Friday, September 6, 2013

Late Summer Drive

These golden days of late summer are perfect for taking a little drive. 

So come along with me as we pass through the gate and enjoy the countryside. 

This is a favorite road that I sometimes take when I do my weekly marketing. 

It is a lovely road full of farms and fields. 

The fresh cut hayfields are greening up once more and there is just a hint of fall color in the foliage.

Don't you just love sunflowers? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have armloads of sunflowers to take inside?

We'll just have to 'settle' for a bouquet of Dahlias. 

It's so hard to choose. Which one do you like?

Such amazingness! I know that is not a word, but it somehow fits!

Flowering Fireworks.

The corn is getting high and this garden has plenty. I wonder how they keep the deer and raccoons out!

This house sits along a little air strip. I would not like to mow this every week!

A field of cattle grazes next to a very long fence. 

More sunflowers growing by this vintage barn. It's nice to imagine the person who planted them. Did they know how many smiles they would get from passers by? 

This field of horses caught my eye. Let's take a closer look....

There's a proud mare! 

This little house is for sale....

Don't you love the little mural? This is the view across the street. 

This homemade fence is dwarfed by these tall Douglas Fir at the edge of a raspberry field. 

And this homemade fence was fashioned from the fallen branches of a tree felled by wind. 

I do believe there are faces in the trunks of these trees! 

We've had a lovely drive, but it's time to head for home. 

The shadows are getting long. 

Thank you for coming along with me! 

Today I am joining Friday's Fences

I want to thank each and every one of you for your very kind and heartfelt comments on my last post. 

It means so much to have such caring friends. 

Oh, it's great to have a friend
like you along life's weary road,
One who is always kind and true, 
to help me bear my load.
It's great to have a friend like you
while traveling here below,
One who tries to help me through
as on my way I go.
It's great to have a friend like you
as I journey through this life;
I thank you now for all you do
to banish doubt and strife.
I'd like to have more friends like you-
true-blue until the end;
And if my wish will e'er come true-
I shall be such a friend.

From a vintage book on Friendship.


  1. i was ogling the fence shots all the way through so am really glad to see you posted to friday's fences. :)

  2. Karen exciting that your post about your mother, I was thrilled! I miss mine. I put a picture of her and my father in a shrine here at home, so I pray every day for them is a way to be around them.
    What a wonderful place, beautiful landscape, horse, flowers, sunflowers have indoors is very rewarding. Karen you live in a privileged environment, magnifico!
    This house for sale is my style, I loved the painting above ....
    A beautiful weekend and a big kiss!

  3. Hi Karen, thanks so much for the little road trip. Steve and I are planning on taking a couple of days and traveling the cascade loop highway. I'm looking so forward to it. I'm sure that we will see lots of fall color and be sure that I will post some photos. You live in such a beautiful area :)

  4. What a lovely ride. I had a hard time commenting because the link in your comment led to google+. I couldn't get to your blog through google+ I could only get to a comment you made on some one named Marian's blog back in April or May. Luckily you followed my blog and I was able to get to your through that. So, I followed you back. I'm only telling you in case you don't know how difficult it is to get back to you. I like your blog very much, by the way, and will be back to visit.

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out the problem! I think I fixed it! Thank you for your sweet visit and hope you stop by again! xoxo

  5. Wow, I enjoyed the picture show;-)

  6. Oh I love going on these drives with you!!! And boy do I just wish we had fields with sunflowers and roadside stops where people were selling dahlias!!! They are so gorgeous!!! Here everyone is rushing this way and that. Such a lovely part of the world you live in! And those faces on the trees are so fun!!! Have a great weekend karen!!! Nicole

  7. Lovely drive, lovely sunflowers and trees with faces.

  8. Dearest Karen,
    Even though the fence made from the fallen tree was not showing completely, I LOVE that trunk face to the right! Priceless.
    Great photos and you could shoot enough to fill a book.

  9. A lovely drive, so much to see! Loved the cottage with the mural, the sunflowers, those amazing dahlias...

  10. Thanks for the ride. Beautiful! I need to come see it some time! Have a great weekend!

  11. This is the sort of post I like very much. It's nice to get a real-life view of another part of the world - the everyday part! Tomorrow I'll be on the outlook for dahlias on my drive into town. There will lots of bouquets at roadside stands.

  12. Beautiful walk! My mother says that she love watching "Le tour de France" on TV because she can see the countryside of France directly and I love walking with you because I can walk along United States from my livingroom.

    Thanks a lot


  13. What a beautiful road this must be - I can see why you like driving on it. All the sights! I love the sunflower field and the horses.

  14. Thank you for the lovely drive! I loved the mural and sunflowers!

  15. The little road trip is just the break I needed - such a bucolic setting. And I love the phrase flowering fireworks. It perfectly describes the beauty of the dahlias. Have a great weekend, Jan

  16. Very nice set of pics....especially the fence shots!

  17. Oh Karen, I love you though I never meet you in real life :)
    Thank you so much for taking me to this beautiful perfect place. I love country life. The trees, fields, fences, flowers, log houses. They're just perfect. I wish I could buy the house. :)

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you have beautiful day.


  18. Thanks for taking us along on your drive. I especially like the home made fence next to the Douglas Firs and the flowers of course!

  19. Lovely ride - the horses, the fences, and oh the sunflowers. I've enjoyed more sunflowers this year than ever before, must be a good year for sunflowers. I see that your dahlia bouquets are much cheaper than ours up here. We have to pay between 5.00 and 8.00 for a small bouquet - but they are very lovely flowers to have in the house.

    I love that little scene on the house - someone is going to get a very nice home when they buy that one.

  20. I really love sunflowers too! I wish we had a little dahlia stand close to home. Your drives are always so beautiful!

  21. Thank you for the wonderful ride..I would like that little house for sale!!! Loved the horses & fabulous sunflowers... Have a great week... Hugs May x x x

  22. This is my kind of drive! The scenery is so beautiful and I love those sunflowers! What a perfect late summer drive :)

  23. What a perfect drive and to collect some dahlias along the way is such a treat. I love the first one that looked like raspberry ripple! xx

  24. I really enjoyed the drive, Karen. I also enjoyed your words, such as "flowering fireworks." So poetic. <3

  25. Again, a very nice series Karen :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  26. Another lovely drive, sweet Karen :) The Dahlias are so pretty and full of color :) It's hard to believe Summer is pretty much over... Have a lovely week. Hugs to you!

  27. I love the little house with the mural and the "firework" dahlias! What a lovely country ride. Late summer/early fall is such a pretty time of the year :)

  28. Great image series you show Karen. Wishing you and your good en / good new week :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  29. Yes, I love sunflowers; they always make me smile.
    Love that you called dahlias "flowering fireworks".
    They are amazing to study (and photograph!).
    Love the porch on the house which is For Sale.
    "It's great to have a friend like you"...

  30. Karen, you certainly gave us a lot to see and think about on your drive....I love the mare and her baby and the countryside with barns....I have never seen a house with a mural on the outside like that; nice addition....

    All your photographs are so lovely. I always enjoy riding along with you because we see such neat things...

  31. Such a delightful drive, thanks for taking us along. Beautiful pics. I hope the dahlias that I have just planted flower like the ones in your photos.

  32. Wow! What a great series of the mural on that house. Actually, really, really enjoyed all of these pics.

  33. Wow, so many to choose from. Love the old really tall Douglas firs next to the old fence and I have never seen a field full of sunflowers - awesome.


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