Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sweet Gifts of Summer

It's been very still and quiet here in the foothills this summer. 

Occasionally a mountain storm will roll through, 
bringing with it beautiful rainbows. 

The fields are golden and now it is harvest time
during these long, hot summer days. 

I love to stop at the local farm stand and treat myself
 and my Ramblin' Man when he is home. 

His job calls for frequent travel. 

I bring my own crates to fill, 

as it is easy to transport precious cargo 
in the back of my little gray truck this way. 

These are the sweet gifts of summer. 

Sun ripened tomatoes in a blue bowl
just make me so happy! 

Or fresh blueberries nestled in lemon pudding. 

Maybe with a little whipped cream on top? 

I can't get enough fresh fruit and veggies this time of year. 

Smoothies, cobblers, salads,....and my favorite lunch time treat -
tomato and lettuce sandwiches with mayo, 
with the tomatoes sliced thick and the whole wheat bread toasted. 
Sprinkled with a little salt and pepper - 
oh, I just love to bite into them! 

There are so many sweet things about summer.

Flowers, herbs.... 

and sitting outside in the fresh air. 


and birds. 

Here I have captured two, a Dark-Eyed Junco keeping watch over 
a Bald Eagle flying by. 

An American Crow surveying his territory...

And a Grosbeak serenading us with his beautiful song. 

These are peaceful, lovely days - a time to relax
and replenish as we forget the harsher seasons
of life. 

A time to gather strength and renew
as we harvest these sweet gifts of summer. 

As we spend these lovely, light filled days together, 

these golden hours remind us how precious each moment is. 

The shadows lengthen as we end each day
with gratitude for these many gifts, 

And as the moon rises high above the silent, ancient mountains, 

We count our blessings in the silvery light. 


Thank you, Dear Friends for all of your wonderful comments on my last post. 

I so enjoyed reading your stories and learning a little bit more about your lives and experiences. 

Although this world is changing and many families and friends are separated by time and distance, 
isn't it great to know that we can keep in touch instantly through technology? 

I am always amazed at mankind's ingenuity to make this world a better place.


I will be taking a little break for a couple of weeks, 
as my son and his sweetheart are getting married
next week! 

I will catch up with you all when I get back. 

Wishing you all many lovely gifts of summer. 


  1. I am already missing summer, somewhat. With the start of school, it almost seems over for me!

  2. love your views - and your farm stand produce! good thing i had blueberries and ice cream yesterday or that pudding/blueberry mix might have sent me to the store tonight. :)

  3. Lovely summery photos, Karen. Beautiful rainbow and delicious fruits & vegetables. I love everything about summer and just wrote a post along the same lines. Enjoy your break and congrats on the wedding! :)

  4. You definitely captured the season! Have a good time with your family and congrats to the young couple!

  5. Your fresh fruits and vegetables look so delicious Karen!!! And especially with that lemon pudding....YUM!!!!! I must say that summer is moving too quick for me this year! It is all bittersweet. I always love seeing pictures of your patio with your potted garden!! My goodness is it gorgeous!!!! Wishing you sweet treasures these last few weeks...I have no doubt that you will enjoy every second! Nicole xoxo

  6. Lovely pictures Karen! I, too, love all the delicious summer vegetables and fruits, especially berries. Have a wonderful break and enjoy the wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple. Oh, and the blueberries and lemon pudding looks so yummy.

  7. You've left us a lovely post Karen, I loved looking at each one. A happy time ahead during your blogging break. I would also like to add my congratulations to your son and future daughter-in-law. Peace and Blessings to all.

  8. Dearest Karen,
    What a very special time is coming your way. Yes, we see the end of summer coming our way with some melancholy... But we can only hold on to it with our photos and memories!
    Wishing you a happy pre-wedding period and an even happier wedding day with the family together.

  9. Dear Karen,
    what a lovely post, so many wonderful pictures! I love those with all the delicious fruits and veggies, but also the landscapes and the one with th little bird ....
    Wishing you a lovely and wonderful breack and I am looking forward, when you are back :O)
    Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-Law from me :O)
    Have a great time, take care,
    Love and hugs

  10. Such lovely summery photos, Karen! Have a wonderful time of family, friends, and memory-making at the wedding! Congratulations!!

  11. I hope that the wedding goes really well for your son and his lovely bride and that they have a long, happy and fulfilling marriage together!! It will be a wonderful day I hope. Enjoy yourself and I look forward to your return in a little bit! xx

  12. Hello,

    This is a beautiful post, filled with the heady scents and tastes of a High Summer. Yes, it is a real delight to enjoy these lazy, sunlit days and enjoy the bounty of fruit and vegetables in season.

    Wishing your son and his wife every happiness in their new life together.

  13. Oh, Karen, what a wonderful summer season and a summer wedding! How great is that? Many many blessings upon your son and his sweetheart. May they have a life together as strong and precious as you and your husband have. Love, Maureen (and josephine!)

  14. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Those fruit shots are beautiful. What wonderful gifts they are.

  15. End of summer is always serene and time seems to slow just a bit as things wind down. I'll be enjoying the last few weeks of having my daughter home, although she's anxious to return to university and her home away from home. My son probably isn't looking forward to his third year of high school, but I hope he manages the increased intensity well. Now he has a goal for himself which I hope will guide him. How wonderful to have a wedding to look forward to! Such excitement for the whole family. Enjoy your break, and your time with your family. Take care, Wendy x

  16. I loved this post - it just makes me want to savor every last minute of summer. Truly the best time of year for delicious fresh produce and there is something precious when that little hint of Fall is there behind it it makes one really know how to savor these last summer days.

  17. Beautiful post Karen, Your wonderful fruit produce looks a treat... your photos are fabulous as always...Have a super time at the Wedding of your precious son & his sweetheart....enjoy the time with your family...Hugs May x x

  18. You captured some really lovely pictures of the birds. They are so difficult to get on pictures! I hope you'll have fun at your son's wedding. I'm sure it'll be an emotional time. Will you share a picture of the bride's dress?

  19. What a lovely post dear Karen. You have the ability to take our breaths away by sharing those beautiful, dreamy photos. Its my dream place to live. You are truly blessed. And those fruits are looking so sweet and fresh. Noting beats the sweetness brought about by time with the burst of sunshine. Lovely! Hope you have a good week.

  20. Your pictures never fail to take my breath away!! I love that shot of the

  21. Beautiful words and photo's Karen! You have such a poetical way of writing. You can feel your love for nature and life in your words. Hope the wedding will be lovely! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    Madelief x

  22. Beautiful post, Karen. My daughter was walking through the room and stopped in her tracks at a glimpse of the rainbow photo! Wishing you and your family a wonderful time for the wedding.

  23. Karen, that post magnifico! I missed you ...
    These photographs are inspiring and beautiful. nestled in lemon pudding fresh blueberries, which delights!
    Congratulations to your son and his future wife, what a beautiful post ... you did the two much happiness and joys that start in life!

    The Thursday Night 'Get Together read about how good the girls, their grandmother and friends, good that epoch. I agree with you something precious has been lost to time.
    I keep a encotro on Fridays with my cousin whenever we're together.
    His walks in naturesa always presents us with beautiful photos and inspiring images, thank you for being there!
    A big kiss and miss many friend here in Brazil

  24. Yes, summer is indeed sweet in so many ways! Love the fruits and vegetables you could bring home in your wooden crates. Love the gorgeous photos! It can all be very special, especially when you have someone to share it with. Hope your hubby isn't gone TOO much!

    Thanks for your comments on my Four Corners post. So, we both drove through the west pregnant, and expecting a new life! We were only in CO six months but it was a full and wonderful six months. My hubby had lost his pilot slot to quota fills, and fought to get it back. Because of that, he trained in munitions in CO and I am grateful for that time there. After a brief sojourn in Ga he was able to regain his slot, and went to pilot training. Life has its twists and turns!:-)

  25. It looks like you are truly enjoying the sweetness and gifts of summer. And congratulations on the upcoming marriage. How wonderful!!

  26. What a beautiful post, Karen.
    As always your photos are amazing.
    There is nothing like those fresh vegetables this time of year. I find we stuff ourselves with them knowing they only lady for a short time, especially the corn. :-)
    Enjoy your time away, and many blessings to the happy couple.
    Joy! Debbie

  27. A beautiful post, Karen! Your views are so lovely and I too am enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. A toasted tomato sandwich is also a favourite of mine and I will indulge myself at lunch tomorrow with a fresh picked one. Our son was married this past weekend (see my post) in a beautiful outdoor wedding. I hope your son's wedding is a wonderful celebration as well. Blessings, Pam

  28. Hi, Karen! Not sure my last comment went through? I loved this post and your gorgeous photos! Catching up with favorite blogs today and I always enjoy reading yours. Hope all is well.


  29. You have a wonderful garden to harvest from, Karen! All these lovely vegetables and berries ... and the blueberry-lemon pudding ... yummy!
    I enjoy the view with the mountains - it must be so special and magnificent ... and the birds and the wildlife!
    Enjoy the wedding celebrations - it must be such a special day for you!

  30. So much bounty Karen! Your views of the mountain always amaze me. I do hope the wedding goes well and looking forward to seeing the wonderful day unfold. xx

  31. Such a beautiful, and delicious, post! I enjoy all the fruits and vegetable offered at this time of year.

  32. What beautiful words and photos, Karen. Food brings so much beauty to a home with lovely texture and color! Enjoy your break and the wedding!


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