Monday, August 25, 2014

Dream Cottage at Suncadia

In my last few posts I showed you one of two cottages rented 
for the families attending my son's wedding 
at Suncadia in Cle Elum, WA. 

Come along with me and we will take a little tour of the Bride's family cottage. 
I was able to slip away unnoticed with my daughter, Heather, 
while the rehearsal dinner was underway in the cottage next door. 

On the outside, this cottage looks very unassuming indeed. 

But step inside!......

We are immediately drawn to the beautiful post and beam architecture
and tall stone fireplace. 

Clerestory windows let in plenty of light.

The beautiful fireplace can be used inside and out!

I love the bark covered photo frame and vintage snow shoes.

This lovely dining area also has a view of the fireplace.

Gorgeous wood framed windows stand in for artwork,

and the twig chandelier adds the perfect rustic ambiance.

I love the spot light on the tripod in the corner!

Let's take a peek out the lovely glass doors.....

How peaceful and beautiful is this?

Right on the golf course.

(a word shouted loudly as a warning signal when a ball is hit and heading in the direction of another player)

As we come back inside through the dining area, we enter the kitchen.
I could see myself cooking up a storm in this beautiful space!

How lovely are those reclaimed hardwood floors?

Daughter Heather gives us a smile.

Let's take a look through the door to her left....

We pass through and look to the right
and find a very efficient laundry room
with beautiful cabinetry, bead board walls, a sink,
and locker style hanging cubbies.

A quick peek out the kitchen window.

We re-enter the living room, past the front door beside the staircase
and enter the hallway to see the master bedroom.

I showed you this photo before....

But I didn't show you this!

Or this! An indoor-outdoor shower!

I think I could live here.....

Let's go upstairs, shall we?

At the top of the stairs we come to a light filled office area.

Don't you love the desk chair?

This is the view over the railing.

We continue past the office area to the next level
up a few more steps and come to a long hallway.

Reclaimed barn board frames the light filled corridor on one side,
and two bunk cubbies fill the other side.

Each cubby has its own t.v.!

At the far end of the hallway were two more bedrooms,
this smaller room on the left, with framed quilt art,
(and un-made twin beds and personal belongings),
and another large bedroom suite with bathroom to the right.
(also occupied).

We return down the hallway, noticing the pretty paned windows.

A woodland scene graces a shelf opposite the stairway.

We continue to the end of the hallway to a 'bunk-house' bath!

Mirrors flank the two windows and you can see Heather and I reflected in the glass.

What you can't see is my expression of delight!

I was absolutely charmed by the porcelain sinks, the weathered paneling....

And the vintage style faucets.

Such beautiful detail.

A sliding barn door concealed a tiled shower and toilet.

Is it possible to fall in love with a bathroom?

But with guests waiting next door,
it was time to say goodbye to this wonderful dream house.

A true example of Northwest Cottage Style.

I hope you enjoyed taking this little tour with me.
If you ever get a chance to visit Washington State,
I highly recommend this beautiful resort.

Each of these homes are privately owned
and probably out of reach for the average budget to buy,
(unless you inherited a trust fund)
 but they are well worth the experience to rent
if you have several families
 or family members to
contribute to the expense of renting one.
There are cottages of all sizes and budgets to rent
and you can also stay at the Inn.

I do hope I get the chance to come back some day
with members of my own family
or maybe just the two of us. <3

There are so many wonderful amenities, including swimming pools, a spa,
hiking, golf, and in the winter, snow sports.

They even allow dogs at the Inn
 and we shared many an elevator ride with families
that included their beloved pets.

There is a fire-pit at night at the Inn
 and someday I hope to come back
and hike down these stairs to the Cle-Elum River
(pro-nounced Klee-Ellum)

I think I might need to get in shape first if I want to hike back up!

Thank you for all of your sweet well wishes for my son and his new bride.

It really touched our hearts.



  1. beautiful high beamed ceilings! love the use of barn boards, too!

  2. Pretty daughter! Fabulous building, and I loved those clerestory windows!

  3. WoW!!! What an amazing place! Yep, one could get used to such luxury! In fact, Heather looks right at home! :-) Love the reclaimed wood wall, and the vintage sinks. Those ceilings! It's all just too amazing! I hope you get to go back some time.

  4. Hi Karen,
    The muted colors inside and out with the added pops of bright colors are just so...fab! If I HAD to pick only ONE thing to like, it might be the bathroom sinks -or the laundry room. I love doing laundry. Very zen.

    Where are the happy couple honeymooning? Did I miss that info somewhere?

    Glad you found me at Wordpress. I'm just limping my way through learning it. Found your last lovely comment filed as Spam. Didn't know I have a Wordpress Spam file!

    ((Hugs)) from Josephine and me. She's a very good hugger. :)

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for stopping by! Sorry I showed up as Spam :( To answer your question - the happy couple honeymooned on the Oregon Coast at Seaside. They took a helicopter ride, rode quads on the beach and went zip-lining. Oh, and they built a wonderful sand castle! They had beautiful weather the whole week, too. Give Josephine a hug from me and maybe a little treat, too. xo Karen

  5. Oh gosh! You're right about the exterior being unassuming...the inside of the cottage totally wowed me! I love the high ceiling and the exposed beams and all the other lovely gorgeous details. How lucky of you and your family to find such a great place to stay for the wedding. Congrats by the way!!

  6. What a beautiful cabin! (Though it looked too fancy to be called a cabin:) Congrats to your son and his new bride! What a happy time for your family.
    Thank you for the kind comment about the twins. We saw them again last night. So tiny!!!

  7. UMMM!!! I could so live there!!!! Holy cow!! What a treat to step inside that beautiful space! I liked every single thing about that space and those sinks!!! LOVE!!! And the kitchen!!! A girl can dream right?!?!?! Such a cool place indeed friend! Thanks for taking us along! Nicole xoxo

  8. Dear Karens,
    this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!
    Thank you for alll those lovely pictures!
    Happy week to you,
    Love and hugs,

  9. Beautiful place, I could live there no problems what's the weather like it would be be nice if it was warm.
    I like all the high windows.

    1. Hi Merle - it was nice and warm there - guess you can move in now! :) xo Karen

  10. Hello Karen,

    What a wonderful place. Yes, we could move in too!

    As you say, the attention to detail is perfect, giving the whole cottage a welcoming and cared for look. The indoor outdoor shower and fireplace are brilliant touches. We have never seen anything like this before. A great place to stay for rest and relaxation and, surely, wonderful to be in at any season. Thank you for the tour!

  11. I think I could live there too! My son even said he wished he could live there :) It looks like a wonderful place to go, enjoy the mountains, and relax. And the framed quilt art - LOVE!

    Hugs to you, sweet Karen!

  12. Dearest Karen,
    That was indeed a very spacious, well thought through cottage with all luxuries one could ask for. Very well built for living through have loads of snow and cool in summer I guess. The surroundings are breathtaking. Lovely place and that was a great spot found for pulling off the wedding.

  13. Oh wow!!! It really is a beautiful house isn't it - both of them were actually. So many little details that make them seem like a real home from home, not just an empty rental with no character or features. Thank you for the tour, it was lovely! xx

  14. I imagine guests would enjoy being in these beautiful spaces. I certainly would!


  15. What a Gorgeous cottage Karen...the tour was amazing...the surrounding area looks so peaceful.... Hugs May x x

  16. "cottage"???!!! In Scotland that would be a mansion I think!

  17. I don't know, Christine - are you forgetting all those amazing castles you have over there? :) xo

  18. That is quite the place! It has a peacefulness about it.
    Your photos are always beautiful, Karen.
    Thank you for your sweet words and visit to my place, I always enjoy your visits.
    God's blessings, Debbie

  19. I could move in! I'm definitely a mountain girl even if I live by the sea. This kind of cottages reserve so much beauty to their visitors. Thank you for bringing us along. And thank you for all those sweet words I have the pleasure to read on my blog Karen.It's so kind from you.
    Best wishes to you and all your wonderful family.

  20. Karen, what a wonder place !! love the wood construction, the shower that beauty !! Beautiful home of the bride's family could live there too.
    Congratulations on your son's wedding was very beautiful and very Chamoso. Her daughter Heather is beautiful and she delighted, congratulations for this family you have !!
    We have very similar taste myself am delighted with the sunlight streaming in cozy, is the wonder of nature.
    A big kiss and thank you for sharing these moments.
    very caring

  21. I could stay here for a very long time! Beautiful. So many lovely corners and lots of windows.

    So glad you gave us a peek into your wonderful special weekend.

  22. Wow, that is some "cottage" - Makes our house look like a paupers shed. Seriously beautiful but like you said unaffordable for most.

  23. Wow Kare, how beautiful! I love it! What a gorgeous place and thanks for the tour! I would love to stay stay there - it's my kind of place! Take care and enjoy he rest of the week.

  24. Your son and daughter-in-law's wedding looked so beautiful! Congratulations to you all. And this resort looks amazing!! Such charm and absolutely breathtaking views.

    Thanks for sharing. ;)

  25. Simply beautiful! That indoor/outdoor shower and fireplace caught my eye! Versatile! Love love love this place. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Anne


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