Monday, September 30, 2013

To The Beach

It's been a week since my lovely stay at Seabrook, WA with my two daughters, Heather and Jennie. 

Since then we have had very cool and rainy weather with a storm that brought wind and heavy rain over the weekend. 

We thought that we might have bad weather at the cottage, but we were pleasantly surprised when Saturday dawned bright and sunny. 

So we headed out early for a stroll through the village and to the beach. 

Come along and I will show you the sights in this charming little seaside community. 

We leave through the back door of our little cottage....

And take the crushed oyster shell path to the main road. 

Each of the cottages we pass by, unique. 

With lovely seaside details. 

Porches, balconies, picket fences. 

Crushed shell sidewalks. 

Adirondack chairs. 

Roses on arbors and lovely gated entries. 

Window boxes on cottage windows. 

Fishy details...

And homes for feathered friends. 

Charming street signs,

And beautiful gardens. 

Large houses that sleep 20, and tiny cottages like ours. 

A church, town hall, restaurant, small grocery store, and even an indoor pool. 

The whole village a reminder of my childhood, growing up in New England near Cape Cod. 

As my youngest daughter, Jennie leads the way, we hear the Pacific crashing beyond. 

Down the staircase....

Across the tide flats...

And to the beach. 

The tide was out, the sun was warm and the winds were calm. 

A perfect day for beach combing. 

The beautiful sounds of seagulls, waves crashing, and happy people. 

Tiny purple flowers growing in the sand, 

Even the beach bees were happy! 

It had been so long since I breathed in that wonderful salt air. 

But all good things must come to an end, so with the tide coming in and the afternoon shadows getting long, we reluctantly head back. 

Back to the stairway to heaven towards our tiny seaside cottage. 

As we get closer, we scan the rugged coastline, carved away by the sea. Can you see the gray cottage peeking through the trees? 

Up and up we go....

With one last glimpse of the beautiful sea. 


You can read more about Seabrook, WA in the current issue of Sunset magazine. 


  1. such a pretty village! love the window boxes and the row of birdhouses. :) like the windswept trees against the blue sky, too.

  2. Seabrook is so beautiful. It does look like new england but the trees are so west coast. I love the house set back in the forest. You took some wonderful photos!

  3. That is such a pretty place. How wonderful that you were able to spend some time with your daughters.

  4. That's a very pretty beachside town reminds me of where my sister lives on the other side of the pacific in Sawtell.
    Merle.. ........... ............

  5. Mrs Karen,
    Thank you for coming and visit my blog. You always in my mind too. You have lovely heart and being kind.
    Anyway, I'm glad you're back. Always fun to hangout with mother/daughters. I love all the cottages especially with windows boxes and the bird nest and with simple garden.
    Oh my, it just makes me want to jump to States.
    Thank you for the praying for my family. I will pass to my parents.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Those cottages are amazing!! The gardens and those birdhouses. I really like those front porches! I would sit out there all day!!! How fantastic that you were in such a pretty place with your pretty girls! I think you all should do this every year! Here is to a wonderful week friend!

  7. What a charming area, just full of beauty...I feel like I came along on the trip! It must have been a special time together! Thanks so much for stopping by, Karen!

  8. Dearest Karen,
    This reads almost like a novel... You interweave so beautifully your childhood memories from the north east coast into the present experience with your two lovely daughters.
    This post explains so much more your love for anything blue. That's what you still are holding on to after all these years; the blue ocean and its blue sky!
    Lovely details and those window boxes looked so much like the ones we had back in The Netherlands, filled with trailing geraniums... Those bird houses are so pretty too.
    You for sure left home with very sweet memories and your idea of making this into an annual event sounds great. Heather is taller than Jennie or is it just the way that picture got taken?
    I bet with the nasty weather you felt very warm about having pulled this off 'JIT' = Just In Time...
    Hugs to you dear friend!

  9. What a wonderful walk! Thanks a lot for sharing it!

    Hugs from my corner of the world


  10. I've always wondered what a northwest beach would be like. I really want to visit one someday. Happy Tuesday!!

  11. Looks and sounds heavenly! I just love the beach and seaside villages. I could easily move to a place like that if I didn't love my house so much:)

  12. Love love love this post. I would sooo enjoy being there on the coast. The ocean makes me feel alive.

  13. What a beautiful little town, The photos are wonderful..I live near the beach and I love it....Thank you so much for sharing..Hugs May x x x

  14. Oh Karen, what a lovely place. I have never been there but your blog makes me want to jump in the car and visit. Your daughters are darling. How fun...great pix. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Baby Otto has taken most of my time lately, but that's a GOOD thing.
    Happy October.

  15. Such a charming community! The cottages are so lovely. I don't think I've seen a more picturesque place. Loved seeing all your photos and I'm glad you had some nice weather for the beach!

  16. I could smell the Pacific Ocean reading this! So many happy memories. And how lucky to get such fine weather - though the coast is great in the drizzle as well.

  17. *sigh* What a lovely place to spend a fall weekend.

  18. What a beautiful and charming village. You have so many nice shots and memories with your girls. I love love love the bicycle shot and the one with the the bird houses - and of course the sweet one of your daughters!

  19. I always feel like I want to jump right into your pictures. I can actually feel the cool breeze. Gorgeous!

  20. This does look like New England, how pretty! I love the little cottages, rustic fences, colorful gardens, and seaside touches. And the most precious thing is you spending time with your daughters. Lovely, Karen xx

  21. It is beautiful indeed. Whish I could stay there for a while ;-)

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  22. What a wonderful place! I'm so glad you took us along to see the marvelous sights.

  23. Lovely and quaint! So glad you shared these.


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