Monday, September 9, 2013

Brunch at Newcastle

Recently we all gathered at Newcastle Golf Club for brunch. 

It was my eldest son's birthday. 

Close friends and family were there to celebrate his special day. 

Gabe has the dark sweater (and the casually draped arm). 

His sweet wife, Erica made all the arrangements to meet at this beautiful location. 

The Newcastle Golf Club is a popular destination,
not only for golfers, but for weddings and other social occasions. 

It has a view of Lake Washington, Seattle, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. 

If we zoom to the left, 'The Emerald City'; Seattle, comes into view. 
Can you see the Space Needle? 

Zooming out a bit, we see golf carts lined up on the greens. 

And zooming over to the middle,
 we see Lake Washington with the I-90 bridge in the foreground,
and the city of Bellevue and the floating 520 bridge in the distance. 

Looking beyond the city of Seattle,
you can see the white capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains
 on the far side of Puget Sound. 

We stand outside the french doors on the stone patio to see the views. 

The Calcutta Grill is open to the public. 

I chose the Cougar Mountain Scramble. 

The addition of sage, wild mushrooms and Cougar Mt. Cheddar
was an unexpected tasty delight that I will try at home. 

 British Colonial style is evident in the furnishings, the dark mahogany woodwork,
the ceiling fans, and the shuttered windows. 

A pergola supports a wisteria vine outside the large windows over our table. 

Well tended gardens encircle the stone building on every side. 

Stone planters feature variegated holly topiary and colorful double impatiens. 

A hint of fall color glows in the golden afternoon light on Japanese maple and dusky hydrangea. 

I pose with my daughter's against the beautiful backdrop. 

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son. 

Who prefers apple pie over cake. 

Who is hardworking, kind, and generous. 

Who makes his family proud. 

So as we say goodbye to family and friends and make our long journey home, 

We count our blessings. 

That we all have each other. 

Another precious year. 



  1. Sweet Karen, I've just enjoyed another post of you full of loveliness and beauty.I'm so glad you have such a close-knit family...What a perfect day to be together and feel happy in a lovely place.You look terrific dear friend!

  2. Happy birthday to your son!! The Cougar Mountain Scramble looks quite awesome :)

  3. Happy birthday to your son! It looks like a wonderful time and a great place to celebrate.

  4. love the photo of him smiling at his pie. :) what a sweet gathering.

  5. Lovely photos - what a grand place for a celebration. The views are amazing.

  6. Have to add - love the new header - and the crow - oh my, that is so wonderful!!!

  7. Dearest Karen,
    Happy belated birthday to your son Gabe!
    What a lovely gathering for a weekend breakfast! Lovely Newcastle Golf Club and you were right next to Cougar Mountain; hence your dish named Cougar Mountain Scrable. Those 'wild' mushrooms were mostly white button or Agaricus mushrooms with some Flammulina velutipes and Shiitake. The latter two are the most exotic and most expensive.
    What a great height you were at with breathtaking views! LOVE your photos, especially the one with your two daughters. That will be a longtime memory of a perfect day. Gabe enjoyed it very much himself and thanks to his lovely wife Erica's efforts to organize this for all.
    Guess it is because of the windy mountain roads that you made the long journey home.

  8. Oh Karen, what a lovely family in those lovely photographs. Have not written on my blog in a month as we are getting ready to move from Maryland to the Jersey Shore to be nearer Daughter and Son-in-Law and the three grand-babies. Um...eeek (to the moving part)!
    Hugs from Maureen.

  9. Happy birthday to your son! His wife did a great job arranging this location for your get together. The Cougar Mountain Scramble you had looks delicious!

  10. Happy Birthday to your son, what a wonderful place to celebrate! xx

  11. Happy Birthday to your son Karen! Yesterday was my brother's birthday. What a lovely place to have brunch in style.

  12. looks like such a wonderful place to celebrate a grand birthday!!

  13. I love that picture of Gabe smiling at his apple pie with those dimples! It was such a beautiful place to celebrate my handsome brother with all my favorite people! Love you

  14. I can certainly see why this is such a popular destination. The scenery and grounds are beautiful. You are truly blessed to have such a close family.

  15. Happy Birthday to the eldest :)
    I love this place has many windows and with the perfect views around that place. I love you blouse Mrs. Karen :)you look great and the girls too.
    I'm glad that God has blessed you with the beautiful family, your post about family, your house and garden, always make me smile.
    Thanks for making me smile again.


    PS I can see you in the door :)

  16. Blessings indeed Karen! Happy Birthday to your son!! What a spectacular setting to celebrate such a wonderful day! I love that shot of you with your girls!! All the best! You have such a beautiful family!!!

  17. What a pretty setting for a birthday celebration! The stone of the building and the lovely plantings....and then the view.....all add up, don't they? I've often been to Seattle and have stayed in Bellevue many times, but I didn't realise that there is a floating bridge! I must pay more attention the next time I'm there.

  18. Happy birthday to your son! I am blown away by the beauty in these images.

  19. That looks like a very special family celebration. You look great, Karen! And Gabe looks very modest.

  20. Happy belated birthday to Gabe. (I've taken a break myself for a couple of weeks.) <3


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