Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Goodbye October - Hello, Sweet November

Hello, dear friends, I hope that you survived 
'Fright Night' with no 'tricks' and a few treats! 

We were treated to this spooky scene over Mt. Rainier
right before dark, after several days of 
beautiful October sunshine. 

But the best treat was a visit from this 
little Trick or Treater, my little Grandson. 

Can you believe he is already 
 taking his first steps? 

Luckily I had some treats on hand! :)

And treat bags to take home. 

I stamped the bags and added creepy spider fasteners. 

I also baked chicken pot pie for dinner, 
as the little family was hungry after 
their night out visiting some very special treaters. 


This morning I woke up to a change in the weather, 
this first day of sweet November. 

Sweet November is one of my favorite movies, 
starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves.

Yes, it is slightly cheezy, but I love the actors, 
the setting, (especially Charlize's darling apt.
and all her wonderful scarves)
and the sweet romance. 

I'm a die-hard romantic - I admit it. 
I like to put on my rose-colored glasses 
once in a while. 

Life can be hard and not always pretty, 
it's true, but I am always seeking the
silver lining in those dark clouds. 

One of my favorite things about November 
are the falling leaves. 

There is nothing more magical than 
standing under golden trees as falling leaves 
 swirl and twirl all around you. 

I thought of these things as I prepared my morning 
coffee, standing in front of my kitchen window. 

There is something to love in every season, 
and sweet November gives us Thanksgiving, of course, 
and all those things that go along with it. 
Gratitude, family, delicious gatherings. 

Things like candlelight reflected on the best 
silver and crystal (if you are so blessed),
or the soft glow of ironstone and pressed glass :)

Fine linens are something else to celebrate, 
and even if you don't host the full holiday dinner, 
why not bring them out and enjoy them with your tea? 

As I took my morning walk to retrieve the newspaper
at the driveway gate, I reflected further on what 
makes November so sweet...... 

Frosty mornings
with thick haloes of breath.

Warm, cozy flannels
and soft, cuddly sweaters.

Crisp, clear nights full of shimmering stars. 

Thick winter coats on ponies and dogs. 

The mysteries of fog.

Reading under warm, layered quilts,
long into the night. 

Kicking through leaves in tawny landscapes. 

Hot coffee with whipped cream, 
sprinkled with nutmeg or cinnamon,
and a dash of Bailey's if it is really, really cold out :)

Pumpkin Pie for breakfast. 

Lamplight glowing from windows
and cozy cafe's. 

Baked apples oozing with butter and brown sugar. 

Stopping to listen to flocks of migrating geese overhead. 

The scent of wood-smoke
 curled up in front of the fire. 

Butternut squash soup and cranberry nut bread. 

Sliced pears and brie on crisp crackers or toast, 
drizzled with honey. 

Soft carpets of needles 
under evergreen trees. 


Nature's last brilliance before 
winter sets in. 

What would you add to the list? 


Thank-you for your lovely visits, dear Friends. 

I so enjoy your kind and generous comments. 
With each one, I get to know you a little bit more. 

Kindred spirits, all. 


Happy November! 

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  1. What a lot of green around so beautyful!

  2. Well,I would add to the list visiting Beatrice Euphemie blog on( or at?)Fall!!!How WONDERFUL!Maybe I am being repetitive but it is a pleasure visiting you,made me smile( as ever!)Xoxo Maristella.

  3. Looks like a sweet Halloween and such beautiful scenes in your area!

  4. Karen, autumn is my favorite season and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. We hope to share it with some of the children & grands. I remember when everyone was young and our table was blessed with everyone around it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!

  5. Oct. is my fav month but you have me looking at Nov. differently now! Love all the pics and I love the falling leaves also. We are just now starting to get a tad bit more color than just the yellow. I love the colors. Pumpkin pie for breakfast? I could do pumpkin pie and seriously thinking of that squash soup. Never had it, never made it....but loving the sound of it.

  6. Gorgeous Karen! My favorites are the fallen leaves on the deck & path. I can nearly smell the scents of autumn!

  7. I love the falling leaving.. we had a Liquid Amber tree in our front yard, but it was breaking our driveway, so we had to cut that down... I fell very sad after cutting that down.. :(

  8. Gorgeous pictures and post. Mt. Rainier is always so pretty when it has clouds over it. The leaves are always so pretty with all the vivid colors.

    Hugs Diane

  9. So many beautiful vignettes to love in your neck of the woods, Karen. The falling Fall leaves are gloriously hued, aren't they. My, your trick-o-treat bags are rather delightful, how fun. Good on you for looking for that silver lining on each dark cloud; a necessity these days. As ever, my lingering walk through your Home Sweet Home has put a smile in my day, lovely lady.

  10. Beautiful, especially those stripy clouds. Over here, it hasn't been a very colourful Autumn as the weather has been too warm and leaves have shrivelled up on the trees and looked a bit of a mess. Only the ornamental ones have put on a good show. x

  11. Well if I didn’t like November I certainly do now. Oh I would so love pop round to your home for a November natter; it would be so cosy I’m sure :) Love your grandson's outfit, so cute. I’m looking out of my window now and fully appreciating November. Thank you. B x

  12. What a lovely post Karen. I now have feel a warm happy glow inside. It's great to cuddle up in front of the telly and watch an old romantic movie and shed a few tears now and again.
    Never had coffee with whipped cream. I had better not let my husband read this post as he's a sucker for his whipped cream and hot chocolate!
    Your Grandson looks super and I imagine that he thoroughly enjoyed his Halloween and all of those delicios treats. Your spider fastener is a brilliant touch!
    Enjoy your sweet November and I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous snaps. Hugs from us xx

  13. You’re so right Karen...every season has its jewels if we only look for them, and you most certainly have found November’s in a big way :). Not sure what I would add to that list other than to say now that we’re in N.C. we can finally have a bon fire. It’s been a bit too warm otherwise. Time to pick up some marshmallows.


  14. Thanks for all the great reminders of what makes November special. Taking steps already! Great milestones! What a little cutie. Love the bags you made. A great comforting meal for your family. Chicken Pot Pie, yum! It was nice this year that Trick or Treating was dry instead of wet. I don't think I can add anything to your list except for soccer playoffs. :) I'm heading to Century Link field tonight for a Sounders game against Vancouver with my son and DIL. Happy November to you and yours!

  15. you have a great list...i would add apple cider donuts, pumpkin bread...and indoor twinkling lights!! i always love to photograph the falling leaves, natures free decorations!!

    your grandson is adorable, good thing you made those cookies, i am sure he enjoyed them!!!

  16. It's always such a pleasure to come and meet you here, your countryside and your home are always so touching, thank you my Lovely Lady !

    Wishing you a great month of November,
    with sincere gratitude

    XOXO Dany

  17. ...Karen, you images are a good reminder that things can be beautiful even without sunshine.

  18. Such a lovely post, I loved all of your photographs, especially your sweet grandson ... they grow so quickly don't they.

    Your words are so thoughtful and it made me take a few minutes to be thankful for so much.

    Have a lovely month of November.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  19. Oh Beatrice, you are so durn funny. Well, that hairbrained idea I had about the food blog just was that... a hair brained idea and I am going to close it down. Glad you are back on my Living Life one. Love you, girl.

  20. Hello Dear Karen, there's nothing wrong at all with putting on your rose-coloured glasses... they're needed more and more as we all do the best we can in this life.
    Thank you once again for another of your dear posts brimming with everything there is to love about family, cooking and the beautiful outdoors.
    Isn't it nice having favourite films that spark that little ping of happiness whenever we watch them. Love Actually is mine, I still get choked up in some parts ;D)
    Your treats for the night of trickery are gorgeous and I can imagine the joy on the face of your sweet grandchild and the other children who received those lovely goodie bags.
    Cheers Karen, have a great weekend and with my warmest good wishes, Sue xx

  21. I cannot think of a thing to add to your list! I must admit that November is my least favorite month because it usually means cold rain or snow, the trees are bare and brown and my favorite month is in the past. After this post I will have to re-think things! The November sky is so pretty now but I am still waiting to wear that cozy sweater. It was 68 degrees here today!

  22. Thank you for linking up today!! Have a great weekend!

  23. Your grandson is so adorable! :-) I really enjoyed this post and all the beautiful fall photos. It is my favorite time of year. Also when my husband and I first started dating 27 years ago! So it has lots of special memories for me. /it's in the high 70's here so not feeling too much like fall yet, lol. But the leaves are sure beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!


  24. I don't think I can add to your list - it was pretty complete! It makes me think about all of those things that I don't want to take for granted this season. Have a happy weekend!

  25. Dearest Karen,
    Love your post but it does not resonate with my November as life will change so drastic...
    Not a Thankful Thursday for us... This morning I was up after only being 4 hrs in bed, not sleeping really well, too much racing through my mind.
    We had to be at same day surgery by 7:00 AM and only I had breakfast, Pieter had to fast for his catheterization to find out what the leaking heart valve was all about that caused his heart's output to be only 27%, down from his usual 40% after his quadruple bypass + stent placed in his neck.
    After 2 long hours the cardiologist came into the room where I was waiting for Pieter to return. He said, no I'm looking for Mr. Vedder's party, that's not you. Yes, I said, that IS my husband. He started with showing me a sketch from his heart and letting a waterfall of words come down upon me really non-stop. He also said something about 'his age', which really hit me hard and hurt my heart! There is nothing what we can do for him, no stent placed and no surgery can do anything for him. Only more medication and we will start doing that.
    It felt to me like getting the death penalty, with or without some delay... but still the very same, strong verdict. I was speechless and also stunned about the hurry he had for delivering yet another verdict to the next 'lucky' recipient. It darned on me that he was on a tight schedule where time only is money.
    But he just had scattered my entire American Dream... how would life look like bing on my own?! Good thing was that our foster daughter Anita from Indonesia was with me via WhatsApp, she wanted to make a video call but the WiFi never allowed us to see each other... or each other's tears.
    I got my Pieter back home on November the 2nd and picked up all the meds at WalMart. Living in a kind of a daze... We're in over time and in God's hand!

    1. Dearest Mariette,
      Please know that my prayers are with you. I have sent you a personal email. Sending much love to you both. x Karen

    2. Dearest Karen,
      Thank you but I've not received any mail... You probably used the old business email that I've already cancelled for years due to unbelievable spam through that system. On it just is m.vedder2014 and that is the year I've changed.

  26. Oh, that little Trick or Treater of yours, he's so sweet! <3 And you are right, there really is something to love in every season and I wouldn't give up any of them. So lets enjoy our sweet November!

  27. Halloween was a very low key affair around us, only a few days after the late kings funeral. I'm living in a country where every month is a new experience for me. I've never had a November in Thailand and I would yearn for the smell of autumn and falling golden leaves, but that doesn't work in November in Australia so I guess I'm just seasonally confused! To date here in Bangkok, there is some reduction in humidity and no rains for which we sing a big yippee!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Wren x

  28. Let's enjoy the colorful presents from nature once a year. Happy Sunday.

  29. You summed up November beautifully. I don't like the cold weather but I do love the beautiful colors of the changing seasons. There is always something to be grateful for. Beauty is all around us if we take the time to stop and see.
    xx Beca

  30. November days have a quiet beauty all their own, a time to cozy up indoors and take walks in the sometimes wild weather. Your post sums up so much of the appeal of this month.

  31. Finding cozy things to do inside sums up November for me! Especially this November, lol, as we have just received our first snowstorm of the year, with about 10" of snow, and another snowstorm on the way. I absolutely adored all the gorgeous pictures you shared of fall in your home, and your beautiful driveway! I enjoyed your thoughts of finding joy in things that aren't as easy at first glance to be thankful about. I find that joy and sorrow seem to walk hand in hand most often, and there is always a bit of bittersweet in every situation. I choose to look for the joy, and the sweet, just as you have, it makes the bitter less, I think :) It is really all in perspective, and you have certainly turned November thoughts into a beautiful thing! Dear Karen, I hope you have a lovely weekend, much love to you :)

  32. I just love your posts - always feels like I am with you. Your images depict November so perfectly - what a delight to visit!

    That little grand boy is the cutest thing - oh my gosh - those CHEEKS are kissable and pinch-able and so adorable and chubby! Oh they grow too fast, do they not?

    Have a wonderful weekend. Big hugs! ♥

  33. Lindas imagens outonais. Bom fim de semana. Abraço.

  34. Hello sweet Karen! Always love catching up with you & your lovely paradise in the woods. Your grandson looked so adorable!! And what wonderful treats you gave out. ;)

    You're definitely a kindred spirit. Being a hopeless romantic (loved that movie too) and loving the beautiful woods and this thankful & cozy time of year.

    Have a blessed weekend my Friend. Xoxo

  35. Gorgeous Autumn post, love all the fall pictures to go with your likes for the season! Your little grandson is just the sweetest in his costume, they do grow way too fast and I bet he just loved the treats you had waiting for him :) I think you touched on most of the things about this time of year, and some I hadn't thought of or done :) I love the crunch of the leaves when walking through the woods and the fun of a corn maze and like you said the last burst of beautiful color God gives to us just before a hard winter sets in, enjoy!

  36. I loved the way you immersed me in all the beauty of November. Here in south Florida it means the onset of the dry season and goodbye to hurricanes until next year. No cold noses, falling leaves or wood smoke!

  37. Lovely photos! I especially like the one of the clouds. Really beautiful. I think a cloudy sky is far prettier than a completely blue one.

    Your grandson looks adorable! They grow so fast!

  38. So many happy things in your post. This is my favorite time of year, where everything feels clean and fresh, and you've captured it beautifully. And that darling grandson!

  39. It is absolute DELIGHT to read your BEAUTIFUL and charming posts which always glorify my mind with esthetic sense and serenity of gratitude!

    I am happy for the little angle who has started to take his firs step! Here begins the endless exploring era :)He look sooo cUTE!

    Just like you i am too dam romantic at heart and dangerously optimistic (this termis invented specially by my in sister lwa).

    I think Hope is my only shady tree which saves me from all the ultra heat and burning sunlight and how can i forget that Faith is my soil from which it grew with me .

    Your photos are POETIC!!!

    even your description of sweet November is enchanting .Standing under the showering golden leaves is truly magical experience and i miss it sooo much!

    thank you for mentioning the movie sounds one of my type!!! i am going to watch it asap!

    You live in lashing serene area dear Karen and i cam imagine the lovely walk you take among all the grace of nature ,SO APPEALING!

    Beauty and sensitivity of your inner glorious world shines through your Beautiful sweet home!

    Here winters are still slow and autumn is taking over my garden slowly .sweaters are still packed.

    Though i know November must had spread it's all magical colors back in my native village!

  40. Karen, your grandson is darling. Yes, November is such a wonderful month, isn't it? That's so nice that you made chicken pot pies for the family. I love those. Your deck is so pretty with the falling leaves. It rained here yesterday too! I love many of the same things you mentioned here in November...the flannels, the sweaters, the evergreen trees, but I've never had coffee with whipped cream and a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg. And I must make those baked apples with butter and brown sugar soon.

    This was a special post, Karen, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.



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