed me most is the very natural, rustic setting and genuine LOVE that shines through these photos! Look at the singing along and that cute selfie of two siblings. You can now choke back a sentimental thought... I would if I was you! So glad the weather worked well till he end.

  3. So many lovely pictures and what a lovely post!
    Take care and have a great weekend....

  4. I can feel the excitement through these amazing photos, so many happy, smiling faces. Such joy! All the dresses were lovely and I loved yours, such a pretty photo of you. You had an almost serene look on your face :) Looking forward to seeing the big day.

  5. It looks as though you all had a wonderful day and a great time together preparing for the wedding! You look so pretty in your lovely dress! xx

  6. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding, I know it was fabulous. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and friends.

  7. Dear Karen,
    I needed so much to go somewhere amazing this evening. This post was just the ticket.
    Also, how lovely you look!
    (((hugs))) maureen & jb

  8. That is a beautiful place for a wedding!

  9. I am so enjoying this wedding! Thank you for allowing us the privilege to watch through your gift of photography.
    Have a beautiful blessed week end.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  10. The smiles say it all - happy family times are the best! Isn't it lovely that the bride chose to have her groom's sisters in the wedding party? I always think it's sad to see wedding photos full of attendants that were friends who then moved on or with whom the bride has lost touch. There's just something so nice about showing your children the wedding photos with their aunties or uncles all there. Family is there for the long haul!

  11. I am so happy for your son and his sweet bride! Everyone looks so happy! I know the big day was even more wonderful and I can't wait to see it! How great to have his sister and brother by his side as he gets married. And how lovely you look, Karen! Yes, wish I could have been there! It looks like the perfect wedding in every way!

  12. I loved Seeing all the pics, Karen! You looked beautiful, as did the happy couple and all the wedding party and guests. The food looked delish and I'm looking forward to the wedding.

  13. The photos are Beautiful Karen, Your son & future wife look so happy together...You have a wonderful family... Can't wait for the big day....Hugs May x x

  14. Everyone looks excited and happy. You couldn't have chosen a more perfect spot.
    Enjoy and looking forward to see the photos of the big day.


  15. What a beautiful place to have a wedding. And the couple is simply lovely :) And speaking of lovely, look at you, sweet Karen you are stunning!

    So excited for all of you! Hugs and blessings!

  16. What a gorgeous setting for their wedding. Everyone looks very happy and the spread you put on looked so delicious. Looking forward to the wedding shots.

  17. Oh weddings are the best! How exciting and how fun. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next photos.


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