Monday, September 30, 2013

To The Beach

It's been a week since my lovely stay at Seabrook, WA with my two daughters, Heather and Jennie. 

Since then we have had very cool and rainy weather with a storm that brought wind and heavy rain over the weekend. 

We thought that we might have bad weather at the cottage, but we were pleasantly surprised when Saturday dawned bright and sunny. 

So we headed out early for a stroll through the village and to the beach. 

Come along and I will show you the sights in this charming little seaside community. 

We leave through the back door of our little cottage....

And take the crushed oyster shell path to the main road. 

Each of the cottages we pass by, unique. 

With lovely seaside details. 

Porches, balconies, picket fences. 

Crushed shell sidewalks. 

Adirondack chairs. 

Roses on arbors and lovely gated entries. 

Window boxes on cottage windows. 

Fishy details...

And homes for feathered friends. 

Charming street signs,

And beautiful gardens. 

Large houses that sleep 20, and tiny cottages like ours. 

A church, town hall, restaurant, small grocery store, and even an indoor pool. 

The whole village a reminder of my childhood, growing up in New England near Cape Cod. 

As my youngest daughter, Jennie leads the way, we hear the Pacific crashing beyond. 

Down the staircase....

Across the tide flats...

And to the beach. 

The tide was out, the sun was warm and the winds were calm. 

A perfect day for beach combing. 

The beautiful sounds of seagulls, waves crashing, and happy people. 

Tiny purple flowers growing in the sand, 

Even the beach bees were happy! 

It had been so long since I breathed in that wonderful salt air. 

But all good things must come to an end, so with the tide coming in and the afternoon shadows getting long, we reluctantly head back. 

Back to the stairway to heaven towards our tiny seaside cottage. 

As we get closer, we scan the rugged coastline, carved away by the sea. Can you see the gray cottage peeking through the trees? 

Up and up we go....

With one last glimpse of the beautiful sea. 


You can read more about Seabrook, WA in the current issue of Sunset magazine. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekend by the Sea

I am back, rested and renewed and filled with the creative spirit once again. 

Thank you, Dear Friends, for your sweet well wishes. 

While I was away, my two Daughter's and I spent a long weekend together.  

Just 'The Girls' and I, in a little cottage by the sea. 

We couldn't let the last weekend of summer go by without a beautiful send-off. 

We chose the charming village of  Seabrook, WA .

Come along with me as we step up onto the porch with a few groceries and our overnight bags. 

It's a beautiful late summer day with families riding bicycles, walking dogs, or sitting at the outdoor fireplace in the courtyard just beyond. 

Let's open the door and peek inside...

Sweet Vintage Cottage Style

The table gets set for an impromptu meal. 

Three hours of driving makes a girl hungry! 

All the comforts of home.

I think I could live here. 

Or at least until The Mr.started missing me! 

While our food heats, let's take a little tour. 

Two bright bedrooms with cottage details. 

One bedside table decoupaged with someone named Marnie's ephemera from the early 1900's. 

School records, theater tickets, library cards, love letters.....

A vintage alarm clock and hand painted seascape. 

Another hangs on the wall.

A Shabby Sweet candlestick,

Darling details....

Everywhere you look.

Just in case you are staying for a while and need a place to stash your sewing.....Not to worry! 

The woodstove only needs a match to make things cozy. 

Just like I imagined a beach cottage should be.

Two bedrooms, two baths -  the perfect size for us. 

Through the old fashioned screen door we see the outdoor fireplace and cottages beyond. 

My daughter's, Jennie (left) and Heather (right) against the screen door. 

A very happy Mom.

Times two! xx

The microwave has chimed - time to eat! 

Later, we relax on the porch with a glass of wine as a light rain falls on our view of the courtyard.

It's a quiet night, with families tucked inside as the Pacific roars in the distance. 

It feels so good to get away to this lovely place with my two favorite girls. 

A chance to create lasting family memories.

Next time - we take a walk around the village and stroll down to the sea. 

I hope you will join me! 


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